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					MBA Program
16-month full-time General Management Program
in Germany

                                Member of


03 Welcome to WHU
04 MBA Program Design
05 MBA Students Profile
06 MBA Program Structure
08 Courses
10 International Management Modules
12 More than just General

14 Faculty
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18 Career Service at WHU
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Welcome to WHU

For WHU, 2009 is a very special year since the school is cele-   It is our sincere conviction that a sound business education
brating its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1984 by a private       is a major asset, especially in times of volatile and turbulent
initiative, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management has         markets. WHU’s highly international MBA program provides
long established its reputation as a business school par         students with skills and abilities to become successful man-
excellence and is today ranked amongst the best business         agers in a global business environment. The program covers
schools in Europe.                                               both, a wide range of management topics and concepts.
                                                                 Furthermore, special emphasis is put on soft-skill training
The key to our success is found in our mission statement,        in order to prepare participants for leadership positions in
which drives us to pursue excellence in all our endeavors.       companies.
Our standards of excellence are held in the highest regard
not only by our students, but also by businesses, academics      In addition to lectures, group work and case studies, our
and educators. Via our network of over 150 partner univer-       students also experience global markets in real life via an
sities around the world, we offer global reach and focus.        integrated international management module. This includes
                                                                 course participation at the prestigious Kellogg School of
                                                                 Management in Chicago (USA). The future MBA graduates
                                                                 also study abroad in China and India, where they have the
                                                                 opportunity to further improve their intercultural competencies.

                                                                 We believe that learning is a lifelong experience. The im-
                                                                 provement of skills is an investment in one’s future. The
                                                                 WHU MBA program offers an excellent opportunity for such
                                                                 an investment.

                                                                 Face the challenge of a highly demanding international
                                                                 program and acquire the skills for coming out on top!

                                                                  Prof. Dr. Michael Frenkel, Dean of WHU (right)
                                                                  Prof. Dr. Jürgen Weigand,
                                                                  Academic Director MBA Program (left)

MBA Program Design

Globalization, deregulation and technological innovation           The program is taught by senior members of the WHU faculty
expose companies to increased competition pressure. Fast           and, in the program’s international module, by the faculty
changing markets force managers to think creatively and            of hosting partner universities. The teaching faculty has an
strategically to gain and sustain competitive advantage for        outstanding research record as well as solid experience
their companies. Thus, continuously broadening horizons            in management practice. Lectures by senior executives of
and enhancing skills are the key to making a difference as         successful international companies complement the program
a manager.                                                         to include the industry perspective on effective international
The MBA program is designed to equip participants from all
over the world with skills in international strategy, change and   Our Vision
competition in order to advance their careers. A maximum           We believe that excellence in management requires not only
class size of 30 ensures excellent mentoring between profes-       superior knowledge of management concepts and tools,
sors and students.                                                 but effective leaders should have strategic vision, team spirit
                                                                   and a deep sense and appreciation of ethical behavior and
Our Approach                                                       responsibility. Managers should understand the broader
Teamwork is an essential element of our teaching approach.         consequences of their managerial decisions.
In study groups of four to five, participants discuss current
course contents and apply concepts and tools in practically        Our Mission
oriented projects. Group success critically depends on group       We are committed to educating general managers who can
members working as a team and not as individuals. Partici-         function in a variety of areas and cope with diverse and
pants therefore learn to function in teams, developing a deep      challenging environments.
sense of team spirit. By selecting participants from a wide
variety of professional backgrounds and nationalities, we make     Our programs provide the analytical and conceptual skills
every effort to ensure a diversity of skills and experiences.      for our participants to master management challenges in
To achieve the highest team potential, course instructors          globalized, dynamic and increasingly competitive markets.
provide regular feedback on team and individual progress.          Our standards of excellence value honesty, integrity, mutual
                                                                   trust and respect as the foundations for competent and
                                                                   confident leadership.

     EQUIS- and FIBAA-accredited
     EQUIS is one of the leading international systems
     of quality assessment and accreditation of higher
     education worldwide. It assesses and accredits
     entire institutions. FIBAA accredits Bachelors and
     Masters degrees and, since 2003, German “Diploma”
     courses in fields such as business administration,
     economics, business computing, engineering,
     business psychology, business law, etc. throughout
     Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Institutions that are
     accredited by EQUIS or FIBAA must demonstrate
     not only high general quality in all dimensions, but
     also a high degree of internationalization.

     Member of AACSB
     Our AACSB accreditation is in progress. AACSB
     International accreditation represents the highest
     standard of achievement for business schools world-
     wide. Institutions that gain accreditation confirm
     their commitment to quality and continuous improve-            Member of
     ment through a rigorous and comprehensive peer
     review. AACSB International accreditation is the
     hallmark of excellence in management education.

MBA Students Profile

MBA Class of 2010                                                Academic Background MBA 2010
The MBA class of 2010 is an extraordinarily diverse group
of young professionals. Our students come from a variety         Law 5 %                                    Humanities 25 %
of educational and professional backgrounds.
At present, our students are on average 29 years old and         Science 5 %
have an average of 3 to 4 years work experience in the fields
of engineering, humanities, business administration, science     Science 10 %
or economics. 55 % of our MBA students are international
students – reflecting the global nature of the program.

The MBA program is designed for participants who are
seeking a career change and who are eager to learn more          Business
about general management. Ideally, applicants should be          Administration 25 %
aged 26 – 30, hold a degree in a specific academic discipline,
and have professional experience.
                                                                                Economics 10 %             Engineering 20 %
Participants with a degree in law, engineering or the natural
sciences will benefit the most from the program. However,
participants with a degree in business administration or
economics will find the program highly valuable due to a         Countries represented since the start of the Program
strong emphasis on integrating theory and practice. You will     Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada,
gain experience of working in interdisciplinary, multicultural   Chile, China, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, India, Iran,
study groups and have the opportunity to develop leadership      Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Slovenia, South
and interpersonal skills in an international environment.        Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA

                                                                      Class Profile

                                                                      Average age:                                29
                                                                      Average years of work experience:           3–4
                                                                      Share of international students:            55 %
                                                                      Maximum class size:                         30

MBA Program Structure

                                                Prep Courses
    Interview- and Assessment Center Training

                                                Optional courses in Math & Statistics, German classes offered for international students
                                                (will be continued for the length of the program)

                                                Core Courses – Module 1

                                                                                                                                                 Mar - May
                                                Foundations of Management: General Management, Managerial Economics,
                                                Managerial Finance, Financial Accounting, Operations Management, Managerial Accounting

                                                Advanced Core Courses – Module 2

                                                                                                                                                 May - July
                                                Innovation Management, Organizational Behavior, Economics of Strategy, Marketing,
                                                The World Economy, Corporate Strategy

                                                Concentrations and International Modules

                                                                                                                                                 Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec - Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr
    Soft-Skill Seminars
    Developing and Delivering Presentations
    Case Writing Seminar

                                                Concentration                      International Modules in the USA,
                                                Courses in:                        China & India:
                                                  Marketing                        Tailor-made lectures by senior faculty and company visits
                                                  Strategy & Innovation
                                                  Supply Chain Management
                                                  Leadership & Personal                                                                China
                                                  Development                               USA

    German Classes
    Guest Speakers
    Company Visits

                                                Master Thesis
                                                                                                                                                 Apr - Jun

                                                The thesis gives you the opportunity to apply all you have learned in a real life project.
                                                We encourage our students to do their Master Thesis as part of a company project (internship).

                                                Graduation – Commencement Ceremony

Prep Courses
Prep Courses are not part of the official program, instead, they
are offered to those participants who would like to prepare
themselves before the program starts. Prep Courses in German,
quantitative methods and a case writing seminar will be offered
in February.

Core and Advanced Core Courses
Core management concepts and tools are provided in the first
two modules. Basic management concepts and functions
as well as concepts and tools for economic analysis will be

Whilst the fundamental strength of the program is General
Management, all participants have the chance to deepen their
knowledge of Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management,
Strategy and Innovation within the scope of the modules. In
the track, you have the opportunity to choose one or two con-
centrations out of the fields offered (see page 9). Alternatively,
participants can follow the General Management track and
select two courses from each concentration – the courses in
Leadership & Personal Development are mandatory.

International Modules
During the International Modules, all participants learn about
business opportunities and management challenges in the
USA, China and India. You will study at renowned partner
universities in the respective regions. The program consists
of tailor-made lectures delivered by senior faculty members
of our partner universities and company visits.

The thesis serves to demonstrate the participant’s ability to
work independently on a problem by applying research
methods. The subject of the thesis will be defined by arrange-
ment with the supervising member of the teaching faculty.
We encourage our students to do their thesis as part of a
company project.

Soft Skills
The personal development of our students is an essential part
of the MBA program. In addition to the regular curriculum,
we offer various mandatory soft skill seminars and related
activities throughout the program, such as a team building
week at the beginning of the program, CV-training, interview-
and assessment center training, a seminar on developing and
delivering presentations, a case writing seminar, etc.


    Core Course Modules                                              Advanced Core Course

General Management                                                Innovation Management
Good management is all about making the right decisions at        Gives an overview of fundamental aspects of innovation
the right time. It is the general manager, operating at the       management such as strategic, organizational and procedural
executive level, who is typically responsible for deciding what   aspects of managing product, process and business model
products to produce, which markets to go after, and the           innovation in different industrial and competitive environments.
company’s general philosophy. This course introduces to the
main themes the general manager faces in the business             Organizational Behavior
organization: strategy, structure, and leadership. The course     Introduces you to the fundamentals of managing organizations
sets the stage for the core courses on strategy and organ-        at three levels: individual level, team level, organizational
izational behavior as well as the leadership and personal         level. Using important models and concepts of organization
development section.                                              management science, you will analyze human behavior in
                                                                  organizational settings as well as organizational processes
Managerial Economics                                              and systems.
Introduces students to analyzing economic interaction.
The course shows how markets work, how to predict market          Economics of Strategy
outcomes, and how to behave optimally in situations of            You will learn to apply the tools of microeconomic analysis
strategic interactions.                                           and game theory to support a business organization in
                                                                  thinking strategically and making decisions on competitive
Managerial Finance                                                strategy.
Develops a thorough understanding of financial decision
making and investment in organizations and the capital market.    Marketing
                                                                  Teaches the importance of marketing for a company. Class
Financial Accounting                                              participants will get a sound understanding of the scope of
Introduces students to financial accounting from a user           marketing decisions and selected marketing concepts, tools
perspective. Moving beyond the techniques of double-entry         and frameworks. Generally, students will be able to analyze,
bookkeeping and the mechanics of preparing accounts, this         evaluate and solve marketing-related issues. Furthermore,
course focuses on the impact of a firm’s business activities      they will be able to decide whether they would like to intensify
on the financial statements. Basic tools of financial statement   their knowledge in this field.
analysis are introduced that help tease out the story that the
financial statements tell.                                        The World Economy
                                                                  This course discusses crucial aspects of doing business on
Operations Management                                             a global scale. The focus is on international trade, foreign
Deals with production and service operations management.          direct investment activities, foreign exchange market trans-
Focuses on process management and improvement as well as          actions, and the functioning of the international monetary
on management models for industrial excellence. Discusses         system, as this is essential to understand the functioning of
how to effectively formulate and deploy a unit’s business         the world economy.
strategy at the shop floor level and how to involve front line
operators in the execution and adjustment of strategy goals       Corporate Strategy
and measures.                                                     Teaches the recent advances in corporate strategy and the
                                                                  control and coordination of the multi-business corporation.
Managerial Accounting
This class is about management. Accounting only serves as
a basis to provide the figures we need to discuss and support
decisions. Rather than obtaining mathematically correct
solutions, the course focuses on the behavioral issues of
management accounting.

   Concentration Modules                                       Concentration Alternatives

Marketing                                                   Within the General Management MBA Program, students
 Business-to-Business Marketing                             may deepen their knowledge in the fields of Marketing,
 Sales Force Management & Key Account Management            Finance, Supply Chain Management or Strategy & Innovation.
 Brand & Price Management                                   During the concentration modules, students have to choose
 Communications & Advertisement Management                  10 courses out of the offered concentration courses. Partici-
                                                            pants may choose to stick to the General Management-Track
Finance                                                     by selecting courses from all fields. If a student selects at
  Corporate Finance                                         least 3 courses from one field, this concentration will be shown
  Corporate Restructuring                                   on the final certificate (transcript). Up to two concentrations
  Financial Statement Analysis & Equity Valuation           are possible.
  Risk Management
  Asset Management                                          The Leadership section in the concentration modules is
  Investment Banking                                        mandatory for all students. This part includes classes focus-
                                                            ing on Leadership and Personal Development as well as
Strategy & Innovation                                       a company project. Besides, our WHU faculty members and
  Taxes & Business Strategy                                 lecturers from our partner universities as well as expert
  Change Management                                         business managers will relate to the leadership subject
  Strategies for Dynamic Market Environments                based on their own professional experience.
  Business, Government & Society
  International Business Strategies
  Market Intelligence
  Managing People for Innovation
  Strategic Technology Management

Supply Chain Management
  Operations Strategy
  Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  Strategic Sourcing
  Real Options Analysis

Leadership & Personal Development
  Leadership Practice
  Personal Growth
  Company Project

Courses within the concentration modules will be selected
based on detailed course outlines.
For further information on the curriculum, please contact
your MBA office at: mba@whu.edu.

Courses are subject to minor changes. Last update:
July 2009

     International Management
     Modules in the USA, China
     and India
Business Opportunities & Challenges in the USA
The program consists of tailor-made lectures delivered by
senior faculty members of our US partner university, com-
bined with company visits. During a management game,
participants will practice how to run a company. The game
teaches students how to develop a strategy, execute tactics
and analyze competitors by integrating functional disciplines
from earlier courses.

Business Opportunities & Challenges in China
Investigates how companies can profit from the rapid-paced
growth of the Chinese economy. Lectures at our Chinese
partner university along with visits to local companies help
students identify and understand cultural differences.

Business Opportunities & Challenges in India
Identifies the challenges and growth opportunities of an
emerging economy. Visits to local companies and non-
profit organizations help you understand how to develop
organizational cohesion and individual commitment in
cross-cultural environments.

Our three International Management Modules are all com-
pulsory parts of the program.

International Partner Universities
WHU has a unique network of over 150 top quality partner
universities worldwide – a network unrivaled by any other
German university. We believe that international experience
is a crucial element of the integrated management training
provided by WHU. By taking a global perspective on man-
agement studies, students are able to benefit from a wider
range of teaching methods, cultures and customs.

Tailor-made international modules offer the best way for our
MBA students to understand what global business is all
about. During your studies in the USA, China and India, you
will attend lectures by senior faculty at our partner universi-
ties. Company visits will expose you to the world of inter-
national management and help you understand business
opportunities and challenges on a global level. We currently
cooperate with Kellogg School of Management in Chicago
(USA), China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
in Shanghai (China) and the Indian Institute of Management
in Bangalore (India) for the international modules in our MBA
program. Nevertheless, the choice of partner universities for
our international MBA modules is subject to change.

China   India

More than just General Management

In the present dynamic and competitive business environ-          CV-Training and Interview & Assessment Center Training
ment, managers are expected to provide direction and              To support individual efforts of MBA students to concretize
inspiration within their companies. Today’s managers must         their career goals, WHU offers a specifically tailored career
play a number of roles in which they are highly visible both      coaching module. It includes workshops on Resume Writing
to their co-workers and to the public at large.                   for MBAs and training on Effective Self Presentation in vari-
                                                                  ous recruiting settings. An independent coach offers individ-
In order to equip our students with the crucial soft skills,      ual feedback to students and facilitates a hands-on learning
various seminars and trainings are held throughout the            experience by simulating typical interview settings. Within
curriculum of our MBA program:                                    the seminar students learn to actively reflect upon their talents
                                                                  and goals. Students not only become more successful in
Teambuilding                                                      pursuing their career goals but also become equipped with
A significant portion of the work in the business world is done   personal leadership skills in interviewing candidates them-
in teams, and this reality is reflected in WHU’s emphasis         selves in a future management position.
on team projects and on students learning in study groups.
Success in both worlds is dependent on mastering technical        Developing and Delivering Presentations
skills like accounting and operations and mastering team          Presenting effectively is a vital skill in business life. Develop-
skills. This seminar is held at the very start of the MBA pro-    ing and Delivering Presentations is an interactive training
gram and the goal is to develop fundamental team skills.          module bound to improve students’ ability to develop and
The primary methodology is action learning – members are          deliver well-structured, compelling presentations in profes-
coached in teamwork by the professor while working on team        sional contexts. The first part of the class focuses on the
projects.                                                         preparation phase prior to the actual presentation. Topics
                                                                  discussed include defining the objective of the presentation,
                                                                  audience analysis, storylining, and slide design. The second
                                                                  part of the seminar centers around the presentation itself.
                                                                  Special emphasis is laid on pacing the presentation, the use
                                                                  of body language, engaging the audience, as well as hand-
                                                                  ling interruptions and other difficult situations. Participants
                                                                  have the opportunity to practice their presentation skills on
                                                                  stage and receive feedback from the instructors as well as
                                                                  from their peers.

Soft Skills Program                                               Values Clarification and Identification of Team Roles
When thinking about communication, most people concentrate        The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tse said: “He who knows
on the content and tend to forget about their performance.        others is learned; he who knows himself is wise.” An inquiry
Excellence in communication, leadership and rhetoric pro-         into values and taking an instrument called the Belbin Team
vides competitive advantages sought after by companies.           Role Profile helps a person increase understanding of one’s
Excellence in management requires the mastery of human            self as well as understanding of others. The understanding
relation skills: communication, cooperation, clarity and confi-   of self is particularly important in formulating one’s personal
dence.                                                            brand. In addition, authentic and consistent values help a
                                                                  person to have a sense of perspective and meaning even
An MBA from WHU opens doors to most companies world-              when everything seems to be changing.
wide. To actually pass through the door, however, the crucial
factor is not only academic knowledge but individual perform-     The Belbin research indicates that most people have two or
ance. Our Soft Skills Program therefore                           three team roles, such as coordinator or creative thinker, that
                                                                  they prefer to play, but the most effective teams are com-
  provides the techniques and know-how to convincingly            posed of members who collectively exhibit all nine roles. The
  perform in public,                                              Belbin profile helps a person understand his or her own
  develops psychological techniques for understanding and         strengths and see the complementary nature of these different
  managing verbal and non-verbal communication patterns,          roles, leading to being more effective in teams.
  reinforces and accentuates existing characteristics and
  qualities to win recognition for own positions,
  supports teambuilding capacities and concentrates on
  developing leadership skills.

The methodology applied originates from psychology, acting
theory and body control. The course consists of three units,
distributed over the duration of the program. The approach is
focused on each individual student. Regular monitoring will
take place in order to ensure high quality.


                                                                       Deborah Schanz
                                                                      Martin Fassnacht

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is proud to be           Felix Höffler
the only private university member of the prestigious German      Professor of Regulatory Economics at WHU
Research Foundation. Our faculty members have an outstand-
ing research record and solid experience in management            Martin Högl
practice. Students benefit from our faculty’s business networks   Professor of Leadership and Human Resource Management
via regular guest lectures by top international speakers.         at WHU
Conversely, WHU professors are in great demand abroad at
our 150 partner universities around the world.                    Wayne D. Hoyer
                                                                  Professor of Marketing at McCombs School of Business,
James Gerard Conley                                               University of Texas at Austin, USA
Professor of Technology at Kellogg School of Management,
Northwestern University, USA                                      Arnd Huchzermeier
                                                                  Professor of Production Management at WHU
Holger Ernst
Professor of Technology and Innovation Management                 Thomas Hutzschenreuter
at WHU                                                            Professor of Corporate Strategy and Electronic Media
                                                                  Management at WHU
Martin Fassnacht
Professor of Marketing at WHU                                     Wolfgang Jank
                                                                  Professor at the Department of Decisions, Operations &
Michael Frenkel                                                   Information Technologies,
Professor of International Economics and Dean of WHU              The Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of
                                                                  Maryland, USA
M. V. Rajeev Gowda
Professor of Economics & Social Science at Indian Institute       Ove Jensen
of Management Bangalore, India                                    Professor of Business-to-Business Marketing at WHU

   John Onto

Lutz Johanning                                             Markus Rudolf
Professor of Empirical Capital Market Research at WHU      Professor of Finance at WHU

Lutz Kaufmann                                              Deborah Schanz
Professor of International Management at WHU               Professor of Taxation and Accounting at WHU

Karl-Ludwig Kley                                           Thorsten Sellhorn
Chairman of the Executive Board of Merck KGaA, Germany     Professor of Accounting at WHU

Enrique Kramer                                             Stefan Spinler
Professor of Strategic Management at Universidad ORT,      Professor of Logistics Management at WHU
                                                           Timothy A. Thompson
Hartmut Leser                                              Professor of Finance at Kellogg School of Management,
Head of Institutional Business Development for Aberdeen    Northwestern University, USA
Fund Management, Germany
                                                           Thorsten Truijens
John Onto                                                  Managing Partner at Controlling Partner St. Gallen AG,
Professor of Negotiations Management at Melbourne          Switzerland
Business School, Australia
                                                           Georg Weidenbach
Matej Marinc ˇ                                             Associate at Latham & Watkins LLP, Germany
Assistant Professor at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
                                                           Jürgen Weigand
Waldemar Pfoertsch                                         Professor of Microeconomics and Industrial Organization
Professor of Marketing at China Europe International       at WHU and Academic Director of the MBA Program
Business School (CEIBS), China

Join a Worldwide Family – This is what our Alumni Say

                                                                   Marit Loewer, Germany, MBA 2008
                                                                   “Studying management skills at WHU is a great experience.
                                                                   Not having studied business administration before, the course
                                                                   provides a wealth of new knowledge and valuable insights
                                                                   for me. I feel I am prepared for the business world in the best
                                                                   possible way and within a wonderful environment – excellent
                                                                   professors, intensive group work with my classmates and
                                                                   practical case studies make the learning experience unique.
                                                                   I highly recommend it!”

                                                        David Beil, USA, MBA 2007
                                                        “With a highly diverse, optimal class setting, the full-time MBA
                                                        at WHU goes beyond academic rigor and provides an integral
                                                        foundation for the development of cultural understanding and
                                                        sensitivity. While the WHU MBA provides a tool box of essential
                                                        frameworks and methodologies, soft skills classes and inter-
                                                        active study groups compiled of students from around the globe
                                                        foster more holistic candidates. This experience is complimented
                                                        by study abroad modules in India, China and the US which most
                                                        certainly develops the participants’ capabilities to flourish in an
                                                        ever increasingly connected global environment. Quite importantly
                                                        too, strong bonds of friendship keep us graduates in touch in the
                                                        years ahead.”

                Arlette Hernandez, Mexico, MBA 2008
                “WHU’s MBA program is not only about acquiring knowledge; it’s also
                about developing your interpersonal skills. I truly believe that the most
                valuable lessons learned are from the people around you. In this program,
                you learn to cope with different opinions in the group meetings, deliver
                the best for your team and stand up for your ideas in the classroom. The
                best thing of all is when strangers become friends and your photo album
                starts to fill with wonderful memories.”

                                                                      Vuyiswa M’Cwabeni,
                                                                      South Africa/Canada, MBA 2006
                                                                      “I admire the overall hands-on approach of the members
                                                                      of the faculty at WHU.The program has provided a dynamic
                                                                      learning experience with excellent instructors who provide
                                                                      a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. The 16-
                                                                      month program has allowed me to not only focus on its
                                                                      challenging content, but also to develop more depth by
                                                                      living and working in a multicultural context. Something
                                                                      that I believe provides an invaluable experience.”

                                     Doreen Dai, China, MBA 2010
                                     “When it comes to MBA, Germany is not usually among the first destin-
                                     ations where people search programs. I did much homework before
                                     making the decision and I joined the program with the spirit of explor-
                                     ation. What I have experienced at WHU confirmed my decision and I
                                     am totally convinced that the program is a unique and valuable offering.
                                     The learning experience is great. It is in the intensive classroom
                                     discussions, the inspiring guest lectures, the challenging case studies
                                     and the day-to-day communication with the familiar WHU community
                                     that I find the true value of the program. I always think that learning
                                     does not happen only in lectures. And this is very true for the WHU MBA
                                     program. I am benefiting as much from the school’s close interaction
                                     with the business community as from its academic excellence.”

  Cem Savas, Turkey/Germany, MBA 2006
  “I have always been interested in working at a top investment bank
  but felt that I had to prove myself to prospective employers. The MBA
  program at WHU provided a certification of my international skills in
  addition to a world-class business education. The WHU introduced me
  to investment banks both in and outside of Frankfurt and London
  and gave me numerous networking opportunities. The fabulous alumni
  network enabled me to establish valuable mentoring relationships.”

                       Aditya Parab, India, MBA 2009
                       “Having worked a few years in the IT industry, I felt that the lack of
                       business knowledge restrained me from catapulting into something
                       bigger. That’s when I decided to come to WHU. And there’s been no
                       looking back since then. The MBA program prides itself in imparting
                       quality education employing a dynamic mix of classroom sessions,
                       working in student teams allowing for developing interpersonal skills,
                       cracking case studies, brainstorming new business ideas and allowing
                       for some leisure time to indulge-in as well. Add to that, an international
                       perspective that comes from classmates from different nations and
                       with varied levels of experience, exchange programs with Ivy league
                       B-schools around the world and the feeling of being at one of the best
                       business schools in the world and calling it ‘alma mater’.”

Thu Le Nguyen, Australia, MBA 2008
“I found the MBA to be extremely challenging and during my darkest hour I
even wished I had engaged in something entirely different. However, today I find
that what I’ve learnt transcends the walls of a classroom and is beyond models,
graphs and frameworks. I’ve learnt that the ‘right’ answer simply does not exist,
I’ve witnessed the complexity of humans and most significantly, I’ve discovered
the importance of communication and tolerance. These past 16 months have
formed a very special stage of my life and I will walk away with a sense of achieve-
ment. Not just academic achievement, but also spiritual achievement through
the connection with all the amazing people I have crossed paths with.”

                                                                                               Heike Hülpüsch, Head of Career Service

Career Service at WHU
WHU has its own Placement Center for on-campus recruit-           Eight international companies attended the first “Master Your
ment, hosting recruiting events for more than 60 companies        Career”: Accenture, A.T. Kearney GmbH, BASF The Chemical
on-campus every year. Company presentations, career days,         Company, Beiersdorf AG, Deutsche BP AG, Henkel AG & Co.
career markets and informal dinner conversations all contribute   KGaA, SMP Strategy Consulting AG, Vodafone D2 GmbH.
to successful networking. A first exposure to our corporate
network often results from meeting corporate guest speakers
in class and afterwards. Companies can assist with project        Careers and Networking
assignments, and the final thesis is often based around a         Start-ups
company case study.                                               Approximately one in ten WHU students and graduates
                                                                  successfully launches his or her own business. Some of the
Placement Brochure                                                more well-known start-ups include Sushi-Factory, Jamba,
The resumes of our graduating MBA students are published          JustBooks.de, alando.de (today eBay Germany), OnVista
every year in the “MBA Resume” placement brochure, which          Group, minewolf.com and yamando.com. A very recent one
is sent to more than 100 selected companies worldwide.            is hitflip.com. WHU supports and encourages this distinct
Companies then contact candidates whom they would like            entrepreneurial spirit amongst its students.
to meet.
                                                                  Post Placement Services
Master Your Career                                                Former WHU students stay in touch with the school via our
Since 2009, the Career Service offers an event called “Master     active alumni association, “In Praxi”. It currently has more
Your Career”. The Event provides six possibilities geared         than 2,000 members and offers exclusive access to high
towards making and promoting new careers: company presen-         quality job openings throughout your professional career. The
tations, career fair, workshops, networking business dinner,      positions are usually offered or brokered by “In Praxi” mem-
on-campus recruiting, and career speed dating. The focus of       bers, or partly hosted by professional human resources con-
the two-day event is mainly aimed at the MBA progam.              sulting agencies.

Corporate Sponsors

Studying business at WHU includes intense participation in      The MBA Advisory Board (consisting of high-ranking mem-
our extensive corporate network. More than 120 corporate        bers of corporate boards) regularly evaluates the quality
sponsors – ranging from global management consultancies,        of the MBA program. This is what some of our corporate
investment banks to large blue chip companies – are com-        sponsors think of WHU:
mitted to supporting WHU and our students.

                                  Prof. Dr. Paul Achleitner
                                  Chief Financial Officer, Allianz SE
                                  “WHU is well recognized by companies as a key source for individuals with
                                  proven academic excellence and strong managerial potential. The organization
                                  of the recruiting and placement process allows companies to recruit in a most
                                  efficient way.”

                                  Dr. Uwe Franke
                                  Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche BP AG
                                  “Specialist knowledge is important, but it is not the only thing. In a globalized
                                  economy, we need motivated workers who can operate confidently in an inter-
                                  national context and who are willing to assume responsibility. That is the reason
                                  for our commitment to WHU.”

                                  Philipp Justus
                                  Senior Vice President and General Management,
                                  U.S. Auctions Business, eBay Inc.
                                  “The WHU has built a great reputation for providing the highest quality education.
                                  The 16-month MBA Program at WHU will be the right program for highly qualified
                                  young managers who have a passion to learn and grow.”

                    Photo: ebay

WHU Students Initiatives

To be at WHU means to be part of student life at WHU. All          Campus for Finance
students have an opportunity to shape school policy. Student       WHU is the proud host of one of Germany’s leading con-
representatives have voting rights in the school’s senate, and     gresses for the international financial community. “Campus
school strategies are discussed in teams made up of students,      for Finance” is a unique platform for discussion bringing
the dean, professors and administration officials.                 together academic staff, corporate representatives, polit-
                                                                   icians and a selected group of international students. Events
Campus life at WHU is rich and vivid. Barely a single class        include keynote speeches by business leaders and renowned
leaves WHU without having launched an entirely new initiative.     professors, workshops and social gatherings all designed to
Be it sports, music, art, humanitarian aid projects, journalism,   facilitate effective networking and the exchange of new ideas.
theater or the “WHUDaxe” stock market club – campus life
offers something for everyone. Here are a few examples:            First Responder
                                                                   The First Responder team provides qualified medical emer-
WHU Euromasters                                                    gency services throughout the Vallendar region. The Regional
Since 1997, WHU students have organized Euromasters, an            Rescue Coordination Centre is on-call to WHU and can be
international athletics festival to which business schools from    on campus in a matter of minutes, thanks to their Smart
all over Europe are invited. Almost 1,000 students compete         emergency vehicle – provided by donations from the WHU
against each other on the first weekend of November every          alumni association and supporting companies.

Theater Group
Every semester the WHU theater group stages a play on
campus, and the number of talented actors and actresses
grows continuously.

WHU Alumni Association ”In Praxi“

A Network that Enables Careers                                    Events and Services
Personal networking is recognized as the best way to make         The unusually high level of cohesion amongst WHUlers lasts
important business connections. WHU supports the close            far beyond university. The WHU Alumni Association works
interaction of students with the business community, and the      hard to maintain old connections and establish new ones.
school maintains a network of industry partners and contacts      Regular events include speeches, company visits, seminars
via the Career Service. On-campus career and networking           and social activities. Innovations also include a post graduation
events are organized throughout the year, providing the per-      placement program for members, an alumni mentoring system
fect opportunity for students to meet recruiters and find their   for current students, internship opportunities, membership
dream job.                                                        involvement in the WHU Foundation’s Board, a lifelong learn-
                                                                  ing program for alumni and a members’ website. The WHU
By Alumni for Alumni: WHU Alumni Association (In Praxi)           Alumni Association acts as a driving force behind many
WHU is unique, as are its students and alumni. Founded by         successful WHU careers, and for this reason, it is widely
the first graduating class in 1988, WHU’s alumni association      acknowledged to be the best alumni association in Germany.
“In Praxi” by now has more than 2,000 members and is
regarded as the best alumni association in Germany. More          Joint Forces at WHU
than 90% of the graduates become members. The association         A far-sighted donation culture is an important part of any uni-
celebrates the diversity of its members by fostering lifelong     versity. WHU alumni not only support the school by enabling
links between the school, its students and alumni. Local          corporate sponsorship – many also personally engage by
chapters hold events and meet-ups on a regional basis, thus       donating money or profitable ideas. Recent alumni initiatives
enabling a global network of business contacts and friends.       include the auctioning of seats in WHU’s largest lecture hall,
The annual “In Praxi Days” are an important date for the diary    and the “1,000 faces” project started to celebrate WHU’s 20th
– many members return to Vallendar to meet old friends and        anniversary. As part of this project, the portraits of 1,000
establish new contacts.                                           alumni donators hang in the main staircase in WHU’s historic
                                                                  building. Until today, more than 1.5 Million Euro have been
                                                                  donated by WHU Alumni.

Application and Admission

Application Deadlines                                          Admission Requirements
  Application deadline is: January 15                            A first degree (Bachelor or equivalent)
  For applicants requiring a visa, the deadline is December      Two years postgraduate work experience
  15 of the previous year                                        Completed application form
  Please note that visa applications may take up to 12 weeks     Curriculum vitae
  for some nationalities                                         Official transcripts from all colleges, universities and
  As applications are reviewed and evaluated on a rolling        professional schools attended
  basis and seats are limited, candidates are encouraged to      Two letters of recommendation from professors and/or
  apply as early as possible                                     supervisors (standard form is available on website)
                                                                 Application fee of 95 €
                                                                 TOEFL test results (250 computer based, 100 Internet
                                                                 based) if English is not your native language
                                                                 GMAT test scores (600 minimum score)

                                                               To find out more and register for the GMAT and TOEFL tests,
                                                               please go to: www.ets.org or www.mba.com

Steps of the Admission Process

1                        2                        3                         4                         5
 Complete                 Review                    Two Personal             Admissions                 Final
 Application              Committee                 Interviews               Committee                  Decision

Tuition Fee                                                       Living Expenses
The total fee for the MBA program is 35,000 €.                    Please budget an average of 550–650 € per month for living
This fee includes:                                                expenses.
  All tuition
  All books and materials                                         Financing Options
  Accomodation and full board during the international
  modules                                                         Student Loans
  Preparation courses                                             Our local savings bank offers loans to WHU students.
  German classes                                                  Please contact your MBA office for details.
  Personal development seminars
The program fee does not include airfares, travel expenses        Scholarships are awarded to highly talented candidates
during the international modules nor accomodation in Vallendar.   whom WHU and its sponsors believe possess the aptitude,
                                                                  personal qualities and entrepreneurial talent to be future
Terms of Payment                                                  leaders. The candidate’s financial status will also be assessed
  A non-refundable payment of 5,000 € is to be paid on            and verified in the decision-making process.
  acceptance to reserve a seat on the program.
  The first installment of 15,000 € is due at the start of the    Scholarships are open to both national and international
  program (March).                                                students and take the form of partial fee reductions. The
  The second installment of 15,000 € is due in January the        total scholarship amount varies from year to year depending
  following year.                                                 on the available funding.
  If a participant leaves the program for any reason after he
  or she has been accepted and enrolled, no tuition refund        The deadline for scholarship applications is December 15,
  will be made.                                                   unless otherwise stated.

Tuition is payable via bank transfer to WHU upon receipt of       WHU Brain Capital GmbH
the invoice.                                                      Another possibility to finance your participation in the MBA
                                                                  program is the financing concept of the WHU Brain Capital
Bank Details                                                      GmbH. The students do not pay any tuition fees during their
When transmitting your fees, please mention the name of           studies at WHU. However, they commit themselves to make
the program:                                                      income-dependent payments upon the completion of their
                                                                  studies. The total amount of the payments is linked to the
MBA                                                               income earned. To learn more about this concept, please have
Bank Name: Sparkasse Koblenz, Account Number: 94 102              a look at: www.whubraincapital.de.
German Bank Code: 570 501 20
Swift Code (BIC): MALA DE 51 KOB
IBAN: DE 85 570 501 20 0000094102

     Where Education
     Meets Business

     WHU – Otto Beisheim
     School of Management
     is a private institution,
     enjoying the status of a
     state-accredited school
     of university ranking.

WHU at a Glance

Today, WHU belongs to the most prestigious business                 Vision
schools in Germany and enjoys an excellent international            WHU is striving to remain one of the top-tier business
reputation. WHU stands for Excellence in Management                 schools in Europe. This commitment to excellence includes
Education. Passion, People and Performance are WHU’s                all three core areas of activity of the school – teaching,
core values, underlying all its activities. Quality, internation-   research and executive education.
ality and practical relevance are our principal guidelines
in all areas. The results are expressed with our excellent          WHU continuously aims to improve its current achievements
national and international rankings.                                in order to strengthen and upgrade its position as a highly
                                                                    acknowledged business school in Europe. This vision is chal-
WHU offers top-level academic programs with the degrees             lenging but realistic. Evidence of progress towards meeting
Bachelor of Science (BSc), Master of Science (MSc),                 this vision is given by the following facts:
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Law
and Business (MLB) and Executive Master of Business                   In the course of Bologna Process, WHU has begun to
Administration (EMBA), a doctoral program and tailor-made             pursue a significant growth strategy. This has been accom-
company programs.                                                     panied by a vast increase in program offerings from the
                                                                      Diploma program to Bachelor of Science, consecutive
                                                                      Master of Science, Full-time MBA, Executive MBA and
  Some Facts                                                          Master of Law and Business.
                                                                      The WHU Foundation has continuously increased its support
  Faculty (academic year 2008/2009)                                   for the school’s growth strategy.
  Full Professors                                             23      The number of students has increased from 450 in 2003 to
  Assistant Professors                                        12      627 in fall 2009. The number of core faculty members has
  Visiting Professors                                         11      increased from 16 in 2003 to 23 in fall 2009. By 2011, both
  Honorary Professors                                         10      the number of students and professors will have approxi-
  External Lecturers                                          80      mately doubled as compared to 2003.
                                                                      WHU is ranked top-tier in important national as well as
  Students and participants (academic year 2008/2009)                 international rankings.
  BSc program                                         334
  MSc program                                          42
  MBA program                                          44
  MLB program                                          46
  EMBA program                                         96
  Doctoral students                                   227
  Participants Executive Development          approx. 450
                                                                      WHU in Vallendar
  Participants European Summer Institute                              In the Center of Europe
  and European programs                       approx. 240

  Staff                                             approx. 100

  Faculty groups (7):                                                                                       Hamburg
                                                                                                            520 km
  Accounting and Control, Economics, Finance,
                                                                               London           Cologne
  Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Marketing,                                  656 km           110 km             Berlin
                                                                                                                   595 km
  Strategy and Organization, Supply Chain Management                                                   Vallendar
                                                                                        292 km         Frankfurt     Prague
  Alumni-Organization                  approx. 2,000 members                                           120 km        640 km
  In Praxi e.V.                                 in 39 countries                      Paris                         Munich
                                                                                     543 km                        494 km

  International Network                150 partner universities                                    Basel
                                                                                                   490 km
                                                                                              689 km   Milan
  Accreditations               AACSB (Kellogg-WHU EMBA),                                               740 km

                                             EQUIS, FIBAA

  Budget (academic year 2008/2009)                    24 Mio. €

  Number of founders & benefactors                            44


                           Living in Vallendar – a World Cultural Heritage Site                Housing
                           Vallendar (where WHU is located) is situated in the heart of        As with many European universities, most students live in
                           the famous Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.              private apartments in the local area. The WHU housing
                           There are excellent opportunities for students to explore the       department will help you find suitable and reasonable-priced
                           beautiful surroundings of WHU – take a boat trip through            accommodation here in Vallendar – apart from campus
                           the ancient Rhine gorge past castle-topped cliffs, or cycle         dormitories, there is a range of shared and single options
                           through the Moselle valley, home to some of Germany’s               available.
                           best vineyards. There is a huge selection of outdoor activ-
                           ities available throughout the region.                              Family and Children
                                                                                               Vallendar is a very family-friendly environment. If your family
                           The big city is not far away. Enjoy a drink in one of Frankfurt’s   is accompanying you during your studies in Vallendar, we
                           many applewine taverns, or climb to the top of one of Europe’s      are pleased to assist in finding vacancies in kindergartens,
                           biggest cathedrals in Cologne – both cities are only an hour        schools or other institutions.
                           away by train. Closer to home is the medieval town of Koblenz,
                           just six kilometers from the WHU campus. Koblenz is a
                           student town and has an excellent array of bars, shops and
Foto: Pil Media, Boppard
Foto: Pil Media, Boppard


Personal Visits                                                  Directions
You are welcome to schedule an individual appointment for        By Plane
a campus visit. This personal visit gives you the opportunity    WHU can be reached from Frankfurt International, Cologne/
to attend an MBA lecture (if compatible with our schedule),      Bonn and Frankfurt/Hahn Airports in about 1 hour.
meet our current MBA students, go on an accompanied cam-
pus tour and have a personal study advisory with our MBA         By Car
team. Please contact us to make an individual appointment –      Take the A61 motorway. At junction Koblenz (Autobahnkreuz
we will ask you to send us your CV for a first verification of   Koblenz), take the A48 motorway towards Koblenz. If you are
your application chances before confirming your visit.           travelling via the A3, exit at junction Dernbach (Dernbacher
                                                                 Dreieck) towards Koblenz/Trier. Take the Bendorf/Neuwied/
The MBA team also regularly attends MBA events and fairs         Vallendar exit and follow the signs to Vallendar. There is a
around the world. Please check our website to see if we’ll be    public car park right next to WHU.
visiting your country this year.
                                                                 By Train
                                                                 Take the Deutsche Bahn train to the main station in Koblenz.
                                                                 “Kevag” bus lines 7 and 8/8a (outside the station) will bring
                                                                 you to Vallendar. Depending on the train timetable, it may
                                                                 be faster to travel to Montabaur with the ICE train. A taxi ride
                                                                 to Vallendar takes about 15 minutes.

                                                                                           Neuwied                                     Köln
                                                                                                               Bendorf                         Dreieck
                                                                                          Rhein                                                Dernbach
                                                                           Bonn                                              Höhr-
                                                                                                                             Grenzhausen A48
                                                                                     B9                                                        A3

                                                                                                     KO-Nord         Vallendar                       Montabaur

                                                                                          Kreuz KO
                                                                            A48                                           Koblenz     B49



                                                                                      A61                 B9              Lahnstein

                                                                                                           Bingen         Rüdesheim

Your MBA Office team (from left to right):
Simone Görgen, Heidrun Hoffmann, Susen Schilo,
Sandra Bödeker

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
MBA Office
Burgplatz 2, 56179 Vallendar

Phone: +49 261 6509 -140
E-Mail: mba@whu.edu
WHU – Otto Beisheim
School of Management

MBA Office
Burgplatz 2
56179 Vallendar
                        Editorial Deadline: 08/2009

Tel. +49 261 6509-140
Fax +49 261 6509-149
E-Mail: mba@whu.edu