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					French QUIZ BOWL                                            LEVEL A CULTURE

  1.     How many departments are there in France? 95 ***
  2.     How many administrative regions are there in France? 22
  3.    Paris is divided into how many arrondissements? 20
  4.    What is the monetary unit of France? Euro
  5.    Francophone countries measure temperature in degrees Celsius.
  6.    A Croque Madame adds what additional component to this ham and cheese
        delight? An egg ***
  7.    If you order a “limonade" in France, what would you get? Lemon-lime drink,
        such as Sprite or 7-UP
  8.    Who is MC Solaar? A French rapper
  9.    Name the national exam taken at the end of study in high school. Le
  10.   The last year of study in a French high school is called? La terminale
  11.   Most French students don‟t have school on which afternoon? Wednesday
  12.   What would you see posted at a store where you are free to just browse? Entrée
  13.   What is a bouqiniste? Someone selling rare books and posters along the Seine
        in Paris.
  14.   TGV is the abbreviation for? Train à grande vitesse
  15.   The French national holiday is called what? la fête de la Bastille/la fête
  16.   On what date did the French Revolution begin? July 14, 1789
  17.   To get a French male waiter's attention, it is most polite to refer to him as?
  18.   What is the French cooking term for mashed up? Purée
  19.   This is inserted inside a King‟s Cake, or galette. A bean/une fève
  20.   Figurines that depict the wide variety of individuals that live in the villages of
        Provence. Santons
  21.   What do you call the bathrooms in a department store? les toilettes
  22.   What system of measurement is used in France? Metric
  23.   This river runs through Paris from east to west. La Seine
  24.   What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa
  25.   What is an island in the Caribbean that is a part of France? la Guadeloupe/la
  26.   Most French people are of what religion? chrétien/catholique
  27.   What is one country of le Maghreb? l‟Algérie/la Tunisie/le Maroc (English
  28.   On how many continents is French spoken? 5
  29.   Which is the largest museum in the world? le Louvre
  30.   Comment dit-on „seeing is believing‟ en français ? voir, c‟est croire
  31.   Comment dit-on „where there‟s a will, there‟s a way‟ en français ? vouloir, c‟est
  32.   What is the second largest French-speaking city in the world? Montréal
33. Which French-speaking country hosts the Carnaval d‟hiver? Canada
34. Name three countries that border France. Espagne, le Royaume Uni, Allemagne,
    Italie, Suisse, Belgique, Luxembourg, Monaco, Andorre
35. Name a European country, aside from France, where French is spoken. Suisse,
    Belgique, Monaco, Andorre, Luxembourg
36. What is the date of la Toussaint in France ? 1 nov.
37. What is a popular public transportation system in Paris? le métro/le bus
38. In which province of Canada is French the only official language ? Québec
39. What is the difference between a collège and a lycée ? a college is like a middle
    school and a lycée is like a high school
40. What is the largest château in France? Chambord
41. What is a province in the north-west of France ? Normandie/Bretagne/Pays de la
42. Which sea borders the south of France ? la mer Méditerranée
43. What body of water lies between the United Kingdom and France? la Manche
44. Who is the current president of France ? Nicolas Sarkozy
45. Which ocean is on the west coast of France ? l‟océan Atlantique
46. Under which Parisian monument are the tombs of the unknown soldiers from the
    first and second World Wars? l‟Arc de Triomphe
47. Which monument in Paris was created for the World‟s Fair? la Tour Eiffel
48. What type of money is used in France? euro
49. What type of money used to be used in France? franc
50. What city is an important seaport in the south of France? Marseille
51. What is the principal crop in Haiti? le canne à sucre/sugar cane
52. Name an Impressionist painter who cut off his ear. Van Gogh
53. Which country has the Grand-Prix? Monaco
54. What is the most popular sport in France? le football
55. What is the largest island off the coast of Africa is French spoken? Madagascar
56. What is the only place in South America where French is spoken? la Guyane
57. If it is 7:00 pm in New York City, what time is it in Paris? 1:00 am
58. In what month do most French students start school? September/Septembre
59. What is a famous university in Paris? la Sorbonne
60. Which neighborhood do many students frequent in Paris? le quartier latin
61. Which painter had a house in Giverny ? Claude Monet
62. What monastery is sometimes an island, other times a peninsula off the north-
    west coast of France? Mont St Michel
63. France is roughly the size of which state of the U.S.? Texas
64. What type of public transport is popular in Haiti? le tap-tap
65. The SNCF controls what in France? les trains
66. Arles was the home of which famous Impressionist painter? Vincent Van Gogh.
67. What is the bûche de noel? a cake
68. Quelle est la date du jour de St. Nicolas? le 6 décembre.
69. Name two mountain chains in France. Vosges, Alpes, Massif Centrale, Pyrenees
70. What is the francophone country whose capital is Ft. de France? Martinique
71. What do you call the specialty store where you buy beef and other meats? La
72. Who is buried in l‟Hotel des Invalides in Paris? Napoleon
73. Which museum houses modern art? Centre Pompidou
74. What is eaten on the holiday called la fete des rois or Kings Day? Cake with a
    ring / toy/ baby hidden inside
75. Among tourists what is the Loire Valley most famous for? Castles (Chateaux)
76. What is the name of the Parisian monument on Place Charles de Gaulle? Arc de
77. Which museum houses Impressionist Art? Le Musée d‟Orsay
78. What is the business section of Paris where all skyscrapers are located? La
79. What is the longest river in France? La Loire
80. Name the Francophone country whose capital is Dakar? Le Sénégal
81. In France which meal is usually the largest meal of the day? lunch / le déjeuner
82. Put the following courses in order: la salade, le plat principale, ,le dessert,
    l‟entrée l‟entrée, le plat principale, la salade, le dessert
83. Who is known as the Maid of Lorraine? Jeanne d‟Arc
84. Which French province is most known for cheese and dairy production?
85. Which French province is most known for fishing, lace-production and oyster
    breeding? Bretagne
86. What is Carnac, France famous for? dolmens and menhirs
87. What is the collective name for the countries and regions of the world where
    French is spoken ? La Francophonie
88. What is the “maillot jaune”? It is the jersey worn by the leader in the Tour de
89. « Le Réveillon » is celebrated one or twice a year in most French homes. Name
    one of the two occasions on which it is held. Christmas (Noël) or New Year‟s
    Eve (la Saint-Sylvestre, le Jour de l‟An)
90. In which famous Paris building will one find paintings by Marc Chagall on the
    ceiling ? L‟Opéra Garnier
91. To which speciality shop does one go to purchase « une baguette » or « un
    gâteau au chocolat. » à la boulangerie-pâtisserie
92. What is the name of the river near which King François Ier built several
    Renaissance châteaux ? La Loire
93. Before the main meal, the French often serve a light snack and a drink before
    being seated at table. What is this called ? un aperitif
94. Which French province is home to the following : Le Pont du Gard, Nice,
    Marseille and Grasse. la Provence
95. At what age can one get an unrestricted driver‟s license in France ? 18 years
96. What is the name of the French national anthem ? La Marseillaise
97. What are the administrative divisions of Paris called ? des arrondissements
98. In what month do most French people take an extended vacation ? August (août)
99. What name is given to the general shape of France ? L‟Hexagone
100. When acquaintances or family members greet each other, they often exchanges
     kisses on the cheek. What is the name for this ? les bises/faire la bise
101. In what famous square did the guillotine stand during the French Revolution ?
     Give its modern name. Place de la Concorde
102. Name three items that comprise the typical French breakfast, in French. (any of
     the following) du pain (une baguette), du chocolat chaud, du café, des croissants,
     un yaourt, un jus de fruit, des céréales DO NOT ACCEPT : des œufs, des
     crêpes, etc.
103. Name the French company that manufactures and launches rockets from La
     Guyane in South America ? Ariane(space)
104. Name the island on which over 30,000 people died as a result of the eruption of
     Mont Pelée in 1902. This island is a French territory. La Martinique
105. What do the following have in common: Odéon, Charles de Gaulle-Étoile,
     Châtelet, Mairie d‟Issy, Porte de la Chapelle They are all stops on the metro.
106. A student in the tenth grade in the United States would be in what grade in a
     French lycée? en deuxième
107. Name two monuments located on L‟Île de la Cité in Paris. Notre Dame de
     Paris, la Conciergerie, la Sainte-Chapelle