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					                 Course Offerings
                                                              challenge themselves with a more rigorous reading and

English                                                       writing workload, but it is highly recommended for
                                                              students intending to move on to Advanced Placement
                                                              Language and Literature. Students willing to take on
                                                              and commit to the challenge will read a wide variety
English 9:                                    1 credit
                                                              of texts including novels, poems, plays, and non-
Prerequisite: None                             Grade 9
                                                              fiction essays by British authors from the Romantic
This course will focus on grammar, composition, and
                                                              and Victorian periods. The expectation of the course
reading comprehension. Students will leave the course
                                                              is that students will read the texts at a relatively quick
demonstrating understanding of the purpose of
                                                              pace and come to class prepared to be an active and
different types of non-fiction writing. These writing
                                                              eager participant in discussions. This course will also
types include expository, narrative, persuasive, and
                                                              be the students’ initial experience in writing the types
autobiographical essays. The focus of the reading
                                                              of essays that will be the focus of the Advanced
portion of this course is on fictional texts, and some
                                                              Placement Language and Literature courses. In
non-fiction writing. Students will be introduced to
                                                              addition to analytical essays about each text, students
MLA format. Students interested in committing to a
                                                              will also be expected to write an in-depth research
yearlong Honors Challenge will receive credit on their
                                                              paper that showcases an understanding of MLA
transcript for an Honors level English course.
                                                              documentation. A strong work ethic is absolutely
                                                              necessary to succeed in this course; any student unable
English 10:                                   1 credit
                                                              to maintain an average of at least a 70 will be asked to
Prerequisite: English 9                      Grade 10
                                                              transfer to English 10.
This course will build upon the skills acquired in
English 9 and will focus on enhancing students’
analytical and critical thinking skills in addition to        English 11:                                     1 credit
refining both their formal and informal writing skills.       Prerequisite: English 10                        Grade 11
The reading portion of this course will focus primarily       This course will focus on building and refining the
on works by William Shakespeare and George Orwell             skills learned in the previous two years of English
with additional short stories, poems, and songs by            language study. Students will read a variety of texts
various authors. Students will be expected to read and        that demonstrate a number of writing forms (poetry,
complete in-depth analyses of each text. Alternate or         plays, novellas, novels, essays, etc.). Texts include, but
additional texts may be utilized at the teacher’s             are not limited to: The Crucible, Lord of the Flies,
discretion or based on student need. The writing              Canterbury Tales, Shakespearean sonnets (including
portion of this course will encompass a wide range of         Macbeth or Othello), and any other texts available and
forms including journals, creative short stories,             relevant to students’ needs as readers. Students will be
analytical essays, one formal thesis paper, and one in-       expected to show mastery of a variety of essay types,
depth research paper. Students will be introduced to          grammar, and also MLA documentation. There will
the intricacies of research and citation and will be          be a yearlong focus on SAT preparation for the
expected to showcase an ability to properly use MLA           mandatory Saturday test in early May. Students
documentation.      Students will receive grammar             should expect nightly homework. No student will be
instruction through the drafting, proofreading, and           permitted to take this course until he or she has
revising process of writing.                                  satisfactorily earned credits for English 9 and 10
                                                              without permission from the teacher/administration.
Pre-Advanced Placement
English 10                                    1 credit
Prerequisite: English 9                      Grade 10
The purpose of Pre-AP at the tenth grade level is to
better prepare students interested in taking Advanced
Placement English courses in their junior and senior
years. This course is open to any students who wish to

Language and Composition                                         Literature and Composition
Advanced Placement                              1 credit         Advanced Placement                            1 credit
Prerequisite: English 10                       Grade 11          Prerequisite: English 11                     Grade 12
The purpose of AP Language and Composition is to                 This course offers highly motivated students the
teach the student how to think more critically about             opportunity to earn college English credits while
various types of communication. The title of the                 completing their senior year in high school. This
course includes the word composition, which would                course challenges students not only to read and
seem to suggest the course will merely be looking at             analyze a variety of high quality literary genre, but
different types of writing. In fact, this course will            also to write about literature in a mature and
cover both verbal (spoken and written) and nonverbal             sophisticated style. The amount of reading and writing
types of communication (advertisements, graphs,                  is rigorous, as students will read approximately one
paintings, statues, etc). Students will learn to decode          text and write one to two essays a month. While
the rhetoric of the message a rhetor is trying to send,          participating in the Advanced Placement test during
and they will also become emerging and effective                 early May is a requirement of this course, the
rhetors themselves. The culminating event of the                 curriculum also focuses on helping students develop as
course is the Advanced Placement exam given in May,              effective communicators who think deeply, analyze
which is proctored by someone other than the                     critically, solve problems effectively, and employ
instructor. Given a high enough score on this exam               emerging technologies for research and writing as they
(generally a 4 or 5, sometimes 3), students may be               prepare for a college career. Students MUST complete
awarded college credit at the college of their choice.           all the required summer reading and writing, as well
All students will take the basics of rhetoric away from          as meet ALL summer work deadlines, in order to
this course. Homework should be expected nightly;                enroll in this course in September. Students also must
the AP exam in May is a required element of the                  maintain an 85 average at the end of each quarter in
course.                                                          order to remain in this course for the year.

English 12:                                     1 credit         Film Analysis:                                ½ credit
Prerequisite: English 11                       Grade 12          Prerequisite: None                       Grades 11-12
This course will enable students to become more                  In this semester long course, students will watch a
competent readers, writers, speakers, and thinkers.              variety of films from the 1930s through present day,
The great thought, laughter, and learning that occur in          engage in in-depth class discussions, and then write
this class remain the primary focus throughout the               analytical essays about the films. The essays will ask
year. The cornerstone of the English 12 curriculum is            students to compare certain elements and make
the writing portfolio, which students will complete              connections between two films at a time. Students will
every quarter. The portfolio represents the                      watch approximately ten films and write five essays.
culmination and synthesis of what students will have             The remainder of the semester will be devoted to
learned about writing and reading. Students will read            research. The research project will require students to
at least four class texts, complete a wide range of              choose one from a selection of movies that deal with a
projects in response to self-selected texts, make at least       variety of historical events and time periods, and then
four group or individual oral presentations in class,            use MLA guidelines to research their chosen film topic
and write multiple essays, quarterly student                     thoroughly. Once the research is complete, they will
reflections, and daily journal entries. Students will be         watch the film to write an analysis of whether or not it
expected to show mastery of MLA format through a                 accurately represented the event or time period.
research paper. We will also engage in weekly writing            Additionally, students will create a Keynote or
workshops to further hone skills in the application of           PowerPoint presentation of their findings to present to
the writing process. In this class, you will not be              their classmates. Any student who enrolls in the course
measured by how your work compares to others, but                with the intention of watching movies without
how your work, ideas, and efforts improve, grow, and             participating in discussions or writing essays will be
mature as the year progresses.                                   summarily dismissed.

                                                                graph and solve a variety of equations (quadratic,

Mathematics                                                     polynomial, logarithmic, trigonometric, and periodic).
                                                                It is strongly recommended that students have their
                                                                own graphing calculator and have a grade of 85 or
                                                                higher in their current math course.
Algebra I                                      1 credit
Prerequisite: None                              Grade 9
Students will study the structure of the real number            Pre-College Review Math                      1 credit
system. Upon completion of this course, students will           Prerequisite: Geometry                  Grades 11-12
be expected to have knowledge of the following                  This course is designed for students who need
algebraic concepts: use of the language of algebra, use         continued support in algebraic computation and
of the real number system, solving and applying linear          reinforcement of concepts found in previous math
equations, graphing relations and functions, analyzing          courses. Special emphasis will be placed on concepts
and solving linear inequalities, adding, subtracting,           necessary to pass the Accuplacer Test. Students will
multiplying, dividing, and factoring polynomials,               be placed in this course on the basis of test scores and
understanding and applying basic probability.                   teacher recommendation.
Students will continue to develop their skills using
decimals, fractions, percents, and proportions.                 Algebra III                                    1 credit
                                                                Prerequisite: Algebra II                 Grades 11-12
Geometry                                       1 credit         Algebra III is a practical algebra course designed for
Prerequisite: Algebra I                   Grades 9-10           students who are preparing to take post-secondary
This course builds on the skills of Algebra through the         courses that require strong algebra skills and
study of Euclidean Geometry. Students will be                   knowledge. Students will review linear and quadratic
introduced to the concept of proof while studying the           functions and their applications, higher order
properties of lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, and             functions, logarithms, and trigonometry.
circles. They will also study formulas for area of
polygons and volume of polyhedrons.                             Pre-Calculus                                   1 credit
                                                                Prerequisite: Algebra II                 Grades 11-12
Advanced Geometry                              1 credit         This course is designed for students planning to pursue
Prerequisite: Algebra I                     Grades 9-10         careers in the fields of science, computer science, or
This course focuses on much of the same material as             mathematics. Pre-Calculus includes trigonometry,
the geometry course described above. Students will              circular functions, complex numbers, logarithmic and
conduct a more in-depth study of geometry concepts              exponential functions, linear and quadratic regression.
and move at a faster pace. This course will emphasize           It is strongly recommended that students have their
algebra I skills to prepare students for upper level math       own graphing calculator. This course is a prerequisite
courses.                                                        for Calculus.

Algebra II                                     1 credit         Statistics                                     1 credit
Prerequisite: Algebra I                 Grades 10-12            Prerequisite: Algebra II                  Grades 11-12
This course builds on the foundation of Algebra I and           This course covers many topics in probability and
prepares the students for commonly found topics in              statistics. It is an introductory course including basic
post-secondary math courses. Topics to be covered:              probability, random variables and their distribution,
equations and inequalities; linear relations and                estimation and hypothesis testing, regression and
functions; systems of equations and inequalities;               correlation.
irrational  and     complex    numbers;     matrices;
polynomials; irrational and complex numbers;                    Project Aspire College Calculus                1 credit
quadratic equations; and quadratic relations and                Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus                    Grade 12
functions. Students may opt to take this course                 This course is strongly recommended for students who
concurrently with Geometry, with their current                  are considering college study in mathematics, science,
math teacher’s recommendation.                                  the medical field, or engineering. This is a college
                                                                level course that requires the ability to self-motivate
Advanced Algebra II                            1 credit         and work independently. Successful completion of
Prerequisite: Algebra I              Grades 10-11               this course will result in 4 credits from USM (there is a
This course is designed for students who excel in               $75 fee for this course).
mathematics and wish to prepare for a career in
mathematics or the sciences. Students will analyze,
                                                            Intro to Earth Science                       ½ credit
                                                            Prerequisite: None                              Grade 9
These pathways lead to a specific careers and college       This is a survey course designed to introduce students
majors. Students may choose their own pathway.              to the Cosmos, our Galaxy, the Solar System and Earth
                                                            Systems. Studies will begin with the Big Bang and
                                                            progress to current topics in energy resources.
Life Science                   Credits
Intro to Biology               .5                           Intro to Biology                             ½ credit
Intro to Earth Science         .5                           Prerequisite: None                         Grade 9
Intro to Chemistry             .5                           This class is designed to introduce students to the
Intro to Physics               .5                           fundamentals of Biology, including Cell Theory,
                                                            Evolution, Lab Techniques, Safety and the Linnaean
Upper Level Classes                                         Classification System.
Chemistry                      1.0
Biology                        1.0                          Tenth grade students are encouraged to take Intro
Anatomy & Physiology           1.0                          to Chemistry/Intro to Physics. However, students
AP Biology                     2.0                          may take College Biology in place of Intro to
Environmental Science          1.0                          Chemistry/Intro to Physics with teacher approval.
                                                            It is strongly recommended that students choosing
                                                            this option complete requirements in Chemistry
                                                            and/or Physics prior to graduation.
Applied Sciences               Credits
Intro to Biology               .5
                                                            Intro to Chemistry                          ½ credit
Intro to Earth Science         .5
                                                            Prerequisite: Integrated Science I           Grade 10
Intro to Chemistry             .5
                                                            In this course, students will explore the fundamentals
Intro to Physics               .5
                                                            of chemistry, including the structure of matter,
                                                            chemical reactions, bonding, and balancing equations.
Upper Level Classes
Alternative Energy             1.0
Engineering                    1.0                          Intro to Physics                            ½ credit
                                                            Prerequisite: Integrated Science I           Grade 10
                                                            In this course, students will explore the fundamentals
                                                            of physics, including the concepts of motion, fluids,
Physical Sciences              Credits                      machines, energy, electricity, magnetism, sound
Intro to Biology               .5                           waves, and light waves.
Intro to Earth Science         .5
Intro to Chemistry             .5                           Global Climate Change                        ½ credit
Intro to Physics               .5                           Prerequisite: Integrated Science I       Grades 10-12
                                                            We will explore the facts and fiction of global climate
Upper Level Classes                                         change. Climate change has happened since the
Chemistry                      1.0                          beginning of time - the question is are we experiencing
Physics                        1.0                          climate change and has man influenced the rate of
                                                            change? This course will use research from the
Elective suggestions                                        University of Maine and University of Colorado as the
Engineering                    1.0                          basis of our discussions.
Alternative Energy             1.0

College Biology                                   1 credit         laboratory component and is not the usual preparation
Prerequisite: Integrated Science I           Grades 10-12          for more advanced physics and engineering courses.
This course is designed to familiarize students with the           However, this course provides a foundation in physics
nature of life, its structures, functions, and interactions.       for students in the life sciences, premedicine, and
Students study the interconnection that exists within              some applied sciences, as well as other fields not
and among all living things. Emphasis is placed upon               directly related to science.
inquiry,     problem        solving,     and     laboratory
experimentation.        Students will be expected to               Physics                                        1 credit
complete daily homework, conduct labs, write detailed              Prerequisites: Alg. II and Chem.          Grades 11-12
lab reports, and complete long-term projects.                      Students will spend the first semester studying vectors,
                                                                   motion, both linear and rotational, gravity, work and
Anatomy and Physiology                            1 credit         energy, momentum and collisions, and fluid
Prerequisite: 10th grade science        Grades 11-12               mechanics. The second semester will focus on
This course includes a detailed study of the structures            thermodynamics. Historical context and information
and functions of the various tissues, organs, and                  will be an integral part of the course. Although much
systems of the human body. The course requires                     of this course will be content based, there will be
extensive memorization including terms and diagrams;               numerous inquiry-based lab procedures.
it will require a substantial amount of reading and
studying outside of class. There will be daily                     Engineering and Design                         1 credit
homework, lab reports, and long-term projects. A                   Prerequisite: Alg. II concurrently     Grades 11-12
majority of class time will involve laboratory and                 This class covers fundamentals of technical design,
group work.                                                        communication, energy and power management, and
                                                                   manufacturing. It will focus on applications in
AP Biology                                      2 credits          composites, transportation, and mechanical design.
Prerequisite: College Biology             Grades 11-12
This challenging course meets everyday and is                      Marine Biology                                ½ credit
intended for students who have previously shown a                  Prerequisite: 10th grade science        Grades 11-12
strong aptitude in the sciences. This course moves                 Students study the relationships between the physical,
through complex material at a rapid pace. Topics                   geological, and chemical properties of the oceans and
include: chemistry, cells, heredity, genetics, bioethics,          the ecological, environmental, and evolutionary
evolution, classification, microbiology, plants,                   positions occupied by marine organisms. Mankind’s
invertebrates, and human biology. The two main goals               actions and their impact on the quality of the oceans
of the A.P. Biology course are to help students develop            are examined. This is a lab based science course.
a conceptual framework for modern biology and to
help students gain an appreciation of science as a
                                                                   Environmental Science                         ½ credit
                                                                   Prerequisite: 10th grade science        Grades 11-12
                                                                   Environmental Science is a course designed to create
Chemistry                                         1 credit         environmentally literate students who will be able to
Prerequisite: Alg. II concurrently       Grades 11-12              make decisions about environmental issues based on
Students will study the structure of the atom,                     scientific knowledge. The broad themes of this course
periodicity, bonding, chemical formulas, chemical                  are energy, resources, and resource management.
equations and reactions, phases of matter and their
properties, and acids and bases. Historical context and            Alternative Energy                             1 credit
information will be an integral part of the course.
                                                                   Prerequisite: 10th grade science           Grades 11-12
Emphasis will be based equally on inquiry and
                                                                   The purpose of this class is to research, design,
                                                                   develop, build, and install solar collectors to heat some
                                                                   of the colder rooms at the high school and possibly
AP Physics                                        1 credit         other schools in the district. In the second year,
Prerequisites: Chem. and Calculus Grades 11-12                     students will investigate other types of alternative
This course provides a systematic introduction to the              energy sources that can be built for home use.
main principles of physics and emphasizes the
development of conceptual understanding and
problem-solving    ability   using     algebra   and
trigonometry, but rarely calculus. In most colleges,
this is a one-year terminal course including a

                                                                 This course (1 section) will cover the same basic

Social Studies                                                   curriculum as "Ancient World History", but the details
                                                                 of lesson planning, student-teacher interaction, course
                                                                 requirements, and workload will be dedicated to
                                                                 teaching the skills that a student will need to master in
U.S. History                                   1 credit
                                                                 order to face Advanced Placement Modern European
Prerequisite: None                             Grade 9
                                                                 History the following year. Student performance will
This is a study of social, political, economic, and
                                                                 be reviewed at the Quarterly and Semester Grades. If
foreign related aspects of United States History. The
                                                                 individual students are not trying their best to adapt
course will cover important eras starting with the
                                                                 themselves to the rigors of the class, then they may be
Spanish-American        War,      and     will     study
                                                                 transferred to a regular section. Only in this way can
industrialization, urbanization, American imperialism,
                                                                 the requisite skills be taught that students will need on
progressive period, both World Wars, the roaring
                                                                 day one of their A. P. History Course.
twenties, New Deal, Cold War, Civil Rights, Vietnam
War, and other contemporary topics.            Students
interested in committing to a yearlong Honors
                                                                 Senior Seminar                                  1 credit
Challenge will receive credit on their transcript for an         Prerequisite: None                            Grade 12
                                                                 In this discussion-based course, students will answer
Honors level U.S. History course.
                                                                 the essential questions: Who am I? What have I
                                                                 learned? Where am I going? Through a series of
Civics                                         1 credit
                                                                 intensive interactive activities, which include rhetoric
Prerequisite: None                             Grade 10
                                                                 (presentation & debate), philosophy, applied ethics,
This 10th grade requirement combines elements of
                                                                 current events, and 25 hours of community service,
career exploration and civics. Students will study the
                                                                 students will observe, discuss, interpret, and apply a
constitution, economics, geography, and the other
                                                                 variety of information as they develop and define their
social studies. Students will participate in a variety of
                                                                 personal belief system. The course will culminate
activities including college visits and community
                                                                 with a student created exhibit and successful
service. Students will create a portfolio and personal
                                                                 participation in Senior Week Activities.
learning plan, which they will present during their
Gateway Presentation at year’s end.             Students
interested in committing to a yearlong Honors                    Eastern Religion and Philosophy                ½ credit
Challenge will receive credit on their transcript for an         Prerequisite: None                        Grades 10-11
Honors level Citizenship course. Students enrolled               This discussion-orientated course will examine
in JROTC II as 10th graders will fulfill this                    essential questions regarding the nature of Eastern
requirement through that course.                                 religion and thought. The purpose of this course is to
                                                                 allow students of every knowledge level to become
                                                                 comfortable and familiar with the essential principles,
Ancient World History                          1 credit          daily-practices, and histories of several of the World’s
Prerequisite: None                        Grades 11-12           major belief systems (e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam,
From the creation of the universe through the Middle
                                                                 Taoism, Zen, Shinto, Confucianism, etc). There will
Ages to the Renaissance, students in Ancient World
                                                                 be an emphasis on comparing and contrasting Eastern
History explore the story of the origins of our Western
                                                                 themes/concepts [creation, fate and destiny, ethics and
Civilization. Non-Western civilizations are explored
                                                                 morality, a higher power, an afterlife, the soul, etc.] to
as they encounter the West, or its predecessors.
                                                                 their more recognizable western counterparts
Students study the essential religious and
                                                                 [Christianity and Judaism]. There will also be an
philosophical truths of each encountered civilization.
                                                                 examination of some of the central questions of human
The successful student will acquire a deeper
understanding of what humanity has thought of itself
and done with its opportunities, as well as a clearer
sense of how our culture came to be as it now is.
                                                                 Advanced Geography                             ½ credit
                                                                 Prerequisite: U.S. History                Grades 11-12
                                                                 This course is dedicated to a study of the world around
Ancient World History
                                                                 us. The class starts with an introduction to geography,
Pre Advanced Placement                         1 credit          in which students will learn the five themes of
Prerequisite: None                    Grades 10-12*              geography, the features that define the earth, the
*Note: 10th Graders who wish to take AP Modern                   climate patterns of the earth, how to study peoples and
European History as juniors (this course is only                 cultures of the earth, and how to use various
offered every other year) will need to take this
                                                                 geographic tools. Students will begin examining local,
course in their sophomore year.                                  state, and then world geography. Students will use the
skills they have learned to apply answers to the
following questions. How does geography affect
culture? How are world news events related to
geography?       How does geography influence
population patterns? What does the term political
geography imply? What are examples of geography
influencing historical events, and most importantly
why should people care about geography?

The Civil War: In Their Words                ½ credit
Prerequisite: None                       Grades 10-12
This course will look at the Civil War using primary
sources available through the Internet, libraries, and
biographies. The students will look at key leaders,
major and minor battles that impacted the conflict and
the nation. They will examine the social, economic,
and political aspects of the Civil War. Each student
will select a figure to research using primary sources
and determine the motivation, goals, fears, and actions
of the individual. The student will have an
understanding of the causes and effects of the conflict
and be able to relate these issues to our national
history since 1865 and what it means to us as a nation
now and to them the student. The course will require
reading of portions of several books and writing of
research papers. The students can receive elective
college credits for work done by completing additional
assignments, research papers, and assessments as
specified by the JROTC program in association with
RTG & Associates through the University of Colorado
at Colorado Springs and Adams State College of

Health and
Wellness 9/10                                 ½ credit          Wellness 11B                                  ½ credit
Prerequisite: None                          Grades 9-10         Prerequisite: Wellness 9/10                   Grade 11
This is a required course for all students and can be           Wellness 11B will be offered during the spring
completed in 9th or 10th grade. The course is designed          semester (3rd and 4th quarter) of the school year.
to give students the basic skills necessary to maintain         Students will be able to take Wellness 11B if they
healthy, active lives. The focus will be on cooperative         have completed the semester long Wellness 9/10
activities, lifetime skills, and activities that require        course. Wellness 11B will also combine the Learning
critical thinking skills. The fitness component will be         Results and Standards of both health and physical
fairly strong, as students will learn how to prepare for        education. The physical education activities will
activity and maintain certain fitness levels.                   include a review of activities covered during the
                                                                Wellness 11A course. Students will also be asked to
Wellness 11A                                  ½ credit          “morph” two different activities together to create a
Prerequisite: Wellness 9/10                   Grade 11          new form of the activities. The end result will be
Wellness 11A will be offered during the fall semester           presented to the entire class. Fitness testing will also
(1st and 2nd quarter) of the school year. It will be            take place in Wellness 11B. The health topics covered
offered to students that have completed the semester            will include substance abuse, human sexuality,
long Wellness 9/10 course. The course will combine              sexually transmitted infections, and environmental
the Learning Results and Standards of both health and           health issues.
physical education. The physical education activities
will consist of team sport activities, dual sport
activities, and individual sport activities. Fitness
testing will take place and students will be required to
develop a fitness plan based on the results of their
fitness tests. Student will also be asked to research a
sport activity and will submit a paper on the history of
the sport, how it has evolved, and the role of sports in
society. The health topics covered will include fitness
and exercise, nutrition principles (diseases and
disorders), mental health, stress, and decision making.
Wellness 11A will conclude with students having the
opportunity to become certified in First Aid and CPR.

                                                                 photographers and artists to acquire insight into

Visual Arts                                                      educational and career choices.

                                                                 Art II                                         1 credit
Fine Arts Introduction                         ½ credit          Prerequisite: Art I                      Grades 10-12
                                                                 As the course title suggests, the focus for this class is
Prerequisite: None                           Grades 9-12
                                                                 the advanced development of art skills. Students will
Introduction to Fine Art is a semester long exploration
                                                                 work in the areas of drawing, painting, printmaking,
of the basics of visual art. Students will study several
                                                                 graphic design, sculpture, and pottery.               An
vital periods in the history of art, outstanding examples
                                                                 independent study unit is expected from each student;
of art produced by major culture groups, the reasons
                                                                 the work will be presented to the rest of the class for
why humans make art, and what makes an artwork
                                                                 assessment. Portfolio preparation for those students
great. Students will also have the opportunity to
                                                                 planning to major in art after high school is also
research careers in the arts.
Art I                                          1 credit
Prerequisite: None                        Grades 9-12
This year long foundation art course is the prerequisite
for future art courses at SVHS. Students will develop
an understanding of the elements and principles of
design, understand and practice the proper use of tools
and materials, exhibit a sense of pride and
craftsmanship, and effectively communicate their
intended expressive content through a range of media.            Concert Choir                                  1 credit
                                                                 Prerequisite: Interest in Singing        Grades 9-12
Digital Photography                            ½ credit          Do you like to sing? That’s the only requirement to be
Prerequisite: None                        Grades 10-12           in the chorus. During the year, the chorus has two
Digital Photography class will involve students in a             concerts and will strive to perform in the local
wide variety of photographic and graphic arts projects           communities. The chorus sings serious choral music,
done using computers, digital cameras, and other                 as well as fun popular songs.
electronic media. Assignments will cover basic and
intermediate concepts in fine art, photography,                  Concert Band                                   1 credit
illustration, and design. Imagination, creativity, skill         Prerequisite: Band Exp./Inst. Rec.     Grades 9-12
development, and application will be prime aspects of            Do you play an instrument and are interested in
learning tasks. Can you imagine doing a multi-layered            playing with a group? Band is for you. During the
photographic image that combines self-expressive                 year, the band will participate in parades, sporting
aspects and puts them in relation to a social narrative?         events, and concerts. We play a variety of music,
How about creating an enhanced photographic image                work hard, and have a lot fun.
to illustrate a poem? These are just a few of the types
of projects that will be considered inside a context             Practice Lab                                   1 credit
that includes various aspects of personal, historical,           Prerequisite: Enrolled in Band/Ch.        Grades 9-12
and analytical approaches to art using digital media.            Don’t have the extra time after school to practice your
                                                                 band or chorus music? Would you like assistance
Digital Photography II                         ½ credit          preparing for the Honors Festival and/or All-State? If
Prerequisite: Photography               Grades 10-12             you answered yes to either of these questions, this
Photography II is an art department course offering for          course is for you. Students will spend class time
students wishing to extend their visual studies and              practicing while receiving individual assistance from
experience with photographic media.           Creative           the instructor.
problem solving, research, skill development, and
personal independence with photographic projects will
all be considered within the scope of learning
experiences here. Imagine designing a photographic
print for fabric such as making a T-shirt. Create
designs using photographic techniques that result in
unique art products. Other possible projects will
involve students learning from professional
Music Theory                                   ½ credit          activities, as participation will make up a major part of
Prerequisites: Musical Experience         Grades 9-12            each student’s grade.
If you are considering a career in music or just want to
learn more about why music works the way it does,                Advanced Acting                                ½ credit
Music Theory is the class for you. This class is for             Prerequisite: Acting I-A                Grades 10-12
students who have had other music classes or private             This is an intensive class for students interested in
lessons outside of school. We will use a college                 exploring theater as a possible life long pursuit.
theory textbook and work at an accelerated pace.                 Students will learn how to work with classical text and
                                                                 continue to develop their ability to access believable
Music Technology                               ½ credit          emotions and movements in their stage work.
Prerequisites: Basic Mus. Knowledge Grades 9-12
Would you like to expand your knowledge of                       Film                                           ½ credit
GarageBand? In this course, students will learn about            Prerequisite: None                         Grades 10-12
various musical forms, create compositions on                    Students in this intensive class will be interested in
GarageBand, and create music to accompany                        exploring film as a career. Students will write, direct,
preexisting music videos. Students will become                   and star in an original film genre of their choice. They
familiar with GarageBand, Finale NotePad, and                    will continue to develop their ability to access
iMovie during the course.                                        believable emotions and movements for the camera.

Stagecraft                                     ½ credit
Prerequisite: None                          Grades 9-12
This course will focus on the technical side of
theatrical production, offering an in-depth look at
design for theatre including set, lighting, and costume
design. In addition, students will learn about the
construction and painting of scenery and the principles
of safe and effective lighting. Students will be
expected to read and interpret plays from different
historical periods, develop designs, and assist in the
technical preparation of school plays.

Acting I-A: Character                          ½ credit
Prerequisite: None                          Grades 9-12
This performance-based class allows students to work
on deepening their understanding of the actor’s craft.
Students will focus on creating a believable character.
The course emphasizes the nature of theatre as a
collaborative art form with group work, and
encourages students to develop an ability to critique
theatrical performances. Students will be expected to
take an active part in classroom exercises and
activities, as participation will make up a major part of
each student’s grade.

Acting I-B: Improvisation                      ½ credit
Prerequisite: None                       Grades 9-12
This performance-based class allows students to work
on deepening their understanding of the actor’s craft.
For the first quarter, students will work through
exercises to understand how to tell engaging stories
through improvisation. During the second quarter,
students    will     explore     more     complicated
improvisational structures and develop original scripts
through improvisation. Students will be expected to
take an active part in classroom exercises and

                                                                   future success at college and becoming fluent in the

Modern/World                                                       Spanish language.

                                                                   Latin I                                         1 credit

Languages                                                          Prerequisite: None                             Grades 9-12
                                                                   Emphasis will be on continual oral and written drill
                                                                   exercises to reinforce the acquisition of basic Latin
                                                                   grammar and vocabulary, as well as to enable the
Spanish I                                        1 credit          student to read and translate fascinating stories from
Prerequisite: None                        Grades 9-12
                                                                   mythology and legend. Although Latin is not a
Students will develop the skills necessary for
                                                                   modern spoken language, it is a “living” language;
communication in a language spoken across the globe.
                                                                   ergo, there is a heavy emphasis on both Latin roots and
Daily oral (speaking and listening) and written
                                                                   English derivative vocabulary building. The study of
(reading and writing) exercises will develop skills that
                                                                   Latin benefits the student in many ways: a better
can be used in real-life situations. Early emphasis on
                                                                   mastery of the English language, in both grammar and
pronunciation enables students to pronounce new
                                                                   vocabulary (improved SAT/college board scores!), a
words on sight. The study of the cultures of both
                                                                   means towards more logical thinking and organized
Spain and Mexico throughout the year raises student
                                                                   study, and a greater appreciation of the foundations of
awareness of the interconnectedness of cultures and
                                                                   Western civilization through Rome’s contributions to
enhances student appreciation of multiculturalism.
                                                                   art, literature, architecture, politics, and government.
Spanish II                                       1 credit          Latin II                                        1 credit
Prerequisite: Spanish I                     Grades 10-12
                                                                   Prerequisite: Latin I                   Grades 10-12
Second-year Spanish students will continue to develop
                                                                   Second-year Latin students will first complete an
the skills necessary for communication, building on
                                                                   extensive review of grammar learned in the first year.
the material learned in Spanish I. Early emphasis on
                                                                   They will then proceed to study intermediate Latin
verb structures enables students to express themselves
                                                                   grammar and to build more vocabulary. The course is
in a wider variety of ways, in both oral and written
                                                                   rounded out with an in-depth study of English word
language. Daily oral and written exercises continue to
                                                                   building, based on analysis and decoding of Latin
provide students with the opportunity to use their skills
                                                                   roots, prefixes and suffixes. Emphasis will also be
in real-life situations. Fifty percent of the class will be
                                                                   placed on modern medical and legal uses of Latin.
conducted in the Spanish language.
                                                                   Translation work and cultural study will focus on
                                                                   historical heroes or villains of Rome as well as the
Spanish III                                      1 credit          expansion of Roman power from Romulus and the
Prerequisite: Spanish II                 Grades 11-12              seven kings through the Republic to the early Empire.
The Spanish III class is conducted predominately in                Completion of this course provides the minimum
Spanish. Students will apply daily basic skills learned            college admissions requirements for language study,
in the first two years, as well as improve oral fluency.           although not all of the standards for the Maine State
This course especially targets person-to-person                    Parameters for Essential Learning.
communication. Students will expand vocabulary and
explore Hispanic culture through reading and
discussion of short passages, as well as oral and
                                                                   Latin III                                       1 credit
written presentations. The Spanish III student will                Prerequisite: Latin II                Grades 11-12
                                                                   The third-year in Latin offers an intellectually
move towards a more sophisticated level of
                                                                   stimulating, challenging, and enjoyable program,
communication and understanding of cross-cultural
                                                                   which rewards students who have worked diligently
connections and comparisons.
                                                                   and persevered through the demands of the first two
                                                                   years’ foundations of grammar. Course work often
Spanish IV                                       1 credit          takes the form of discussions, team projects and/or
Prerequisite: Spanish III              Grades 11-12                independent research, with a focus on Greek, as well
The fourth-year of Spanish is conducted in complete
                                                                   as Roman, culture and history. Another important
immersion of the Spanish language. The class will
                                                                   objective of the course is an ongoing study of
focus on communication and conversation amongst
                                                                   etymology (English word-building), as well as further
one another. The students will be reading a novel in
                                                                   study of mythology, and a comparative (Greek versus
Spanish, and will engage in more in depth
                                                                   Roman) literature/history survey.
compositions on various topics. Enrollment in and
completion of Spanish IV will prepare the student for
Latin IV                                      1 credit          Exam in May is encouraged but not required.) The
Prerequisite: Latin III                       Grade 12          corpus of the AP selections is rigorous in both quantity
The fourth-year Latin program is designed to be                 and quality, requiring the student to be self-disciplined
similar to a college seminar class, including extensive         and committed in order to complete the translation
translation of excerpts from a survey of Latin authors;         syllabus and study. The course expects consistent
discussion and analysis of Roman politics, literary             progress, weekly consultations with the instructor, and
style, etc.; frequent writing in the form of the three-         biweekly essays and tests according to specific
point essay, in English; and considerable self-                 guidelines listed on the course outline.
responsibility for assignments. The course, as a
whole, includes some AP authors and provides a                  French I                                         1 credit
rigorous AP-caliber program; however, it does not               Prerequisite: None                         Grades 9-12
carry AP credit per se due to the emphasis on a variety         Students of French I will develop the skills necessary
of topics, or when Latin IV is scheduled concurrently           for communication in a language spoken on 5
with AP Latin, due to a moderated expectation for               continents and in 43 countries. Communication,
quantity of translation. An advanced etymology                  expressing oneself in a way that is clearly understood,
project in the first semester and a literary research           is more than just learning vocabulary and grammar,
project in the second semester expands the Latin IV             and requires practice. Daily oral (speaking and
student’s global mastery. The SAT II achievement test           listening) and written (reading and writing) exercises
in Latin is encouraged. Enrollment in and completion            provide students with the opportunity to use what they
of the fourth year of Latin prepares the student for            have learned in real life situations. Early emphasis on
significant academic success at college and is therefore        pronunciation enables students to pronounce new
highly valued by college admissions personnel.                  words on sight. Connections to English provide
                                                                students with a better understanding of the English
AP Latin – Vergil                             1 credit          language, in both grammar and vocabulary, and raise
Prerequisite: Latin III                    Grades 11-12         student awareness of the patterns among language
Advanced Placement Latin offers an extensive and                systems. Culture studies throughout the year of
rigorous study of all required passages for Vergil’s            France, Canada, and the United States, including the
Aeneid, as well as a preliminary reading in English of          Franco-American communities in Maine, allow
the entire Aeneid epic. Conducted in a college                  students to make comparisons, but also raise
seminar style, the AP Latin course requires a                   awareness of cultures and enhance appreciation of
prodigious commitment and work ethic (1,856 lines!),            multiculturalism.
extensive translation, discussion, analysis, and
appreciation of the literary epic. Films, PowerPoint            French II                                        1 credit
slideshows, and excerpts from other literature augment          Prerequisite: French I                     Grades 10-12
the students’ overall comprehension of the political,           Second -year French students will continue to develop
historical, cultural, and social aspects of the Augustan        the essential skills for communication, building on the
world. A comparative study of Greco-Roman history               material learned in French I. Early emphasis on verb
and literary developments, as well as extensive work            structures and descriptions enable students to express
in vocabulary and etymology round out the syllabus.             themselves in a wider variety of ways, in both oral and
After the AP exam has been taken, each student,                 written language. Extensive work regarding the house,
unless a senior, shall engage in a research project that        tourist attractions, directions, food and daily activities,
focuses on an ancient author and literary work, to be           prepares students for basic survival in any French-
completed by the final class.                                   speaking country or community. Daily oral and
                                                                written exercises continue to provide students with the
Latin V                                       1 credit          opportunity to use what they have learned in real life
Prerequisites: Latin III-IV                   Grade 12          situations. Students begin to read French texts and
Latin V independent study in Latin Literature offers            write compositions in French. More connections to
the motivated and accelerated Latin student the                 the English language contribute to student awareness
opportunity to study the author(s) of his/her choice by         of their own language, as well as the patterns among
following the Advanced Placement literary                       the language systems. More in depth culture studies
curriculum. Choices include: Vergil or Catullus with            of France and other French-speaking countries expand
either Ovid or Cicero, although students are                    cultural comparisons and student awareness of the
encouraged to tailor their translation work to an               interconnectedness of cultures and appreciation of
interdisciplinary interest, such as modern politics or          multiculturalism. Students at this level may begin to
ancient art, culminating in a research portfolio                work with children at the South Hiram Elementary
presentation during the last class. (Taking the AP
School and/or Sacopee Valley Middle School,                     AP French                                       1 credit
discovering how to teach what they have learned.                Prerequisite: French IV                         Grade 12
                                                                The AP French class continues to be conducted
French III                                    1 credit          entirely in French, and is the equivalent of a third year
Prerequisite: French II                   Grades 11-12          college course. The thematic course content is adapted
The French III class is conducted entirely in French,           on a yearly basis to fit the interests and meet the needs
allowing students to apply the basic survival skills            of students enrolled in the class. Students at this level
learned in the first two years. Students learn to               have completed their study of French grammar and are
communicate orally on a daily basis, discussing their           now reviewing and reinforcing grammatical
lives in verbal and written forms, with grammatical             knowledge. AP students are expected to speak French
emphasis on the past tense. Continued studies of                in class at all times, building vocabulary as well as
descriptive phrases and slang allow students to more            circumlocution strategies. Students increase their
accurately express themselves. Students read short              listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and
stories and articles, and write more extensive                  practice using these skills in a variety of activities and
compositions. Expanded vocabulary related to French             disciplines.    Students further develop their oral
cuisine, automobiles and driving provide students with          communication and presentation skills by engaging
more opportunities for cultural comparisons and                 in more in depth discussions and through monthly
connections, as well as further access to French-               presentations on topics of choice. Students improve
speaking communities around the world. Through                  their written communication skills by writing more
research, students learn more about the culture of              in depth compositions including defending opinions
France through its history, regions and connections to          regarding various topics. Students expand their
other European countries and other parts of the world.          reading skills by reading plays, poems, newspaper
Students may have the opportunity to share what they            articles, magazines, novels and/or literary selections
have learned with children at South Hiram Elementary            from the Middle Ages to the present. More in depth
School using a variety of learning activities.                  culture studies of Francophone countries and
                                                                communities expand cultural connections and
French IV                                     1 credit          comparisons and continue to raise student awareness
Prerequisite: French III                       Grade 12         of the interconnectedness of cultures and an
The fourth-year French class continues to be                    appreciation of multiculturalism. Students at this level
conducted entirely in French, further developing                are encouraged to take Level 5 of the National French
students oral communication skills. The course                  Exam, sponsored by the American Association of
varies yearly to fit the interests and meet the needs of        Teachers of French and are expected to take the AP
students. Students complete their study of French               French Exam, sponsored by the College Board.
grammar, including all regularly used verb tenses, and          Opportunities exist for students to work more regularly
are able to engage in more in depth discussions and to          with children at the local elementary and middle
write more in depth compositions, improving written             school, teaching what they have already learned.
communication skills. Students expand their reading
skills by reading plays, poems, newspaper articles,
                                                                English for Speakers of Other Lang.             1 credit
magazines, novels and/or literary selections from the
                                                                Prerequisite: Instructor Decision        Grades 9-12
Middle Ages to the present, and are able to make
                                                                This course is open to beginning through intermediate
cultural comparisons and connections with French-
                                                                bilingual students who are developing English
speaking communities around the world. Fourth-year
                                                                Language Skills (proficiency levels 1 – 4). Students
French students will also study more of the history,
                                                                will have individual goals based on their level of
government, and/or the arts of French and/or other
                                                                language proficiency. They will study the domains of
French-speaking countries, further enhancing their
                                                                speaking, listening, reading and writing English as
understanding of the interconnectedness of cultures
                                                                well as American culture and English literary heritage.
and appreciation of multiculturalism. Students at this
                                                                This course may be repeated at different levels of
level are encouraged to take the National French
                                                                English language proficiency. Permission of instructor
Exam, sponsored by the American Association of
                                                                is required to enroll in this course.
Teachers of French. Opportunities exist for students to
work with children at the South Hiram Elementary
School and/or Sacopee Valley Middle School.

                                                                  process of learning how industries function.

Career                                                            Technological Learning Activities will be explored
                                                                  using drafting, mass production, energy and
                                                                  transportation, wood and metalworking, and a variety

Preparation                                                       of related areas. Completion of this course will qualify
                                                                  students for all other technology education electives.

                                                                  Welding I                                      1 credit
Virtual High School (VHS)                       1 credit          Prerequisite: Intro to Tech.            Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: Application                Grades 9-12
                                                                  This is a hands-on course designed to expose students
Virtual High School is an online program that provides
                                                                  to a variety of welding applications used by industry
students with the opportunity to take a variety of
                                                                  today. Students will weld using gas torches, arc mig,
courses not offered at SVHS. Classes available
                                                                  and tig welding equipment. Students will adhere to all
include    Advanced       Placement,    Pre-Advanced
                                                                  safety regulations and precautions when using various
Placement, and many elective options. Students need
                                                                  welding techniques. Cutting torches and a plasma
to complete an application process with the VHS
                                                                  cutter will be used to prepare metal for welding.
Coordinator in order to enroll.
                                                                  Monthly trips to SMCC’s Welding program will
                                                                  provide expert industrial instruction and training for
School Publications                   1 elective credit           each student performing various welds. Students will
Prerequisite: None                        Grades 11-12
                                                                  acquire and apply skills/concepts required to balance
The fall semester will focus on the yearbook. The
                                                                  personal,      family,   community       and     work
spring semester will focus on journalism, including the
high school and district newspaper that is published in
the local Shoppers Guide. The Yearbook class will
rely heavily upon self-motivation. Students will learn
                                                                  Welding II                                     1 credit
detailed layout designs, business writing, book                   Prerequisite: Welding I                 Grades 11-12
                                                                  This course is designed to further students welding
keeping, photography, graphic design, and ad
                                                                  skills obtained in Welding Level 1. This course will
solicitation. Students are responsible for producing a
                                                                  expose students to a variety of welding applications
high quality yearbook that captures the memories and
                                                                  used by industry today. Students will adhere to all
times of the year. The spring semester will cover
                                                                  safety regulations and precautions when using various
journalism and all its elements. Students will actively
                                                                  welding techniques. Cutting torches and a plasma
partake in writing news articles throughout the district
                                                                  cutter will be used to prepare metal for welding.
and community to submit to the district wide news
                                                                  Monthly trips to SMCC’s Welding program will
edition in the Shoppers Guide once a month. Students
                                                                  provide expert industrial instruction and training for
must adhere to a strict deadline schedule.
                                                                  each student performing various welds.
Tech Design                                    ½ credit
Prerequisite: None                          Grades 9-10           Welding III                                    1 credit
This is an introductory course designed to help                   Prerequisite: Welding II                   Grade 12
students continue their exploration of technology.                This course is designed to further students welding
This course will integrate problem solving, basic                 skills obtained in Welding Level 1 and 2. This course
design, and machining skills. Many principles of                  will expose students to a variety of welding
designing, planning, and fabrication will be studied as           applications used by industry today. Students will
part of the process of learning how industries function.          weld using gas torches, arc mig, and tig welding
Students will create projects in wood, stained glass,             equipment.      Students will adhere to all safety
silkscreen, graphic design, ceramics, and hydraulics.             regulations and precautions when using various
Students will learn and observe all safety rules.                 welding techniques. Cutting torches and a plasma
                                                                  cutter will be used to prepare metal for welding.
Introduction to Technology                      1 credit          Previous welding and fabrication skills will be
Prerequisite: None                          Grades 9-12           expanded in this course. Monthly trips to SMCC’s
This is an introductory hands-on course designed to               Welding program will provide expert industrial
expose students to various problem-solving challenges             instruction and training for each student performing
using a wide variety of technologies. Students will               various welds. Students will have an opportunity to
learn the safe use of hand and machine tools.                     complete a third welding college credit from the
Principles of designing, planning, fabrication,                   SMCC.
finishing, and distribution will be studied as part of the
                                                                 Computer Programming                           1 credit
AutoCADD I & II                                1 credit          Prerequisite: None                          Grades 9-12
Prerequisite: Algebra I                   Grades 10-12           This class is an introduction to the world of computers.
This course will serve as an introduction to the field of        Not only will we learn to program in more than one
computer aided drafting and design (CADD). The                   computer language, but also we will use canned
students will work extensively on computers to                   programs. These canned or application programs will
produce many mechanical, architectural, and                      include spreadsheet, painting, web design, and
individualized drawings using AutoCADD 2000                      animating. During the course year, we will see many
software and printers as they are used in industry.              applications of computers in our everyday life.
This course is highly recommended for any student
planning to attend a technical college or enter an               Junior ROTC                                    1 credit
engineering field. It is also possible for students who          Prerequisite: None                         Grades 9-12
successfully complete this course to receive college             The mission of the Junior Reserve Officer Training
credit from SMCC.                                                Corps program is to motivate young men and women
                                                                 become better students, productive members of their
Jobs for Maine Graduates                       1 credit          community, and above all, better citizens. The
Prerequisite: None                        Grades 10-12           program emphasizes character education, leadership,
J.M.G. seeks to provide students with the motivation             communication, diversity, personal skill development,
and skills to stay in school, graduate, and explore              citizenship, history, physical fitness, substance abuse
career opportunities. The course involves leadership             education, and teamwork. Extracurricular activities
training, volunteer community service, team building,            include Drill Team, Color Guard, Raider Team
and self-esteem development. J.M.G. serves both                  (orienteering), Marksmanship Team, Academic Team,
college bound and non-college bound students. There              Leadership Team, and Summer Camp.
are field trips and guest speakers throughout the school
year. In addition, contact with students is made during          The Real World                                 ½ credit
the summer and outings are planned.                              Prerequisite: None                         Grades 11-12
                                                                 It’s time to move out of your parents’ house; you can’t
Video Production                               1 credit          live there forever. If you want to go out on your own,
Prerequisite: None                         Grades 9-12           this class is for you. In this course, you will learn how
This introductory course into video production will              to buy or rent a home, get a job, balance a checkbook,
introduce the student to all aspects of working with             buy a vehicle, obtain insurance, and use credit wisely.
video in shooting, developing storyboards, editing and           You will learn to navigate the basics of the kitchen, as
finishing segments for production. Students will work            well as an automobile, along with other practical skills
in teams and work individually in exciting projects              that go with being on your own. If your future plans
that can be broadcast on TV2, or for their own projects          involve independent living, you should take this class.
in and outside of school. Video production students
must master this course and the skills associated with           Personal Finances                              ½ credit
this course in order to move into TV2 production.                Prerequisite: None                       Grades 10-12
Work outside of the classroom is required.                       This course will educate high school students about
                                                                 sound money management skills and the financial
TV2 Production                                 1 credit          planning process, and help teens begin to develop
Prerequisite: Video Production           Grades 10-12            positive behaviors that are necessary to attaining
This course is designed to give students the                     financial maturity and achieving a secure future. The
opportunity to master their video production skills and          course is sponsored by The National Endowment for
incorporate other abilities into creating mid-grade to           Financial Education (NEFE) and other institutions.
professional grade video segments for broadcast on               Students will learn about the financial planning
TV2, such as news shows, documentaries, sports                   process, budgets, balancing checking and credit
coverage, community and nature explorations, and                 accounts, responsibility of credit, the importance of
entertainment specials. The goal of all programming              planning a secure financial future, and how to achieve
is to provide a communication link between the                   this. We will show students different methods to help
schools, community, sports programs, and citizens of             finance college and apply for FAFSA loans. The
each town. Work time outside of the class is required.           course is offered with priority to JROTC sophomores,
Students will be paid for their time video recording             sophomores, and then all others.
segments and will work as official TV2 personalities.

                                                                Microsoft Office XP                          ½ credit
Lake Region                                                     Prerequisite: None                    Grades 11-12
                                                                This one-semester course introduces students to the
                                                                Microsoft Office XP suite of programs and initiates

Vocational                                                      the user to word processing, spreadsheets, and
                                                                presentation software. These skills build the
                                                                foundation of more advanced Office XP classes. The

Program                                                         software programs emphasized are Word, Excel, and

                                                                Money Matters                                 1 credit
Lake Region programs are open to 11th and                       Prerequisite: None                    Grades 11-12
12th grade students. Students who choose to                     This course will explore personal and consumer
attend Lake Region Vocational Center may                        financial information that applies to the roles of
fulfill some of their core course requirements                  citizens, workers, and consumers in an international
through successful completion of their                          economy. It will develop the skills needed to make
vocational program. All ¼, ½, and 1 credit                      sound money decisions. Topics will include
                                                                purchasing, credit, banking, insurance, taxes,
courses described below are taken as part of a
                                                                investing, funding your first car and apartment,
full 3 credit program.                                          economics, and careers.
Automotive Technology I                      3 credits          Spreadsheet Applications – Excel             ¼ credit
Prerequisite: None                         Grade 11             Prerequisite: None                       Grades 11-12
The program concentrates on the "mechanical" phase              This course is designed to introduce the student to
of the course covering shop orientation and safety,             spreadsheet design and use. Students will explore
steering and suspension systems, two and four wheel             spreadsheet software including financial applications,
alignment, conventional and anti-lock brake systems,            basic database storage, and grade averaging.
drive train, and engine diagnosis and rebuilding. All
instruction and curriculum are derived from ASE,                Small Business Management                    ½ credit
state, and industry standards.                                  Prerequisite: None                      Grades 11-12
                                                                This course is a general introduction to the principles
Automotive Technology II                     3 credits          and problems of management. The focus will be on the
Prerequisite: Auto Tech I                    Grade 12           activities and skills involved in the managerial role.
Learning is centered on the more technical including            The following aspects will be covered; the business
basic electricity, starting and charging systems tune-          environment and ownership, information and
up, fuel systems, emission control systems, computer            communication systems, production and marketing
controls, drivability diagnosis, and troubleshooting            management, financial management, human resources
techniques. Seniors will participate in the Skills USA          management, and ethical and legal responsibilities.
and Ford/AAA competitions, as well as take their State
of Maine Inspection License exam given on site by the
                                                                Database – Access                            ¼ credit
Maine State Police.
                                                                Prerequisite: None                     Grades 11-12
                                                                This course is designed to introduce the student to
Accounting I                                   1 credit         database usage, management, and design. These will
Prerequisite: None                       Grades 11-12           include data storage and retrieval, creating business
Accounting I is designed to present the introductory            reports using stored data such as a mail merge, and
phases of Accounting for a sole-proprietorship and              sorting, querying, and managing data.
partnership. Preparation and interpretation of
accounting journals, ledgers, and financial statements          Automated Accounting                          1 credit
are stressed. Units on payroll, state and federal taxes,        Prerequisite: Accounting I              Grades 11-12
and reconciling bank statements are introduced to aid           The student will use the knowledge acquired in
the student in utilizing accounting in their personal           Accounting I through hands-on application of
life.                                                           accounting skills using the computer. All aspects of
                                                                accounting from a service business to corporation will
                                                                be covered. Topics will include: financial statements,
                                                                payroll, and inventory.

Computer Applications for College               ¼ credit           Construction Technology II                   3 credits
Prerequisite: None                          Grades 11-12           Prerequisite: Construction I                 Grade 12
This course is designed to introduce the student to the            Students will be involved in the construction of
most commonly used styles of documents that they                   structures in and out of the shop or on an actual
will encounter in college. These will include business             building site, many of which are community projects.
letters, cover letters and letters of introduction, essays,        Students will have opportunities to specialize in finish
reports, memos, college applications, and financial                work projects such as cabinet and stair construction.
applications.                                                      This program will lead directly to employment, post-
                                                                   secondary education, or training.
Desktop Publishing – Publisher                  ¼ credit
Prerequisite: None                       Grades 11-12              Culinary Arts I                              3 credits
This course is designed to introduce the student to the            Prerequisite: None                          Grade 11
most up-to-date, innovative methods of electronic                  This course will provide basic entry-level skills and
publishing using Microsoft Publisher. Students will                preparation techniques utilized in the food service
learn the fundamentals of electronic publishing                    industry. The first year program will introduce the
including layout, text editing, graphics, manipulating,            student to: baking, menu planning, intro to table
and printing.                                                      service, kitchen safety and sanitation, knife skills,
                                                                   classical/modern ethnic cooking, cake decorating,
Presentations - PowerPoint                      ¼ credit           portion control/food costs, vegetable side dishes,
Prerequisite: None                       Grades 11-12              weights and measurements, cakes, pies, and tarts.
This course is designed for those students who want to
create PowerPoint Presentations using a personal                   Culinary Arts II                             3 credits
computer. Students will learn how to use the most                  Prerequisite: Culinary Arts I               Grade 12
commonly used features of the software to create a                 The second year will emphasize food production,
presentation using wizards and templates.                          ethnic cuisine, culinary presentation, teamwork, menu
                                                                   planning/design, and food service operations. Students
Web Page Design – FrontPage                     ¼ credit           will operate and manage a restaurant and catering
Prerequisite: None                       Grades 11-12              company. Lab work includes the advanced food
This course is designed for those students who want to             preparation including: grand sauces and soups,
create a web page using a personal computer. Using                 banquet/institutional/a la carte foods, advanced
FrontPage and the latest equipment, students will learn            cooking methods, breakfast cooking, specialty salads
how to incorporate color, graphics, tables, frames, and            and dressings, advanced table service, advanced
forms into a web site.                                             pastries/ice creams, garde-manger, serve safe
                                                                   certification, sandwiches, and pizzas.
Business Office Technology I & II              3 credits
Prerequisite: None                       Grades 11-12              Diversified Occupations I                    3 credits
Business Office Technology is a hands-on lab, using                Prerequisite: None                          Grades 9-10
state-of-the-art business equipment that acquaints the             The Diversified Occupations Program is designed to
student with the business office environment. The                  prepare students to enter competitive employment
student will develop and refine skills in written and              upon graduation. During grades 9 and 10, all students
verbal communications, computer, Internet, and                     receive instruction in the five core curriculum areas of
other business machines applications. Stress will be               food service, retail occupations, worker orientation,
put on business management, organization skills,                   production, and horticulture. Additionally, staff and
critical thinking, human relations, business ethics, and           students participate in supervised crew work within the
team building.                                                     school and community. To best meet individual needs
                                                                   and abilities, students will be placed on training
Construction Technology I                       3 credits          apprenticeships with local employers.
Prerequisite: None                            Grade 11
The program consists of development of tool and                    Diversified Occupations II                   3 credits
machine skills and the basic fundamentals of                       Prerequisite: None                    Grade 11-12
construction with emphasis on energy efficient                     During the 11th and 12th grade years, the program
building techniques. Practical application will be done            focuses on the development of those skills necessary
generally on in-shop projects. Math applications will              for competitive employment after graduation.
be used to develop material lists, measuring, estimates,           Students participate in both paid and unpaid work
etc., while building strong work ethic by working in               placements in the community, which develop
teams.                                                             employment skills, work attitudes, and behaviors
necessary to find and maintain paid job placements.             the AutoCAD and architectural desktop software.
Supportive services to employer and employee are                Students work on individual and group projects, thus
provided on the job or within the classroom setting.            developing cooperation skills, communication skills,
Work agreements between the school, students,                   and overall "people" skills. The focus of this course is
parents, and employer, on-site job supervision, and             primarily architectural drafting, including all related
quarterly evaluations serve to provide accountability to        areas necessary to provide a complete set of working
all parties.                                                    drawings. Students are involved with appropriate "live
                                                                job" experience when available. All students prepare a
Diversified Occ. Math I & II                  1 credit          portfolio.
Prerequisite: None                       Grades 9-10
All students in the Diversified Occupations Program             Health Occupations                           3 credits
will be enrolled in an individualized math program.             Prerequisite: None                        Grades 11-12
This program will be based on an informal assessment            This program offers a diversified selection of topics
(pre-test) in order to provide an appropriate program           and provides the knowledge base for Health
for each student. The standards-based curriculum will           Occupations with a focus on the Certified Nurses
include the use of textbooks, teacher-made packets and          Assistant curriculum. Anyone wishing to explore the
tests, and comprehensive multi-media academic                   health or medical fields should sign up for CNA.
software.                                                       Sitting for the state CNA exam and earning
                                                                certification is the ultimate goal. This course focuses
Drafting and Design I                        3 credits          on the legal/ethical aspects of health care, safety/fire
Prerequisite: None                          Grade 11            prevention, job maintenance skills, communication
The student develops basic drawing skills on the                with the patient, caring for the patient’s personal
drafting boards as well as on the computers utilizing           wellness, observation, reporting, documentation,
the AutoCAD, Inventor, and VIZ software. The focus              introduction to anatomy and physiology, CPR training,
of this course is primarily technical drafting which            and care of patients.
includes the following topics: Geometric Construction,
Solid modeling, Orthographic views, Threads &                   Pre-Apprenticeship Program                   3 credits
fasteners, Pictorials, Gears & cams, Dimensioning,              Prerequisite: Application               Grades 11-12
Assembly drawings, Sectioning, Tolerances, Auxiliary            The student will work on-the-job learning a new trade,
Views, Geometric Tolerances, 3-Dimensional                      earn credit toward a high school diploma, earn college
Drawing, and Technical Illustration.                            credit, and be paid for the experience. Skilled craft
                                                                workers at a licensed apprentice site do the training
Drafting and Design II                       3 credits          on-the-job. Each student and worksite is coordinated
Prerequisite: Drafting and Design I        Grade 12             on an individual basis. Occupations a student may
The student continues to develop drafting skills and            choose from include: auto mechanic, child care
applies them to more complicated drawings on the                worker,       plumber,      and      boat     builder.
drafting boards, as well as on the computers utilizing