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                                      Remote Print Functionality for Red Meat Export
  NUMBER: 2010 / 05
  NSFS Ref 11
                                   Contact Officers:
     Date of          Date of      Barbara Cooper                 Your local AQIS Regional
     Effect:          Expiry:      p. 02 6272 4533                Documentation Staff or Area
                   Until Further                                  Technical Manager
   10-8-2010         Notice
                   Distribution Categories                            Last notice on this issue
   Central & Regional           Managers, Export Meat
  Office                            Establishments
   OIC Inspection Staff         States
    Export Establishments
  IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE (to be completed by the On Plant Supervisor on the
  AQIS file copy)
  Date Received:                         Date Discussed With Management:_________________
  Initial Implementation Date:                  Date Completed:
  Management Representative Initials:                      AQIS OPS Initials: ____________

To advise the export meat industry that enhancements have been made to the EXDOC system to
enable remote printing of red meat export certificates for the eligible markets listed below:

USA and Territories

The AQIS/AMIC Ministerial Task Force identified remote printing for meat export certificates as
an efficiency which will contribute to the overall reform of the export meat industry as part of the
Export Certification Reform Package.

Remote printing is the process of printing an export certificate at an exporter or agent’s premises.
Currently, dairy, fish, skins & hides, wool, grain and horticulture exports use remote printing for
their export certificates for approved markets.
  3. SCOPE
What you need to know with the change

A request for permit is submitted to EXDOC by an exporter or agent

-      Instead of specifying a print region, an EDI User Number will need to be provided as the
       print location. This will identify where EXDOC is to send the certificate print files
       -       your software provider or the EXDOC Helpdesk staff will be able to assist you with
               locating the correct field/s in your software if necessary.

-      Once the RFP has been authorised and reached the HCRD (health certificate ready) status,
       it will be checked online by an AQIS documentation clerk for compliance with importing
       country requirements. An electronic message will be sent to you by EXDOC advising that
       the ‘Certificate requires review’. The documentation officer will release the certificate for
       printing once their review process has been completed.

-      EXDOC will transmit the remote print files to the EDI User print location where they will
       be uploaded into your software in the same manner as other EXDOC messages
       -      specific details as to how your software package stores, displays and prints
              certificate files should be obtained from your software provider.

-      When the EXDOC user prints the certificates on their local printer they will receive three
       copies (original, duplicate, and triplicate). The quadruplicate copy will print at the AQIS
       office identified in the RFP as the ‘Region Code’ i.e. Sydney, Brisbane. This copy will be
       retained by the AQIS office as is current practice.

-      Replacement or reprinted certificates requests will require contact with the regional
       documentation clerks as per the usual procedures.

-      Transmission issues or non-receipt of a print file should be reported to the EXDOC Help
       Desk (02 6272 4800) for assistance.

To activate remote printing

To activate remote printing, the actions required by an exporter or agent are as follows:
    – Notify your local AQIS documentation staff of the intention to activate remote printing.
      You will be issued with a remote print agreement form.
    – Users new to EXDOC will need to obtain an AQIS accredited software package to
      communicate to EXDOC (see below), and register as an EDI User on the EXDOC system
    – Obtain a duplex laser printer with PCL capability (see below)
    – Obtain a secure storage facility for the AQIS Z360 security paper
    – Complete the remote print agreement form
    – Return the completed remote print agreement form to the AQIS Documentation Section at
      your local regional office.
    – You will receive notification that remote printing has been activated and is ready for use.

   – Order EXDOC security paper through the approved supplier. A logon to Blue Star
     Printing for ordering will be approved by AQIS when the remote print agreement has been
     signed off.

AQIS accredited software package for EXDOC

The following web site provides the contact details of AQIS accredited software package

Printer specifications
   – Must be a laser printer
   – Capable of reading HP LaserJet 4 standard or above printer language
   – Capable of printing PCL 4 or above font (avoid printers that have PCL emulation e.g.
   – Must be a duplex printer for double-sided certificates (not applicable to grain and

Auditing of security paper

AQIS officers must be granted access to conduct audits of the records of paper control at the
premise of the EDI user. The following records will need to be correctly completed, archived and
available to AQIS on request
   – Record of order/receipt
   – Date
   – Quantity
   – Range of the serial numbers of the paper received (any variations to be immediately
     advised to the supplier)
   – Record of use including damaged paper due to printer malfunctions or errors
   – For each health certificate printed, record against each health certificate number the serial
     number of the sheets of paper used, the date of use and country of destination.

     4. ACTIONS
4.1 Establishment Management
If remote printing is to be utilised, the remote print agreement form must be completed, and all
activities relating to remote printing must be incorporated into the Approved Arrangement.

4.2 Licenced Exporters (non-packer)
If remote printing is to be utilised, the remote print agreement form must be completed, and all
activities relating to remote printing must be recorded in accordance with the agreement.

Verify and recommend amendments to the company’s Approved Arrangement to the ATM.

4.4 ATM
Approve amendments to the company’s Approved Arrangement.

This advice has been developed in consultation with the Australian Meat Industry Council.

Carol Sheridan
National Manager, Export Meat Program


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