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Oakland_PP by mudoc123



 The Nelson County Museum of History
        Est. November 16, 2004
Fundraising Priority: Pay off $90,000
mortgage on Oakland
   Nelson County Historical Society – Owner
    $83,000 pledged; $7,000 balance to raise
Fundraising Progress toward Note
    McGinnis House Party launched the fundraising
             events in November, 2004
Fundraising Progress toward Note

2005 Fundraising to Pay Off Oakland Mortgage
    Historical Society Home Tour
    Dr. Robertson Lecture
    Direct Mail Solicitations
    Board of Supervisors Request
    Pharsalia Event
Priorities for Oakland Project
    Oakland Museum Board – Developer
     Multi-phase Restoration, Development, and
     Management of Property
    Short Term
       Renovate house for immediate use as office
        and temporary exhibit space
       Renovate first floor as tavern
    Long Term
       Climate-controlled exhibit hall and historical
        archives, visitor orientation center, theatre, gift
        shop, offices
       Historical Society Archive / Research Center
       Museum Park with Walking Trails to other
        exhibit areas such as schoolhouse, sawmill
Master Plan Vision
Accomplishments toward Tavern Renovation
and Development Of Museum Property

 Hiring of Hill Studio, Architectural Firm, through
  competitive bid process
 Creation of Master Plan with Architects’ Guidance
 Structural Assessment of House Completed
 Proposal Submitted to VDOT for Grant to
  Implement Master Plan Phase One
 Two foundation grants and one state grant
  awarded to begin restoration, renovation in 2006
 Eligibility for Historic Registry Approved
Phase One Restoration Goal

                Restoration of
                 Oakland House as
                 1840s Tavern
                Public Entrance and
                Office Space
                Landscape and
Museum Program and Activities
 Teacher Workshop on museum’s
    relevance to students--June 2005
   Oral histories collected by college interns
    for museum exhibits on REA and Camille
   Nelson County History Curriculum re-
    instated in elementary school Fall 2005
   Christmas Open House and ornament-
    crafting for kids
   Candlelight Tours of Oakland
Goal: Open Oakland for Camille
Anniversary, August 18-19, 2007
For Nelson County’s 200th Anniversary !

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