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Dr. Michael Cortese


									                                         A U.S. 1 ADVERTISING FEATURE

                                         HEALTH & FITNESS ISSUE
                                         WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 2009

                                  Dr. Michael Cortese
                  Turn Back the Clock Without Cosmetic Surgery

           ost people don’t know        and Fairleigh Dickinson University       practitioner, include: teeth whiten-
           what a prosthodontist is.    School of Dentistry and his              ing (bleaching), bonding, veneers,
           They also don’t know that    Certificate in Maxillofacial             crowns, dental implants, smile
implants and reconstructive dental      Prosthetics and Dental Oncology          makeover, special needs of geri-
care, or even cosmetic dentistry        from the University of Texas             atric patients, cleft palate and lip,
done by these skilled specialists       Health Science Center, M.D.              TMJ and TMD, and snoring and
can take years off your face and        Anderson Hospital and Tumor              sleep disorders.
turn back the clock. The “instant       Institute. This post-graduate pro-          Dr. Cortese can also help you
face lift” occurs because teeth are     gram includes an additional three        jumpstart your new, younger look
the main support of, and can actu-      years of training in all areas of        with the latest dental delivery sys-
ally “lift” the face.                   cosmetic dentistry including dental      tem of Botox, Restylane, and all
   Prosthodontists, one of nine         implants, restorative procedures,        cosmetic fillers. Since dental spe-
dental specialists recognized by        and reconstructive care. A mem-          cialists are the most experienced
the American Dental Association         ber of the prestigious American          practitioners in delivering injections,
(ADA), complete two to three            Academy of Maxillofacial                 patients say their treatments in Dr.
years of post-doctoral university       Prosthetics, Dr. Cortese is one of       Cortese’ office are the most com-
training.                               only 350 accredited Maxillofacial        fortable they have ever experi-
   Unlike the oral surgeon who          Prosthodontists worldwide. He has        enced.
specializes in surgery and the          also been named one of New                  “There is no single factor more
orthodontist who specializes in         Jersey Monthly’s Top Dentists and        vital in making that all-important
straightening teeth, the prostho-       was selected by his peers to be          good first impression than a
dontist is the only specialist in the   listed in The Best Dentists in           healthy smile,” says Dr. Cortese.
whole mouth. They can insure the        America, first edition.                     “Beyond the fact that my staff
most optimum functional and cos-           In addition to bringing smiles to     and I are uniquely qualified in this
metic results. To achieve this, they    scores of patients in the New            area is that we pride ourselves on
refer patients for portions of their    Jersey and New York area, Dr.            taking the time to sit down and lis-
care to other specialists and then      Cortese completed additional uni-        ten to our patients. We enjoy get-
coordinate the overall treatment to     versity training in facial reconstruc-   ting to know our patients and their
ensure a beautiful and long lasting     tion to become a maxillofacial           individual needs. Our first goal is
result.                                 prosthodontist. Combining his            that our patients are comfortable
   “An extreme makeover can be          artistic skills with this training he    and understand all of their treat-
an extreme disaster or a beautiful      fabricates prosthetic facial parts       ment options. Additionally, we
transformation that changes your        for patients after cancer surgery or     assist with convenient financing
life. For example, we see cosmetic      trauma. All of his patients benefit      arrangements so that every
work that fails after a few years       from this specialized artistic skill     patient can have the care they
when proper orthodontic treatment       and training.                            deserve.”
is not done first,” says Princeton         Some of the other state-of-the-          Princeton Prosthodontics. 311
dentist, Dr. Michael Cortese, DMD,      art dental procedures and tech-          Witherspoon Street, Princeton.
PA.                                     niques offered at Princeton              609-683-8282.
   Dr. Cortese received degrees         Prosthodontics, working in coordi-
from the University of Notre Dame       nation with your general or family

    Unlike the oral surgeon who specializes in surgery and the orthodontist who specializes
     in straightening teeth, the prosthodontist is the only specialist in the whole mouth.

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