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									                      Cindy Hallas' Client Mortgage Checklist
                     Call me with any questions: 602-793-9061
                        Please fax all documents to 602-297-6937
Required Documents                   Need   Gave to Cindy Comments

Income Documentation:
1 Month paystubs Borrower
1 Month paystubs Co-Borrower
2 Years W-2s - Borrower
2 Year W-2 CoBorrower
2 Years Tax Returns (individual)
2 Years Tax Returns (Corporationl)
Year to Date Profit and Loss
Social Security Income Statement
Pension Statement
Rental Agreements

2 Bank Statements (all pages)
Brokerage Statements
401k Statements
Mutual Fund Statements
Retirement Statements
Gift Letter

Miscellaneous Items:
Home Owners Insurance Statement
Property Tax Statement
Current Mortgage Statement
Landlord contact information
Business License
Divorce Decree/Separation Agrment
Bankruptcy Paperwork
Earnest Money Deposit check
Copy of Driver's License
Copy of Social Security Card
Permanent Resident card/VISA
Proof of U.S. Citizenship
Death Certificate
Birth Certificate

VA Loans:
Eligibility Letter

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