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                         NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004


Personality determines
holiday choice
LA TROBE UNIVERSITY                                           NEWS


Equality in the US                                        2
                                                              EQUALITY IN THE US
Truth and reconciliation in East Timor                    3   Don’t confuse the rhetoric with reality
Work: making it more family friendly                      3
New Professor of Chinese Law                                            on’t confuse anecdotes about
and Legal Globalisation
Quest to eliminate arsenic from
drinking water

                                                              D         ‘black achievers’ in the United
                                                                        States with the continuing reality
                                                              of racial disadvantage. While there has been
                                                              growth in the black and Hispanic middle
A lighter wrist watch                                     6
                                                              classes, their level of poverty has not
New Mildura courses tackle                                    changed since the 1960s, especially
regional workforce shortage                               6   childhood poverty.
                                                                 That was the central message of this
Research in Action                                            year’s La Trobe University Bernard Bailyn
Family Law Reform                                         7   Lecture. It was delivered by eminent
                                                              American historian and television
What’s lives on Ned’s Corner?                             8
                                                              documentary maker, Dan Carter, who was
Good ecotourism helps                                         also awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the
sustainable development                                   9   University.
Personality determines holiday choice                    10     Professor Carter says that with five per
                                                              cent of the world’s population, the US has
Prosthetics and orthotics goes global                    11   25 per cent of the world’s prison
                                                              population. Black men in college are
New tool makes hospital discharge
                                                              outnumbered by black men behind bars.
less risky                                               11
                                                              And there are calls for still tougher and
Clinical physio placements in Stockholm 12                    longer sentences. AIDS has become a black
New cerebral palsy research                              12   disease, nine times as prevalent among
Surprise findings from MS fitness study                  13   blacks as whites.                                  American conservatives and the politics of race:
                                                                                                                            Professor Carter delivers his lecture.
Meeting the challenge of world poverty                   14     The title of Professor Carter’s topic was
                                                              Seizing the Rhetorical High Ground:
Adjunct professors appointed at Mildura 14
                                                              American Conservatives and the Politics of          The Bailyn lecture is the annual highlight
Awards and prizes                                        15   Race in the 1990s.                               of North American Studies at La Trobe. It is
Photography: theft has its reward                        16                                                    followed by a seminar where, this year,
                                                                 He says in the US, the issue of race has
La Trobe University wins Koorie award                    16                                                    Professor Carter spoke about American
                                                              retreated from the public agenda. It is now
                                                                                                               presidential     autobiographies        from
                                                              regarded as less important than gay
                                                                                                               Theodore Roosevelt to Bill Clinton.
                      What constitutes an enjoyable
                                                              marriage, health care and debt. While
                      holiday? A specialist in consumer       discussion about race has faded, recent            A visitor from the University of South
                      behaviour says four main                census data reveals a poverty level among        Carolina, Professor Carter, has written
                      personality types determine             black people four times worse than for           many prize-winning books including
                      holiday choice, see story page 10.                                                       Scottsboro: A Tragedy of the American
                                                              other people.
                                                                                                               South, which won six literary prizes.
                      Photos: Mary Malloy and La Trobe           He says the way Americans view issues
                      University PDI.                                                                             He won a television ‘Emmy’ for his
                                                              of race has changed dramatically since the
                      Digital image: Greg Nelson
                                                              days of the civil rights movement in the         research for the 1999 documentary George
                                                              1960s, when conservatives began                  Wallace: Settin’ the Woods on Fire. Other
                                                              refocusing the context of discussion about       television programs in which he has been
The La Trobe Bulletin is published ten times a year by the    race and poverty.                                involved are The American Civil War
Public Affairs Office, La Trobe University.                                                                    (1985), Stories of Scottsboro (2001),
Articles may be reproduced with acknowledgement.
                                                                The mid 1960s were the high-water point
                                                                                                               Ulysses Grant (2002), Jimmy Carter
                                                              of liberal consensus in American society,
Enquiries and submissions to the editor, Ernest Raetz,                                                         (2002) and A History of America (2002).
La Trobe University, Victoria 3086, Australia                 but already then the conservative
Tel (03) 9479 2315, Fax (03) 9479 1387                        movement was on the march, with its                He also writes feature articles for major
Email:                                arguments about welfare and work ethics.         newspapers, including The New York Times
Articles: Noel Carrick, Ernest Raetz                                                                           and The Atlanta Constitution.
                                                                Professor Carter stresses that the US is
Photos: La Trobe University DPI,
Design: Campus Graphics, 61059
                                                              not an ‘all conservative society’. More
La Trobe University.                                          books are still written by liberals, but there
Printed by Work & Turner.                                     has been a strong shift.

   2                                                           LA TROBE UNIVERSITY BULLETIN
                                                                                                                                         L A T R O B E L AW

Dr Spencer Zifcak, Associate Professor in
La Trobe University’s School of Law, has
officially evaluated the work of East
Timor’s Truth and Reconciliation
  The assignment followed Dr Zifcak’s
earlier work helping to draft the new
nation’s constitution.
   Undertaken for the Commission, his
evaluation focused on the extensive process
of community reconciliation to resolve
disputes and differences between militia
members and their victims before, and
immediately after, the referendum on
independence in 1999.
  The Commission’s final report to the
President of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao,
was delivered in November.
  ‘On       balance      the    community
reconciliation process must be considered a
                                                Professor Zifcak, left, with his translator and villagers who participated in the truth and reconciliation process.
very significant success,’ said Dr Zifcak,
who specialises in both human rights law        aspect of this evaluation will be its                       district and village justice.
and public international law.                   implications for the development of East                       ‘My report has sought to make
   ‘In almost all of about 200 hearings held    Timor’s nascent legal system. At present,                   recommendations to the Commission about
over 18 months, perpetrators and their          East Timor’s legal system is highly under-                  how its own success in the conduct of local
victims agreed to reconcile. Just as            developed. It cannot cope with the demands                  community mediation proceedings may be
importantly, more than 30,000 people            placed upon it, so it needs to be                           translated into making the country’s local
attended the hearings – approximately five      complemented by a viable system of local                    justice systems fairer and more effective.’
per cent of the country’s population – so the
process served an enormously important
educational purpose as well,’ he said.
  ‘Through the many hearings, adults and
children across the country were able to
                                                Work :                     making it family-friendly
unearth the truth about what had occurred in    A La Trobe University specialist in                         witness. Dr Murray’s doctoral thesis at
their local communities. Knowledge of this      international labour law has played a role in               Oxford University examined the roles of the
history may make a very significant             the campaign by trade unions to make                        International Labour Organisation and the
contribution to ensuring that the extensive     Australian workplaces more family friendly.                 European Union in securing workers’ rights,
political criminality which occurred in 1999                                                                and she has undertaken consultancies for both
                                                   The ACTU commissioned Dr Jillian
will not recur.’                                                                                            the ILO and EU. At La Trobe, she is
                                                Murray, a lecturer in the School of Law and
   Nevertheless, Dr Zifcak said that the        Legal Studies, to write a report on                         continuing to develop her research in the role
Commission’s work was hampered                  international developments in maternity                     of law in helping people reconcile their work
substantially, principally because almost all   leave, parental leave and part time work.                   and family life.
the most serious perpetrators of politically                                                                   The ACTU is claiming three major
                                                   Her report, International Legal Trends in
criminal activity had fled across the border                                                                adjustments: an increase in parental leave
                                                the Reconciliation of Work and Family Life,
to West Timor, or to the Indonesian                                                                         from one to two years, the right to part time
                                                was presented to a hearing before the Full
mainland. There they walked freely and                                                                      work, and increased emergency leave for
                                                Bench of the Australian Industrial Relations
with impunity under the protection of                                                                       family reasons.
                                                Commission during the Work and Family
Indonesian authorities.
                                                Test Case. She also spent several hours being
  ‘For the future, perhaps the most important   cross-examined on the report as an ‘expert’                                                Continued page 4

                                                                                                               NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004                                 3
    L A T R O B E L AW

                                                      NEW PROFESSOR
    Continued from page 3

       Dr Murray said conflicting demands of
    work and family make life difficult for many
    people and governments were introducing
    laws and processes which allowed people to
    reconcile work and family.
                                                      of Chinese Law and
       Her report described a significant trend
    towards legal intervention in the labour          Legal Globalisation
    market to achieve more effective resolution
    of work and family life. Change has been
                                                              r Jianfu Chen – a legal specialist   global trade. He is co-editor of three other
    promoted by national governments, and
    international institutions including the
    International Labour Organisation and those
    of the European Union.
                                                      D       with interests ranging from
                                                              human rights to international
                                                      business law – has been appointed
                                                                                                   books. His work, in English, Chinese, and
                                                                                                   French translation, appears in academic
                                                                                                   and professional forums nationally and
                                                      Professor of Chinese Law and Legal           internationally.
       New employment rights have been                Globalisation in La Trobe University’s         Recent academic publications include
    created, but they vary from country to            School of Law.                               Chinese Law: Towards an Understanding
    country. In some cases, there are now very
                                                        Professor Chen collaborates widely with    of Chinese Law, Its Nature and
    significant leave entitlements.
                                                      Chinese and European institutions and has    Development (Kluwer Law International,
       Examples include up to 52 weeks paid           held visiting professorial and other         1999), Law-Making in the People’s
    maternity leave in the UK; up to three years      appointments in China, Europe, Hong          Republic of China (co-editor, with Otto,
    parental leave prior to a child’s eighth          Kong and Australia.                          Polak & Li) (Kluwer Law International,
    birthday in Germany; 60 days paid                                                              2000), Implementation of Law in the
                                                         An authority on Chinese law, he has led
    emergency leave per worker per year to care                                                    People’s Republic of China (co-editor,
                                                      international research projects funded by
    for a child under twelve in Sweden; access to                                                  with Otto & Li) (Kluwer Law
                                                      European governmental and other
    part-time work with a right to change hours,                                                   International, 2002), and Balancing Act:
                                                      organisations, and provided legal and
    subject only to serious business objections in                                                 Law, Policy and Politics in Globalisation
                                                      academic opinions on many issues.
    the Netherlands and Germany; and certain                                                       and Global Trade (co-editor, with G
    rights to part-time work in all EU countries.        His research interests include human      Walker) (Federation Press, 2004).
                                                      rights, globalisation and global justice;
       Dr Murray’s report said definitions of                                                        Since 1999, Professor Chen has been
                                                      central-local relations in China; China’s
    ‘work and family’ were becoming more                                                           Chief Editor of the China Business Law
                                                      World Trade Organisation membership
    flexible. For example, UK law permits                                                          Guide, updated quarterly. Professor Chen
                                                      and legal implications; and Chinese law
    workers ‘reasonable time off’ to care for non-                                                 has a BSc degree from China, and a LLM
                                                      and its implementation.
    family members, where the worker is the                                                        (Honours I) and PhD (Law) from the
    only person available to undertake this task in     Professor Chen has written two books,      University of Sydney. He joined La Trobe
    an emergency.                                     and co-authored five others, on Chinese      University in 1993.
                                                      law, Australian law, globalisation and
      She said much of this recent regulation
    was designed to establish a legal framework                                                    Professor Chen at La Trobe University’s Law School.
    within which implementation can occur at
    the workplace, through individual or
    collective bargaining.
      Early evidence from the UK, Ireland and
    the Netherlands suggested that the new rules
    have increased workers’ use of flexible work,
    and have not led to a sharp increase in
    contested matters before industrial tribunals
    and the courts.
       ‘There is some evidence that employer
    groups – many of whom opposed the
    introduction of the new laws – have
    worked well with the new systems. The
    predicated catastrophic consequences
    have either not occurred, or have not yet
    been reported in the research available. An
    exception appears to be the USA, where
    the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 is
    claimed by some employers as a major
    fetter on their ability to compete.’

                                                                                                                  G LO B A L H E A LT H

                                                                                                                 Photo: John Casamento.

Quest to eliminate arsenic from drinking water
        La Trobe University micro-             similar bacteria from Haiwee Reservoir            Dr Santini said arrA enables arsenate-

A       biologist is a member of a six-
        member international research
team that has advanced the prospect of
                                               which supplies drinking water to Los
                                               Angeles, and bacteria from 11 other sites,
                                               were used in the research.
                                                                                              metabolising bacteria to become energised
                                                                                              and once energised, it causes rocks to
                                                                                              release their natural arsenic content into
resolving one of South Asia’s major health        A paper describing their discovery,         water. The arsenic in the form of arsenate
problems.                                      entitled arrA is a Reliable Marker for         is relatively harmless when dormant in
  That problem is a form of cancer people      As(V)-Respiration in the Environment, was      rocks and soil but when it reacts, it
develop when they drink arsenic-               published in the October edition of            becomes highly toxic arsenite.
contaminated bore water. Tens of millions      Science, the journal of the American              The team advanced the prospect of
of people in 61 of the 64 districts of         Association for the Advancement of             alleviating the problem by developing a
Bangladesh rely for water on bores drilled     Science. The five other members of the         test to detect the presence of arrA in
up to 100 metres deep through rock that        team – Dr Dianne Newman, Mr Davin              samples of water from aquifers.
contains arsenic.                              Malasarn, Dr Chad Saltikov, Ms Kate              It developed a ‘primer’, a chemical
   Surface water, while in ample supply,       Campbell and Professor Janet Hering – are      which binds to the arrA gene. Using a
often contains dangerous pathogens and         from the California Institute of               technique called polymerase chain
cannot be drunk. The problem also exists       Technology, Pasadena.                          reaction, the team tested the 13 species of
in the Indian states of West Bengal, Bihar       Dr Santini explained that in Bangladesh      bacteria and found that 12 of them had the
and Uttar Pradesh.                             and other areas, when water flows              arrA gene.
  The team in which La Trobe University-       underground over rocks containing                Team members have not yet tested
ARC Australian Post Doctoral Fellow, Dr        arsenic, it reacts with oxygen when it rises   whether the same bacteria exist in
Joanne Santini, is a major player, has         up a bore to the surface, to produce two       Bangladesh – but all the indications are
developed an efficient method – a simple       soluble toxic forms of arsenic – arsenite      that they are there.
molecular assay – to detect a bacterial gene   and arsenate. Arsenite is 100 times more
                                               toxic than arsenate.                             The next step is to use the team’s
called arrA that can cause a dangerous                                                        molecular assay to identify areas where
form of arsenic called arsenite to               The problem is that bacteria can use         arsenic-releasing bacteria are at work,
contaminate water.                             arsenate instead of oxygen for respiration     enabling scientists to determine the
   A type of arrA, found in an organism        and covert it to arsenite. The arrA gene is    reasons why the gene is active. This will
called Chrysiogenes arsenatis from the         one of the genes required for converting       enable them to predict when arrA will
tailings of a gold mine near Ballarat,         arsenate to arsenite.                          convert arsenate into arsenite.

                                                                                                NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004                      5

    The Mildura campus is expanding its
                                                  A LIGHTER
                                                  W R I S T W AT C H
    range of courses to cater for increased
    regional demand for higher education.
      New offerings for next year include
    degree courses in Nursing and Social
    Work and a Graduate Diploma in
                                                  B U T H O W M U C H E X T R A W I L L YO U PAY ?
    Secondary Education.                                  luminium is expensive to use in         They say La Trobe’s side of the research
      The three-year Bachelor of Nursing
    caters for year 12 school leavers, as well
    as mature age entry students and Division
                                                  A       the manufacture of small
                                                          components of complex shape
                                                  because of certain technical difficulties
                                                                                                is to estimate the cost efficiency of
                                                                                                replacing     aluminium      components
                                                                                                manufactured by conventional methods
    2 nurses who wish to upgrade their            and the cost of moulding or pressing it.      such as casting, machining and forging
    qualifications.                                 This has limited its use in a potentially   with injection moulded components or
                                                  huge range of applications such as watch      other injected-moulded materials like
      The Bachelor of Social Work is a
                                                  cases and components for engines,             PVC.
    four-year course, while the Graduate
    Diploma in Secondary Education is             portable generators, hand-held electronic        ‘We will do this by adopting the
    one-year full-time.                           devices and hand tools.                       technical cost modelling methodology to
                                                    Two La Trobe University economists          estimate the costs of Al MIM and the
       Mildura Campus Director, Mr Ron
                                                  are now playing a major role in a             manufacturing methods it will replace.
    Broadhead, says the courses address a
                                                  multidiscipline research project to           More importantly, this component of the
    regional      shortage     of    qualified
                                                  develop technology to overcome                project will also draw on techniques used
    professionals. Local people, once
                                                  aluminium’s technical ‘barrier’ and to        in applied microeconomics to estimate the
    qualified, are more likely to remain in the
                                                  ascertain whether such a product would        production functions or cost functions to
    regional workforce than those who train
                                                  be economically viable.                       investigate the economies of scale and
    in cities.
                                                                                                estimate the efficient scales of production
    Details: Tel: (03) 5051 4000.                   Dr David Prentice and Dr Xiangkang          of Al MIM.’
                                                  Yin, both senior lecturers in La Trobe’s
                                                  Department of Economics and Finance,             This approach – which will look at both
                                                  will supervise the component of the project   cost and demand – will yield advice on
                                                  to determine the profitability and            how to choose the best plant and company
                                                  economic applications of a technology         size. It will also help measure the private
                                                  called Metal Injection Moulding of            and social benefits of process innovations
                                                  Aluminium (Al MIM) which is being             like Al MIM.
                                                  developed by the School of Engineering at        For example, they will attempt to
                                                  the University of Queensland.                 establish how the market values the
                                                     Drs Prentice and Yin – with Professor      attributes of such a new product: if it is
                                                  Graham Schaffer and Dr Tim Sercombe           used to make watch cases much lighter,
                                                  from the University of Queensland, and        what kind of premium do people pay for
                                                  industry partners Cooltemp Pty Ltd of         lightweight watches? They will also
                                                  Queensland and the Aluminium Power            collect data on the prices and
                                                  Company Ltd of the UK – have been             characteristics of existing products which
                                                  awarded a $228,000 ARC Linkage Grant          the new material will replace.
                                                  over three years for the research.

                        RESEARCH IN ACTION
Family Law Reform
        multi-disciplinary team from

A       La Trobe University recently
        completed a project to ensure that
children’s needs top the agenda in all
discussions on Family Law disputes.
   Commissioned and funded by the Federal
Attorney General’s Department, Professor
Tania Sourdin, Associate Professor Lawrie
Moloney, and senior lecturer, Dr Tom Fisher,
have prepared standards for Family Law
dispute resolution practitioners.
   The La Trobe team – which has extensive
experience in family law and dispute                                                                                                     Professor
resolution – prepared draft ‘approval’                                                                                            Sourdin, centre,
                                                                                                                                 with Dr Moloney,
standards and ‘practice’ standards.                                                                                                       left, and
Safeguarding children’s interests is one of a                                                                                           Dr Fisher.
number of areas covered in the standards.
  Project Leader, Professor Sourdin, is an
                                                Family Law. He has supervised family             developed for ‘facilitative practitioners’ only.
experienced       mediator,     conciliator,
                                                mediators for ten years, and is a researcher       ‘Practitioners who work in a facilitative
adjudicator, Alternative Dispute Resolution
                                                and evaluator as well as a clinician. As a       role do not advise upon, evaluate, or
(ADR) trainer and lawyer with a PhD in
                                                former Director of the Family Court              determine disputes. They assist in managing
commercial dispute resolution. Her book
                                                Counselling Service in Melbourne, he has a
Alternative Dispute Resolution was                                                               the process of dispute and conflict resolution
                                                long-standing interest in ADR.                   whereby the participants determine the
published in 2002. She is also a key author
of the Australian Standard on Dispute             Professor Sourdin said high standards for      outcomes,’ Professor Sourdin said.
Resolution and of other recent Australian       dispute resolution were of growing                  ‘Facilitative processes include mediation,
Law Reform Commission work on ADR.              importance as a result of a recent rule change   conciliation, conferencing and facilitation –
                                                by the Family Law Court. This required           where the practitioner does not provide
  Dr Fisher is co-ordinator of graduate
                                                most disputants to use dispute resolution        advice or proffer a view as to outcomes –
programs for law and social science students
                                                processes such as mediation before court         and counselling where the process is
in Conflict Resolution and Family Law
                                                proceedings can be filed.                        directed at dispute resolution and involves
Mediation. A mediator under the Family
Law Act, he also mediates in community,            She said that the draft ‘approval’            two or more participants. The principle of
workplace and planning disputes. He has co-     standards specify that from 2008,                self determination requires that these
authored major studies and training             practitioners who work in the counselling,       processes be non-directive.’
programs in family law mediation for the        facilitative and dispute advisory areas must         In relation to children, practitioners have
Federal Attorney-General’s Department.          meet minimum qualification, supervision          to help adults to keep the interests, needs and
                                                and competency requirements.                     emotional attachments of any child affected
  Head of the Department of Counselling
and Psychological Health, Dr Moloney is a         In addition, practitioners have extensive      by a family dispute at the centre of
family therapist and teaches ‘Mediating         obligations to meet ‘practice’ standards. At     discussions about future parenting and care
Family Conflict’ in the Graduate Diploma in     present those obligations have been              arrangements, she added.

                                                                                                 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004                               7

Baseline biology in Kidman Country
                hat flora and fauna live on     mammals, invertebrates and plants that will       all volunteers who contributed specific skills

W               Ned’s Corner – 30,000
                hectares of historic flat
                saltbush plain with a 27 km
Murray River frontage 100 km west of
Mildura, once Victoria’s largest freehold
                                                take months to analyse.
                                                  In 2002 the Trust for Nature (TFN)
                                                purchased the former grazing property, on
                                                which up to 15,000 sheep had grazed at any
                                                                                                  to the expedition, comprised 11 Bachelor of
                                                                                                  Conservation Biology and Ecology, Animal
                                                                                                  Science or Biological Science students from
                                                                                                  the main Melbourne campus at Bundoora and
                                                                                                  five Bachelor of Environmental Management
                                                one time, and the sheep were removed.
grazing property?                               The property is part of the proposed              and Ecology students from the Albury-
  We now have a good indication, thanks to      Barkindji    Biosphere     Reserve,    the        Wodonga campus.
a highly unusual La Trobe University            establishment of which has strong La Trobe           Expedition members split into five groups
expedition in which 25 students and staff       University support.                               seeking information on plants, invertebrates,
recently spent seven days assessing the plant      ‘Because this survey took place so soon        reptiles and amphibians, birds and mammals
and animal inhabitants of the former property   after the sheep were removed, it was a unique     and used a number of different methods that
of Kidman the Cattle King.                      opportunity to begin a study of long-term         involved sightings, direct search, scat
   Organised by zoologists Professor Tim        changes in a saltbush environment,’ says          analysis and many kinds of traps and nets.
New and Associate Professor Michael             Dr Clarke.                                           The most unexpected result was finding a
Clarke, the expedition returned with detailed    Other La Trobe University academic staff         rare small marsupial called Planigale gilesi
information about insects, birds, reptiles,     who participated, and their specialities, were:   which had not been seen in the area for at
                                                              Dr Brian Malone (reptiles),         least two decades. A dead animal of the same
                                                              Associate Professor Pat             species was also found. The tiny nocturnal
                                                              Woolley (mammals), Dr               creature lives in cracking clays but emerges
                                                              Dennis Black (reptiles, bats,       into bushes when infrequent rains fall.
                                                              invertebrates) and Associate          Many reptiles were found, including seven
                                                              Professor Richard Zann              species of geckoes, four of snakes, four of
                                                              (birds). Three TFN plant            skinks and several species of frogs. Among
                                                              specialists, Dr Chris Williams,     the 86 species of birds sighted was the
                                                              Ms Natalie Holland and Mr           unusual Inland Dotterel which was found
                                                              Greg Ogle also participated.        breeding on the property.
                                                                 The 16 third year students,        Professor New led the team seeking
                                                                                                  RESEARCH IN ACTION

                                                   Good ecotourism
                                                   H E L P S S U S TA I N A B L E D E V E L O P M E N T
                                                            ood ecotourism can be a great          permit participants to look at nature, but

                                                   G        boost     for    environmental
                                                            learning. And the more we learn
                                                   about the environment, the better the
                                                                                                   must convey to them an environmental
                                                                                                     ‘The focus of my investigation of the
                                                   chance for sustainable development.             nine companies whose tours I joined – in
                                                     But the term ‘ecotourism’ must mean           Queensland, New South Wales and
                                                   what it says. Tourism operators should not      Victoria – was whether they were
invertebrates and concentrated on ants. His        use it as a marketing tool for nature travel    delivering good quality environmental
team collected several thousand individuals.       that doesn’t enhance appreciation of the        education.
  ‘I think we collected about 40 to 70 species     environment.                                      ‘I found that while many of them are
but we won’t know for sure until I have had an       A lecturer in La Trobe University’s           very good, some could improve the
opportunity to examine them all in detail in the   School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality        quality of their environmental education.
laboratory,’ Professor New said.                   Management, Dr Garry Price, makes               In true ecotourism, operators must not just
  Dr Black also performed ‘litter extractions’     these points in his PhD thesis                  point out and name trees or birds or other
in which many minute organisms including           entitled: Ecotourism Experiences and            fauna, but must convey an environmental
mites and insect larvae were located. These are    Environmental Learning: A Critical              message.’
regarded as important indicators of the health     Examination of their Nexus in Selected             To help ecotourism operators deliver
of the soil.                                       Australian Ecotourism Operations.               good quality environment education, Dr
   The TFN botanists had conducted                    Dr Price says that some operators,           Price has developed a model of ideal
preliminary surveys of the flora, and the recent   although not necessarily the ones selected      interpretative practice from which they
expedition confirmed the rich botanical            for his study, use the prefix ‘eco’ in the      can extract sections for use in their own
diversity of the area, despite its small and       title of their tours, but do not deliver the    operations.
erratic rainfall.                                  goods. Although nature-based tourism is            Dr Price’s interest in both the theory
                                                   the fastest growing segment of the              and practice of ecotourism reflects his
   All data collected will be made available to
                                                   industry world-wide, not all nature-based       background as a VCE secondary school
the TFN land managers and significant
                                                   tourism is ecotourism.                          teacher in Environmental Studies and
findings will be lodged with the Atlas of
Victorian Wildlife. A summary containing             Authentic ecotours, he says, must             owner-operator of an ecotourism business
information needed to guide land management        comply with four principles: they must be       in Victoria’s central Gippsland.
and habitat restoration will be given both to      nature based; they must contribute to the          As part of his research, the nine
the TFN and the Mallee Catchment                   quest for economic, ecological and social       ‘ecotours’ he joined included a river cruise
Management Authority.                              sustainability; they must have an               at Noosa, a rainforest tour inland from the
                                                   environmental education component; and          Sunshine Coast, a four-wheel drive tour
  All who took part in the expedition are keen
                                                   they must benefit the local community.          on Fraser Island, a cruise on wetlands near
to return and pursue the many research
opportunities through future expeditions and         ‘The distinguishing feature of an             Maroochydore, and visits to both French
postgraduate studies.                              ecotour is its environmental education          and Phillip islands in Westernport Bay.
                                                   component. Such a tour must not just

Professor New, far left, and
two finds, an adult Mallee
Blackhead snake, top, and
Fat-Tailed Dunnart, left.
Photos: Anna Clarke

                                                                                                     NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004                       9

     Personality determines
     holiday choice
     W H O YO U A R E I S W H E R E YO U G O

            our main personality types – thinking,    holidaymakers. The holidaymakers travelled

     F      physical, feeling, and imaginative –
            have different ideas as to what
     constitutes an enjoyable holiday, according
                                                      from British regional airports and Ireland to
                                                      Mediterranean, Caribbean, North African,
                                                      and Asian resorts. The three surveys tried to
     to La Trobe University specialist in             capture all holiday types included in the
     Consumer Behaviour, Dr John Gountas.             winter, shoulder and summer seasons.
        Although there are many shared                   To define ‘personality’ types, Dr Gountas                                    Dr Gountas
     preferences, he has pinpointed where the         researched personality type theories starting
     different personalities prefer to have their     with Plato’s theory of temperaments, Jung’s
                                                                                                       normal or routine lifestyle. Satisfaction
     holidays.                                        1921 theory of the eight personality types,
                                                                                                       stems from feelings and emotional
       ‘Thinking’ personality types prefer            the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and other
                                                                                                       experiences and their information comes
     independent holidays often to cultural trendy    post-Jungian theories up to the present day
                                                                                                       from mass printed media and friends and
     famous places while ‘physical’ types mainly      including some neuropsychological and
     choose package holidays in the sun where         brain theories.
                                                                                                          Imaginative types (28.3%): Tend to be
     they can relax in comfort.                         After formulating the four personality
                                                                                                       interested in flexible and independent
       ‘Feeling’ types like smaller quiet resorts     types, Dr Gountas devised a 50-item
                                                                                                       holidays in small, quiet resorts where they
     with organised activities and sports while       questionnaire filled out by the holiday
                                                                                                       can see historical, cultural and natural
     ‘imaginative’ types also like independent        makers en route to their destinations.
                                                                                                       wonders and also mix with locals. They
     holidays but in small quiet resorts – where         The survey results tested the relationships   enjoy holidays that appeal to their
     they can to venture out and mix with local       between the holiday makers’ personality          perceptions or fantasy needs, and tend to go
     people.                                          types, preferences for holiday resorts,          to travel agents and tour operators for their
       Working with a British leisure airline,        sources of information and the core values       information as well as TV and radio and
     First Choice, Dr Gountas, a senior lecturer in   or main source of ‘satisfaction’.                word of mouth.
     marketing in La Trobe’s School of Business,        Dr Gountas summarised the general                Dr Gountas says his research has many
     investigated the holiday choices based on        holiday resort preferences of the four main      implications for tourism marketers.
     the characteristics of the holiday makers’       types as follows:
                                                                                                         Products can be differentiated more
     personality types.                                  Thinking types (21.7% of the population):     accurately to target the psychographic and
       The study was carried out as part of his       Prefer independent holidays, variety of          demographic characteristics of different
     PhD thesis, entitled Personality Types and       resorts, outdoor, mountains and scenic tours,    holiday makers, thereby identifying more
     Tourism Holiday Preferences. Dr Gountas          historical and cultural, trendy places. They     segments in the tourism population and
     carried out three empirical surveys between      gained their holiday satisfaction from           creating holidays for their needs.
     1999 and 2000 with a total sample of 2669        learning and thinking and relied on TV, radio
                                                                                                          Communications strategies can be
                                                      and the mass printed media for their
                                                                                                       directed more accurately towards the right
                                                                                                       market segments according to their
                                                         Physical Types (20.8 %): Mostly prefer        personality type, using appropriate language
                                                      package holidays in the sun by the sea where     and media taking into account the different
                                                      they relax in comfort and are close to nature    social groups, education levels and age.
                                                      and physical pleasures. Satisfaction comes
                                                                                                          Irrespective of personality type, Dr
                                                      from physical pleasures and comforts after
                                                                                                       Gountas says the main motive for going on
                                                      learning about their favourite destinations
                                                                                                       holidays for the British public was to get
                                                      from mass printed media and word of
                                                                                                       away from the usual routine, the rainy and
                                                                                                       cold weather and find a sunny and warm
                                                        Feeling types (29 %): Prefer to go to          climate – preferably at locations as familiar
                                                      smaller, quiet resorts with activities and       as British seaside resorts.
                                                      sports and different experiences from

                                                                                                                                H E A LT H

Out on a limb
                                                                                                 New ‘tool’
                                                                                                 makes hospital
La Trobe consolidates its global leadership in
prosthetics and orthotics
                                                                                                 less risky
                                                                                                      a Trobe University is helping

                                                                                                 L    improve risk and decision-making
                                                                                                      principles in the health sector.
                                                                                                   Professor of Public Health, Shane
                                                                                                 Thomas, has developed the Thomas Post
                                                                                                 Acute (PAC) Risk Screen Tool now used
                                                                                                 widely in Australian health services to
                                                                                                 assist discharge planning for hospital
                                                                                                    The tool, he says, screens patients for
                                                                                                 whether they may need additional services
                                                                                                 at home so that they can be fully assessed
                                                                                                 and the services arranged.
                                                                                                   The Victorian Effective Discharge
                                                                           Photo: Tim Grant      Strategy, introduced in 2001, made it
                                                                                                 mandatory for hospitals to report the
                                                                                                 outcomes of the Risk Screen.
The University has taken a further step to          La Trobe has excellent infrastructure for
consolidate its leading position as a world      on-line learning of this kind, and its Centre     Recently the State Government re-
provider of tertiary education and research      for Online and Multimedia Educational           committed its health services to use Risk
in prosthetics and orthotics.                    Technologies has helped overcome many           Screen to improve care for older people.
                                                 technical barriers.                             Other Australian health services have
  In its latest expansion, it will provide its                                                   also adopted it. It is used in Queensland
highly regarded Prosthetics and Orthotics           ‘Cambodia wants its students not only to     and some services in NSW have
degree courses on-line for students from         have the necessary technical skills, but also   recommended it.
Cambodia, and several African and Middle         the training that prepares them for
Eastern counties.                                leadership roles. We have demonstrated            Professor Thomas says having effective
                                                 flexibility in our teaching approach,           screening tools, such as the PAC Tool,
   Prosthetics and orthotics is the design and                                                   ensures that the needs of people are
fitting of artificial limbs and other            including an initiative to teach Japanese
                                                 students.’                                      systematically taken into account when
supportive devices.                                                                              they are discharged from hospital.
   La Trobe PhD candidate and sessional             After graduating with their Cambodian
                                                 diplomas, students from Cambodia and              ‘If people are discharged without the
lecturer in the National Centre for                                                              necessary supports, their recovery and
Prosthetics and Orthotics, Mr Wesley Pryor,      other countries will upgrade their
                                                 qualifications using distance web-based         health may be compromised. The use of
helped initiate the latest arrangement – with                                                    screening tools helps minimise this risk.’
the Cambodian School of Prosthetics and          courses, as well as three-months of
Orthotics in Phnom Penh – to upgrade the         intensive technical and clinical work at           Professor Thomas is also working with
Cambodian diplomas of some of its                La Trobe’s main Melbourne campus at             a team of researchers from the University
students to La Trobe bachelor degree status.     Bundoora.                                       of Melbourne to develop a Prisoner Risk
                                                   ‘The need for prosthetics and orthotics       Screen Tool to identify prisoners who may
   The Vice-Chancellor’s fund has                                                                benefit from prison services that could
provided $75,000 to help develop the             services in Cambodia, the Middle East and
                                                 Africa is extremely high,’ says Mr Pryor.       help reduce their risk of re-offending.
course which will enrol its first 15
students in January 2006.                        ‘Victims of war, disease and natural
                                                                                                                            Professor Thomas
                                                 disasters have greatly increased the need for
  ‘The Cambodian School of Prosthetics           prostheses and orthoses.’
and Orthotics approached La Trobe for
assistance because we are recognised for            Last year he conducted training sessions
our clinical skills and the reputation of our    in Delhi, India, for Handicap International
graduates as good communicators.                 to research the efficiency of prostheses
Institutions all over the world realise that     fitted to victims of the 2001 earthquake in
what we are doing in distance learning is        the State of Gujarat.
world’s best practice,’ Mr Pryor says.

                                                                                                   NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004                      11
     P H Y S I OT H E R A P Y

                                                                                                  Ms Denisenko used her $5000 prize
                                                                                                  money to attend the European Society for
                                                                                                  Movement Analysis for Adults and
                                                                                                  Children Gait course in Warsaw, Poland,
                                                                                                  and visit the students in Stockholm.
                                                                                                    She won the award for up-dating
                                                                                                  courses dealing with the management of
                                                                                                  conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s
                                                                                                  disease, multiple sclerosis, head injury and
                                                                                                  brain tumours.
                                                                                                    Physiotherapy practice in Australia –
                                                                                                  including that currently presented in
                                                                                                  La Trobe Physiotherapy courses – was
                                                                                                  extremely well regarded internationally,
                                                                                                  Ms Denisenko said.

     Clinical physio placements                                                                     ‘At least half a dozen presenters at the
                                                                                                  Warsaw course referred to work at
                                                                                                  Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital
     NOW IN STOCKHOLM                                                                             (RCH). It is considered a centre of world
                                                                                                  excellence in the management of children
                                                                                                  with cerebral palsy.’ she added.
            he first group of La Trobe             week neurological physiotherapy clinical

     T      University physiotherapy students
            recently undertook their clinical
     placements at one of Sweden’s leading
                                                   placement at the Institute.
                                                      While in Sweden, they were visited by
                                                   La Trobe lecturer in neurological
                                                                                                    Several of the presenters referred to the
                                                                                                  work of another La Trobe University PhD
                                                                                                  graduate, Dr Roslyn Boyd, who recently
                                                                                                  won a Premier’s Commendation for
     medical institutes – the Karolinska           physiotherapy, Sonia Denisenko, who won        Medical Research and now works at
     Institute in Stockholm.                       this year’s Faculty of Health Sciences         the RCH.
       The three third year students were Ms       Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award.
     Laura Keely, Ms Danielle Ryan and Mr                                                          From left, Ms Denisenko, Ms Ryan, Karolinska Institute
                                                     Chair of the Australian Physiotherapy            lecturer, Ms Anne Kusoffsky, Mr Bainbridge and Ms
     James Bainbridge. They spent their nine-      Association National Neurology Group,                    Keely, after presenting a colleague’s paper in

     International links forge
     new cerebral palsy research
            esearch links to help children with    La Trobe lecturer in Occupational Therapy,        In a joint project between La Trobe and

     R      cerebral palsy have been established
            between La Trobe University, the
     Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne,
                                                   Ms Christine Imms and Dr Roslyn Boyd
                                                   from the School of Physiotherapy, led to a
                                                   recent visit by Dr Eliasson as a La Trobe
                                                                                                  the Royal Children’s Hospital with Ms
                                                                                                  Imms and Dr Boyd, therapists and children
                                                                                                  were recruited for an Australian validation
     and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.    Distinguished Fellow.                          study of the MACS.

       About 135 children are born in Victoria        Ms Imms said that Dr Eliasson, using          A new collaborative research project –
     every year with cerebral palsy. A major       her skills as a neuroscientist and clinical    to investigate the use of Constraint
     part of this applied neuroscience research    researcher,     has     provided      many     Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) and
     concerns understanding the hand function      opportunities for academic staff, paediatric   Botulinum toxin A to improve upper limb
     of children with cerebral palsy to help       therapy researchers, post-graduate students    function in young children with cerebral
     improve clinical practice.                    and clinicians to collaborate and to gain      palsy aged five to 15 years – was also
                                                   from her experience and knowledge.             developed.
        Collaborative      research includes
                                                      Before coming to Australia, Dr Eliasson       During her stay at La Trobe, Dr Eliasson
     validating in Australia an assessment
                                                   and her Swedish colleagues had developed       presented a paper to the Australasian
     developed by Swedish neuroscientist and
                                                   the Manual Ability Classification System       Academy of Cerebral Palsy and
     clinical researcher, Dr Ann-Christin
                                                   (MACS). This enables clinicians to gauge       Developmental Medicine, gave a workshop
     Eliasson, an Associate Professor at the
                                                   the relative abilities of children by using    for more than 100 people, and provided a
     Karolinska Institute.
                                                   five levels related to their capacity to       paediatric training course to La Trobe post-
       Collaboration between Dr Eliasson and       function in daily life.                        graduate students and clinicians.

                                                                                                                          P H Y S I OT H E R A P Y

Surprise findings from
          a Trobe University physiotherapy                                                          that this belief was not necessarily correct,

L         researchers believe a controversial
          research project they recently
          completed       has    overturned
previously held beliefs about increasing the
well-being of people with multiple
                                                                                                    the physiotherapy team at the MS Society of
                                                                                                    Victoria asked La Trobe’s Musculoskeletal
                                                                                                    Research Centre to investigate.
                                                                                                       In collaboration with Ms Dawn Prasad
                                                                                                    from the MS Society and physiotherapist
sclerosis.                                                                                          colleagues from the Centre, Dr Nicholas
   They say results of the pilot project,                                                           Taylor and Ms Sonia Denisenko, the
carried out in collaboration with the                                                               program was carried out over a 14 weeks,
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Victoria using                                                        starting at Easter in the gymnasium at
nine participants with MS in Melbourne,                                                             Telstra Dome.
turn around views most clinicians hold                                                                 Before the volunteers, two men and seven
about the use of strenuous exercise such as                                                         women aged between 27 and 61, began the
weight training.                                                                                    carefully planned weight training program,
   ‘Previously most clinicians were                                                                 they underwent four weeks of baseline
reluctant to prescribe weight training and                                                          testing including measurements of the
many believed that it had potentially                                                               strength in various parts of their body. These
harmful effects,’ said La Trobe team                                                                measurements were compared with those
member, Dr Karen Dodd.                                                                              taken after attending the gym twice a week
   ‘We were surprised that our results were                                                         for 10 weeks.
so good and so uniform, flying in the face of                                                          Ms Prasad and two qualified fitness
all previously held ideas. We showed that                                                           instructors monitored the participants in
leg muscle strength improved by 33 per cent                                                         exercises designed to strengthen arms, legs
and arm strength by 14 per cent and there                                                           and trunk. As well as the improved strength
were a number of other benefits both                                                                in arms and legs, the researchers found that
physical and psychological,’ Dr Dodd said.                                                          at the end of the 10 week period, the
  In addition there was the advantage that                                                          volunteers walked faster and increased their
the program was carried out in a                                                                    distance walked over a given time.
conventional gymnasium in the community.                                                               While there was some expected muscle
  Caused by a breakdown of the central                                                              soreness – which even fully fit people
                                                   Dr Dodd: leg muscle strength improved by 33      starting weight training experience – there
nervous system, MS affects control of           per cent, arm strength by 14 per cent – and there
muscles, sensation, vision and other body         were other physical and psychological benefits.   were no adverse neurological changes and
functions. A common symptom of the                                                                  most importantly, no increased fatigue.
disease, which affects about 15,000                                                                 When interviewed at the end of the
Australians, is fatigue.                                                                            program, participants reported they were
                                                                                                    less clumsy, found it easier to walk up and
  Dr Dodd explained that weight training                                                            down stairs, and had more energy.
for people with MS raises complex
problems. If they don’t exercise, they                                                                 Team members said weight training may
become progressively physically weaker –                                                            now be seen as a possible fitness option for
but if they do exercise using a medium like                                                         people with MS with a mild to moderate
weight training, many clinicians believe                                                            disability. They now hope to verify their
they become fatigued with subsequent                                                                results with a randomised control trial of at
possible complications.                                                                             least 30 people with MS.

   Because of this dilemma, clinicians have                                                           The results of the pilot project were
been most reluctant to prescribe strength                                                           presented to the MS Australia Scientific
training as most believed that it could be                                                          Meeting: Progress in Multiple Sclerosis
detrimental.                                                                                        Research in Melbourne in November at the
                                                                                                    Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.
  Encouraged by indications from overseas

                                                                                                      NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004                         13

                                                                                                                    The Rev. Costello, left, and Mr Hulls.

     Meeting the challenge of world poverty
          he Reverend Tim Costello – one              The seminar provided back-ground to the             State Attorney-General Rob Hulls spoke
     T    of Australia’s leading campaigners on       crisis. Other speakers were La Trobe Head
                                                      of African Studies, Dr David Dorward, a
                                                                                                       to about 80 final year La Trobe Law
     social justice issues and ‘Victorian of the                                                       students in October, challenging them to
     Year 2004’ – delivered two public lectures       frequent visitor to Africa, and Professor        use the law as an instrument of change to
     at the University recently.                      Anthony Low, former Vice-Chancellor of           benefit the most vulnerable and
       Chief Executive of World Vision                the Australian National University and           disadvantaged members of our community.
     Australia, he spoke in support of an Anti-       Smuts Professor of Commonwealth                  In an address to the Legal Practice and
     Poverty Week event in October. Hosted by         History at Cambridge University.                 Conduct class, Mr Hulls said lawyers had a
     the School of Social Work and Social                Having brought Labor leader, Mark             professional responsibility to do pro bono
     Policy in association with the Brotherhood       Latham to the University earlier in the          legal work to ensure access to justice is not
     of St Laurence, the title of his lecture was:    year, the Politics Society also ran a special    limited to those who can afford it.
     Meeting the challenge of world poverty.          election seminar featuring former Senator          Head of La Trobe Law Clinical Legal
       Earlier, he was the keynote speaker at         and Labor Minister, John Button,                 Education, Ms Mary Anne Noone, said the
     public seminar, Sudan: the Human Crisis,         Associate Editor of The Age, Shaun               University played its part by providing
     convened by the La Trobe Politics Society.       Carney, and La Trobe Professor of                legal services where senior students, under
                                                      Politics, Judith Brett.                          supervision, helped the local community.

           wo well-know members of the                been taught using resources from the

     T     Mildura community, John Irwin and
           Rob Walker, have been appointed
     Adjunct Professors. Their appointments
                                                      Biosphere. These initiatives are expected to
                                                      increase significantly in the years ahead.
                                                         Professor Irwin also helped forge links
     acknowledge their contributions to the           between La Trobe and the Yunnan
     University, principally to the Faculty of        Agricultural University in the People’s
     Science Technology and Engineering.              Republic of China. The first graduates from
        Professor Irwin is a key figure in the        Yunnan are expected to arrive next year as
                                                                                                               Adjunct Professors Irwin, left, and Walker,
     80,000 hectare Barkindji Biosphere Project       visiting scholars, under a project designed to                 right, with Deputy Vice-Chancellor,
     near Mildura. Biospheres, created under          ultimately help agribusiness and trade                               Professor Graham McDowell.
     terms set out by UNESCO, are ‘ecosystems         between Sunraysia and China.
     promoting solutions to reconcile the                                                              Riverland, he was also a key figure in
                                                         Professor Walker, Chief Research
     conservation of biodiversity with its                                                             creating the Riverlink Postgraduate Research
                                                      Scientist at the CSIRO Plant Industries
     sustainable use.’                                                                                 Network.
                                                      Laboratories at Merbein, has made major
        The Barkindji Biosphere has received          contributions to teaching and research at           The network helps La Trobe scholars to
     strong backing from the University. La Trobe     the University. A founding member of the         carry out research in local Riverlink
     scientists are already undertaking research on   Riverlink Network of Horticultural Research      laboratories, and the first of these scholarss
     the site, and several groups of students have    and Development Agencies in Sunraysia and        recently completed her doctoral studies.

                                                                                                                                 AWA R D S

Top essay performance
by Kate Chanock
‘Australian identity is vulnerable, not         Humanities and Social Sciences. She says
because it fails to resist the seductions of    ‘refracted through the prism of
other, flashier cultural products, but          postmodernism’, identity studies have
                                                                                                          Dialogica Award winner, Dr Chanock.
because, like other nations, we invest our      become the ‘New Black’ in universities,
cultural    confidence        in   national     with students spending a lot of time
performances.’                                  looking at how identity is defined, and
  So writes La Trobe’s Dr Kate Chanock,         shaped.
in an essay titled Identity Anxiety, which         While she normally helps students with       National award
won the $10,000 first prize in this year’s      essays of this sort, her own contribution, in
Dialogica awards.                               under 2,000 words, covers a lot of ground       for Robert Manne
  ‘By investing so much in Olympic              - from the Anzac spirit, egalitarianism and
                                                                                                      a Trobe University Professor of
success … Australia invites harm to the
most cherished component of its own
imagined identity, the value of mateship.
                                                mateship to ‘Big Brother’ and the recent
                                                Olympic Games.
                                                   The Campus Review/Co-op Bookshop
                                                                                                L     Politics, writer and political
                                                                                                      commentator, Robert Manne, has won
                                                                                                a place among ‘Australia’s top 10’ creative
   ‘Whether games or battles, these are         Dialogica Awards promote clear and              and innovative people.
always going to be about ranking, splitting     coherent writing about contemporary
                                                issues. Dr Chanock received her award at          He has topped the ‘Society’ category of the
and winning. If this undermines the things we                                                   ‘Smart 100’ competition conducted by the
most like about ourselves, we would do better   the Academy of the Humanities
                                                Symposium annual dinner in Hobart in            national magazine, The Bulletin.
to climb over the edge of our box and look at
what makes us the same as everybody else, in    November.                                          Professor Manne was chosen from
every other time and place.’                    For the full text of the essay, see             finalists including philanthropist, Heloise
                                                              Waislitz from the Pratt Foundation;
  Dr Chanock heads the Language and                                                             Educational consultant, writer and feminist,
Academic Skills Unit in the Faculty of                                                          Dale Spender; and human rights advocate,
                                                                                                High Court judge, Mr Justice Michael Kirby.
                                                                                                  Editor of Quadrant magazine for most of

Selwyn medal                                    Koorie training                                 the 1990s, Professor Manne is a
                                                                                                commentator on public affairs for the ABC,
for Chris Gray                                  award                                           The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. At
                                                                                                La Trobe, he teaches Australian politics and
                                                Continued from page 14
                                                                                                20th Century political history.
Dr Chris Gray, senior lecturer and Head of
Earth Sciences, has been awarded this               The awards were presented at a three-          The Bulletin’s ‘Smart 100’ list celebrates
year’s Selwyn Medal by the Geological           day conference on the Wurreker Strategy –       the efforts of scientists and researchers in
Society of Australia (Victoria Division)        Pathways and Partnerships to the Future         fields ranging from business and
for his contribution over more than 25          for Koorie communities, employers,              communications, health and medicine to arts
years to the study and understanding of         employment agencies, TAFE and other             and entertainment.
geology.                                        training organisations.                           The selection panel said Professor
   The award citation says Victorian              The conference was attended by                Manne’s ‘writings and advocacy have shown
geology has benefited greatly from Dr           La Trobe Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equity and        us all that ideas
Gray’s application of geochemistry and          Access), Dr Kerry Ferguson and                  and words can
isotope geochemistry to field problems.         Indigenous Development Officer, Ms Julie        be as powerful a
Internationally, his work has implications      Andrews.                                        force in our
for broader processes such as magmatism                                                         community as
                                                  Ms Andrews, who co-ordinated the
and planetology.                                                                                deeds.’
                                                development of the La Trobe Indigenous
  The Selwyn Medal is named after Sir           Employment Strategy, said the first step
Alfred Selwyn, founder of the Geological        will be the appointment of an Indigenous
Survey of Victoria.                             Employment Co-ordinator.

                                                         NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004                                                                 15
     AWA R D S

                                                                                                  La Trobe
                                                                                                  University wins
                                                                                                  Koorie training
                                                                                                  La Trobe took out the ‘University –
                                                                                                  Pathways’ prize in the inaugural Wurreker
                                                                                                  Awards for achievements in training for
                                                                                                  Koorie students. The awards are a joint
                                                                                                  initiative of the Victorian Aboriginal
                                                                                                  Education Association Incorporated
                                                                                                  and the State Office of Training and
                                                                                                  Tertiary Education.
                                                                                                    The award category ‘University
                                                                                                  Pathways’ is for the development and/or
                                                                                                  delivery of innovative tertiary education
                                                                                                  programs and services promoting
                                                                                                  increased pathways for Koorie academic
                                                                                                  achievement. La Trobe has developed and
                                                                                                  implemented its Indigenous Employment
                                                                                                  Strategy in partnership with the Koorie
                                                                                                  community, to address the low levels of
                                                                                                  Indigenous employment in the higher
                                                                                                  education sector.
                                                                                                    Education and Training Minister, Lynne
                                                                                                  Kosky, who assisted in presenting the

                                                                                                  awards, said the ‘Wurreker Strategy’
                                                                                                  helped provide training pathways leading
                                                                                                  to better employment opportunities for
                                                                                                  Indigenous people.

                                                                                                    She said the strategy was ‘based on a
                                                                                                  mutual respect for Koorie culture and
                                                                                                  heritage and for the aspirations of the
                                                                                                  Koorie community to achieve self-
            or Bendigo photographic artist           Ms Bailey said the picture was captured

     F      Donna Bailey the antics of her
            daughter’s pet parrot, Charlie,
     stealing a biscuit has secured her a place
                                                   spontaneously at a popular picnic spot near
                                                   Bendigo last summer.
                                                     ‘I was laughing, too, as I pressed the
                                                                                                                           Continued page 15

     among six finalists exhibiting in the         shutter on the camera capturing Zoe and
     prestigious national Energex Arbour           her friend Raquel’s looks of delight and
     Contemporary Art Prize.                       surprise.’
        Ms Bailey is a PhD candidate in Visual       Ms Bailey is a finalist in the Centre for
     Arts (Photography) at La Trobe University,    Contemporary      Photography        Leica,
     Bendigo. And she was the only Victorian       Documentary Award, currently touring
     finalist in this year’s competition which     Australia. She was invited to exhibit in the
     called for works with the theme               Australian Centre for Photography
     ‘Australians at Play’.                        exhibition, Changeling: Childhood and the
       As part of the award, her image entitled,   Uncanny in Sydney in November. Her
     Charlie and the Pink Biscuit has been         work was also featured in a group
     enlarged to 3 metres by 2.4 metres and        exhibition, The Line Between Us: The
                                                                                                   La Trobe’s Dr Ferguson, behind the award, and
     mounted in a public art exhibition at         Maternal Relation in Contemporary                  Ms Andrews flanked by Joel Wright, National
     Brisbane’s South Bank Energex Arbour          Photography at the Monash University              Indigenous Officer for NTEU, left, and Wayne
                                                                                                     Clarke, Wurreker Broker, Victorian Aboriginal
     during December.                              Museum of Art.                                              Education Association Incorporated.