ONG BOD Minutes for September 14th_ 2006 by shuifanglj


									     Minutes of Old Norcross Glen HOA Board Members meeting for November 2007

                                         Barry Russ
                                        James Daley
                                         David Esau

7:10 PM      Reviewed and Approved Meeting Notes from October 16, 2007. These can now
             be posted online.

7:20 PM      Revisited Idea of a Community Yard sale in the Spring
             New Year’s Progressive Party will be planned by Dave. E-mail will be sent to
             Judge Community Interest.
             Miller Lowery has backed out of the deal across the street. Property is now back
             “For Sale By Owner”.

7:30 PM      ARC hosted an informational “Tree Meeting” to discuss the guidelines as it
             pertains to possibly switching out front yard trees.

7:34 PM      Barry will look at the cost to put Flagstone on the floor of the Gazebo.

7:36 PM      Russell Landscape will install the Pinestraw at the Entrance and Common Area
             next week. Pansies will be installed for Fall Color.

7:40 PM      There is a depression developing across from the Common Area in the Street by
             the Curb. Dave will Follow-Up with the County to ensure that it is addressed.

7:42 PM      James has obtained a cost from Russell to clean out the rock area in the
             Common Area once a year. This will be added to the Yearly Budget.

7:46 PM      Discussed particulars for 2008 budgeting in the areas of Landscape
             Maintenance, Pinestraw, Seasonal Color, and other assorted costs.

8:56 PM      Considered Using a portion of the Reserve Fund to pay for Entrance and
             Common Area Plantings. Discussed possibility of a Special Assessment or
             Increase in Dues. At this time, the Decision was to not do either this coming year.
9:00 PM   Discussed formalities of Annual Meeting and set date of 1/21/2008 at 7:00 PM.

9:14 PM   Invoices for HOA Dues will be mailed by Barry along with a copy of the 2008
          Budget, 2007 Actuals, and an Agenda for the Yearly Meeting.

9:21 PM   Meeting Adjourned

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