; How to Make a GMAIL HTML Newsletter
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How to Make a GMAIL HTML Newsletter

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This document explains how to make an HTML newsletter that has text pictures and hyperlinks This is rather helpful if use a Google Gmail account because Gmail doesnt provide this capability but it can be done using your account

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									How to Make an HTML - Web Page Newsletter This document explains how to make an HTML newsletter that has text, pictures and hyperlinks. This is rather helpful if use a Google Gmail account, because Gmail doesn’t provide this capability, but it can be done using your account. First, scroll down to the bottom of this document to see an example newsletter, and then come back up to learn how to create a newsletter. Now that you have an idea of what you are creating, follow these steps. Gmail will be used throughout this example, but this should work for any email account you currently use. First, download to your computer (it is free and no strings attached), Thunderbird. Install it and then link it to your email by following the Thunderbird instructions found here. Note: These instructions are for a Gmail account, but you can navigate to the Thunderbird home page and search for your email provider. Once linked, you now have a working email account using Thunderbird. The only thing missing are your Gmail contacts. There are two options for using your contacts: 1) The simple way is to draft an email in Thunderbird, send it to you (i.e. your Gmail email address). Log on to your Gmail account through Google and the newsletter will be there. Then forward it on to all your contacts using Gmail. You will want to clean up the subject line (i.e. delete “FW:”) and delete the header that shows it was originally sent from you to you. 2) If you want to use Thunderbird to send the newsletter to all your contacts, then you will need to export your Gmail contacts as a csv file, and then import them into Thunderbird or use a third party addon provided by Thunderbird. When you draft the newsletter it is very similar to working in Microsoft Word or Outlook. For the features below, here is what you do. To draft a Newsletter Open Thunderbird Choose File > New > Message

Entering Text Type in your text just as you would in a regular email or word document. Links To insert a hyperlink: First, highlight the text. Choose Insert > Link Type in or paste the hyperlink. Pictures To insert pictures Choose > insert images Navigate to the image you want and choose okay. Once it is in the newsletter, click it and scale it to the size you want. Repeat these steps until you have a newsletter you enjoy. Make sure you test each of the links by clicking them before you send the newsletter. Sending the newsletter I use option 1 above for my contacts, because I find it the easiest. Assuming you have used option 1 and you are logged in to your Gmail account, you are ready to send. Open the emailed newsletter and click forward. Make sure you clean up the subject line and header mentioned above and enter your contacts. If you have contact groups set up you should be able to type and auto-populate them. If that doesn’t work then close the email and go to your contacts. Choose the contacts you want, and then choose the email option. A new message should pop up with all your contacts in the “To:” field. Click in the “To:” field, hold Ctrl + A keys down and copy the emails. Close the email. Open your newsletter, click forward, clean up the subject line and header and paste in the contacts. I suggest you use the “Bc:” field so the emails you are sending aren’t displayed to everyone that receives the newsletter. Just fill in the “To:” field with your email address if Gmail insists you have a To recipient other than just the Bc. Click send! This may seem a little cumbersome at first, but once you’ve done it a few times it will become quick. Now, next time you are ready to send a newsletter…

Open Thunderbird. Open sent box Click the previous newsletter. Choose > Message > Edit as new. Makes changes and repeat the sending process.

Example Newsletter
Subject: Bubby Biscuits - News Bites From: Bubby Biscuits Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 12:42:46 -0500 To: bubbybiscuits@gmail.com

Celebrate the 4th!
Bubby hopes everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. Remember, fireworks make for a fun human time, but keep in mind how they affect your pets. Animal shelters always have a dramatic spike in attendance due to the number of scared animals that flee their homes in fear. Please visit the Humane Society of the United States for tips on how to protect your pet when the fireworks pop. Read more...

Peanut Sniffing Dogs
Dogs have always been around to lend a helping paw. Either by keeping farm animals safe from predators, working on the police force or by helping the blind and deaf navigate their way through society, dogs always seem to find a way to help us all live better lives. Add one more fantastic service to the list – sniffing out dangerous allergens such as peanuts. Read more…

A Disney Pet Vacation
A Disney vacation will soon be shared by the whole family – including your dog. Walt Disney World Resort is designing a new full service pet resort, which will be managed by Best Friends Pet Care Inc. Read more…

Bubby’s Favorite Source for News - DS Babble
Bubby always likes to be “in the know” with the local breaking news. There is no finer account of what is happening around Dripping Springs, TX than with all of the up to the minute latest news from the Dripping Springs Babble.

Bringing Home Baby
Bubby has a suggestion for all the parents bringing home a new baby for the first time and introducing him or her to other family pack members. While still at the hospital, wrap baby in a blanket and have Mom and Dad hold and cuddle baby. Next, take the blanket home and let your dog have a good sniff. This will allow your dog the opportunity to associate baby’s scent with Mom and Dad.

Go Texan!
Bubby Biscuits is now a registered Go Texan product. Go Texan is a program sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture that helps promote products made only in the great state of Texas. So look for the Go Texan logo and support Texas farmers and producers!

Recycle and Reuse
Bubby is going green! Bubby has started a recycle and reuse program with The Bountiful Sprout Food Co-op. Bubby Biscuits are being sold in glass jars and

members can swap jars with each new order cycle. Bubby is currently working with retailers to adopt this new environmentally friendly plan.

Say hello to Kobe VanLandingham, an adorable fan that lives way out East in Maryland. He is as cute as a dog can be! Kobe and Bubby both invite you to join the Bubby Biscuits fan club!

Cat Whis”p”ers
Make sure your kitty companion knows about Shelby the Hemp Mouse sold online by Bubby at www.bubbybiscuits.com. Catnip magazine named Shelby cat toy of the year in 2008. She is made of all natural hemp and is stuffed with organic catnip. Your cat will love it!

Bubby wishes you all a happy and safe 4th of July! Look for the next newsletter soon and please send any feedback to bubbybiscuits@gmail.com with suggestions, comments or things you would like to see included in the next one. Bubby always loves to hear from his customers and fans!

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