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									                                            JOSE S. MARTINEZ
C: 650.504.6351                                                                                     1555 Riviera Avenue, #522
Email:                                                                   Walnut Creek, California 94596

                          SENIOR BANK CREDIT / LENDING MANAGER
                                      LENDING ENTERPRISE
  Competencies: Thorough Grasp of Strategic Loan Process Reengineering, Credit Policies, Credit Analysis, Risk
 Management, Underwriting, Sales, Customer Relations & Remedial Management ~Directing Relationship Managers
                                 ~ Launching Business Development Initiatives

            Earned Distinction as an Astute Credit Officer           Boosted Transaction Volume and Elevated
            by Designation as Senior Credit Officer for an             Customer Service Quality for national
               International Bank – Citibank/Citicorp              company that financed commercial real estate
                                                                    properties – Artesia Mortgage Capital Corp.
              Empowered with loan approval authority of $5           Revamped loan process, developed standards,
               Million at the global bank. Known for solid              and clarified credit policy to successfully
           financial analytical and credit skills and considered    increase business, with total annual loan volume
               an expert in commercial real estate finance.                      surpassing $1.7 Billion

 Senior-level Banker with progressive background in variety of lending situations and types of credit programs.
 Commercial credit expert with solid credentials and regard in lending expertise. Proven success and high-level influence —
 background includes designation as Senior Credit Officer at global bank, executive position at national commercial
 mortgage company, and experience with various overseas markets as an international banker. Well-versed in business
 development — grew existing business programs and established a regional lending business. Managed credit through three
 economic recessions and well-regarded for knowledge and skills for the effective remedial management of problem loans.
 Strong contributor in advancing portfolio growth while maintaining a high level of credit quality. Additional strengths include:

          International Trade Finance…Corporate Finance…Small Business Lending…Construction and Development
 Finance…Commercial Real Estate Lending…CMBS…Project Finance…Loan Portfolio Acquisition Due Diligence (Commercial
   and Residential)…Credit Audits…Patriot Act Compliance… Small Business Consulting…Commercial Mortgage Brokerage


                                    C. D. MITCHELL & COMPANY, IRVING, TEXAS
                                                 February 2009 to Present
                                              Project Manager & Asset Manager
   Provide receivership assistance service to the FDIC related to the closure, disposition of assets and repudiation of
                                     leases and contracts for failed financial institutions.
 Successfully completed seven projects to date involving failed financial institutions across the country. Effectively directed
 teams of asset managers and loan servicing personnel responsible for both problem and performing loans. Credit losses
 were minimized through timely analyses of loans and implementation of work-out plans. Portfolios were analyzed and
 accurate data provided to enable early sale or loan servicing conversion. As a project manager, quickly developed
 appropriate strategic resolution plans and statements of work relative to the closure of community banks. Presented and
 received approval for repudiation of various contracts and leases to reduce the financial burden on receiverships.

                                                        2006 to 2008
Jose S. Martinez, Page 2                                                         C: 650.504.6351 /

                                       Managing Director • Underwriting
 Early stage lending company that financed commercial real properties nationwide. These mortgages were used to
                        secure mortgage-backed securities sold in the secondary market.

   Expedite Loan Processing and Underwriting ~ Develop Clear Credit Policies & Procedures ~ Improve Overall
                                  Customer Service ~ Collaborate with Sales

 Key Initiative: Build quick credibility for recent start-up lender with potential borrowers and loan sources to ensure probability
for sustaining profitability. Originate high quality loans to meet stringent requirements of the rating agencies and bond investors.
    Build confidence of potential investors by demonstrating that the loans could be sold with low subordination levels in the
                                                          secondary market.
 Surpassed $300 million in loan volume as two pools of loans successfully sold at subordination levels of less than
  7% and all at a profit that hit or exceeded 200 basis points.
 Shortened loan application turn time almost in half from previous 60–80 days to average of 43 through the
  development of appropriate and clear credit policies coupled with deliberate implementation. Training sessions were
  conducted for underwriters, loan closers, credit analysts and originations/sales staff.
 Slashed pipeline fall out rate from 49% to 16% as a result of the collaborative effort between underwriting and sales
  units in refining risk asset acceptance criteria and applying them in a practical and consistent manner.

                                                         2000 to 2006
                                              Director of Credit
    Company financed commercial real properties. Mortgages used to secure bonds sold in secondary market.
 Expedite Loan Processing and Underwriting ~ Distill Existing Credit Policies to Enhance Clarity and Consistency
 ~Ensure High Quality Loans ~ Facilitate Loan Closing Process ~ Improve Cooperation with Originations Group

Key Initiative: Determine how to significantly boost transaction volume and customer service excellence while maintaining
                                       a high level of credit quality in the portfolio.
 Processed a 12-fold increase in transaction volume, from $142 million to $1.8 billion within five years. Results
  achieved through numerous improvements and changes:
   – Re-engineered underwriting and closing process by revising credit policies for clarity and consistency, automating
     forms and procedures, integrating outside counsel’s service in closings, short listing third-party vendors, team building to
     support each originator, instituting automated tracking system and customer feedback program, and more. Disseminated
     changes through bulletins and well-structured manuals, which were periodically updated or revised. All affected units
     attended workshops in order to gain a solid understanding of the changes, their logic and impact on process and customer
     service quality.
   – Cut turn time in half on loan applications to an average of 41 days.
   – Enhanced profitability over last two years by selling average of seven pools ranging from $112 million to $330
     million each.
   – Cut loan fall out rate to below 10% by previewing loans before they are processed and through early conference
     calls with borrowers and mortgage brokers.


                                NUEBO CORPORATION, WASHINGTON AND HAWAII
                                                       Owner / President

                 Key Initiative: Provide due diligence for the securitization of mortgage portfolios nationwide.
Jose S. Martinez, Page 3                                                     C: 650.504.6351 /

 Ensured portfolio quality while facilitating loan acceptance by reviewing program risk acceptance criteria, loan
  transactions, documentation, and by developing automated loan packages for review by rating agencies and investment
 Elevated small to mid-size company profitability by providing a range of business services and counseling designed
  to improve their financial standing. These included the development of business and marketing plans, and counseling in
  budgeting, cash management, and credit/collections processes.

                             CALIFORNIA; EGYPT; UNITED ARAB EMIRATES; GUAM
                                    Vice President & Senior Credit Officer
  Established bank’s Northern California commercial real estate lending business and instrumental in expanding
                                              statewide growth.

  Roll out new loan programs and products with appropriate risk asset acceptance criteria ~ Develop manuals for
         credit policy, underwriting process and loan closing ~ Collaborate with legal and marketing units

  Key Initiative: Stabilize acquired portfolio of commercial real estate mortgages totaling $500 million and expand company’s
                    growth by establishing a commercial real estate lending business in Northern California.
 Accelerated profitability in establishing commercial real estate lending business in Northern California.
  Achieved profitability in just 18 months (usually requires two to three years for new lending programs to become
  profitable). Instrumental in facilitating growth of the bank’s California franchise by cross-selling commercial real
  estate financing to major depositors. Also, performed four major due diligence projects for potential loan portfolio
 Facilitated Citibank’s ability to gain quick approval for de novo branches or acquire other branches through
  successful roll-out of Community Lending Program (as required by the Community Reinvestment Act).
 Maintained profitability while managing $500 million acquisition portfolio. Kept credit losses to a minimum
  through adept remedial management of problem credits and disposition of collateral.
                      Vice President and Country Corporate Bank Head for Citibank-Egypt
                          Directed corporate bank in Egypt during recessionary period.
         Relationship Management ~ Tracking Cross-Border Currency Risk ~ Market Strategy Adjustment

   Key Initiative: Minimize cross-border currency risks that had severely restricted growth by de-emphasizing small business
        lending and refocusing on large Egyptian firms and on multinational companies with a presence in the country.
 Cut direct lending to small business by more than 40% to ease cross-border currency risk and to minimize credit
  losses. Re-focused marketing strategy on large Egyptian firms that exported their products and on multinational
  companies with major presence in Egypt. Revised risk asset acceptance criteria to reflect economic conditions and
  impact on industries served. Such changes were properly documented in lending manuals and information disseminated
  to affected staff.
 Boosted non-funds revenues more than 26% after selling Citibank’s performance and payments bond capability to
  foreign companies that had projects or supply contracts in Egypt.

                                    EDUCATION / PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
                                         UNIVERSITY OF GUAM, Mangilao, Guam
                                        MBA / General Management Curriculum
                                         LOYOLA COLLEGE, Baltimore, Maryland
                                       Bachelor of Arts / Business Administration

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