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					  Strongsville United Church of Christ                     Church Telephone: 440-238-6697
          (Congregational)                                Email:
          13740 Pearl Road                            
      Strongsville, Ohio 44136                            Fax: 440-238-3417 (Call before faxing.)
    Rev. M. Kenneth Morris, Pastor                          Worship at 10:00 A.M. on Sunday
                                                 NOVEMBER 2007 NEWSLETTER

                                                      WORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

              SUNDAY – NOVEMBER 4, 2007                                                   SUNDAY – NOVEMBER 25, 2007
   9:15 a.m. – Adult Discussion in Confirmation Room                            9:15 a.m. – Adult Discussion in Confirmation Room
               10:00 a.m. Morning Worship                                                    10:00 a.m. Morning Worship
                Sermon: ―Zacchaeus‘ Secret‖                                                    Rev. Ervin Koch preaching
                  Scriptures: Luke 19:1-l0
                                                                                           Greeters: Volunteers Needed
              Greeters: Volunteers Needed                                                      Nursery: Cathy Hawk
                   Nursery: Lora Rung                                                        Coffee Hour: Sheri Martin
              Coffee Hour: Ginny McKenzie                                            Acolytes: Nicole Giuliano and Elena Joyce
        Acolytes: Nicholas Miller and Devin Thorn

                                                                                                MINISTERIAL MUSINGS

   STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY – NOVEMBER 11, 2007                                    A poem for Thanksgiving—
   9:15 a.m. – Adult Discussion in Confirmation Room                               Somewhere just between the green of summer
               10:00 a.m. Morning Worship                                                    And the gray of winter,
                                                                                         Is the color of Thanksgiving.
        Tracey Carnes, Guest Steward, preaching
 Giving cards and Time & Talent cards will be dedicated                                       The sun is shining brightly
  during worship. After church, a cake-and-ice cream                                           The air is crisp and cool,
   social will take place in Pilgrim Hall to celebrate the                                       Suggesting autumn.
        conclusion of our Stewardship Campaign.                                                     A few trees are
                                                                                                 Sprinkled with gold.
              Greeters: Volunteers Needed                                                 They aren’t dying, you understand,
                  Nursery: Jean Sobek
                                                                                             They are just permitting God
              Coffee Hour: Rachel Morgan
                                                                                        To do the strange and wonderful things
      Acolytes: Isabella Jannsohn and Kyra Krause
                                                                                               He likes to do with trees.

                                                                                          And when we are willing to let him,
                                                                                         Do the strange and wonderful things
             SUNDAY – NOVEMBER 18, 2007                                                       He likes to do with people.
   9:15 a.m. – Adult Discussion in Confirmation Room
                                                                                        What is the color of our thanksgiving?
               10:00 a.m. Morning Worship
                                                                                                                 --Norm Shockley
                 Thanksgiving Ingathering
               Sermon: ―The Thankful Chair‖                                                          Ministering with you in Christ’s name,
                   Scriptures: Psalm 98
                                                                                                                               Kenneth Morris
              Greeters: Volunteers Needed
                 Nursery: Amanda Hawk
                Coffee Hour: Mary Mortus
      Acolytes: Nicholas Gigliotti and Michael Payne

            FROM THE MUSIC COMMITTEE                                      STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY – NOVEMBER 11

It is with great sadness that the Music Committee must              Our speaker on Stewardship Sunday will be our Guest
inform the congregation of the resignation of our beloved           Steward, Tracey Carnes, who is the Associate Minister
choir director, Thomas M. Foley. Tom was given an                   for Stewardship Resources of the United Church of
offer which he couldn‘t refuse from the Middleburg                  Christ.
Heights U.C.C., one in which his current salary was
doubled. His last Sunday with us will be November 18,               Please prayerfully consider your support to the church for
2007. He and his family will be sorely missed and we                the coming year. A Giving card and a Time & Talent
wish them well in their new church home. The Music                  card were sent to you in a special church mailing of
Committee has the unenviable task of trying to hire a               October 22. Please bring these cards to church with you
replacement in this upcoming busy Christmas season.                 on November 11, when we will consecrate our
                                                                    commitments of Time, Talents, and Treasure for another
In addition, we must also fill the very big shoes of our            year, ensuring that our church continues to help and heal
much loved bell choir director, Barbara A. Fraunfelder,             both people and our world. If you cannot be with us on
who resigned from her position in June after 32 years of            November 11, we would appreciate your mailing your
dedicated service. Fortunately, we still get to see Barb            cards to the church.
every week, as she remains an involved member of
Diaconate and is active in other aspects of our church              After worship on November 11, we will celebrate the
life.                                                               conclusion of our Stewardship campaign with a cake-
                                                                    and-ice cream social in Pilgrim Hall.
With the loss of these talented musicians, it becomes
especially evident that the music ministry is critical to our       We thank you for your support.
church‘s well-being. We are particularly grateful to be
blessed with our gifted organist Susan Stevenson Tressa
and her unparalleled dedication and generosity to our                         HARVEST INGATHERING SUNDAY
church. With her involvement, the Music Committee will                                November 18
strive to maintain the high standards which have been
set.                                                                We are now accepting donations of nonperishable food
                                                                    items for the Thanksgiving season for the Strongsville
Our church has been greatly affected, especially the                Food Bank. You may drop off your items in the boxes
faithful members of the bell and chancel choirs. We ask             that are in the hallway by Pilgrim Hall. Thank you for
for everyone‘s prayers and support in this difficult period         your support. The food collected will be dedicated during
of transition for the music ministry and for our church.            worship on Harvest Ingathering Sunday, November 18.

                  Strongsville UCC                                                      OFFICIAL BOARD
           Saturday – November 10, 2007                             Many thanks to all who supported our Meatball & Sauce
         Seatings at 4:30, 5:45 and 7:00 P.M.                       Sale on October 7. Special thanks to Shirley Alli, Betty
          Reservations Only – 440-238-6749                          Bushea, Irene Jannsohn and Marge McKinney who
Adults $8 Ages 13-18 $6 Ages 6-12 $4 Under 6 Free                   helped Betty Craig make meatballs on October 5.
            Our Thrift Shop will be open.                           Official Board's profit was $249.50.

Help is needed. Please see the sign-up sheet on Pilgrim
 Hall's bulletin board. For safety reasons, no children                              EAGLE SCOUT AWARD
under age 6 (with or without a parent) can be helpers in
 any capacity during the serving hours of 4:30 to 7:30              On Sunday, October 28, 2007, Schyler O‘Shea Thorn
  p.m. Children 6 to 10 years old must have a parent                                  th
                                                                    became the 89 Eagle Scout of Troop 701 in
 helping them. Adult help is needed. After worship on               Strongsville. Schyler‘s Eagle Project was a twenty-foot
  Sunday mornings, you may purchase Turkey Dinner                   utility gate for the Strongsville Historical Society. Schyler
        tickets from Betty Bushea in Pilgrim Hall.                  received his award in a ceremony at Strongsville High
                                                                    School‘s Auditorium. The rank of Eagle Scout is
                                                                    achieved by only three percent of all Scouts nationwide.
                                                                    We extend our sincere congratulations to Schyler on this
                                                                    outstanding achievement.

                  MISSION MOMENT                                                   STEEPLE LIGHTING

The trip Judy and I took to the D.R. has changed us
forever. It opened our eyes and our hearts. It took us                           Week of October 7, 2007
from acquaintances to the realization that we are twins
separated before birth! I (we) often think of the lessons                    In celebration of the marriage of
of that mission and what ‗mission‘ has come to mean for                      Erin Bushea and Brian Chapman
me (us).                                                                         Uncle Bill and Aunt Barb

So what is ‗mission‘? By definition:                                       In loving memory of Alfred R. Graves
                                                                                       Edith Graves
Mission – a body of envoys to a foreign country. (An
envoy is a messenger or other agent.)
                                                                                Week of October 14, 2007
Missionary – One sent to do religious or charitable work
in some territory or foreign country.                                Happy Birthday to Samantha Wentz on Tuesday,
                                                                                       October 16
My understanding is: go there (far away); do good; come                           With love, Grammy
                                                                            In loving memory of Carol L. Studer
Locally, I think of the same activity as Outreach – to
surpass in reach. To reach out. To outdo by trickery.
Holy cow – that‘s not what we do!! Trickery?? Ah.                               Week of October 21, 2007
Another dictionary says outreach is a systematic attempt
to provide services beyond conventional limits, as to                 Happy Birthday to Kristina Craig on October 22
particular segments of a community. Fancy! Fancy!                                   With love, Gram
Let‘s get practical.
                                                                   In Memory of Our Dad and Grandpa – Donald Babics
Outreach is giving or asking for help. Not the entitlement                        The Gigliotti Family
kind, but the empowerment kind. These are not
necessarily the under privileged. Many others fit this                   Happy Birthday to My Sons, Ed and Alan
description. Outreach helps those near-by and those not                          Mom – Betty Jacobson
too far away.
                                                                  In Honor of Chris and Katie Renfro's Fifth Anniversary
A call came to our Church; someone reaching out for                                on October 19, 2007
help. We said yes (not knowing what a challenge it                                     Love, Lola
would become). A small group of church members have
committed to building a ramp for a Strongsville resident.
This person suffers from ALS and will soon be wheel-                            Week of October 28, 2007
chair bound with no way to exit the house.
                                                                     Happy Birthday to Yamarie Hill on October 29
The youth group had a mattress marathon, a costume                  Happy 1st Birthday to Gabe Sauter on October 31
collection and now toys. These outreach projects serve                      In memory of Mary Ann Dunger
a Cleveland-area neighborhood.                                                With love, Grammy and Sis
What about our Contributions to Our Church-based
missions and out reach? Annually we contribute to
                                                                 To light the steeple for a week, the minimum donation is
OGHS–a Global mission; NIN–a Continental fund;
                                                                 $5.00. Information and donation forms are on the
Strengthen the Church–Churches in Transition ;
                                                                 bulletin board in Pilgrim Hall. Multiple donations for the
Christmas fund–Retired ministers; CUE–for Seminaries.
                                                                 same week will be accepted.
I see concentric circles from our church to our
                                                                         Thank you to all who light our steeple!
neighborhoods to our community to our
country and to our world.

Come into our circle, for a moment, please.

                                              Mary Mortus

         STRONGSVILLE UCC CRAFT FAIR                                          NEWS FROM DIACONATE
             Saturday, November 3
              9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.                            October has been a very busy month! In celebrating our
                 Free Admission                                 190 anniversary, we shared a MOMENT IN HISTORY
                                                                each Sunday.
About 30 crafters will be selling goods such as jewelry,
nut rolls, homemade sweet breads, handmade Barbie                      On the first Sunday, the presentation was on our
doll clothes, crocheted scarves, paintings, all occasion                founding and early years of our church by Barb
cards, wooden crafts, Longaberger baskets, Avon                         Fraunfelder.
products, Mary Kay cosmetics, Pampered Chef
merchandise, Anointed Door products, candle holders,                   The second Sunday focused on People of our
ornaments, scrapbooking supplies, and many more. In                     Early Church. It was written by Rachel Morgan
addition, our church friends Gary and Carol Preston—the                 and presented by Lora Rung.
Scissor Doctors—sharpen, repair, clean, and adjust all
kinds of household scissors, sewing scissors, pinking                  On the third Sunday Rachel Morgan walked us
shears, knives, and most gardening tools. Cost ranges                   through our early worship services and we sang
from $2.00 for knives, to $4.00 for most scissors; and                  hymns from the 1800s.
20% of the Scissor Doctor sales at the Craft Fair will be
donated back to our church. So gather up all your                      We closed the month focusing on how our
cutting edges that need work and bring them to the Craft                forebears were good stewards, presented by Bill
Fair. In addition, our Thrift Shop will be open. Hope to                Fraunfelder.
see you there!
                                                                On October 14, we also recognized our 50-year
                                                                members and thanked them for their years of support
                                                                and service. They are Nadine Burnand, Herman and
                                                                Dorothy Evert, and James and Florence Davis. We
                  OUR PRAYER LIST                               concluded our service with a dedication of the new front
                                                                steps and sidewalk with an inlay of bricks in the shape of
Long-Term Care/Shut-ins: Don Hawk (husband of Sue               a cross. The bricks were donated by several people in
and brother of Dale) at The Villa Camillus, Ruth Kruggel        memory or dedication of special people and loved ones.
at The Altenheim, Geraldine Luthy at The Altenheim,             We also dedicated memorials given this past year on
Lorna Robinson at Manorcare on Rocky River Drive in             behalf of five former members: Don Babics, MaryAnn
Cleveland, Erla Mae Schultz at Elmcroft Assisted Living,        Dunger, Pearl Roub, Lee Bielert, and Grace Sperber.
Jean Tuck at Southwest Commons
                                                                As we look forward to the holiday season, we have two
Church Family: Virginia Bedford, Fran Garman, Charlie           dates for you to mark on your calendars:
Garner, Bob Herron, Mildred Hoffman, Nina Jannsohn,
Janet Kato, Debbie Krause, Adele Lonsdale, Tom                         change of date for Church decorating from
Milhorn, Gayle Sperber, Keith Sullen                                    Sunday, November 25 to Sunday, December 2,
                                                                        2007. We will include ―hanging the greens‖
Extended Church Family: Michael Billy (father of Jan                    during our worship service on December 2, the
Lubich and Bev Baker), Janet Boggs (cousin of Betty                     first Sunday in Advent. We will complete the
Craig), Cathy Vining Bucy (cousin of Lola Millhoane and                 majority of the decorating after the service at
Vicky Masuga), George Cox (brother of Marti Winch),                     which time all are welcome to join in the fun!
Donna Fargo (mother of Sally Herzog), Barb
Felgenhauer (aunt of Lora Rung), Mark Garman (son of                   we will hold our second annual Holiday Cookie
Fran), Tammy Horvath (friend of the Krause family),                     Sale on Sunday, December 16 . Watch for
Diane Hulvey (friend of the Snelsons), Joyce Lamers                     more details in next month‘s newsletter.
(cousin of Betty Babics), Richard Peterka (brother of
Jean Sobek) at Southwest General, Trudie Taylor (sister
of Karen Morgan)                                                             YOUTH GROUP CALENDAR
                                                                          Now – Used Toy Drive
       Please call the church office with updates                   November 3 – Refreshment Sale at Craft Fair
           for our prayer list, 440-238-6697.                               10 – Turkey Dinner
                                                                            17 – Make Apple Dumplings
                                                                            18 – Apple Dumpling Pickup
                                                                            18 – Used Toy Drive Ends
                                                                            24 – Nativity Scene Setup

               WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP                                                 THRIFT SHOP RAFFLE

                          Meeting                                 The Thrift Shop is having a Fall Raffle of two stoles.
Women's Fellowship will meet on Wednesday,                        Tickets are 2 for $1.00. There will be two winners. The
November 7, at 10:00 a.m. Election of officers for 2008           drawing will be held on November 10 at the Turkey
will be held. Please bring your own lunch for the meeting.        Dinner. The winner does not need to be present.
Dessert and beverage will be furnished.                           Tickets will be sold on Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. to
                                                                  4:00 p.m., on Sundays, and also at the Craft Fair
                                                                  on November 3, 2007.
                 Candy Schedule
   Make candy on November 14 and 16 at 9:00 a.m.
      Box candy on November 19 at 10:00 a.m.

                    Christmas Tea
  Mark your calendar for the Strongsville Ecumenical
  Ladies Christmas Tea on Wednesday, December 5,                                    SUNDAY SCHOOL
    from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at First Lutheran Church,
         19419 Royalton Road in Strongsville.                     Harvest Ingathering / Mitten Tree – Thanksgiving is a
                                                                  time when we not only count our blessings, but also try to
_____________________________________________                     share the bounty of the Lord with others. This year we
                                                                  are again asking each child in Sunday School to bring in
                      Thank you...                                specific items, something for the Harvest Ingathering
                                                                  dedication on Sunday, November 18, for the Strongsville
         Thank you to all my friends at Strongsville United       Food Bank and something for our annual Mitten Tree:
Church of Christ for the sympathy cards at the time of
the loss of my good, long time friend Howard Oring.                                     Preschool
         Also, thank you for your prayers and cards I                            2 cans of tuna and a scarf
received during my recent stay at Samaritan Care Center
recovering from a fractured pelvis.                                                     Grades 1-3
         Thank you also to Rev. Morris for his visits,                       1 box of cereal and 1 pair of socks
prayers and communion.
         All helped to brighten my days. Now that I'm                                   Grades 4-6
back to Elmcroft, I'm looking forward to keep on hearing                3 large cans of vegetables or fruit and a hat
from friends and better health.
         God bless you all.                                                        Confirmation Class
                                          Erla Mae Schultz               1 bag or box of pasta and a pair of gloves

                                                                                  Post-Confirmation Youth
         Special thanks to Bob and Ellie Heinrich, parents               1 jar of peanut butter and a pair of mittens
of Jim, for their wheelchair donation to a woman in need.
                                                                                 Thank you for your support!
        Thanks to all for the cards, telephone calls, and
rides while I was recuperating from my dislocated
shoulder. You all brightened my days.
                                           Nadine Burnand

       The Youth Group thanks all who donated
Halloween costumes to the children in need.


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