How To Do Niche Research The Proper Way To Generate A Steady Online Income

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					How To Do Niche Research The Proper Way To Generate
A Steady Online Income
Why Niche Marketing Works

You may have heard that the only way to make money online is to have a niche. While
it may not be the only way, niche marketing is a proven way to have internet marketing


A Niche Can Help You Be The Best
There’s an old saying that says there’s no point in trying if you can’t be the best.

This is a great saying for internet marketers to apply to their business. When you
choose a niche, a highly targeted niche, you have very little competition and it’s easier
to be the best.

What do we mean by “Be the best”?
When your website shows up as #1 on the internet search engine results, you’re
certainly ranked the best. And this ranking means profits, traffic, awareness and a
better opportunity to attain your internet marketing goals.

For example if someone types ”Dog Training “into Google, there are millions of results.

But if you type ”House training your pug,” there are 3 results (at the time of writing, that
is). It’d be much easier to reach the first search engine result if you have a targeted

Think about how you search online. You probably type in a fairly specific keyword
phrase and you probably don’t click on any results beyond the first page. You may
even stick to the first two or three results and not even look at the other websites.

This is why niche marketing is so important. If you choose a broad topic, it could take
you years to reach the first page and the truth is you may never reach it. Yet, if you
choose a niche, you can reach the first page of results almost right away.

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A Niche Helps You Provide More Value
More and more people are searching online for very specific answers to very specific
questions. A tight niche helps you provide exactly the information they’re looking for.
(This means more focused traffic and ultimately more profits for you.)

For example, you could have an affiliate site that is dedicated to coffee makers.

You can then focus on writing reviews on every coffee make and model. You can
create comparison charts and information on how to choose and buy coffeemakers.
You can provide your audience with exactly what they’re looking for.

And because they’re finding exactly what they’re looking for on your website, they’re
more likely to simply click through and make a purchase which means you just earned
an affiliate commission.

However, this concept applies to more than affiliate marketing. A well researched niche
helps you make more profits in any business model. Whether you’re selling products,
services or information, you even make more money on advertising.

Continuing with the coffee maker affiliate site example, that site because it’s attracting
very targeted traffic is in a perfect position to sell ad space to manufacturers of coffee
makers. So you can make profits on advertising revenue too.

Common Niche Research Myths
You’ve heard several myths about niche research. Most of these myths center on the
research aspect of Niche marketing. Let’s take a look at the myths and the truth and
explore what’s important to know about niche research

Niche Research Myth #1 Niche Research Takes a Long Time.

Like many things in life, it takes as long or as short as it takes. Generally, with a
focused mind and a plan, it shouldn’t take more than a few days.

However how long it takes also depends on how much depth you want to do your
research. Generally niche research can take as little as an hour or as much as just a
couple days.

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And isn’t it worth whatever time it takes? Particularly, when skipping this step or
rushing through it means spending days, weeks, perhaps even months with website
traffic or revenue.

Niche research is a small investment in time. To find your perfect niche, determine
your profitability and traffic potential and to pick out keywords you want to target. That’s

Niche Research Myth #2 Niche Research is Hard to Do.

The truth is that there are very strategic steps you can take to work your way through
the niche research you need to do to be profitable. It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t
require any special skills.

Niche research is seriously nothing more than following steps, like a recipe. You’re
simply looking at a series of pre-determined factors to see how the market you’re
considering stacks up.

If you don’t know how to do your niche research, it’s possible for it to feel like you’re
stumbling along lost, making uneducated guesses.

It’s important to learn how to do niche research before you jump right in. However,
once you know how to conduct your research, it becomes just an easy step by step

Niche Research Myth #3 Niche Research Doesn’t Make That Much of a
Again, false.

Niche research makes all the difference in the world. If you look at successful internet
marketers, you’ll find that most of them stress the value and importance of good
research. This is a step that makes a huge difference.

Consider for a moment how you search for information online. You visit your search
engine of choice enter your keywords, keyword phrase or question and wait for the

The results show up and what do you do? You scan the first few, click on the ones that
look helpful and relevant and you’re off to the various websites.

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Those sites that showed up on the first page of the results and whose site you visited –
they did their niche research. You want to be those sites. They’re the ones getting the
traffic, the opt-ins and the customers.

Niche research isn’t something you have to do. However, if you want to achieve online
success and profits as quickly as possible, then it’s worth the time and effort.

The Benefits of Doing Your Niche Research
It pays to do your research. Particularly in the beginning when you’re choosing the
topic your business is going to about.

Here are a few benefits to doing your niche research.

#1 Niche Research Saves You Time
One common reason people don’t do niche research is because it takes some time.
This is perhaps the worst reason in the world to not do your niche research.

Imagine creating a business, pouring your energy, time and money into it and then
sitting around and wondering why no one is coming to your site and you’re not making
any money. That’s the real waste of time.

If you want to have a business that is active, successful and profitable then start it right
by spending some time researching a profitable niche.

Being able to zero in all your efforts on what you’ve already proven works is what will
save you massive amounts of time in the long run.

#2 Niche Research Makes You More Money
Niche research examines many things and one of those things is the profitability of
potential niches. There are many profitable niches just waiting to be discovered and
your research will lead you to them.

You’ll learn both what people are looking for but also the word they’re using to find it
and who, if anyone, is providing information on that topic. In addition to finding out
where the traffic is, you’ll also find out where the profitable traffic is.

#3 Niche Research Ensures Long Term Business Success
It’s possible to stumble accidently into a profitable web niche, though highly unlikely.
However, generally those are trends and trends don’t last.

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If you’re spending time, energy and money to build a business, you probably want the
success to last – at least until you decide it’s over and then you can sell your business
for a profit.

Niche research ensures your business is one that will last. Instead of guessing at the
answers, what niche research will do is give you the answers.

It’ll help you not only position your business website well against your competition; it’ll
help you serve your customers better.

Does your market have the potential to create a lucrative long term business for you?

Wouldn’t you rather find out now, rather than when it’s too late to do anything about it?

Niche research is well worth the time, energy and effort required to find your perfect,
profitable niche. When done correctly, it’s actually a straight forward, step-by-step

A Simple Trick for Finding Your Perfect Niche
If you start without a plan you can wander around the internet and those keyword tools
for days, weeks even months before giving up in frustration.

Finding your perfect niche shouldn’t be something that causes frustration. It should be
a process that’s enjoyable and dare I say it, creative.

Yes. Finding your niche is a creative process and it all begins with you.

Who Are You and What Do You Feel Passionate About?
The very first and perhaps most important step is to consider what you want to start a
website on.

- What are your interests?
- What do you enjoy?
- What are you skilled at or knowledgeable in?
- What are you passionate about?
When you’re passionate about your niche topic:
Motivation – You’ll feel motivated each day to work on your business. In fact, if it’s
something you truly love, you’ll be jumping out of bed. You’re going to be ready willing
and able to work harder to create your dream business.

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Contagious enthusiasm – Enthusiasm is contagious. People are attracted to it and
will be drawn to your business. You’ll attract like-minded people, prospects, partners
and business opportunities to you.
Personalization – For most small online businesses, and even the larger ones, your
business brand is your personality. And we buy from brands/personalities we like and
connect with.
If you’re joyous, it will translate through your brand. You’ll also share your personality
through your communications, marketing and business, which all help to strengthen
your brand.

So What Are Your Passions?
Grab a pen and some paper and make a list of topics you’re passionate about. Get
creative with this. What do you really enjoy doing, talking about, or even learning

Now take that list, and this is where it really gets creative and can be a lot of fun, and
brainstorm niches. It’s often easier if you make it a three step process.

For example, let’s say you’re passionate about your cats.

The next step would be to create a few categories within cats like, exotic cats, cat
healthcare, and cat toys.

Then use those categories to create niche ideas. For example, breeding exotic cats,
cat urinary healthcare tips, and natural cat toys.

This type of brainstorming is easy when it’s on a topic you’re passionate about. And
when you perform this step first, the niche research process suddenly becomes fun
and much much easier. Now you can turn to those keyword tools and research away.

Have fun with this step. Tap into your creative side and let the brainstorming flow
freely. Don’t edit yourself and don’t wonder whether your ideas have any potential for
profit. That’s a future step. Building a business on a topic you love is the best way to
build your dream life.

This simple step of brainstorming niches you’re passionate about makes the entire
niche research process joyous. Remember, you’re building a business so why not
make it something you love? It’s worth the time and effort!

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How Do I Know If I’ve Chosen The Right Niche?
Finding the right niche is a process. It requires some creative thinking, patience,
persistence and a willingness to sometimes dig deep. Here are five easy ways to know
if you have chosen the right niche to build your business around.

1. Is your niche something you’re passionate or excited about?
Passion for your niche isn’t required. Sure, some people probably make a fair amount
of money doing something they really don’t like. But that doesn’t have to be you.

There’s tremendous value to building a business on a topic you love. When you have
passion for your business and your niche topic, success is more than enjoyable, it
comes easier.

That’s because passion and enthusiasm are contagious. You’ll naturally attract
prospects and customers to you because of your joy. You’ll also attract more
partnerships and business opportunities.

People want to be around and do business with other people who are joyous and
positive about their business. Passion also means you’ll be better equipped to move
through the challenges that life sometimes throws at us.

If you’re passionate about your niche topic, you’re on the right track!

2. Is there some competition?
While we’re taught to think of competition in business as a bad thing, the truth is that a
little competition is good. If there is no competition in your niche then that should be a
red flag that maybe there isn’t a potential for profit.

Examine your chosen niche carefully if there is no competition. Competition also helps
keep us on our toes. It makes us better because we feel challenged.

3. What is the competition like?
Can you differentiate yourself? Now assuming there is some competition, who are they
and what are they like? You should be able to differentiate yourself and your niche
topic enough to offer a unique benefit. This is often called a Unique Selling Point or

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4. Is there enough demand?
Demand is essential. If no one is searching for your topic then there’s no potential for
profit. You can test demand for your topic by creating an ASK campaign or a flycatcher
page. This is a system whereby you post a webpage that asks visitors to answer key
questions like:

- What is your single biggest problem with … ?

- What is your single most important question about … ?

In addition to learning important information about your target audience, you will be
able to gauge demand based on how many responses you get. Generally, you use a
PPC type campaign to drive traffic to your page.

5. Can you fit a business model to your chosen niche?
Can you make money?

Finally, make sure you have a profitable business model and business plan to fit your
niche. If you have a niche but just cannot come up with a way that makes sense for
you to make it profitable then it’s not going to do you any good.

For example, many niches may make good information websites however; if you do
not have the desire to create a lot of content or work with this business model then it’s
not the right niche for you. You need to feel excited about your model too.

Finding a niche is possible and it’s worth the effort. A good niche will make you feel
excited about the possibilities and ready to move forward with your future. With the
right time, patience, energy and effort you will find a niche that is perfect for you.
Maybe you’ve found it already!

I’ve Done My Niche Research, Now What?
Congratulations! If you’ve followed and completed the standard niche research steps
you now have a niche that will generate profits for you for years to come.

Most people skip this step and struggle online for months, sometimes even years,
before they give up and say, “You can’t make money online.” Well of course you can,
thousands of people are.

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The difference is they did their niche research. They put in the time, effort and energy
to find a business topic that would make money, that they enjoy and that has the
potential to endure.

Your niche is a topic you’re excited and passionate about. Your niche has high
demand and fairly low supply. You’ve explored your competition and you’re ready to

So What’s Your Next Step?
There’s a saying that “money likes speed.” Once you have your niche topic, it’s
important to take action. Sitting on this prized niche and waiting is just asking for
someone else to find it and take off with it. You want to move forward.

Sure, you probably have some more planning and learning to do. You want to choose
your business model and create your business plan and that can take time. Just don’t
let it take too much time!

Don’t just spend the next few months, or years, studying internet marketing. This is a
big mistake many beginners make. They learn too much and do too little.

Make a list of what you need to get done to make your business a reality. Create a
schedule for how to get those things done. Find help if you need to. Create a launch
goal that makes your heart beat quickly.

Many of us tend to set goals we know we can achieve. But money likes speed, right?
So instead of saying, “I’m going to launch my website in nine months,” because you
know you can get it done.

Give yourself a goal that makes you sweat just a bit. “I’m going to launch my website in
six months.” Or heck make it three and really buckle down and make it happen.

With the right motivation and a plan you can make anything happen. You worked hard
to find this niche, make it yours by creating your website and building your business
now, before someone else beats you to it.

Plan your business. Create some goals that make your heart beat fast. Work on your
business each and every day and launch it! You’ve done your research. Now it’s time
to start making some money.

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