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Making                                                                                                     Washtenaw Ski
Tracks                                                                                                     Touring Club
48 106                                                                                              Meeting Calendar
                                                                                                    1999-2000 TRIP CALENDAR
                                                                                                    Y2K Trip to Marquette
        Washtenaw Ski Touring Club New sletter                                                      Welcome from the prez
Washtenaw Ski Touring Club New sletter
           Box 1 181
            Box 1 181
 P.O. 181 Ann
 Box 1Box 196 7Arbor, MI 48 106                                                         Newsletter on the web
           Annrbor, MI 48 106                                                                          www.hvcn.org/info/skiclub
 Ann Arbor, MI 48 106
                                                                                                                                                       Nov 16 The
 Number 1                                               Our 25th Year                           Nov - Dec 1999                                         Loppets: In-
                                                                                                                                                       tro to
                                                              lead a trip, take part in organizing our trips or                                        WSTC;
              "Welcome to the "Good Life"!                                                                         Overview of Trips, Multimedia ski trip presen-
                                                              meetings, or become an officer or board mem-
                    from your Prez                            ber. It's a great way to meet some really nice       tation, Skiing 101: Getting Started
                                                              people and give something back to your club.
         "If you want to lead a good life," Canadian nor-     We always welcome your ideas and suggestions         Nov 30 Sports nutrition; Ski Equip-
         dic skiing legend "Jackrabbit" Johannsen once        so that our "good life" can become even better.      ment/Clothing swap
         said, "stay out of Florida; cross-country ski...."
         [Stokely Creek News, Winter 99-2000]. And            So... here's to a season of fresh deep snow, crisp   Dec 14 Wilderness first aid; Clothing
         Jackrabbit knew what he was talking about, be-       winter air, and the joy of kicking and gliding
         cause he lived to the ripe old age of 111!           through gently rolling forests on perfectly          Jan 4 Technique: classic & skating videos
                                                              waxed skis. Let the "good life" roll!"
         The bad news: You and I may not live to the                                                               Jan 18 Racing for the novice
         age of 111.                                                                            Carol Hohnke
         The good news: We can get on the right                                                                    Feb 1 Waxing basics
         track[s] to the "good life" with WSTC!
                                                                                                                   Feb 15 Slide Presentation: TBD; nominations
                                                                Fun WSTC Video History
         Welcome to another wonderful season of skiing
                                                                     November 16th
         with our Club [and a chance to escape the win-                                                            Feb 29 Skijoring (skiing with 1-3 dogs tied to
                                                           What did WSTC skiers wear be-
         ter doldrums of Florida, as Jackrabbit might      fore lycra? How do WSTC mem-                            your waist), snowshoeing & winter camping;
         have said]! Whether you're a new or seasoned      bers play when skiing up                                elections
         member, novice or experienced skier, diagonal     north under the code of eth-
         strider or skater, young or not so young, we      ics that - what goes on up                              Mar 15 (note this is WEDNESDAY)
         have a great program lined up for you this win-   north stays up north - ???                              Potluck at Geddes Townhouse; Wabos Loppet:
         ter that I'm sure you'll enjoy: meetings packed   Have you ever seen the dog                              final trip arrangements
         full of friendly folks and useful information     sled that transported Stokely
         about the greatest sport on earth; weekend out-   guests from the parking lot
         ings to metroparks like Huron Meadows; and        to the lodge? Be sure to join
                                                                                                                                 Officers, et. al.
         weekend trips to the renowned VASA, Black         us at the first meeting of
         Mountain and Stokely Creek Resort trails, to      the year on November 16th and                           President: Carol Hohnke
         name just a few. Two longer trips are planned     see the candid history of                               Vice-President: Gwen Evich
         as well: you can glide into the new millenium     WSTC on video - you may be in                           Secretary & Newsletter: Ed Steinman
         with us on the well-groomed trails of Marquette,  it!!!!         Carole Hann                              Treasurer: Phil Howrey
         MI, home of olympic champions, or head west                                                               Board members: Bev Craig, Eva Forman, Di-
         with us in March to one of North America's fin-                                                           eter Hohnke, Mary McKinley
         est ski resorts, Mt. Bachelor in Bend, OR.                     Meetings                                   Trip Coordinator: Carole Hann
         Check out this newsletter and the WSTC web-                                                               Snow Phone: Lexanne Creitz
         site for more details on these and other trips.  Location: Kerrytown Concert House,
         This is your chance for the "good life" and I
                                                          415 N. Fourth Ave, between Catherine
         hope you'll take advantage of these wonderful
         opportunities!                                   and Kingsley, east of Main St. Parking
                                                              across the street.
         As your President, I'm really looking forward to                                                          Snow Phone: 662-SKIS
         helping make this season's program a great suc-      Tuesday evenings
                                                              7:00 - 7:30   social                                               (662-7547)
         cess and FUN! All of this wouldn't be possible,                                                           Call the Snow Phone regularly for new events
         of course, without the generous donations of         7:30 - 9:00   meeting
                                                              9:00 - ??     post-meeting beer at local pub         and updates to scheduled events.
         time and talent from our members (like you!).
         We are a not-for-profit club with no paid staff
         and rely entirely upon our members to make
         things happen. Please consider volunteering to
           Marquette 2000                          Buddy up! Share the ride. Rediscover the peace
                                                   and mystique of the frozen north. Make your         January 21, 2000
                                                   reservations soon. Space is limited. Last day for   Gambler’s Day Trip or Social Event
Ski season 2000 is approaching. Glide into the     reservations or cancellations is November 30th.     To give an opportunity for inexpensive cross
new millennium. Kick in the old tracks. The                                                            country skiing – outside of the Ann Arbor area,
New Year’s Glide has been a tradition with the                                                         we are offering a one day “get out of town” trip
Washtenaw Ski Touring Club for at least 17                   trip leader: Maury Kroopnick              where we will car pool to a cross country loca-
years. The club has celebrated the coming of                            975-4671                       tion within 2.5 hours driving time. Just show
each New Year in Marquette, Michigan. We                                                               up at the designated gathering spot on Saturday
have found camaraderie and lasting friendships.                                                        morning and go skiing for the day. If it is a no
With 6 or 60 people, club members have come                                                            snow Gambler’s Day, Tom and Mary will or-
together to celebrate the joys of fresh snow and
in sharing this special time.                                1999-2000 TRIPS                           ganize a local social event instead. Check the
                                                                                                       Snow Phone @662-SKIS for details. Trip
                                                                      Carole Hann                      Leaders: Tom Powell and Mary Gyorvary
The longest trip, Marquette allows ample time
to get together with the club members. There are   Dec 28- Jan 2, 2000                                 January 28-30, 2000
about a dozen excellent cross-country ski areas    Marquette New Year's Glide                          Ski or race the Vasa Trail
nearby from Lake Superior coastal trails (Pic-     see previous article                                Traverse City,MI
tured Rocks National Lakeshore) to dense pine                                                          Accommodations are in Days Inn family suites
inland trails (Anderson Lakes). All have trails    January 6-9, 2000                                   that allow microwave cooking and eating in the
from beginner to expert.                           Vollmer’s Hiawatha Sports Cabins,                   room. Cost includes a continental breakfast and
                                                   Newberry, MI                                        free in-room movies plus use of there indoor
The hotel does a great job for us. We have spe- The opportunity for WSTC members to ski at             pool and large enclosed spa. Skiing is on the
cial dinner and breakfast menus. Last year’s       the private Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club is be-        Vasa Trails or at Boyne Nordican Cross Coun-
breakfast menu included a choice of Belgian        cause of the generosity of club member Alan         try Ski Center. Sunday will offer a “woman on-
waffles, pancakes, eggs, oatmeal and more.         Vollmer. The club is located ~50 miles west of      ly” ski race on the Vasa. More information on
Dinner choices were Chicken a la Ramada with the Mackinac Bridge and has over 37,000 acres             the women’s race will be available later.
a marsala brown sauce in which were mu-            of land and water. We will be staying in 3 ca-
shrooms, scallions, fresh tomatoes and peas;       bins located on Millecoquins Lake. The high-       February 4-6, 2000
Pecan Coated Maple Breast of Chicken in a          light of this trip is to ski the Tahquamenon Falls White Pine Stampede
maple bourbon sauce that was very tasty;           area. Trip Leader: Alan Vollmer                    Bellaire, MI
Chicken Dijonaise and Sauteed Spinach in a                                                            This is the famous turkey dinner ski trip! Ac-
sherry cream sauce; Lake Superior Whitefish;                 WSTC on the Web                          commodations are in a chalet with kitchen, two
Stuffed Shrimp in sherry cream sauce; Pasta                                                           full bathrooms – and several bedrooms. On
Primavera and Fettucini Alfredo. Each was ac-                                                         Saturday night, a communal turkey dinner is
companied by redskin potatoes, rice pilaf or         Detailed information can be found under          prepared and enjoyed by all on the trip. Skiing
French fries plus salad. So, we didn't starve. In    Recreation on the Huron Valley Com-              is at Shanty Creek (5 minutes away), Schuss
fact, a couple of people ate themselves to dis-      munity Network (HVCN):                           Mountain (10 minutes) and Boyne Nordican
comfort. For New Year's Eve we were also              www.hvcn.org/info/skiclub/                      Cross Country Ski Center (30 minutes). This
served post-dinner hors d'ouevres of chicken                                                          trip is not just for racers - all ski abilities are
wings, spicy meatballs, vegetables & dip and         Meeting dates and general information            welcome and would enjoy this trip.
chips and a selection of wine.                       can be found on Arborweb (Ann Arbor              Trip Leader: Lexanne Creitz, Cost: $40
                                                     Observer website):
Besides food there is also a swimming pool,                    www.arborweb.com                       February 11-13, 2000
sauna, whirlpool, and bar. The hotel is in the                                                        Hardwood Hills, Horseshoe & Snow Valley,
center of the old downtown with interesting          Also tell all interested parties that infor-     Barrie, Ontario Canada
buildings, galleries, shopping, a movie theater,     mation can be requested by writing to:           Barrie is about an hour north of Toronto and is
restaurants and a great coffee shop, Baby Cakes,         llc-wstcboard@umich.edu                      a new destination for WSTC members. Hard-
nearby.                                                                                               wood Hills has 40km of meticulously groomed
                                                     Other sites of interest:                         trails winding through snow covered (we hope)
It would be especially good to go to Marquette            www.cross-country-
                                                     ski.com                                          pine and hardwood forests. Trails are groomed
this season. On New Year's eve a massive                                                              for both classic and skating and offer skiing for
crowd of some dozens of people crowd the main             www.michiweb.com
                                                          www.goski.com                               all ability levels. Hardwood has its own show-
street of Marquette to watch a small lit ball drop                                                    making equipment to augment what Mother Na-
from an old and stately 3-story brick skyscraper Cost: $50-2 nights; $75-3 nights                     ture provides and is only a cross-country ski
in the center of town. Marquette, more than ev-                                                       center. Hardwood offers a Ski Shop and The
er, will be the place to be for a quiet, scenic    January 14-17, 2000                                Trails End Café. Horseshoe Valley is a down-
New Year far from the madding crowds.              Three Day Stokley Creek Bus Trip,                  hill and cross-country ski resort. It has limited
                                                   Sault Ste. Marie, Canada                           skating but groomed classic trails for beginner,
Snow is practically assured in Marquette. Last     Because of a damn good time – we offer this        intermediate and expert. Accommodations are
year there was little snow before the trip but the trip again! We will ski at Stokley Creek and       near-by in Orillia at the Highwayman Inn.
skiing turned out to be very good. Even the one Hiawatha. And sleep, eat and play at the Water Recreation facilities at the Highwayman include
year that it was in the 40’s there were a couple   Tower Inn. An added treat last year was a          large indoor swimming pool, indoor hot tub,
of trails to ski and we hiked the others. So even gourmet lunch at the Stokley Creek Lodge. The saunas, billiard & games room and indoor bad-
if the trails are spare of snow we get exercise    120 km. of Stokley trails offer views of lakes,    minton and ping-pong. There is also a full ser-
during the day and get together in the evenings. streams, forest and incredible solitude. Come        vice in-house restaurant. Trip Leaders: Nancy
                                                   and cross-country ski some of the finest and       Morehead & Ron Kepner Cost: $75
So, come and discover the snow-dusted pine         most beautiful terrain in North America.
forest of Anderson Lakes, the variety of Blu-      Trip Leader: Alan Kasper, Cost: $300 est.          February 18-20, 2000
eberry Ridge and the beauty of Valley Spur.        Bus Driver: Troy (we hope)                         Black Mtn, Rogers City, MI
see article below                                 rience. Show shoe rental and lessons are avail-    snow Gambler’s Day, Pat and Jackie will organ-
This is one of the top rated cross country ski    able at the Michigan SnowShoe Center in Ros-       ize a local social event instead.
destinations in Michigan. We will stay at Mani-   common. Trip Leader: Beth Wichterman               Check the Snow Phone @662-SKIS for details.
tou Shores Resort where we have rented two        Cost: $92                                          Trip Leaders (tentative): Pat Adams and Jackie
upscale cabins on the shores of Lake Huron.                                                          Kilburn
We will ski with the cross-country members of     March 4-11, 2000
the Ann Arbor Ski Club who will be staying at     Mt. Bachelor, Bend Oregon                          March 17-19, 2000
the Chateau Lodge. We plan to have a group        Spend a week skiing, hiking, dogsledding,          Wabos Loppet
dinner with them and share the Black Mountain     sightseeing and - shopping – if you want!          Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada
trails. This trip is a GO - Snow or no Snow.      Cross-Country skiing is at about 6,000 feet so     You do not need to do the loppet to enjoy this
Sign up to meet and ski with a new group of       there is no elevation adjustment. We have a        trip! Stokley Creek is the ski destination with
cross-country skiers. Trip Leaders: Don and       three bedroom condo with 3 queen beds, 3           accommodations at the Water Tower Inn. If
Gwen Evich Cost: $83.00                           baths, 1 queen hide-a-bed, fireplace, kitchen      you want a non-competitive challenge, the Wa-
                                                  and 3 TVs!! We will stay at Inn of the 7th         bos offers that. The loppet is not a race, not a
February 25-27, 2000                              Mountain, which is 10 minutes outside of Bend.     timed event but a long ski from one place to
DNR & Michigan Snow Shoe Center                   Group airfare may be possible if there is enough   another, passing through woods and lakes on
Roscommon, MI                                     interest. Cost listed only includes the lodging.   27k of ski trails. Non-loppetiers can relax and
This is a long time favorite of WSTC members.     More information will be available later. Trip     ski at Stokley Creek or Hiawatha. Trip Lead-
We have the privilege of staying at the DNR       Leader: Carole Hann Cost: $215                     ers: Mary McKinley and Hank Vanderploeg
MacMullan Conference Center. The center of-                                                          Cost: $190
fers two-person lodge rooms with community        March 11, 2000
bathrooms. Meals are served in the main lodge     Gambler’s Day Trip or Social Event
that also offers a large communal gathering       To give an opportunity for inexpensive cross         Congratulations to Sue Bond who was the age divi-
room with a fireplace. WSTC members often         country skiing – outside of the Ann Arbor area,      sion winner of the 2 Mile USMS National Open
gather here for playing cards, board games and    we are offering a one day “get out of town” trip     Water Swimming Championship.
good conversation. Good ski trails are within     where we will car pool to a cross country loca-
the DNR property near by. Cross-Country Ski       tion within 2.5 hours driving time. Just show
Headquarters is also a short drive away. This     up at the designated gathering spot on Saturday
year we will add show shoeing to the ski expe-    morning and go skiing for the day. If it is a no

                                                   Ann Arbor Ski Club and WSTC !!!

You have heard the rumor - now read it officially in the WSTC New-         have rented two upscale cabins on the shores of Lake Huron while the
sletter - we will join the Ann Arbor Ski Club’s cross-country ski mem-     Ann Arbor Ski Club will be staying at the Chateau Lodge. Sign up to
bers for a trip to Rogers City – Gateway to Black Mountain. Black          meet and ski with a new group of cross-country skiers. This trip is a GO -
Mountain is rated as one of the top cross-country ski destinations in      Snow or no Snow. If conditions do not allow skiing, we could ice skate
Michigan and offers 50 miles of groomed classic and skating trails.        on Lake Huron, hike Black Mountain trails or play card or board games.

Because of the hard core skier image of WSTC, the Ann Arbor mem-           This trip will offer great opportunities to socialize with the “other club.”
bers expect to be confronted with our skiing skills. And they have         Our cabins also have TVs and VCR equipment if you want slouch time.
printed this in their newsletter - here is the quote “To add more chal-    Mark February 19-20, 2000 as a must trip. Don and Gwen Evich will be
lenge to this trip we will be joined by the Washtenaw Ski Touring          trip leaders so talk with them about details.
Club.” More fun is planned - tail side stops for gourmet dinning and a
pre-trip party with the Ann Arbor group to get acquainted before we hit
the trails together. We will stay at Manitou Shores Resort where we

weather/trail info

Cross Country Ski Hdqtrs                      Roscommon, North Higgins Lake State
                                              Park and the Ski Hdqtrs' own trail system
Traverse City Visitors' Bureau 800-727-5482   updated daily
Munising Ranger District       906-387-2517   covers Hiawatha Nat'l Forest trails
Marquette Visitors' Bureau     800-544-4321   very reliable weather info
Cross Country Sports (Calumet) 906-337-4520   good report on Keweenaw Peninsula trails
West Michigan Tourist Assn     800-442-2084   unknown usefulness
see the WSTC web site http://www.hvcn/info/skiclub for web resources

                                THE NEWSLETTER IS AVAILABLE AT THE WSTC WEB SITE.

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