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									                                             9 класс

I. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.
Mr. Sherlock Holmes 1___________ (sit) one morning at the breakfast table in his room in
Baker Street. His friend Dr. Watson 2__________ (stand) near the window 3______ (examine)
a walking stick which a visitor ___________ (leave)
the day before. "To Dr. Mortimer, from his friend,"5___________ (write) upon it, the date
6__________(be) 1884. Sherlock Holmes suddenly 7_________ (turn) to Watson and
8___________(say),"The owner of this stick 9______________ (have) a dog
which10_._______(be) larger than a terrier and smaller than a
mastiff." Watson 11 ________ surprise). He 12_________ (ask), "How you 13_________
"I 14_______ (examine) that stick carefully and 15_________ (notice) the marks of a dog's teeth
on it,"16________ (answer) Holmes. "They 17____________ (be) too
broad for a terrier and not broad enough for a mastiff. I 18________ (suppose) the dog often
19____________ (carry) the stick behind its master.
I 20__________ suppose) it 21_________ (be) a spaniel, in fact, it 22___________ (be) a

II. Read the text and do the task below.
 Once Sir Arthur was in Paris. He was going from the railroad station to the hotel where he
decided to spend the night. He arrived at the hotel, got out of the taxi and paid the taxi-driver.
"Thank you very much, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle," said the taxi-driver smiling.
"Oh, do you know who I am?" said Sir Arthur. He was very surprised.
"Well, sir, I read in the newspaper yesterday that you were coming to Paris from the south of
France. The train on which you arrived came from the south of France. I also noticed that your
hair was last cut by a barber in the south of France."
"Your clothes, and especially your hat, told me that you were English. I put all this together and
realized at once that you were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
"That is wonderful," said Sir Arthur. "With so few facts you were really able to know me?"
"Of course," said the taxi-driver, "your name is on both your traveling bags. That also helped"

1. Finish the sentence.
 The text is about
A Sherlock Holmes in Paris.
В the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.
 С the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories.
D the railroad station hotel.
2. Choose the true sentence.
A Sherlock Holmes spent the night at the hotel.
В Conan Doyle decided to spend the night in Paris.
С The taxi-driver did not recognize Conan Doyle
D. Conan Doyle came to Paris from the north of France.
3. Choose the false sentence
A. Conan Doyle was angry with the taxi-driver.
В. Conan Doyle came to the hotel in a taxi.
С. The taxi-driver thanked Conan Doyle smiling.
D. The newspapers wrote about Conan Doyle's visit to Paris.
4. Choose the right answer.
Why was Conan Doyle surprised?
A. The taxi-driver was rude to him.
B. The taxi-driver did not like his clothes.
С The taxi-driver could not speak English.
D The taxi-driver knew his name.
5. The word 'wonderful' in the text means:
А. красиво                          С. замечательно
В. ужасно                           D. удобно
6. Choose the appropriate word to complete the sentence.
 The taxi-driver was a __________person.
A lazy                             С strange
В quick-witted                     D stupid
7. Choose the appropriate ending of the sentence.
The taxi-driver read in the newspaper that Conan Doyle
A was coming to Paris from the south of France.
В was coming to the south of France from Paris.
С arrived at the hotel in a taxi.
D had many traveling bags with him.
8. Choose the most suitable title of the text.
A Conan Doyls and Sherlock Holmes
В Sherlock Holmes in Paris
С The Clever Taxi-Driver
D Sherlock Holmes and the Taxi-Driver

III. Change the following statements into questions.
1. In the morning I shall go to see my parents. (Disjunctive)
2. We were to meet at three o'clock. (General)
3. She often meets them at the Opera House. (Special)
4. They were there last Sunday. (To the Subject)
5. It took them a long time to get there. (Alternative)

IV. Read the letter and answer it.
 In your letter
- invite Jessica to stay at your place or advise her some place to stay in
- advise Jessica about some places she could see
- inform Jessica about some sport/sports she can do in the place where you live in this time of the
You should write 60-80 words. Do not forget to write the address.

It was nice to hear from you and get your card. I am glad that everything is OK with you and
your family.
I am completing the semester at school and looking forward to the coming holiday. My parents
do not mind if I go abroad for a couple of weeks. I have always wanted to visit your country, and
now I have a chance to do it.
Could you give me some ideas where to go and what to see? Is there any chance to do any sport?
And I also want to learn more about the history of your country and about your lifestyle. I want
to meet more people and make new friends in Russia.
If you can give me some practical advise about a place where I can stay, my Mum will happy.
Write soon,

Jessica Green lives in Newcastle upon Tyne
Princess Square,2
Code NE99 1DX

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