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									 Development Kit Review Form
   Name:       sir_grimwood                          Company:
 Kit Being     Duemilanove Atmel Atmega 328
                                                       Date:       25/06/11
 Reviewed:     MCU board

Please rate the kits being reviewed on a scale of 1- 5.
1 – Very Poor, 2- Poor, 3- Satisfactory, 4 – Good, 5- Excellent.

Out of the Box Experience
 Was the development kit easy to use straight out of the box?
      Rating         Further Comments:
                     The Arduino PCB was simply packaged in an anti-static bag with no
                     supporting documentation except a website address and IO
                     identification printed on the PCB. Despite this it was clear how to
                     connect to a PC via the USB connection (we all have a cable already,
                     surely?). The website address gave simple access to documentation that
        5            was easy to follow. To download and operate the simple compiler was a
                     breeze and my first example application was up and running in minutes
                     after downloading. I liked the provision of sockets rather than headers
                     for connection of external components - it avoided the need for
                     soldering when getting started and would therefore be great for

 Did the development kit contain adequate instructions and documentation?
      Rating         Further Comments:
                     Despite initial surprise that no paperwork or CD was provided it proved
                     to be no problem in practice.

 Did the kit meet your expectations in terms of functionality?
      Rating         Further Comments:
                     The design of the Duemilanove using the Atmega 328 gives rapid code
                     development and use of all processor feartures. My trial application was
                     to over-sample the ADC to give higher resolution and read the resultant
                     value on an attached notebook PC. This was a breeze.

Software Tools Review
 How easy was it to install the software development tools?
      Rating         Further Comments:

        5            The download and installation was quick and easy.

 How easy was it to use the software development tools for the first time?
      Rating         Further Comments:
                  The development environment is very simple and won't satisfy seasoned
      5           programmers but would suit anybody starting out with ATmega

How Good was the support documentation included with the tools?
    Rating        Further Comments:
                  The help documentation worked well for me - though I had few

Overall Review
Overall how would you rate this development kit?
    Rating        Further Comments:
                  Please comment on your overall impression and experience of using this
                  Very simple to use but no built in test interfaces to demonstrate the
                  processor capabilities. It is therefore not a true manufacturers
                  development kit. Instead it is an excellent component to use for rapid
                  product development. It will also be of use in teaching embedded
                  programming. I will be using it.

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