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					                                          Vehicle Expense Calculator
                         To compare the costs of a rental, personal and fleet vehicle.
                    Input Variables
Total Miles to be Traveled                         0                   Fleet Vehicle per mile Rates
Total Days in Trip                                 0
                                                                          Subcompacts       .40/mile
Car Rental Daily Price                          $0.00                      Sedans          .46/mile
Cost of Fuel per Gallon                          $0.00                     Mini Vans       .60/mile
Fleet Vehicle per mile Rate                      $0.00                    15-Passenger Vans .85/mile
Personal Vehicle Reimbursement Rate             $0.000
Rental Car Fuel Economy (MPG)                      0        Rate includes gas. Credit cards are supplied for gas, oil,
                                                                    minor emergency repairs & jump starts.
                                                               See the Transportation Website for information on
                                                            reduced rates for vans & minivans and daily flat rates for
                Calculated Results                                                 short trips.

Personal Vehicle Cost
Total Reimbursement for Personal Mileage        $0.00

Fleet Vehicle Cost                                              Personal Vehicle Reimbursement Rates
Total Cost for Using Fleet Vehicle              $0.00                      Effective 7/1/08

Rental Car Cost                                             $.485/mile when round trip travel is 100 miles or less,or
Rental                                         $0.00
                                                                  with a Certificate of Nonavailability from the
Refueling                                      #DIV/0!
                                                                          Transportation Department
Total                                          #DIV/0!
                                                             $.365/mile when mileage exceeds 100 miles round trip
Cost per Mile to Rent                          #DIV/0!          and the Certificate of Nonavailability has not been
                                                                       provided with the Expense Report.

            Enterprise Rental Daily Rate
Compact Car              ( 25-40 mpg )         $27.00
Standard Size Car         ( 25-35 mpg )        $31.00
Full Size Car            ( 25-35 mpg )         $34.34
Minivan *             ( 20-28 mpg )             $49.00                            Websites
SUV *                ( 14-25 mpg )              $79.00
15-Passenger Van * ** ( 8-18 mpg )             $115.00                Travel Regulations - Rental Vehicle
                                                                             UWSP Transportation
         Above ra te s include 2500 F re e M ile s
        $ 0.20/m ile surcha rge ove r 2500 m ile s

                                                                         Enterprise Rental Car Contract
 *   R eim bursem ent for rentals of these categories of
        vehicles requires w ritten docum entation .                         Contact Jean Sukow
                                                                           UWSP Travel Coordinator
     R efer toT ravel R egulations (F 36), S ection IX .B
**   15 passenger vans cannot be driven through these
                         states :