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									                       BALKAN TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010
                                Bucharest, ROMANIA

    Promoter and Organizer:                           Balkan Taekwondo Union
                                                      Romanian Taekwondo WTF Federation

    Chairman of OC                                    Mr. Constantin APOSTOL

     Organizing Committee:                            Bd. Basarabia, nr.37-39, sector 2
                                                      022103 Bucuresti, ROMANIA
                                                      Tel.: +40 21 317.2145
                                                      Fax: +40 21 317.2146

    Date:                                             December 3rd - 5th, 2010

    Place:                                            National Sports Complex “Sala Polivalenta”
                                                      Calea Piscului nr.10, sector 4, Bucuresti, ROMANIA


    Membership:                        In this competition can participate national team members of the
                                       Balkan Taekwondo Union.

    Participants:                      Seniors, Juniors and Cadets (male and female)

    Age:                               Cadets: athletes of ages 12 to 14
                                       Juniors: athletes of ages 14 to 17
                                       Seniors: athletes of age 16 and older

                                       14 year old cadets may compete as cadets or juniors,
                                       but may not compete in both categories at the same time.

                                       16 and 17 year old juniors may compete as juniors or seniors,
                                       but may not compete in both categories at the same time.

     Rank:                            Cadets (male and female) must hold at least rank the rank of 1

                                      Juniors and Seniors (male and female) must hold at least the
                                      rank of 1 DAN

     Weigh divisions:                 WTF weigh divisions for cadets, juniors and seniors (see the
                                      attached file).

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     Note:                            If a delegation wishes to bring athletes below the required rank
                                      mentioned for this tournament, they may sign them up for the
                                      Dracula Open International Tournament, held in Bucharest at the
                                      same time. For further information, please visit the website at


    Competition rules:                WTF Competition Rules

    Method of competition: Single elimination tournament system
                           Cadets, juniors, seniors (male and female):
                           Qualifying, semifinals and finals: 3 rounds x 2 minutes with 1
                          minute break.
    Doping control:       Some athletes will be chosen at random to be tested following the
                          WTF Regulation for Doping Control.
                           The list of prohibited products will be equal to the list of the IOC and

     Hall Rules:                      Only the competitors and their coaches have admittance by the
                                      registration cards to the contest areas.
                                      One (1) coach for every five (5) competitors has free admission with a
                                      maximum of four (4) coaches per team only in sportswear (no

     Equipment:                       This competition will be held with Daedo electronic equipment.

     Protest:                         Only the official coach is allowed to protest to the Board of Arbitration,
                                      immediately (within 10 minutes) after the end of the pertinent contest.
                                      An amount of €50, 00 - will have to be paid for each protest.

     Liability:                       All competitors are considered to participate at their own risk.
                                      The Romanian Taekwondo WTF Federation and the Organizing
                                      Committee assume no responsibility for any damages, injuries
                                      or losses.


     Awards:                          To all individual winners of 1st, 2nd and two 3rd places medals will be
                                      Trophies for the places 1, 2 and 3 club teams;
                                      Trophies for the places 1, 2 and 3 club teams for – senior, junior and
                                      cadet ranks.
                                      The best and fair play competitor senior female and male;
                                      The best and fair play competitor junior female and male;
                                      The best and fair play competitor cadet female and male;
                                      All contestants and officials will receive a certificate of participation.


     Entry fee:                       For each contestant €20, 00 (Euro) or equivalent in US Dollars.
                                      The official Exchange References Rates is the National Bank of
                                      Romania rates (for info see
                                      Entry fees by international bank cheque (in Euro or US Dollars
                                      currency) shall be enclosed in the application forms for participation.

                                      All bank drafts to be made payable to the:
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                                      Romanian Taekwondo WTF Federation
                                      (Federatia Romana de Taekwondo WTF)

                                      Bank Name:            ROMANIAN COMMERCIAL BANK
                                                            (BANCA COMERCIALA ROMANA)
                                                            UNIREA Branch
                                      Swift Cod:            RNCBROBUXXX

                                      IBAN:                 RO14 RNCB 0082 0441 7116 0005 (for Euro €)
                                                            RO95 RNCB 0082 0441 7116 0002 (for US Dollars $)

                                      Restitution will not be made.

                                      The entry fees can also be paid at the official registration desk.

     Applications:                    The enclosed application form shall be sent to the:
                                           Federatia Romana de Taekwondo WTF
                                           Fax: +40 21 317.21.46 or

                                      Incomplete application forms are considered not being received.

     Modifications:                   For all modifications that are to be made after the deadline, an
                                      administration fee of €10 (Euro) will be charged. To be paid in cash at
                                      the registration.

    Deadline:                         November 17th, 2010
                                      Applications received after this date will not be accepted.


    Charges:                          A list of hotels has been provided, attached to this document,
                                      containing pricing and accommodation details, for delegations that
                                      wish to make reservations please follow the information below.

                                      The Organizing Committee will provide trips between the airport,
                                      hotel, and gym for the teams accommodated in the official hotels for
                                      an additional fee of 5 Euros per person for each route (airport – hotel
                                      / hotel – gym / gym – hotel, etc.).

                                      For a better arrangement of your timetable regarding transportation,
                                      we ask all the delegations that require trips between venues to
                                      confirm this with at least 5 days remaining before the event.

    Information:                      For hotel reservations, please send an e-mail containing the
                                      number of persons you wish to reserve rooms for, the number of
                                      rooms to be reserved and the name of the hotel you wish to reserve
                                      rooms in, to the Organizing Committee before November the 18th
                                      after which, we will reply you, confirming availability. Once the
                                      availability is confirmed, the delegation will have to forward 50% of
                                      the accommodation fees in advance by bank transfer in the Euro
                                      account mentioned above and confirm payment via e-mail. The
                                      remaining 50% will be paid at the registration desk before the
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                                      Additional contact person:
                                      Georgeta MATEI
                                      Tel.: +40 741.888.579
                                            +40 723.940.173


     National flag:                   Each participating team should bring two delegation flags with size 90
                                      cm x 130 cm and a CD with the national anthem.

     Video recording:                 Recording within the competition area is not allowed.
                                      Recording from the public stands is only allowed for handy cam - type

     VISA:                            In order to give support to get the visas it is necessary to send a
                                      correct written application letter to the Romanian Taekwondo WTF
                                      Federation, with the names, ages, passport number of all team
                                      members, competitors and officials.
                                      The DEADLINE for that application letter is November 15th. After that
                                      date no changes in a team can be made. We will send an invitation
                                      letter to the Romanian Embassy in your home country.

    International Referees: Maximum four referees per participating nation will be admitted.
                            Referees must be licensed by ETU and/ or WTF and should send
                            their application form before November 20th, 2010 to the Romanian
                            Taekwondo WTF Federation registration address for the selection.

                                      Organizing Committee will provide the accommodation and full board
                                      from Friday, December 3rd, 2010 (check-in) till Sunday, December
                                      5th, 2010 (check-out) only in the official hotel for referees.
                                      Each international referee will receive an allowance of €25 Euro/day.


Friday, December 3rd, 2010
10.00 hrs - 16.00 hrs: arrival of the delegations and registration
16.00 hrs - 17.00 hrs: check the documents
17.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs: weigh-in for all categories
18.00 hrs - 19.00 hrs: referees’ meeting and training
19.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs: head of team meeting and drawing lots

Saturday, December 4th, 2010
09.00 hrs – 13.30 hrs: contest
13.30 hrs – 14.30 hrs: opening ceremony (lunch break)
14.30 hrs – 19.00 hrs: contest (semifinals and finals)

Sunday, December 5th, 2010
09.00 hrs – 13.30 hrs: contest
13.30 hrs – 14.30 hrs: lunch break
14.30 hrs – 19.00 hrs: contest (semifinals and finals)
19.30 hrs – 20.00 hrs: award ceremony

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