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					IPACRI Romania
Top 10 Romanian software
            General Information
             Italian – Romanian joint venture
Company      established in 1994
  Profile    over 50 employees
             turnover USD 1.5 million (2000)
            Top 10 Romanian software exporter.
            Business Expertise
            outsourcing software development
            software applications for financial/banking
             risk management software
            wireless applications
             Palm and Windows CE Software
        Selling people and talent
Romania’s best resource consists in highly educated Polytechnic

Decades of demanding education at all levels has created a
technical workforce that is competitive in international terms.

About 5,000 ICT professionals emerge into the workforce
annually; this number being 60 percent more per capita
when compared to the United States.

 Approximately 30 percent of the Polytechnic graduates leave
 Romania for jobs in the U.S., Canada, Germany, and France.
            A reliable partner
• Good infrastructure.
• Experienced project managers.
• Tens of talented programmers and qualified
  business analysts.
• Multilingual workforce.
• Innovative products in finance&banking industry,
  mobile banking, mobile telephony (2nd and 3rd
• Innovative projects for packaged software.
                      Projects all over the world
   Sigma TI (1994 – 2000) – a solution for Financial Integrated Treasury,
    Value: 72 months x 20 persons
    Location: Rome, Italy
    Client: Elsag Banklab              ePOST (1998 - 1999) – a cost- and time-
                                       effective electronic letter system,
                                          Value: 12 months x 2 persons
                                        Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
                                        Client: Danish Post

 Dr. Red Duke (since 2000) – healthcare site, usage of XML technology and advanced
diagnosis algorithms.
    Value: 8 months x 2 persons
Location: Houston, USA
Client: Dynasty Technologies Inc.
     Germany, one of the largest
      markets for our services
Outsourcing is a global
Germany is the World’s 2nd
largest importer of “other
commercial services” with
10,7% share in 1999.
Only two hours of flight to
Wage differential that makes
outsourcing very attractive.