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					                                                                              FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
                                                                                                                                         How do I apply for or how do I
                                   What are the documents                  What are the                                                                                                                                   Which category should I
    Queries Related to:                                                                             What are the Timelines?                   check the status of               Any Other Formalities Required?                                     What should be my Sanctioned Load?
                                         required?                          charges?                                                                                                                                            apply for?
                                                                                                                                       1. Website -
                                                                                                                                       2. Helpline Number                                                                                           Sanctioned Load would depend upon the
                                                                                                                                                                               Construction and Internal Wiring along                               sum of the connected loads that consumer
                                                                                                                                          011 66111912.                        with MCB Should be completed.
      New Connection                         Click Here                      Click Here                       Click Here               3. Send SMS to 56070 by typing                                                            Click Here         may simultaneously use for electricity
                                                                                                                                          NDPL NEW.                                                                                                 consumption at any given point of time.
                                                                                                                                                                               ELCB for 5 KW and above is mandatory.                                Click Here to know the approximate
                                                                                                                                       4. Visit nearest District Consumer
                                                                                                                                          Care Centers                                                                                              wattage of household appliances.
                                                                                                                                                                               Last bill should be fully paid.
                              Load Enhancement/Reduction – No
                              ID proof or Photograph is required                                                                                                               Presence of Registered Consumer at
                                                                                               These changes shall be effected from
                              Name Change - Documents same as                                                                       1. Website -                 the time of site visit is mandatory in
                                                                                                   the next Billing Cycling after
 Load Enhancement/ Load       for New Connection (above) are                                                                        2. Helpline Number                         case of Name Change, Load reduction
                                                                                                Completion of formalities including
 Reduction/ Name Change/      required.                                      Click Here                                                011 66111912.                           and Category change from higher Tariff               NA              Sanctioned Load would depend upon the
                                                                                                DN Payment and Change in Service
     Category Change          Category Change - ID proof, one PP                                                                    3. Visit nearest District Consumer         to lower Tariff.                                                     sum of the connected loads that consumer
                                                                                                         Line if required.
                              photo                                                                                                    Care Centers                                                                                                 may simultaneously use for electricity
                                                                                                                                                                               Load reduction is not possible in less                               consumption at any given point of time.
                                                                                                                                                                               than one year and can never be less                                  Click Here to know the approximate
                                                                                                                                                                               than 50% of Original Sanctioned Load.                                wattage of household appliances.
      Small Correction in
 Connection Details such as
Spelling of Name, inadequate The documentary proof for the                                                                             By Visiting Concerned District
    Address, CD Amount,      desired change along with last paid             NO Charges                   15 Working Days              Consumer Care Center in person with
     Connection Status -     bill receipt.                                                                                             ID Proof.

                                                                                               Meter Shifting - Site visit 7 Days,
                                                                                               Shifting is done within 15 days after
                                                                                                                                                                               In case of jump in meter reading, which
                                                                                                                                                                                  is usually due to external magnetic
                              Meter Stop/Meter Jump/Meter
                                                                                                                                                                                 interference, the average bill is made
                              Burnt/Meter Slow/Meter Fast/Meter                                Meter Stop/Meter Damaged - 15
                                                                                                                                     1. Website - (Except             for disputed period and jumped
                              Damage - No Documents required.              No charges for      working days for meter replacement.
 Metering (Meter Testing/                                                                                                            Meter Stolen or Shifting)                  reading will be treated as base reading
   Fast/ Slow / Burnt /                                                                                                              2. Helpline Number - 01166111912                     for subsequent bills.
                              Meter Stolen - Application, Police FIR      Slow/Stop/Faulty     Meter Slow/Fast/Jump - 15 working
 Damaged / Stop / Faulty/                                                                                                            (Except Meter Stolen or Shifting )
                              copy, ID proof.                             For others - Click   days for testing & another 15 working
     Shifting/Jump)                                                                                                                  3. Visit nearest District Consumer        Action for booking against theft and/or
                                                                                Here           days for replacement if required
                                                                                                                                       Care Centers                            assessment may be done in any case of
                              Meter Shifting - Application, receipt of
                                                                                                                                                                                meter replacement depending upon
                              last paid bill, ID proof.                                        Meter Stolen - 12 working days for
                                                                                                                                                                                     the condition of meter and
                                                                                               meter installation after payment.
                                                                                                                                                                                        consumption analysis.
                                                                                               Meter Burnt - 3 Working Days.

 RO (Reconnection within 6     Application, receipt of last paid bill                             2 working days after payment of       Visit to concerned District Consumer
                                                                             Click Here
         Months)              and ID proof of registered consumer.                                   normal bill & RO charges                        Care Centres

                              Application and receipt of last paid bill                                                                                                           There may be delay on account of
  CID (Consumer Initiated                                                                                                               Visit to concerned District Consumer
                                along with ID proof of registered            No charges                 5 days working days                                                       checking for enforcement & legal
       Disconnection)                                                                                                                                Care Centres
                                            consumer.                                                                                                                                          status.
                                  Assessment/Dues transfer - NA
                                                                                                Assessment Bill/Dues Transfer - 15     1. Helpline Number 011 66111912-
                                 LPSC Waiver (non adjustment of
 Billing (Assessment / Dues                                                                            days for clarification             for understanding purpose
                                timely payment)- Bank statement              No charges
  Transfer / LPSC Waiver)                                                                             LPSC Waiver -Next bill              only.
                               copy if paid through cheque or paid
                                   bill copy if paid through cash.                                                                     2. Visit to Consumer Care Centres
                                                                                                                                          for submitting details
                                                                                                 1. Helpline Number 011 66111912.           This will be done subject to site
    Misuse withdrawal         NA      No charges                   15 Working Days
                                                                                                 2. Visit nearest District Consumer
                                                                                                    Care Centers
   Reading (No Reading /           No charges except
                                                       No Reading/Wrong Reading/Special          1. Helpline Number 011 66111912.
  Wrong Reading / Special     NA   for special reading
                                                       Reading/Bill Stop/ - 15 Working Days
  Reading / Bill Delievery)              (Rs. 25)
                                                       Non Delivery of Bills - 4 Working Days 2. Visit nearest District Consumer
     Electricity Theft /                                                                         Theft - Special Service (IVRS) to Report
Harassment / Misbehaviour /   NA       No charges                        NA                      Theft, Harassment & Safety Issues -
          Safety)                                                                                011 27468030
                                                           Usually 2 Hours for individual
         No Supply            NA       No charges                                                        Helpline No. - 66404040
        Street Light          NA       No charges                   Within 3 days                        Helpline No. - 66404444
      Prepaid Meters                                           Click Here for errors and its interpretation
           Reference List for Wattage of Applicances
CFL Lamp
Regular Lamp
Tube Light
Electric Iron
Immersion Heater
Microwave Oven
Water Heater / Geyser
Instant Geyser
Room Heater

Refrigerator (165 litres)
Refrigerator (210 litres)
Refrigerator (300 Lts)
Air-Conditioner (1 Ton)
Air-Conditioner (1.5 Ton)
Air-Conditioner (2 Ton)
Split AC
Table Fan/ Ceiling Fan/ Wall Fan
Exhaust Fan
Washing Machine
Washing Machine with Heater
Television Small
Television BIG
Television - LCD
Mixer cum Grinder
Computer with Printer
Pump Motor
Dessert Cooler
House Atta Chaki

For exact wattage of any item, please refer the respective manual
ce List for Wattage of Applicances             Back to Main Sheet

                            Approximate Watt
any item, please refer the respective manual
                               New Connection Documents
  All documents should be Photo copied and self attested by applicant. FSE will verify from original. We
advise applicants to submit PAN Card to avoid non payment of Annual Interest on Security Deposit as per
                                                 IT Rules.
            Document Type                                            Documents
                  Photo               One Passport size Photograph of applicant
                                      Driving license
                                      Electrol Identity Card card
                                      Photo Identity Card issued by any Govt Agency
       Identity Proof of Applicant
                                      Pan Card
                                      Ration card with applicant Photo
                                      1.Registered / notarized GPA (In case of noterized GPA complete
                                      back chain required)
                                      2.Registered sale deed
                                      3.Registered Perpetual Deed/ Lease Deed
                                      4.Registered Conveyance Deed
                                      5.Special Power of Attorney (In case of noterized SPA complete
                                      back chain required)ONLY if accompanied by all the following below
                                      (a) Registered / Notarized Agreement to sell.
                                      (b) Registered / Notarized Will
                                      6.Registered Partition Deed and registered family settlement
                                      7.Registered Relinquishment Deed
                                      8.Registered Will along with either Succession certificate and/or
                                      Probate /or Death Certificate of executant of will.
                                      9.Allotment letter issued by private builder along with either of
          Proof of Ownership
                                      following documents:-
                                      (a) Registered sale deed of plotarea / premises.
                                      (b) Registered/Notarized GPA. (In case of noterized GPA complete
                                      back chain required)
                                      (c) Registered/Notarized agreement to sell.
                                      10. For rented properties following combination of documents are
                                      (a) Lease/Rent Agreement on Rs. 50/- stamp paper AND
                                      (b) NOC from land loard on Rs.10/- stamp paper AND
                                      (c) ownership proof of landloard i.e. stipulated in point 1 to 9.
                                      11. For commercial complex registered sale Deed/Notarized
                                      Agreement to sell with complete back chain is required along with
                                      any document stiputaled in point 5 to 10 above
                                      12.DDA Mutation Letter/Land & devlopment officer Mutation
                                      1.Completion certificate Issued by DDA or MCD for authorised area.
                                      2. In case of industrial connection Industrial License is mandatory in
                                      the name of applicant.
                                      3.In case of extended portion
                                      (1) completion certificate OR
                                 (2)(a) Indemminty Bond and NOC duly signed by authorized owner
                                    (b) Affidavit from applicant
                                 5. If the applicant is applying for second time or asking for MIP
                                 (Multi Industrial connections), copy of seprate Industrial License for
                                 providing new Industrial connections shall be mandatory even for
                                 multiple SIP connections in one plot.
        Other documents          6.Teh Bazaari certificate AND latest rent receipt issued by MCD for
                                 khoka/temprory structure
                                 7.For agriculture connection BDO Letter is a must.
                                 8.In case of any mistake regarding name and address in the
                                 provided documents, Registered or notrized
                                 Rectification Deed is required.
                                 9. Letter from area councilor/MLA on their letter head and duly
                                 stamped in case of any address change

                                 10. In case of original owner has been expired, then list of legal
                                 hires and NOC form them in favor of applicant required.
                                 11. In case of LTD./PVT LTD. CO. MOA, list of present director &
                                 resolution in favor of applicant.
For Village Area following documents are required
                                 Lal Dora Certificate from MLA + Voter I-Card for the same address
                                 /Ration card of same address
Documents                        Farat or Khatauni
                                 Gram Panchayat Certificate/Allotment letter.
                                 Ownership proof as stipulated in point 1 to 9.
For JJ Cluster (Jhuggi) following documents are required
                                 Ration card of same address + voter I-card for the same address
Documents                        In case of applicant not having ID Proof of applied address then
                                 Letter from area councilor/MLA on their letter head and duly
                                 stamped regarding applied address occupancy
For JJ colony/Resettlement colony devloped by DDA/MCD
                                 Allotment Letter
Documents                        Registered / notarized GPA (In case of noterized GPA complete back
                                 chain required)
                                 MCD Mutation letter will not to be accepted as ownership proof.

                                 Completion certificate/affidavit is compulsory for authorised area
                                 Seprate dwelling unit means if a unit has a seperate kitchen then
            Note:-               the same shall be treated as seperate dwelling unit.

                                  Fire Safety Certificate - If 4th floor is constructed on existing structure
                                 or if the whole building is constructed afresh (with more then 15 meters
                                 height) Fire Safety Certificate is mandatory for getting a new connection.
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New Connection Charges Comprise of Security Deposit (Refundable) and Service Line Cum

                   Security Deposit                                                       Service Line cum
 S. No.        Category             Amount (Rs./KW)                     S.No.
    1          Domestic                  600                              1
    2        Non-Domestic               1500                              2
    4          Industrial               1500                              3
    5         Agriculture                300                              4
    6         Street Light              1500                              5
   7         Railway, DMRC                1500                            6

   8      Mushroom Cultivation            600                         * Not applicable in CGHS/DDA Flats, w
                                                                                SLD charges paid once and n
          Temporary Connection:
              Upto 3 days                300
            Upto 7 days and
                                500 per 7 days block or                                                Nam
           multiple thereof, in
   9                                 part thereof                       Security Deposit as per applicable ra
             block of 7 days
                                                                     previous Registered Consumer (RC). In
               For regular
                                  1.5 times relevant                     NOC from Mother/Siblings is requi

                    Load Change would mean Security deposit adjustment for difference in load and applicable
 efundable) and Service Line Cum Development Charges
                                                                                     Back to Main Sheet
                      Service Line cum Development Charges*
                Sanctioned Load (kW)                  Amount (Rs)
                        Upto 5                            3000
                 More than 5 upto 10                      7000
                More than 10 upto 20                      11000
                More than 20 upto 50                      16000
               More than 50 upto 100                      31000
                                                 50 % of the cost of HT
              More than 100 kW (at 11kV)
   * Not applicable in CGHS/DDA Flats, where Busbar connections are provided with
             SLD charges paid once and no need for change in Service line

                                    Name Change
     Security Deposit as per applicable rates UNLESS an NOC is obtained from the
  previous Registered Consumer (RC). In case of Change of name from Father to Son,
      NOC from Mother/Siblings is required along with proof of being Legal Heir.

ment for difference in load and applicable Service Line charges.
                  Reconnection Charges*               Back to Main Sheet
  S No.          Category             Charges (Rs.)
             Normal Single Phase
    1                                      60
    2       Polyphase / CT Meter            200
     3          HT Installation             500
*In addition to full payment of last bill
         Times Lines for New Connection and Load Enhancement
                                                    Time Limit (from the date payment of
S. No.                 Description

  1      Where release of New Connection is                       12 days
         possible from the existing network
         Electrified Areas (Where extension of LT
  2                                                               15 days
         line up to 5 poles is required)

         Electrified Areas (Where extension of
  3                                                               60 days
         lines or augmentation of Distribution
         Transformer is required)

  4      Electrified    Areas    (Where       new                120 days
         Distribution Transformer is required)

  5      Electrified Areas (Where existing 11 KV                 180 days
         network needs to be strengthened)
         Electrified Areas (Where existing 66/33
  6      KV grid sub-station needs to be                         240 days
         Un-Electrified       Areas       (Where
  7      augmentation from nearby existing                       6 months
         network is possible)
         Un-Electrified Areas / Green Field
         Projects (Where new network is to be
  8                                                           Twelve Months
         laid or grid station needs to be
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                Charges for Meter Services
                                      Cost of Meter and/or Service
      Metering (Burnt /              Line if reason for meter burnt
      Damaged/Stolen)                and Damage is attributable to
                                                consumer              Back to Main Sheet
          Meter Jump                Rs. 25 for special reading

                             Meter Shifting                                Meter Testing (Fast)
      Meter Shifting Charges Without Cable Replacement                   S.No
           Activity                           Charges (Rs.)                1
  Shifting of Single Phase Meter                   600                     2
  Shifting of Three Phase Meter                    650                     3
      Shifting of CT Meter                        1600                     4

  Additional Charges (In Case Cable Replacement Required)

Description of Replaced Cable                 Charges (Rs.)

       2x10 Sq mm cable                           1000
       2x25 Sq mm cable                           1500
       4x25 Sq mm cable                           4000
       4x50 Sq mm cable                           4500
       4x95 Sq mm cable                           8000
      4x150 Sq mm cable                           15000
eter Testing (Fast)

               Rs. 50

              Rs. 100

              Rs. 500

              Rs. 2000
              Pre-Paid Meter Issues & Resolutions
Meter Display                         Interpretation
                      Meter is working properly, consumer to recharge
  No Credit
                       meter as there is no account balance in meter.
  Duplicate           Consumer to enter new recharge coupon number

 Wrong Tar          Consumer to enter earlier recharge coupons number.

  Incorrect                      Coupon number is wrong
                      Connection wire is damage, Call up helpline 011
                          66111912 and make request for repair
  Repeated           Consumer to enhance his load or check his internal
Disconnection                             wiring
 No Display                   Take request in meter damage
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               Classification of Supply or Category of Electricity Connection

1. Domestic Connection
a. Connections under this category are provided for consumers as specified below:
(ii)    Residential consumers
       Hostels of recognized/aided institutions of Municipal Corporation of Delhi or Govt.
of the NCT of Delhi.
(iii)  Staircase lighting in residential flats separately metered.
(iv)     Compound lighting, lifts and water pumps etc., for drinking water supply and
firefighting equipment in residential complexes. Libraries/School/Working
(v)            Dispensary/Hospitals/Public                                   Women’s
Hostel/Orphanage/Charitable homes run by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi or the
Government of the NCT of Delhi.
(vi)    Small Health Centers approved by the Department of Health, Government of NCT
of Delhi for providing Charitable Services only.
(vii)   Recognized Centers for welfare of blind, deaf and dumb, spastic children,
physically handicapped persons as approved by the Government of NCT of Delhi.
(viii) Places of worship.
(ix)   Cheshire homes/orphanage.
       Electric crematoriums.
(x) Professionals like architects, engineers, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants may
utilize up to 25% of the covered area of residential space in their possession, up to a
maximum of 50 square meters, for carrying out professional work in the nature of
consultancy without attracting non-domestic tariff for the electricity consumed provided
that these requirement are complied with.

2.   Non – Domestic (Commercial)

i    Connections under
2.1 Low Tension (NDLT-I) this category are provided for consumers having load up to 100
kW for lighting, fan and heating/cooling power appliances in all non-domestic
establishments as defined below:
a. Hostels (other than those recognized/aided institutions of Municipal Corporation of
Delhi or Govt. of the NCT of Delhi) those run by Municipal Corporation of Delhi or the
b. Schools/colleges (Other than
Government of NCT Delhi)
c. Auditoriums
d. Hospitals, nursing homes/diagnostic centers other than those run by Municipal
Corporation of Delhi or the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.
e. Railways (other than traction)
f. Hotels and restaurants
g. Cinemas
h. Banks
i. Petrol pumps
j. All other establishments, i.e., shops, chemists, tailors, washing, dyeing etc. which do
not come under the Factories Act.
k. Cattle farms, fisheries, piggeries, poultry farms, floriculture, horticulture, plant nursery
l. Farm houses being used for commercial activity
m. DMRC for its commercial activities other than traction.
n. Ice-cream parlours and commercial consumers not specified/covered in any other
o. Any other category of
category in this Section

2.2 Mixed Load High Tension (MLHT) to consumers having load (other than industrial load)
MLHT connections are provided
above 100 kW for lighting, fan, heating/cooling and power appliances in Domestic/Non-
Domestic establishments including pumping loads of Delhi Jal Board / Delhi Development
Authority/ Municipal Corporation of Delhi and supply to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
(DMRC) Ltd. for their ongoing construction projects and for commercial purposes other
than traction.

3. Industrial
3.1 Small Industrial Power (SIP)
Such connections are provided to Industrial consumers with load up to 100 kW including
for lighting, heating and cooling load.

3.2 Large Industrial Power
Such connections are provided to large industrial consumers having load above 100 kW
including for lighting, heating and cooling load.

4. Agriculture Connection:
Connections under Agriculture Category are provided for tube wells for irrigation,
threshing and kutti-cutting in conjuction with pumping load for irrigation purposes and for
lighting load for bonafide use in Kothra.

5. Mushroom cultivation kW under this category are provided for mushroom
Connections upto 100
6. Street lighting
Connections under this category are provided to all street lighting consumers including
Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Development Authority, Public Works
Department/Central Public Works Department/Delhi State Industrial Development
Corporation/Military Engineering Service/Co-operative Group Housing Societies and the
Slums Department of the Government of NCT of Delhi etc.

7. Signal and Blinkers
Such connections are provided for traffic signals and blinkers of Traffic Police

8. Railway Traction
Connections under this category are provided for railway traction other than Delhi Metro
Rail Corporation for connected load above 100 kW.

9. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
Connections under this category are provided for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for its
traction and operational requirements.
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