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VILLAGE OF MILLSTADT - Village Of Millstadt - Millstadt_ Illinois


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									                                 VILLAGE OF MILLSTADT
                                     VILLAGE HALL
                                    FEBRUARY 7, 2011
                                        7:00 P.M.

The meeting was called to order by Weldon Harber, with the following trustees answering to roll
call: Ralph Bowley, Mike French, Al Lehr, Linda Lehr, Laura Schaefer and Mike Todd. The
Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

A motion was made by Mike Todd to approve the January 18th minutes. Ralph Bowley seconded
the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

COMMUNICATIONS OR CORRESPONDENCE: Crissy Wegescheide stated the Board
received a thank you note from the family of Jim Kane.

COMMITTEE ON ACCOUNTS AND COMPUTERS: Ralph Bowley stated he reviewed the
bills. Ralph Bowley made a motion to pay the bills. Mike Todd seconded the motion. The
motion carried unanimously.
        Mayor Harber stated the Village had saved $1,873.47 in the month of January from using
Cost Recovery Cooperation.
        Ralph stated he had purchased a scanner for the office. There will be a computer support
person coming out on Tuesday, February 8th to look at the internet and they will ask him to hook
up the scanner as well.



       SEWER: Al Lehr stated everything is going fine at the sewer plant.

         WATER: Al Lehr stated he hadn’t received a pay request but Randy Burk stated he sent
one out for $147,121.45 for the water tower. Randy stated the balance plus retainer will be
$110,801.60. Randy recommended paying. Al Lehr made a motion to pay the request of
$147,121.45. Laura Schaefer seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. Randy
also stated that Ameren and Illinois American should be out on Friday, February 11th to complete
their hook up.
         Don Traiteur stated Illinois American said they had lost the signal on the water tower on
Tuesday, February 1st and the water almost ran over. It was fixed by 7:00am.
         Al Lehr stated Brian had received a letter from the EPA to monitor some of the pipes. Al
stated it’s a check that happens every year. Brian just has to take some samples.

        REFUSE: Al Lehr stated pick up was bad the previous week due to the snow and ice.
The refuse company picked up trash all week including Saturday and some people were still
missed. Considering the weather, it was understandable. The company called Tracy and thanked
the Village for having the roads cleaned because a lot of towns didn’t.


        STREETS, ALLEYS AND SIDEWALKS: Mike Todd stated the maintenance guys
worked all of the previous week and on Saturday, February 5th because of the ice. They had to
buy more cinders and salt.
        Linda Lehr stated that the Area Agency on Aging wanted to collect donations at the 4-
way intersection. They were told no because the Village doesn’t usually allow outsiders to
collect. Patty Evansco revamped the request so that all of the funds will stay within the Village,
minus $85 for insurance. Mike Todd made a motion to allow the Millstadt Senior Center to
collect at the 4-way on Saturday, May 7th from 9:00am to noon. Linda Lehr seconded the
motion. The motion carried unanimously.

are looking into getting a new Ford Crown Victoria police car. Mike Todd will be getting with
Police Chief Ed Wilkerson on Tuesday, February 8th to get the specs so that Tracy can get it to
the newspaper by Thursday. The bids would need to be in 5:00pm on Tuesday, February 22nd .
The vehicle orders need to be submitted to Ford by March 5th. Ed stated that last time Mertz
Ford matched the state sponsored purchase funds so the car was bought from them. Mertz has
also fixed the hail damage to the car for free and lent the Police Department a 4x4 SUV when it
snowed and iced.




PARKS, POOL AND RECREATION: Laura Schaefer stated the St. Clair County Parks Grant
Commission will be holding a meeting on Monday, February 28th at 10:00am to get paperwork
to apply for parks grants. The Village may not be eligible this year because of the grant that was
just received but Mayor Harber will find out when he attends the meeting.
        Laura stated there will be Park Board meeting on Thursday, February 10th at 7:30pm at
West End Tavern. They will be discussing Maifest again because of a dilemma. The ride
company will not come to Millstadt anymore because of a prior ordinance that has since been
removed. Laura informed her contact at the MCS PTA. The meeting will be to discuss what
options they have and go over the ideas that were brought up at the last Park Board meeting.

        Don Traiteur stated the fence company was given bids for ball diamond #1. They are still
a few weeks out, especially due to weather.
        Laura Schaefer stated she had talked to Rich Kassen about the filter repair and repainting
of the pool.


COMMUNITY CENTER: Linda Lehr stated the Community Center Board of Directors met on
Monday, January 24th. The dine-in meals were up about fifty meals for the month. The home
meals were down about sixty. The Senior Center attendees created their first newsletter. It was
printed by Record Printing and is available at local churches, the Village Hall and the
Community Center.
        Linda stated there will be a couple fundraisers coming up. One will be the collection at
the 4-way on May 7th. Thanks to Patty Evansco, the Community Center will be in control of
how the money is used instead of the Area Agency on Aging. The Center will also be having a
jewelry and purse sale in May.
        Linda reminded everyone that state funding for these programs are up for vote this year.

Planning Commission next meeting is on Tuesday, February 15th at 7:00pm at the Village Hall.

TIF: Mike French stated there is a resolution and development being prepared by Lisa Bowman
for the Millstadt Market Place. They are moving into phase 2 for the strip mall. She will give it
to Village Attorney Mike Flynn who will prepare it for the Village Board to vote on.

       Police Department – none
       Emergency Service and Disaster Agency – Kristian Bertelsmann is resigning as
coordinator. He was elected as a captain and appointed coordinator. Mayor Harber stated he
would like to appoint Travis Jones as the new coordinator. The Board agreed unanimously.
       Fire Department – none
       Ambulance - none


OLD BUSINESS: Mayor Harber stated he received a report from Village Attorney Mike Flynn
on what action to take concerning the Fire Department asking the Village to help with the cost of
fixing the siren. Mayor Harber forwarded the report to the Fire Department and the Fire District.

        Randy Burk stated the downtown streetscape project has been given the go ahead for the
next study. This means the Village should eventually get the improvements. Linda Lehr asked
what the new study would be. Randy stated it will be the design study of what needs to be done.
The next step would be to get the money to do it. Randy will bring the actual information to the
next meeting to refresh the Village Board on what will happen.

NEW BUSINESS: Laura Schaefer stated MCS is asking for a donation of a Family Pool Pass for
their annual auction to be held on March 26th. Laura Schaefer made a motion to donate the pool
pass. Mike Todd seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
        Mayor Harber read the HUD five year plan that was just put out.
        Linda Lehr reminded everyone that DARE and the Explorers will have a trivia night on
Saturday, March 12th. The money goes to support those programs because they do not receive
funds from the Village.

CITIZENS COMMENTS: Tracy Holmes reminded everyone that the next Village Board
meeting will be on Tuesday, February 22nd due to the Presidents Day Holiday on the 21st.

ADJOURNMENT: Ralph Bowley made a motion to adjourn the general Village Board meeting
and was seconded by Mike Todd. The motion carried unanimously.

________________________________                    ________________________________
Crissy Wegescheide, Clerk                           Weldon Harber, Mayor


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