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									                            HAZELWOOD SCHOOL DISTRICT

                  FRENCH 5A and HONORS FRENCH 5A SYLLABUS

Course Description

Students will use French to discuss, read, and write about current issues in English-
speaking and French-speaking communities. This course provides insight into cultural
values and contributions of French-speaking people throughout history. The students
will critique and analyze these values and contributions by writing essays and giving
oral presentations in French, and they will read at least one novel in French. The
students and teacher will communicate primarily in French.
(Prerequisite: French 4 B)

To receive Honors credit, students will be required to fulfill additional objectives and
activities, comply with more stringent criteria of core objectives, and complete quarterly
performance objectives. These activities and performance events will involve
independent research, involve self-reflection activities, demonstrate depth of knowledge
and understanding, utilize higher order thinking skills, and include more extensive uses
of technology. This course will prepare students to take the French Language
Advanced Placement exam administered in the spring.

Approved Course Materials and Resources

Collage:   Cahier d’excercises & CD – McGraw Hill                 $79.38
Collage:   Lectures Littéraires – McGraw Hill
Collage:   Révision de Grammaire – McGraw Hill
Collage:   Variétes Culturelles – McGraw Hill

Course Expectations


       Review of all verb tenses and forms, including subjunctive
       Review as needed pronouns and adjectives
       Review of idiomatic usage of verbal expressions and preposition use
       Review of use of passive voice


       Historical perspective of France
       Choose a period that has not previously been studied in depth during previous
       semesters for historical and or literary background
       Study literary or historical figures from that period in depth
       Historical perspective of Francophone countries
       Investigate the history and culture of various Francophone countries
French 5A and Honors French 5A (2        Semester)   April 2008                          1
       Read some of the authentic literature of the countries
       Current events in the Francophone world, including French political system
       Field trips to places such as the Art Museum to look at French art or theaters to
       see French theatrical presentations or films
       Use of interactive media to communicate with French-speaking natives
       Use of music and/or videos to discuss Francophone culture
       Business interviews with local multinational companies to see how to use
       language as a job-seeking skill
       Career opportunities in Francophone or European Economic Community


       Business language
       European Common Market
       Political vocabulary

Sample Course Activities/Projects/Assessments

Students will work together in teams to solve a problem, plan, and evaluate alternative
courses of action for hypothetical situations, such as conservation, ecology, and
recycling. Students will present information to the class in French.

Honors students will determine and present in French two alternative solutions for the
hypothetical situations.

Course Outline and Course Curriculum Map

French 5A uses a college level text and many different authentic French texts. Students
will read many of the stories and essays in the textbook and will read a novel in French.
All of the materials used are “authentic texts,” the term used to denote printed materials
that native speakers read in daily life for information or for recreation.

The textbook includes texts and grammar reviews to strengthen the students’ reading,
writing, and speaking skills.

French 5A and Honors French 5A (2        Semester)   April 2008                            2
                                    Lesson Protocol
                             High School Foreign Language

Hazelwood Power Standard ___________________Grade: ________________

#1: Anticipatory Set—introduction of lesson and objective         5%

#2: Modeled Activity                                      25%



#3: Vocabulary, Grammar, Culture                                  55%
Cooperative Student work or Independent Practice

#4: Sharing of product or new understandings                      10%

#5: Summarization of Lessons Learned                               5%

French 5A and Honors French 5A (2        Semester)   April 2008         3
Power Vocabulary

The vocabulary and grammar terms for each foreign language course are outlined in the
chapters covered by the semester and are appropriate for the level of study.

French 5A and Honors French 5A (2        Semester)   April 2008                     4

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