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CALL #    (FORMAT) TITLE                                 DATE   DESCRIPTION
V         (Video)   20TH CENTURY ART AT THE              1987   Part 1:1900-1940--Bonnard,              1 hr
709.040             METROPOLITAN MUSEUM , THE                   Picasso, Kandinsky, Matisse, Stuart
T918                LILA ACHESON WALLACE WING                   Davis, Klee & Georgia O‟Keefe. Part
                                                                2:1940-present--Pollock, Kooning,
                                                                Still, Rauschenberg, & others.

V         (Video)   ACCELERATED LEARNING                 1996   Learn anything faster & easier by       1 hr
153.1               TECHNIQUES IN ACTION                        using a proven six-step process.

V         (Video)   ADOLESCENT PERSONALITY               1977   Discusses the growing years-           29 min
612.661             DEVELOPMENT                                 developing independence, the
Ad72                                                            “super-ego” etc…

V         (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE             1989   Pt.1– Overview of statistics. Pt.2–     Pt.1:
519.5               STATISTICS:                                 Constructing stem plots, frequency     29 min
Al45                # 1 WHAT IS STATISTICS                      tables, histograms & understand the
01/02               # 2 PICTURING DISTRIBUTIONS                 importance of pattern deviations        Pt.2:
                                                                etc…                                   29 min

V         (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE             1989   Pt.3- Examines differences between      Pt.3:
519.5               STATISTICS:                                 mean/median, explains quartiles,       29 min
Al45                # 3 DESCRIBING DISTRIBUTIONS                box plots...Pt.4– Progression from a    Pt.4:
03/04               # 4 NORMAL DISTRIBUTIONS                    histogram to a single normal curve     29 min
                                                                for standardized measurement.

V         (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE             1989   Pt.5- Vehicle emission & medical        Pt.5:
519.5               STATISTICS:                                 studies/examples of normal calc.       29 min
Al45                # 5 NORMAL CALCULATIONS                     Pt.6– How stats can help identify       Pt.6:
05/06               # 6 TIME SERIES                             patterns, answering questions          29 min
                                                                about stability/change.

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V       (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE       1989   Pt.7– Linear growth, review of            Pt.7:
519.5             STATISTICS:                           geometry of straight lines, least        29 min
Al45              # 7 MODELS FOR GROWTH                 squares idea; etc. Pt.8– Scatter          Pt.8:
07/08             # 8 DESCRIBING RELATIONSHIPS          plots, linear relationships, least       29 min
                                                        squares regression lines, etc.

V       (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE       1989   Pt.9- How to derive the correlation       Pt.9:
519.5             STATISTICS:                           coefficient & how to interpret it.       29 min
Al45              # 9 CORRELATION                       Pt.10– Recaps presentation of data       Pt.10:
09/10             #10 MULTIDIMENSIONAL DATA             analysis showing the use of              29 min
                                                        computing technology, etc.

V       (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE       1989   Pt.11– Causation; relationships;         Pt.11:
519.5             STATISTICS:                           Simpson‟s paradox. Pt.12–                29 min
Al45              #11 THE QUESTION OF                   Observational studies &                  Pt.12:
11/12             CAUSATION                             experiments; comparison,                 29 min
                  #12 EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN               randomization, & replication.

V       (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE       1989   Pt.13- Random sampling; single-          Pt.13:
519.5             STATISTICS:                           factor/multi-factor experiments          29 min
Al45              #13 BLOCKING AND SAMPLING             Pt.14– Stratified random sampling;       Pt.14:
13/14             #14 SAMPLES AND SURVEYS               a survey is designed to ensure           29 min
                                                        randomness & avoid bias.

V       (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE       1989   Pt.15- Deterministic & random            Pt.15:
519.5             STATISTICS:                           phenomena; sample space, events,         29 min
Al45              #15 WHAT IS PROBABILITY?              outcome, probability models. Pt.16-      Pt.16:
15/16             #16 RANDOM VARIABLES                  Independence; multiplication rule        29 min
                                                        for independent events; etc.

V       (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE       1989   Pt.17- How to calculate the mean &       Pt.17:
519.5             STATISTICS:                           standard deviation of binomial           29 min
Al45              #17 BINOMIAL DISTRIBUTIONS            distributions. Pt.18– Central limit      Pt.18:
17/18             #18 THE SAMPLE MEAN AND               theorem, control chart monitoring        29 min
                  CONTROL CHARTS                        of random variation, etc.

V       (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE       1989   Pt.19- The interval & the confidence     Pt.19:
519.5             STATISTICS:                           level; “z” intervals. Pt.20-             29 min
Al45              #19 CONFIDENCE INTERVALS              Significance tests; null & alternative   Pt.20:
19/20             #20 SIGNIFICANCE TESTS                hypothesis & P-values.                   29 min

V       (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE       1989   Pt.21- Population mean; paired           Pt.21:
519.5             STATISTICS:                           samples; “t ” confidence interval.       29 min
Al45              #21 INFERENCE FOR ONE MEAN            Pt.22- two-sample problem; two-          Pt.22:
21/22             #22 COMPARING TWO MEANS               sample “t” test with conservative        29 min
                                                        degrees of freedom.

                                             Page 2                   Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE        1989   Pt.23- Confidence intervals & tests     Pt.23:
519.5                STATISTICS:                            for a single proportion & for           29 min
Al45                 #23 INFERENCE FOR                      comparing proportions Pt.24- Two-       Pt.24:
23/24                PROPORTIONS                            way table & the chi-square test         29 min
                     #24 INFERENCE FOR TWO-WAY

V          (Video)   AGAINST ALL ODDS: INSIDE        1989   Pt.25- Inference; linear regression;    Pt.25:
519.5                STATISTICS:                            slope & prediction.Pt.26- Statistical   29 min
Al45                 #25 INFERENCE FOR                      principles come together in a case      Pt.26:
25/26                RELATIONSHIPS                          study.                                  29 min
                     #26 CASE STUDY

V          (Video)   AMERICAN STEPFAMILY             1992   Problems of conflicting loyalties,      26 min
306.874                                                     rivalries, dealing with former
Am35a                                                       spouses & three categories of kids-
                                                            his, hers, & theirs.

V          (Video)   ANSWERED PRAYERS?:              1998   Discusses the efficacy of prayer as a   25 min
291.43               INVESTIGATING THE HEALING              complimentary therapy for healing
An82                 POWER OF PRAYER                        with doctors & people outside the
                                                            medical profession.

V          (Video)   ANXIETY: COGNITIVE THERAPY      1986   Cognitive therapy used to treat         44 min
157.3                WITH DR. AARON T. BECK                 anxiety.

V          (Video)   ART OF INTEGRATIVE              1996   Watch 6 months of sessions of            1 hr
616.8914             COUNSELING AND                         therapy to gain an understanding of     4 min
Ar75a                PSYCHOTHERAPY, PT. 1:                  how to achieve an integrative
pt.1                 TECHNIQUES IN ACTION                   approach to counseling & therapy.

V          (Video)   ART OF INTEGRATIVE              1996   Challenges that face every              30 min
616.8914             COUNSELING AND                         counselor (such as resistance,
Ar75a                PSYCHOTHERAPY, PT. 2:                  transference, & counter-
pt.2                 CHALLENGES FOR THE                     transference) & includes comments
                     COUNSELOR                              from other therapists.

V          (Video)   ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD,       1989   Part 1: Ancient Greece & the organs      1 hr
709.02               PROGRAM 1:                             of humanism. Part 2: Roman
Ar75a                THE CLASSICAL IDEAL                    Engineering, architecture & portrait
#1                                                          sculpture.

                                                 Page 3                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V        (Video)   ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD,     1989   Part 1: Romanesque architecture &      1 hr
709.02             PROGRAM 2:                           sculpture. Part 2: Gothic
Ar75a              A WHITE GARMENT OF                   architecture.
#2                 CHURCHES

V        (Video)   ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD,     1989   Part 1: The Renaissance in Italy-      1 hr
709.02             PROGRAM 3:                           Brunelleschi, Masaccio, Ghiberti, &
Ar75a              THE EARLY RENAISSANCE                Boticelli. Part 2: Flemish masters
#3                                                      including Van Eyck, & Grunewald.

V        (Video)   ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD,     1989   Part 1: DaVinci, Michelangelo, &       1 hr
709.02             PROGRAM 4:                           Raphael. Part 2: Tinotoretto, Titian
Ar75a              THE HIGH RENAISSANCE                 & Palladio.

V        (Video)   ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD,     1989   Part 1: Caravaggio & Bernini Part 2:   1 hr
709.03             PROGRAM 5:                           Velazquez & Rembrandt
Ar75a              REALMS OF LIGHT, THE
#5                 BAROQUE

V        (Video)   ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD,     1989   Part 1: Rococo style & Rationalism     1 hr
709.03             PROGRAM 6:                           Part 2: Romantic painters Goya,
Ar75a              AN AGE OF REASON, AN AGE OF          Gericault & Delacroix
#6                 PASSION

V        (Video)   ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD,     1989   Part 1: Courbet & Manet. Part 2:       1 hr
709.03             PROGRAM 7:                           Post-impressionists Seurat, Van
Ar75a              A FRESH VIEW, IMPRESSIONISM          Gogh, Gaugin & Cézanne.
#7                 AND POST-IMPRESSIONISM

V        (Video)   ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD,     1989   Part 1: The Fauves, Picasso &          1 hr
709.04             PROGRAM 8:                           Cubism; Kandinsky & color
Ar75a              INTO THE TWENTIETH CENTURY           abstraction. Part 2: Le Corbusier,
#8                                                      Wright & Dada; surrealists Dali,
                                                        Magritte & Miro.

V        (Video)   ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD,     1989   Part 1: Abstract Expressionism-        1 hr
709.04             PROGRAM 9:                           Pollock, Warhol, Lichtenstein &
Ar75a              IN OUR TIME                          Oldenberg. Part 2: The International
#9                                                      art world.

                                             Page 4                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   ARTIST‟S TECHNIQUES             1985   Describes the materials & painting       25 min
751                                                         techniques of the great artists.

V          (Video)   ATTENDING SKILLS (THE ART OF 1986      Discusses how physically attending       24 min
158.3                HELPING VIDEO SERIES)                  to clients by posture, observing &
Ar755                                                       listening, encourages involvement
#2                                                          in counseling sessions.

V          (Video)   B.F. SKINNER ON “BEHAVIORISM”   1977   B.F. Skinner talks about                 29 min
150.1943                                                    programmed behavior, using
B94                                                         behavioral controls & reinforcement
                                                            of behavioral patterns.

V          (Video)   BASIC INTERVIEWING SKILLS: A    1992   Teaches the five basic skills of         51 min
158.39               STEP-BY-STEP                           listening, reflecting, questioning,
B292                 MICROCOUNSELING MODEL                  expressing, & interpreting, & shows
                                                            how to integrate them.

V          (Video)   BE PREPARED TO SPEAK: THE       1985   Teaches you how to write a speech,       27 min
808.5                STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO GUIDE TO            what to practice & how to get
B35                  PUBLIC SPEAKING                        yourself mentally prepared
                                                            (overcome the fear of speaking) &
                                                            learn by watching others go
                                                            through the learning process.

V          (DVD)     BEING IN LOVE                   2001   Examines irrepressible nature of         51 min
306.7                (THE SCIENCE OF LOVE)                  love & the consequences of
Sci275b                                                     misdirected desire. Includes
                                                            experiments that measure empathy
                                                            & demonstrate bodily changes
                                                            associated with emotional states.

V         (Video)    BEST OF FRIENDS: A LIVE      1994      Michael White counsels with a             1 hr
616.89156            INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL WHITE           couple about working on gender           35 min
W584b                                                       stereotype politics in their marriage.

V          (Video)   BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH          1998   Investigates “life after death”          51 min
155.937                                                     experiences from both the scientific
B466                                                        & religious aspects.

                                                Page 5                   Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   BLESSING                         1991   Story about the five elements of the      1 hr
249                                                          “blessing” (unconditional love) &
B617b                                                        how you can put them into practice.

V          (Video)   BRAIN: OUR UNIVERSE              1994   How do different parts of our brain       1 hr
612.82               WITHIN – PT.1: EVOLUTION AND            function?; How do our senses break       30 min
B731b                PERCEPTION                              down the info they receive &
pt.1                                                         transmit it through a variety of
                                                             pathways to the “mind‟s eye”?; etc.

V          (Video)   BRAIN: OUR UNIVERSE              1994   Explores how the mind thinks,             1 hr
612.82               WITHIN – PT.2: MEMORY AND               remembers & regenerates itself.          30 min
B731b                RENEWAL                                 Case studies of memory &
pt.2                                                         remarkable functioning abilities
                                                             despite substantial brain loss.

V          (Video)   BRAIN: OUR UNIVERSE              1994   Consciousness, creativity, emotions,      1 hr
612.82               WITHIN – PT.3: MATTER OVER              & sense of self. Serotonin-based         30 min
B731b                MIND                                    drugs are raising hope for the
pt.3                                                         mentally ill & ethical problems for
                                                             the medical community.

V          (Video)   BRIEF COUNSELING IN ACTION, I: 1998     Littrell introduces ways to develop a    50 min
616.8914             CREATING SOLUTIONS WITH                 new mindset about time in therapy,
B765                 CLIENTS                                 master the key steps, co-author
pt.I                                                         goals with clients, & encourage

V          (Video)   BRIEF COUNSELING IN ACTION,      1998   This second tape in the series           45 min
616.8914             II: THREE BRIEF COUNSELING              shows “Three Brief Counseling
B765                 CASES                                   Cases” utilizing the brief counseling
pt.II                                                        technique.

V          (Video)   BRINGING OUT THE LEADER IN       1991   Outlines eight leadership steps.         23 min
658.4092             YOU

V          (Video)   CAREER THEORY: IMPLICATIONS 1988        Presents the current thinking of          1 hr
158.6                FOR PRACTICE PART 1: THEORIES           leading career theorists & illustrates   24 min
Im7                                                          how theory has influenced the
pt.1                                                         practice of career counseling.
                                                             Donald Super & David Tiedeman

                                                  Page 6                   Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   CAREER THEORY: IMPLICATIONS   1988   Continues from part 1, with Nancy        1 hr
158.6                FOR PRACTICE PART 2:                 Schlossberg, Ann Harris-Bowlsbey &      34 min
Im7                  APPLICATIONS                         Anna Miller-Tiedeman

V          (Video)   CARL WHITAKER CONVERSATION 1989      Carl Whitaker & his co-therapist         1 hr
362.828              HOUR                                 David Keith hold a “Q&A” session        45 min
Ca51aT2                                                   where guests are encouraged to ask
                                                          questions about marriage & the

V          (Video)   CHOICE 2004                   2004   Explores how presidential               2 hrs
324.973                                                   candidates and their values have
C452                                                      been shaped by family background,
                                                          history, victory and defeat.

V          (Video)   CHRISTIANITY UNDER ATTACK:  1985     Pt.1:Reveals six false views that        Pt.1:
201                  PT.1--CHRISTIAN WORLD UNDER          attack Christianity. Pt.2: Discusses    44 min
Ch858                SIEGE                                atheists & humanist attacks on           Pt.2:
pt.1&2               PT.2--HUMANISM ON THE                Christianity.                           43 min

V          (Video)   CHRISTIANITY UNDER ATTACK:   1985    Pt.3: Compares New Age Movement          Pt.3:
201                  PT.3--PANTHEISM: THREAT              & Eastern Mysticism to the              40 min
Ch858                FROM THE EAST                        teachings of the Bible. Pt.4: Looks       Pt.4:
pt.3&4               PT.4--THE ATTACK ON BIBLICAL         at & defends Biblical miracles.         44 min

V          (Video)   CHRISTIANITY UNDER ATTACK:    1985   Pt.5: Discusses the attacks on Jesus‟    Pt.5:
201                  PT.5--THE HUMANISTIC                 resurrection.                           44 min
Ch858                ASSAULT ON CHRIST                    Pt.6: Examines the credentials of        Pt.6:
pt.5&6               PT.6--SIEGE FROM THE EAST:           „self-proclaimed messiahs.              42 min
                     THE CHRIST OF THE GURUS

V          (Video)   CITIZEN BARNES: AN AMERICAN   1993   Barnes Collection: 180 Renoirs, 69      57 min
750                  DREAM                                Cezannes, 60 Matisses, along with
C498                                                      numerous paintings by Manet,
                                                          Monet, Degas, van Gogh, Toulouse-
                                                          Lautrec, le Douanier Rousseau,
                                                          Modigliani, Picasso…

V          (Video)   CLIENT-CENTERED THERAPY       1994   This videotaped example illustrates     46 min
616.8914             (APA SERIES)                         the consistent provision of client-
C611c                                                     centered empathy that makes this
                                                          approach distinctive.

                                               Page 7                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   COGNITIVE–AFFECTIVE            1994   General principles discussed:           55 min
616.8914             BEHAVIOR THERAPY                      facilitation of expectations that
C659ca               (APA SERIES)                          psychotherapy will be helpful; the
                                                           presence of an optimal therapeutic
                                                           relationship; etc.

V          (Video)   COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOR THERAPY     1994   Attempts to illustrate the cognitive-   38 min
616.8914             (APA SERIES)                          behavior theoretical approach &
C659cb                                                     clinical style in as close to real
                                                           circumstances as possible.

V          (Video)   COLOR OF FEAR                  1994   Racism‟s pain & anguish in lives of      1 hr
152.4                                                      eight men of Asian, European,           30 min
L514                                                       Latino, & African descent.

V          (Video)   COMPULSIVE GAMBLING: THE       1991   Recovering gamblers describe their      20 min
616.8522             INVISIBLE DISEASE                     experiences & psychiatrists explain
C739                                                       the nature of the malady & various
                                                           therapies used to treat the disorder.

V          (Video)   CONSTRUCTING THE SEXUAL        1992   Live taping of the 50th Anniversary      2 hrs
616.85               CRUCIBLE                              of AAMFT “Marriage & Family”            23 min
Sch57c                                                     workshop. Emphasis is on what
                                                           “healthy sexuality” within marriage
                                                           should be.

V          (Video)   CONVERSATION WITH GODWIN       1986   Berenson leads one-on-one               30 min
158.3                (THE ART OF HELPING VIDEO             interviews with counseling students
Ar755                SERIES)                               & professionals.

V          (DVD)     CORPORATION                    2004   Documentary examines the nature,         2 hrs
306.3                                                      evolution, impact & possible futures    25 min
Ac44                                                       of the modern business

V          (Video)   COUNSELING THE AFRICAN         1998   Aspects of counseling African            1 hr
158.896              AMERICAN CLIENT                       American clients.                       5 min

                                                Page 8                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   COUNSELING THE MEXICAN       1998   Aspects of counseling Mexican           43 min
158.868              AMERICAN CLIENT                     American clients.

V          (Video)   COUNSELING THE NATIVE        1998   Aspects of counseling Native             1 hr
158.897              AMERICAN CLIENT                     American clients.                       28 min

V          (Video)   COUNSELING THE VIETNAMESE    1998   Aspects of counseling Vietnamese         1 hr
158.8959             AMERICAN CLIENT                     American clients.                       11 min

V          (DVD)     CREATING A GOOD DEATH:       2004   Story of decisions about dying          26 min
155.937              COPING WITH TERMINAL ILLNESS        made by Laura Schmidt, who died
C86                                                      of cancer at 51. Interviews with
                                                         Laura, her husband & Dr. Joanne
                                                         Lynn concerning various end of life
                                                         issues that many people face.

V          (Video)   CROSS-CULTURAL COUNSELING: 1988     Understanding & adapting your            1 hr
158.6                PITFALLS AND PROMISE                technique to reflect ethic/cultural     22 min
L51                                                      differences in career counseling.

V          (Video)   DAY IN THE COUNTRY:          1984   This program covers 40 of the most      30 min
759.054              IMPRESSIONISM AND THE               important works selected from the
D33                  FRENCH LANDSCAPE                    largest exhibition of Impressionist
                                                         landscape paintings ever

V          (DVD)     DEPRESSION, A LIVING HELL:   2004   Case studies of patients with adult,    52 min
616.852              EPISODE 2 -- DIAGNOSIS AND          childhood, & postnatal depression
D442                 CHEMISTRY                           define the spectrum of the illness.

V          (Video)   DEVELOPING MULTICULTURAL     1991   Looking at a person‟s qualities from    2 hrs
158                  AWARENESS                           both a particular (part of a specific
D49d                                                     group) & universal (shared qualities
                                                         w/other humans) standpoint.

                                              Page 9                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (Video)   DEVELOPMENTAL ASPECTS OF      1991   Ice breaking, norms, & setting         42 min
362.204             GROUP COUNSELING, PART 1:            goals; how counselors search for
De22                EARLY DEVELOPMENT                    structure & personal growth
pt.1                                                     processes in the initial meeting.

V         (Video)   DEVELOPMENTAL ASPECTS OF      1991   This stage is highly charged           46 min
362.204             GROUP COUNSELING, PART 2:            w/emotional issues; anxiety,
De22                TRANSFORMATION                       defensiveness, resistance, member
pt.2                                                     conflict, & trust issues.

V         (Video)   DEVELOPMENTAL ASPECTS OF      1991   More interaction, greater depth in     53 min
362.204             GROUP COUNSELING, PART 3:            that interaction, more self-
De22                WORKING GROUPS &                     disclosure/deeper, less dependence
pt.3                TERMINATION                          on the leader(s), & group cohesion.

V         (Video)   DISCOVERING CAREER OPTIONS:   1988   A system for matching personality      32 min
331.702             INTRODUCTION TO THE SELF             traits, aspirations and competencies
H16d                DIRECTED SEARCH                      to appropriate occupations.

V         (Video)   DSM-IV VIDEOTAPED CLINICAL    1995   8 vignettes acted out w/                2 hrs
616.89              VIGNETTES                            “appropriate diagnosis” &              (2 tape
R272d                                                    discussion points for each.              set)

V         (Video)   DYING WISH                    1991   Documents decisions family &           52 min
174.2                                                    caregivers may have to make about
D989                                                     a seriously ill person.

V         (Video)   EASTERN PHILOSOPHY, PART 1    2002   Examines the dominant                  50 min
181                                                      philosophical & spiritual thought of
Ea778                                                    the Far East -- Confucianism,
part 1                                                   Shinto.

V         (Video)   EASTERN PHILOSOPHY, PART 2    2002   Turns to South Asian schools of        50 min
181                                                      thought -- Hinduism, Buddhism.
part 2

                                            Page 10                   Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   EASTERN PHILOSOPHY, PART 3     2002    Examines the two most prominent         50 min
181                                                         religions in the Middle East --
Ea778                                                       Judaism & Islam.
part 3

V          (Video)   EFFECTIVE PSYCHOANALYTIC       1994    Illustrates: which type of patient is   59 min
616.8914             THERAPY OF SCHIZOPHRENIA               best suited to a certain type of
Ef36e                AND OTHER SEVERE DISORDERS             therapy, the process of developing
                     (APA SERIES)                           complete demographic data on a
                                                            patient, etc.

V          (Video)   E-LEADERSHIP: HERE, THERE &    2000    Stresses the importance of adapting     53 min
658.4092             VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE                   leadership systems within
E106                                                        organizations to the new
                                                            information technology.

V          (Video)   ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES OF     1989    Artist & educator Tony Couch            46 min
751                  DESIGN: CREATING DYNAMIC               graphically shows you how to create
C83                  COMPOSITIONS IN YOUR                   dynamic compositions for you
                     PAINTING                               paintings using the elements of

V          (Video)   END OF INNOCENCE               1991    The End of Innocence strikes a           1 hr
791.433                                                     chord in everyone who struggles         42 min
En21                                                        with the pressures & absurdities of

V          (Video)   ENERGY, ANATOMY, AND           1992    Caroline Myss‟ research into power       2 hrs
152.1                SELF-DIAGNOSIS                         centers of the body & how illness is    50 min
M999e                                                       developed when there is emotional       (2 tape
                                                            & psychological stress.                   set)

V          (Video)   ENNEAGRAM IN PSYCHODRAMA       1994    Jungian therapist Margaret Keyes        34 min
155.26                                                      looks at the 9 Enneagram
C899                                                        personality types, Psychodrama &

V          (Video)   ERIC H. ERICSON : A LIFE‟S WORK 1992   Erickson‟s theories as they apply to:   38 min
150.92                                                      Social Context‟s effect on behavior,
Er35                                                        Ethical Perspectives, Conflict

                                               Page 11                    Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V       (Video)   ETHICS IN ACTION                1998   For the helping professions: Ethical     1 hr
170                                                      decision making; Values & the
Et374                                                    helping relationship; Boundary
                                                         issues & multiple relationships

V       (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:              1989   Top CEOs debate an alarming array        1 hr
171               ANATOMY OF A CORPORATE                 of ethical problems surrounding
Et37e             TAKEOVER                               merger mania.
no. 5

V       (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:         1989        Controversies created by modern         55 min
171               DOES THE DOCTOR KNOW BEST?             medicine are discussed.
no. 4

V       (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:              1989   Whether or not humans should be         55 min
171               HUMAN EXPERIMENT                       used as test subjects in the medical
Et37e                                                    research field is debated.
no. 9

V       (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:              1989   Panelists on both sides of the issue     1 hr
171               POLITICS, PRIVACY AND THE              discuss what part of a public
Et37e             PRESS                                  official‟s life should be exempt from
no.10                                                    public scrutiny.

V       (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:              1989   Private interests looks at trust         1 hr
171               PUBLIC TRUST, PRIVATE                  within the government, between
Et37e             INTERESTS                              one public official & another, &
no. 3                                                    between the government & the

V       (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:              1989   Ethical dilemmas of the criminal         1 hr
171               TO DEFEND A KILLER                     justice system are explored.
no. 2

V       (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:              1989   The ethical dilemmas are the focus.      1 hr
171               TRUTH ON TRIAL
no. 8

                                              Page 12                 Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:             1989   The duty to follow orders & a           1 hr
171                  UNDER ORDERS, UNDER FIRE              commander‟s obligation to protect
Et37e                PART 1                                soldiers are discussed by top
no. 6                                                      military personnel & news

V          (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:             1989   Generals & others examine the           1 hr
171                  UNDER ORDERS, UNDER FIRE              clash between military tribunals &
Et37e                PART 2                                the right of confidentiality.
no. 7

V          (Video)   ETHICS IN AMERICA:             1989   Panelists discuss the question of       1 hr
171                  DO UNTO OTHERS                        community responsibility.
no. 1

V          (Video)   ETHICS IN PROFESSIONAL         1996   Shows how to help people make           1 hr
174.3                COUNSELING                            decisions, solve problems, & adjust    30 min
Et37e                                                      to change by empowering people to
                                                           make positive decisions about their

V          (Video)   ETHNOCULTURAL                  1994   Ethnocultural video illustrating:      46 min
616.8914             PSYCHOTHERAPY                         which type of patient is best suited
Et38e                (APA SERIES)                          to a certain type of therapy, the
                                                           process of developing complete
                                                           demographic data, etc.

V          (Video)   EXPERIENTIAL PSYCHOTHERAPY     1994   Experimental theoretical approach      55 min
616.8914             (APA SERIES)                          to psychotherapy in the following
Ex71e                                                      ways: which type of patient is best
                                                           suited to a certain type of therapy,

V          (DVD)     FALLING IN LOVE                2001   Topics include neurochemistry of       52 min
306.7                (THE SCIENCE OF LOVE)                 love, subconscious "love mapping,"
Sci275f                                                    "romance junkies," stimulating
                                                           power of dance, & dynamics of

V          (Video)   FAMILY ASSESSMENT, 1:       1992      Demonstrates applications of the       56 min
155.924              OVERVIEW OF ASSESSMENT,               Beavers Interactional Scales of
F21c1                HEALTHY & ADEQUATE FAMILIES           Family Competence & therapy.
tape 1

                                                Page 13                 Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   FAMILY ASSESSMENT, 2:           1992   Demonstrates the functioning of         54 min
155.924              MIDRANGE MIXED &                       families in the middle of the
F21c1                CENTRIPETAL FAMILIES,                  competence continuum, & further
tape 2               BORDERLINE CENTRIPETAL                 deals with issues of family style.

V          (Video)   FAMILY ASSESSMENT, 3:       1992       Application of the Beavers              49 min
155.924              BORDERLINE CENTRIPETAL                 Interactional Scales of Family
F21c1                FAMILY, SEVERELY                       Competence. How to assess, apply
tape 3               DYSFUNCTIONAL CENTRIPETAL &            therapeutic strategies to different
                     CENTRIFUGAL FAMILIES                   family “styles”.

V         (Video)    FAMILY RECONSTRUCTION: A        1991   In this video Bill Narin & Anne         2 hrs
616.89156            LONG DAY‟S JOURNEY INTO                Robertson-Narin discuss “family
F21n                 LIGHT                                  reconstruction”.

V         (Video)    FAMILY SYSTEMS THERAPY, WITH 1998      Exploration of family systems            1 hr
616.89156            KENNETH HARDY                          therapy, which posits that there is a   55 min
F21                                                         balance of influence between
                                                            individuals & systems such as
                                                            families, communities, or

V          (DVD)     FAMILY VIOLENCE: BREAKING       2004   Looks at the effects of family          28 min
362.8292             THE CHAIN                              violence on the abused & the
F21                                                         abuser…While showing benefits of
                                                            therapy, it stresses need of the
                                                            abused for safety from those who
                                                            abuse them.

V          (Video)   FEMINIST THERAPY                1994   Feminist therapy video illustrating:    41 min
616.8914             (APA SERIES)                           which type of patient is best suited
F349f                                                       to a certain type of therapy, the
                                                            process of developing complete
                                                            demographic data, etc.

V          (DVD)     FINAL MYSTERY: WHAT IS          2004   Seeks to understand the human           50 min
612.82               CONSCIOUSNESS?                         body's most remarkable
F49                                                         phenomenon, & explains why the
                                                            existence of each mind's private
                                                            world of experiences & feelings is
                                                            so remarkable.

V          (Video)   FOCUS FOR ACTION: THE           1990   This video explores career              15 min
650.14               NATIONAL CAREER                        decisions, career development,
F683f                DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES                 learning to learn, reading, writing,
                                                            oral skills, & personal care &

                                                 Page 14                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (Video)   GATHERING OF MEN               1990   Men discussing life‟s challenges        1 hr
155.632                                                   with one another.                      30 min

V         (Video)   GREAT PROJECTS, THE BUILDING   2002   Documents the building of the most     60 min
658.5               OF AMERICA: THE BIG DIG               expensive highway project in
B48                                                       American history.

V         (DVD)     GROWING THE MIND: HOW THE      2003   Charts changes in the human brain      50 min
612.81              BRAIN DEVELOPS                        as it develops from infancy to
G919                                                      adulthood. Discusses the brain's
                                                          adaptability & its vulnerability to

V         (Video)   HELPING COLLEEN (THE ART OF    1986   Carkhuff counsels young woman          22 min
158.3               HELPING VIDEO SERIES)                 who has incriminating information
Ar755                                                     about a co-worker who is her
#6                                                        mentor & role model in her chosen

V         (Video)   HELPING GEORGE (THE ART OF     1989   Carkhuff helps a recovering            30 min
158.3               HELPING VIDEO SERIES)                 alcoholic & drug-abuser capture a
Ar755                                                     perspective of his past & present
#11                                                       activities, & to develop a direction
                                                          for the future.

V         (Video)   HELPING GIL (THE ART OF        1986   Carkhuff counsels an alcohol &         30 min
158.3               HELPING VIDEO SERIES)                 substance abuse counselor, who
Ar755                                                     has not resolved some of the
#8                                                        problems & behaviors presented by
                                                          clients in himself.

V         (Video)   HELPING OVERVIEW (THE ART OF 1986     An overview of the series designed     24 min
158.3               HELPING VIDEO SERIES)                 to teach counselors the skills
Ar755                                                     needed to help others effectively.

V         (Video)   HELPING ROSE (THE ART OF       1986   Berenson counsels the mother of a      29 min
158.3               HELPING VIDEO SERIES)                 5 year old girl who refuses to sleep
Ar755                                                     in her own bed much of the time,
#9                                                        preferring her parents' bed instead.

                                               Page 15                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (Video)   HELPING TYRONE (THE ART OF    1986   Demonstrates how guidance              18 min
158.3               HELPING VIDEO SERIES)                counselor may respond to client's
Ar755                                                    feelings.

V         (Video)   HELPING YOUTH (THE ART OF     1989   Logan-El uses his interpersonal        30 min
158.3               HELPING VIDEO SERIES)                skills training to help inner-city
Ar755                                                    teenagers cope with peer pressure
#12                                                      issues & to develop positive goals
                                                         for their futures.

V         (Video)   HOW TO WRITE A PAPER          1995   Describes the process of “peer         12 min
808.042                                                  advice” & how discussion helps
Ay48h                                                    students to write better papers.

V         (Video)   HUMANISTIC REVOLUTION :       1971   This video discusses Abraham           32 min
150.92              PIONEERS IN PERSPECTIVE              Maslow‟s theory of self-
H88                                                      actualization‟s influence on Rogers,
                                                         May, Tillich & Perls.

V         (Video)   HUNGER INSIDE                 1994   20/20 production about “anorexia”.     46 min
616.852                                                  Claude-Pierre‟s clinic has been
H894                                                     successful in treating anorexic
                                                         patients for the long term her
                                                         techniques are discussed on the

V         (Video)   I‟D HEAR LAUGHTER: FINDING    1994   Insoo Kim Berg uses exception-          1 hr
616.89156           SOLUTIONS FOR THE FAMILY             finding & scaling questions to         45 min
B452i                                                    create a context in which Mom,
                                                         Dad, & Sarah find solutions to their
                                                         family problems.

V         (Video)   I‟M PRETTY OLD                1993   Discussion w/long-term health care     20 min
305.26                                                   patients about how they feel about
Im1i                                                     reduced independence & ways to
                                                         help them keep their independence.

V         (Video)   IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE       1985   To find/design new models of            1 hr
658                                                      excellence, Disney‟s management        28 min
In7i                                                     style is studied for its ability to
                                                         communicate company values to
                                                         employees & customers.

                                              Page 16                 Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION         1994   Family systems approach video            46 min
616.8914             FROM A FAMILY SYSTEMS                  illustrating: which type of patient is
In2i                 PERSPECTIVE                            best suited to a certain type of
                     (APA SERIES)                           therapy, the process of developing
                                                            complete demographic data, etc.

V          (Video)   INITIATING SKILLS (THE ART OF   1986   Carkhuff supervises students who         16 min
158.3                HELPING VIDEO SERIES                   are learning initiating skills in
Ar755                                                       defining goals & developing
#5                                                          programs.

V          (Video)   INTERPERSONAL                   1990   Describes how communication skills       35 min
153.6                COMMUNICATION IN ACTION                work in everyday life & how to
In8                                                         “improve” those skills. To
                                                            accompany “Looking Out/Looking
                                                            In” textbook.

V          (DVD)     INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY 2004        Sir Isaiah Berlin answers                46 min
190                  (CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY)              fundamental questions such as
In893                                                       "What is philosophy?" "Why does it
                                                            matter?" & "Why should anybody be
                                                            interested in it today?"

V          (Video)   IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES: A 1994     Case reconstruction of how the            1 hr
616.8914             SOLUTION–FOCUSED APPROACH              Solution-Focused Brief Therapy           30 min
B453                 TO MARITAL THERAPY, WITH               model can be effectively used to
                     INSOO KIM BERG                         overcome what appears at first to
                                                            be a hopelessly conflictual

V          (Video)   JOSEPH CAMPBELL AND             1988   Insights into the concepts of God,       58 min
291.13               THE POWER OF MYTH, #6:                 religion & eternity, as revealed in
J774                 MASKS OF ETERNITY                      Christian teachings & the beliefs of
prog. 6                                                     Buddhists, Navajo Indians, …

V          (Video)   JOSEPH CAMPBELL AND             1988   The narrator challenges everyone to      58 min
291.13               THE POWER OF MYTH, #1:                 see the presence of a heroic journey
J774                 THE HERO‟S ADVENTURE                   in his or her life.
prog. 1

V          (Video)   JOSEPH CAMPBELL AND             1988   Campbell compares the creation           58 min
291.13               THE POWER OF MYTH, #2:                 story in Genesis with creation
J774                 THE MESSAGE OF THE MYTH                stories from around the world.
prog. 2

                                               Page 17                    Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (Video)   JOSEPH CAMPBELL AND            1988   importance of accepting death as         58 min
291.13              THE POWER OF MYTH, #3:                rebirth as in the myth of the buffalo
J774                THE FIRST STORYTELLERS                & the story of Christ. The right of
prog. 3                                                   passage in primitive societies, …

V         (Video)   JOSEPH CAMPBELL AND            1988   Talks about romantic love,               58 min
291.13              THE POWER OF MYTH, #5:                beginning with the 12TH century
J774                LOVE AND THE GODDESS                  troubadours, & addresses questions
prog. 5                                                   about the image of woman.

V         (Video)   JOSEPH CAMPBELL AND            1988   The role of sacrifice in myth, which     58 min
291.13              THE POWER OF MYTH, #4:                symbolizes the need for rebirth.
J774                SACRIFICE AND BLISS                   Stresses the sacrifice of a mother
prog. 4                                                   for her child, the wife in a marriage,

V         (DVD)     KAY REDFIELD JAMISON:          2004   Dr. Jamison, a psychiatry professor      21 min
616.895             SURVIVING BIPOLAR DISORDER            & clinical psychologist, talks frankly
K18                                                       about her experiences with a mental
                                                          illness that almost claimed her life.

V         (Video)   KEYS TO LOVING                 1998   The way a husband & wife handle           1 hr
306.87              RELATIONSHIPS, #1:                    their differences can mean the
Sm18ke              RECOGNIZE AND VALUE YOUR              difference between a successful
#1                  MATE'S DIFFERENCES                    marriage & major trouble.

V         (Video)   KEYS TO LOVING                 1998   Whatever your background, there's         1 hr
306.87              RELATIONSHIPS, #2:                    hope for growing the kind of
Sm18ke              FOUR ESSENTIAL QUALITIES              relationship that blossoms into
#2                  EVERY MARRIAGE NEEDS TO               intimacy.

V         (Video)   KEYS TO LOVING                 1998   Couples who gain skills at "keeping       1 hr
306.87              RELATIONSHIPS, #3:                    their spirit" open to each other & at    1 min
Sm18ke              OVERCOMING THE MAJOR                  dealing with anger in a constructive
#3                  DESTROYER OF RELATIONSHIPS            way take giant strides towards

V         (Video)   KEYS TO LOVING             1998       A word picture is a communication         1 hr
306.87              RELATIONSHIPS, #4:                    skill that brings to life the thoughts   8 min
Sm18ke              USING EMOTIONAL WORD                  we want to share. & in so doing, it
#4                  PICTURES TO INCREASE                  causes the person to experience our
                    INTIMACY AND UNDERSTANDING            words, not just hear them.

                                               Page 18                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (Video)   KEYS TO LOVING                  1998   There are six consistent                 55 min
306.87              RELATIONSHIPS, #5:                     characteristics of a close-knit
Sm18ke              BECOMING BEST FRIENDS WITH             family. Also discussed are three
#5                  YOUR FAMILY AND FREEDOM                steps to take when experiencing
                    FROM NEGATIVE EMOTIONS                 pain, through trials of any kind.

V         (Video)   LANDMARKS IN PSYCHOLOGY         1987   Examines landmark experiments:           56 min
150.1                                                      personality experiments & the
H88                                                        major schools of psychology.

V         (Video)   LATE FROST: REFLECTIONS ON      1993   10 segments dealing with life            58 min
155.67              AGING                                  changes, remembering, retirement,
L343l                                                      & living life to the fullest...what it
                                                           feels like to grow old.

V         (DVD)     LEARNING IN CONTEXT: PROBING 2003      Impact of stereotyping on per-           31 min
155                 THE THEORIES OF PIAGET &               formance; effects of self-perception
L479                VYGOTSKY                               on competence; & influence of
                                                           different teaching approaches on
                                                           learning. Implications for adults
                                                           also considered.

V         (Video)   LIFE, TIMES AND MUSIC OF FELIX 1991    This video supplements                   52 min
780.92              MENDELSSOHN                            Mendelssohn‟s historical
L626l                                                      background with performances of
                                                           his music by Krimets & Konovalov.

V         (Video)   LIFE, TIMES, AND MUSIC OF       1992   Covers the historical background of      52 min
780.92              ANTONIO VIVALDI                        Vivaldi‟s career with narration & live
L626lt                                                     performances of his greatest works.

V         (Video)   LIVING FULLY UNTIL DEATH        1996   Looks at three terminal patients &       29 min
155.937                                                    how they cope with their impending
L761                                                       death.

V         (Video)   LIVING ROOM CAMPAIGN            1992   Traces impact of political               47 min
324                                                        commercials on national elections
L761                                                       since the Eisenhower campaign first
                                                           used the practice.

                                                Page 19                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (Video)   MAKING ADVANCES: WHAT       1988   Bill Kurtis explores the EEOC‟s         36 min
305.42              ORGANIZATIONS MUST DO              definition of sexual harassment &
M289m               ABOUT SEXUAL HARASSMENT            how its guidelines apply in the

V         (Video)   MANIC                       1994   Case study about the devastating        47 min
616.895                                                illness known as manic depression
M314                                                   & the chaos it can visit upon the
                                                       lives of all those touched by it.

V         (Video)   MARKETING, PROGRAM 2:       2002   Illustrates concepts like marketing     26 min
658.8               PERSUASION                         research & information, targeting
M341                                                   strategies, & product positioning
                                                       for persuading public to buy

V         (Video)   MASSEY TRIAD PART 1:        1986   Describes how our value systems         64 min
155.2               THE PAST                           are constructed at an early age &
M383m                                                  how they “filter” information we use
pt.1                                                   to judge people/events.

V         (Video)   MASSEY TRIAD PART 2:        1986   The speaker talks about how we see      69 min
155.2               THE PRESENT                        & accept others for what they are.

V         (Video)   MASSEY TRIAD PART 3:        1986   Predicting our future by what values    58 min
155.2               THE FUTURE                         we share in common.

V         (DVD)     MEASURING UP: AN            2000   How to gather, organize,                22 min
300.72              INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH           summarize & analyze data…Focuses
M463                METHODS                            on standardized testing & discusses
                                                       surveys, samples, populations,
                                                       qualitative & quantitative data, etc.

V         (DVD)     MORAL PHILOSOPHY            2003   R.M. Hare examines the 19th-            46 min
171.5               (CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY)          century philosophy of Utilitarianism
M792                                                   & how it has been applied in the
                                                       20th century.

                                            Page 20                 Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   MORAL VALUES AND EFFECTIVE 1989       Discusses the requisite skills         29 min
303.3                LEADERSHIP                            needed to be a good leader.
                     SERIES, # 3)

V          (Video)   MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING:      1994   Addresses the multicultural issues     44 min
158.3                ISSUES OF DIVERSITY                   of: gender identity, religious
M919mu                                                     identity, language & culture, &
                                                           disabilities in counseling

V          (Video)   MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING:      1992   Different cultural counseling          28 min
158.3                ISSUES OF ETHNIC DIVERSITY            sessions where the viewer can
M919m                                                      observe both the counselor & client
                                                           in conversation.

V          (Video)   MULTIMODAL THERAPY             1994   Mulitmodal theoretical approach        41 min
616.8914             (APA SERIES)                          video illustrating: which type of
M919m                                                      patient is best suited to a certain
                                                           type of therapy, the process of
                                                           developing complete …

V          (Video)   MUSIC OF MAN:                  1987   An exploration of the world's music, each part
780.1                PART 7--THE KNOWN AND THE             hosted by Yehudi Menuhin. Part 7:     is 1 hr
M5255                UNKNOWN;                              Music between the two World Wars;
                     PART 8--SOUND OR UNSOUND              Part 8: Post-war explosion of

V          (DVD)     MY NAME IS WALTER JAMES        2004   Created by a psychiatrist who has      53 min
616.8982             CROSS: THE REALITY OF                 worked for many years with
M99                  SCHIZOPHRENIA                         schizophrenic patients, this
                                                           compelling dramatic monologue
                                                           presents an accurate depiction of

V          (Video)   NATURE OF MUSIC                1988   People use music for healing,           2 hrs
781.62                                                     dancing, worship, etc. Covers some     21 min
N219                                                       of these aspects in sections:
                                                           1)Sources & Sorcery 2)Songs &
                                                           Symbols 3)Legends & Labels

V          (Video)   NEWS WRITING: COVERING         1995   Examines the news writing              30 min
070.43               DISASTERS; THE ETHICS OF              process… Viewers acquire tools to
N474                 JOURNALISM                            become more critical consumers of
                                                           the news.

                                                Page 21                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (DVD)      OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE         2004     Psychiatrists talk with obsessive-    52 min
616.85227            DISORDER: THE TYRANNY OF              compulsive patients about their
Ob77                 RITUALS                               rituals & discuss the effectiveness
                     (MAKING PEACE WITH THE MIND)          of behavioral & drug therapies in
                                                           controlling obsessive-compulsive

V          (Video)   PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: AN     1985   Tom Peters, co-author of In Search    50 min
658                  EVENING WITH TOM PETERS               of Excellence, shares how
P442p                                                      successful people & businesses

V          (DVD)     PATHOLOGICAL GAMBLING: A     2004     Describes the emotional attraction    52 min
616.8522             COSTLY ADDICTION                      of games of chance & the
P273                 (MAKING PEACE WITH THE MIND)          biochemical roles of serotonin &
                                                           dopamine in gambling addiction.

V          (Video)   PERSONAL ETHICS AND THE        1991   How ethical decisions that we make    28 min
170                  FUTURE OF THE WORLD                   now affect the future of mankind.

V          (Video)   PERSONALITY DISORDERS:         1981   Discusses the “antisocial             56 min
616.858              FAILURES OF ADJUSTMENT                personality”, “disorders of
P432                                                       isolation”, & “manipulative
                                                           disorders.” Each segment is
                                                           approximately 15 min. in length.

V          (Video)   PERSONALIZING SKILLS (THE      1986   Discusses the development of          17 min
158.3                ART OF HELPING VIDEO SERIES)          interviewing skills for guidance
Ar755                                                      counselors; shows techniques for
#4                                                         personalizing client's responses to
                                                           clarify goals.

V          (DVD)     PERSUADERS                     2005   Examines the "persuasion               1 hr
658.85                                                     industries" of advertising & public   30 min
P432                                                       relations. Shows how marketers
                                                           integrate their message into the
                                                           fabric of our lives.

V          (Video)   PIAGET‟S DEVELOPMENTAL         1989   Explores Piaget‟s theories on:        27 min
155.413              THEORY: AN OVERVIEW                   human intelligence, adaptive
P571                                                       thought, content of thought & how
                                                           they relate to the mental
                                                           development in children.

                                               Page 22                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (DVD)     POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS       2004    Experts discuss causes, symptoms,        53 min
616.8521             DISORDER: WHEN THE MEMORIES         & treatment of PTSD. Effects of
P845                 WON'T GO AWAY (MAKING               adrenaline & cortisol on the body &
                     PEACE WITH THE MIND)                mechanics of narrative & emotional
                                                         memory are also examined.

V          (Video)   PRESCRIPTIVE ECLECTIC        1994   Three cardinal features of               47 min
616.8914             THERAPY                             prescriptive eclecticism:
P925p                (APA SERIES)                        synergy/awareness & action,
                                                         nature/psychotherapy systems, &
                                                         identification of empirical markers

V          (Video)   PROCESS EXPERIENTIAL         1994   Five major set of markers & tasks:       56 min
616.8914             PSYCHOTHERAPY                       two-chair dialogues for resolution
P941p                (APA SERIES)                        of splits; empty chair dialogues for
                                                         unfinished business; systematic
                                                         evocative unfolding for resolving …

V          (Video)   PROFILES IN ADULT LEARNING   1989   Discusses the use of various             30 min
374                  # 5: FACILITATING ADULT             teaching methods/materials for
P943                 LEARNING ENCOUNTERS                 adult learners.
no. 5

V          (Video)   PROFILES IN ADULT LEARNING   1989   Nature of change-induced                 30 min
374                  #12: TRANSITIONS                    transition cycles & their impact on
P943                                                     people such as adult learners who
no.12                                                    must learn to manage them to

V          (Video)   PSYCHOTIC DISORDERS          1990   This video discusses the abnormal         1 hr
616.858                                                  human behavior of “schizophrenia”.       43 min

V          (DVD)     PUBLIC RELATIONS             2004   Defines the role of public relations,    28 min
303.375                                                  differentiating it from advertising, &
St713                                                    examines the way in which PR

V          (Video)   RECOMMITMENT TO A            1993   Real life counseling sessions w/         54 min
306.81               MARRIAGE: REMEMBERING OR            newlyweds.
R245r                REAUTHORING?

                                              Page 23                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (DVD)     RED FLAGS: AVOIDING ABUSIVE   2003   Using real-life scenarios, the "love   21 min
362.88               RELATIONSHIPS                        ref" identifies problem areas
R245                                                      indicative of abusive relationships:
                                                          controlling behavior, lying, problem
                                                          lifestyles, obsessive behavior,
                                                          physical abuse, & sexual pressure.

V          (Video)   REINVENTING LEADERSHIP        1996   Demonstrates how our ability to        42 min
303.3                                                     lead is more closely related to the
F914r                                                     nature of our presence than to
                                                          techniques or know-how.

V          (Video)   RESPONDING SKILLS (THE ART    1986   Carkhuff & Tamagini discuss with       18 min
158.3                OF HELPING VIDEO SERIES)             two grad students how counselors
Ar755                                                     experience & communicate their
#3                                                        understanding of a client's frames
                                                          of reference to the client.

V          (Video)   RESPONSE: CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, 1986   Helps clinicians conduct sensitive &    1 hr
158.39               THE CLINICAL INTERVIEW               effective diagnostic interviews with
R312                                                      known & suspected victims of child
                                                          sexual abuse.

V          (Video)   RODIN                         1991   Biography of Rodin                     25 min

V          (Video)   SHORT-TERM DYNAMIC            1994   Spontaneous sessions in the “short-    40 min
616.8914             THERAPY                              term” dynamic theoretical therapy.
Sh81s                (APA SERIES)                         Three cardinal features of short-
                                                          term dynamic therapy…

V         (DVD)      SOLUTION-FOCUSED BRIEF        2005   Dr. Gerald Sklare interviews a child   57 min
618.92891            COUNSELING                           using solution-focused brief
So485                                                     counseling techniques. (Actual 1st
                                                          and 2nd interviews)

V          (Video)   SOLUTION-FOCUSED BRIEF        1994   Presents a therapy model that Scott    55 min
616.8916             THERAPY: HOW TO INTERVIEW            Miller has used successfully with
M618                 FOR A CHANGE                         mental health patients, homeless
                                                          families, & individuals who have
                                                          serious/chronic mental disorders.

                                              Page 24                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   STATISTICS FOR ALL PRACTICAL    1987   Statistical inference & how it is       30 min
510                  PURPOSES: 10, CONFIDENT                based on calculations of probability;
St297c               CONCLUSIONS                            Results & effects of random
                                                            sampling, standard deviation,
                                                            statistical inference, etc.

V          (Video)   STATISTICS FOR ALL PRACTICAL    1987   What data is & how it is collected,      1 hr
510                  PURPOSES: 6, OVERVIEW; 7,              organized, analyzed; Use of random
St297o               BEHIND THE HEADLINES                   sampling methods to avoid bias &
                                                            use of statistics in arriving at

V          (Video)   STATISTICS FOR ALL PRACTICAL    1987   Pictorial data using graphs,             1 hr
510                  PURPOSES: 8, PICTURE THIS; 9,          histograms, & box plates;
St297p               PLACE YOUR BETS                        techniques of sampling
                                                            distributions, normal curves,
                                                            standard of deviations, etc.

V          (DVD)     STAYING IN LOVE                 2001   Discusses numerous aspects of long- 51 min
306.7                (THE SCIENCE OF LOVE)                  term relationships, including
Sci275s                                                     biological need for love, role of
                                                            oxytocin in attachment, importance
                                                            of communication.

V         (Video)    STRATEGIC THERAPY, WITH         1998   Introducing the theory of strategic      1 hr
616.89156            JAMES COYNE                            therapy: its applications in a family   54 min
St82                                                        setting.

V         (Video)    STRUCTURAL THERAPY, WITH        1998   Introducing the theory of structural     1 hr
616.89156            HARRY APONTE                           therapy: how subtle alterations can     54 min
St89                                                        lead to powerful, visible change.

V          (DVD)     SYBIL, SATAN & SCIENCE: THE     2003   Psychologists & psychiatrists           51 min
616.8523             MULTIPLE PERSONALITY PUZZLE            discuss multiple personality
M919                                                        disorder. Topics include brain
                                                            anatomy, disas-sociaton, coercion,
                                                            memory implantation, allegations of
                                                            satanic ritual abuse, & Sybil.

V          (Video)   TALE OF "O": ON BEING           1993   Impact of relative numbers on           51 min
302.3                DIFFERENT                              people's performance in work
T143                                                        groups, when some people have a
                                                            hard time fitting in because they are
                                                            different from the majority.

                                               Page 25                    Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (Video)   TCHAIKOVSKY                    1984   Tchaikovsky‟s music is direct in its     1 hr
780.92                                                    appeal, tuneful & highly emotional.     30 min
T2194                                                     Andre Previn looks at why
                                                          Tchaikovsky's music holds such
                                                          magic & why an audience responds
                                                          to it time & time again.

V         (Video)   TECHNIQUES OF PLAY THERAPY:    1994   Play therapy as a method for            50 min
618.92891           A CLINICAL DEMONSTRATION              assessing & communicating
65                                                        therapeutically with children.
T226                                                      Presents a range of treatment
                                                          strategies; how to initiate &
                                                          implement play therapy …

V         (Video)   TESTIFYING ABOUT CHILD         1998   Helps viewers understand their role     35 min
362.76              SEXUAL ABUSE: A COURTROOM             in legal proceedings, prepare &
T288                GUIDE                                 deliver testimony effectively, &
                                                          minimize the stress involved for

V         (DVD)     THREE APPROACHES TO            2009   Witness theory in action with            1 hr
155.5               COUNSELING ONE ADOLESCENT             solution-focused, reality therapy, &    50 min
T413                CLIENT                                cognitive-behavioral therapies
                                                          demonstrated with an adolescent

V         (Video)   THREE APPROACHES TO            1986   Actual therapy session with Dr. Carl    48 min
152.4               PSYCHOTHERAPY PART 1:                 Rogers utilizing his “Client-
T413ae              CARL ROGERS                           Centered” methodology to treat his
pt.1                                                      client.

V         (Video)   THREE APPROACHES TO            1986   Actual therapy session with Dr.         32 min
152.4               PSYCHOTHERAPY PART 2:                 Perls utilizing his “Gestalt Therapy”
T413ae              FREDRICK PERLS                        to treat a client.

V         (Video)   THREE APPROACHES TO            1986   Actual therapy session with Dr. Ellis   36 min
152.4               PSYCHOTHERAPY PART 3:                 utilizing his “Rational-Emotive”
T413ae              ALBERT ELLIS                          therapy to treat a patient.

V         (Video)   TIES AND TENSIONS: EU-US       1997   European Economic Community‟s           26 min
382.3               RELATIONS IN THE NEXT                 competitive position in the world
T445                CENTURY                               economy & how it interacts with &
                                                          competes with the US's economic

                                               Page 26                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   TRANSFORMING THE DIFFICULT      2000   Presents a set of specifically         2 hrs
649.153              CHILD: THE NURTURED HEART              designed strategies to parent /
G464                 APPROACH                               teach the difficult child, and
                                                            explains why traditional methods
                                                            do not work.

V          (Video)   TREATING TRAUMA DISORDERS       1997   Case histories of two women who       30 min
616.85               EFFECTIVELY: ATTACHMENT TO             suffer from childhood trauma.
R733t                PERPETRATOR SERIES 1, VOL.1            Discusses two fundamental
                                                            treatment principles for severe
                                                            childhood trauma.

V          (Video)   TWO CAREER FAMILY:              1988   Discusses aspects of a two-career     30 min
306.87               ADJUSTMENTS IN WORK AND                family over one‟s lifespan.
Sch40                FAMILY ROLES

V          (DVD)     UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION         2004   Explains current research into why    24 min
616.8606             (NO MORE SHAME)                        people become addicted, what puts
Un22                                                        them at risk, & what the best
                                                            treatments may be.

V          (DVD)     UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION        2004   Focuses on current research into      22 min
616.852              (NO MORE SHAME)                        depression, explaining medications
Un23                                                        & psychosocial therapies that can
                                                            help eliminate symptoms of the

V         (Video)    UNDERSTANDING GROUP             1990   Simulation of an inpatient group in   48 min
616.89152            PSYCHOTHERAPY FEATURING                a 20 bed hospital when the average
Y12n                 IRVIN YALOM M.D.: VOL.II:              patient‟s stay is 7-10 days.
vol.II(1)            INPATIENTS (1)

V         (Video)    UNDERSTANDING GROUP             1990   Simulation video portraying agenda     1 hr
616.89152            PSYCHOTHERAPY FEATURING                filling & summary in a group
Y12n                 IRVIN YALOM M.D.: VOL.II:              session setting.
vol.II(2)            INPATIENTS (2)

V         (Video)    UNDERSTANDING GROUP             1990   Interview w/ Dr. Yalom, a leading     42 min
616.89152            PSYCHOTHERAPY FEATURING                proponent of Group Psychotherapy
Y12                  IRVIN YALOM M.D.: VOL.III: AN          & Existential Psychotherapy.
vol.III              INTERVIEW

V         (Video)    UNDERSTANDING GROUP             1990   Simulation of long-term outpatient    55 min
616.89152            PSYCHOTHERAPY FEATURING                group. It contains the principles,
Y12                  IRVIN YALOM: VOL.I:                    theory, & is a prototypical therapy
vol.I(1)             OUTPATIENTS (1)                        group.

                                                Page 27                  Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (Video)    UNDERSTANDING GROUP              1990   This is a continuation of Tape 1‟s       55 min
616.89152            PSYCHOTHERAPY FEATURING                 sessions (see description above).
Y12                  IRVIN YALOM: VOL.I:
vol.I(2)             OUTPATIENTS (2)

V          (DVD)     UNDERSTANDING                    2004   Explains latest research on the          21 min
616.8982             SCHIZOPHRENIA (NO MORE                  disease, speaking with leading
Un24                 SHAME)                                  medical researchers to explore what
                                                             is & is not known about

V          (Video)   VALUING DIVERSITY, PART 1:       1987   The importance of women &                20 min
658.3                MANAGING DIFFERENCES                    minority workers is stressed
V249v                                                        because of their new ideas that help
pt.1                                                         their companies compete in the
                                                             world marketplace.

V          (Video)   VALUING DIVERSITY, PART 2:       1987   Firms that take advantage of their       28 min
658.3                DIVERSITY AT WORK                       “multicultural” employees assets
V249v                                                        will have the competitive edge in
pt.2                                                         the workplace.

V          (Video)   VALUING DIVERSITY:               1998   Shows how to overcome cross-             19 min
302.2                MULTI-CULTURAL                          cultural communication barriers.
V249                 COMMUNICATION

V          (DVD)     WAVE                             1981   The powerful forces of group             46 min
791                                                          pressure that pervaded many
W36                                                          historic movements such as Nazism
                                                             are recreated in the classroom.

V          (Video)   WESTERN PHILOSOPHY, PART 1       2002   Chronological journey charting the       50 min
190                                                          development of philosophical
W525                                                         thought, exploring its relationship
part 1                                                       with early math, etc. -- Pythagoras,
                                                             Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine,
                                                             Thomas Aquinas, etc.
V          (Video)   WESTERN PHILOSOPHY, PART 2       2002   Discoveries of Copernicus & Galileo      50 min
190                                                          turned science upside down. --
W525                                                         Rationalists: Descartes, Leibniz,
part 2                                                       Kant, Spinoza; British Empiricists:
                                                             Locke, Hume, Berkeley.

V          (Video)   WESTERN PHILOSOPHY, PART 3       2002   Industrial Revolution had a deep         50 min
190                                                          impact on western philosophy --
W525                                                         Schopenhauer, Nietzche, Sartre;
part 3                                                       Pragmatists, Wittgenstein

                                                  Page 28                 Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V         (Video)   WHAT DO I TELL MY CHILDREN?     1989   Information for families &              33 min
155                                                        professionals who are helping
W556w                                                      children overcome the death of a
                                                           loved one.

V         (Video)   WHAT'S BEHIND THE EMPTY         2000   This program presents major              1 hr
616.89143           CHAIR?: GESTALT THERAPY                concepts in Gestalt therapy as well     27 min
W558                THEORY & METHODS                       as a brief history of its

V         (Video)   WHO PLAYS GOD?: MEDICINE,       1996   The video‟s 5 segments look at a        2 hrs
174.2               MONEY AND ETHICS IN                    variety of life & death decisions
W62                 AMERICAN HEALTHCARE                    made daily in modern American

V         (Video)   WORKING THROUGH THE             1995   Discusses “prewriting” techniques       26 min
808.042             WRITING PROCESS,                       such as “clustering” & “mapping”
Ay48w               SESSION 1: PREWRITING                  which help you to get down what
ses.1                                                      you know about a subject.

V         (Video)   WORKING THROUGH THE             1995   Explores the “random” processes         20 min
808.042             WRITING PROCESS,                       that turn thoughts into
Ay48w               SESSION 2: DRAFTING                    communication in the writing
ses.2                                                      process.

V         (Video)   WORKING THROUGH THE             1995   Method of critiquing where peers        15 min
808.042             WRITING PROCESS,                       act as readers not editors. The
Ay48W               SESSION 3: USING CRITIQUE              critique group is usually more
ses.3               GROUPS                                 interested in the overall concept of
                                                           a story than in punctuation,
                                                           grammar etc…
V         (Video)   WORKING THROUGH THE             1995   Discusses the various drafts of a       17 min
808.042             WRITING PROCESS,                       paper; “good writing is rewriting”.
Ay48w               SESSION 4: REVISING & EDITING

V         (DVD)     WORKSHOP FOR THE NATIONAL       2008   Conducted in 2006 in Colorado,           6 hrs
158.3               COUNSELOR EXAMINATION                  prepares counselors & grad              35 min
H369                (3 DVDs)                               students for the National Counselor    (approx.)
                                                           Examination. Basic content based
                                                           on 5th edition of Study Guide.

V         (Video)   WRITING TO GET THINGS DONE      1993   Most business letters/notes are          1 hr
808.06665                                                  looked at a maximum of 5 sec.           15 min
939w                                                       before a person decides to read or
                                                           “file” them. Learn to make succinct
                                                           points in a letter.

                                                Page 29                 Video / DVD Collection by TITLE
V          (Video)   YOUNG DR. FREUD       2002   Retraces the early life of Sigmund      1 hr
150.1952                                          Freud…examines how he created          50 min
Y848                                              the revolutionary theories that have
                                                  become part of the fabric of 20th
                                                  century life & thought.

                                       Page 30                 Video / DVD Collection by TITLE

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