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FRENCH SYLLABUS - Bremen High School District 228


									                            ADVANCED PLACEMENT
                              FRENCH SYLLABUS

Instructor: __Mme Selime Baftiri-Ballazhi _____                School Year: 2010-2011

Course Number: 543

Course Description:

Advanced Placement French is only available to seniors who have successfully completed three
years of high school French. The curriculum will focus on the course of study prescribed for
college placement in French. The course offers advanced study in French grammar, usage, and
culture. Upon completion of this course, the study will take the A.P. French Language Exam for
possible college credit, and the student will pay the approximate fee of $87.00 for this

After successfully completing this course, the student is expected to:
   1. respond with increased spontaneity and accuracy to written and spoken French on an
       intermediate college level.
   2. speak and write French with a facility appropriate to this advanced level.
   3. have an acquaintance with the heritage of French thought, history and literature,
       including the contributions to our own society.
   4. have an opportunity for college level placement in French.

Course Credit: 1 credit – Advanced Placement

Level: 12

Prerequisite:         1. Successful completion three years of high school study with a grade
                      average of “B” or better.
                      2. Recommendation of the language teacher in course prior to A.P. course
                      3. Submission of an acceptable writing portfolio in the target language
                          (done before registration)
                      4. Demonstration of comprehension and oral proficiency in the target
                          language (done before registration)
                      5. Approval of the current A.P. teacher who will consider the above
                          prerequisites along with other criteria such as overall G.P.A. and other
                          pertinent information.
Textbook:                  En Bonne Forme, Renaud et van Hooff

Supplementary Materials:
                           Un Coup d’Oeil Sur La France, Coulanges et Daniel
                           AP French: Preparing for the Language Examination,
                           Ladd and Girard
                           Reader Selected by Teacher

Web Resources:
The website for our textbook can be found at:
Other useful websites:          

Recommended Reading Selections:
     Le Bossu de Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo (adapted by Paulette Collet and
     Frank Milani
     Candide ou L’Optimisme by Voltaire (adapted by Gilles de la France)
     Le Comte de Monte-Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (adapted by R. DeRoussy
     De Sales)
     L’Etranger by Albert Camus
     Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
     Le Fantome de L’Opera by Gaston Lerous (adapted by Frank Milani and
     Paulette Collet
     Les Trois Mousquetaires by Alexandre Dumas (adapted by R. DeRoussy
     De Sales)
     Other Teacher-Selected Material

Recommended Films:
     Le Bossu de Notre Dame
     Cyrano de Bergerac
     Le Comte de Monte-Cristo
     Le Fantome de L’Opera
     Les Trois Mousquetaires
     Other teacher-selected films

Vision Statement:
Our vision is to lead students toward foreign language proficiency by focusing on speaking,
listening, reading, writing, and culture in order to develop both well-rounded and globally-
minded critical thinkers.
First Quarter:                En Bonne Forme, Chapters 12,16
                              Un Coup d’Oeil Chapters 13-16
                              AP Workbook (selected activities)
                              French in Action Episodes 2-7

Second Quarter:             En Bonne Forme, Chapters 17, 18
                            Un Coup d’Oeil Chapter 17
                            Additional Teacher Selected Activities
                            French in Action Episodes 8-15

Third Quarter:              En Bonne Forme, Chapter 20
                            Un Coup d’Oeil Chapters 18-22
                            AP Workbook (selected activities)
                            Begin Reader of Choice
                            French in Action Episodes 16-21

Fourth Quarter:             En Bonne Forme, Chapters 21,22
                            Un Coup d’Oeil Chapters 23-24
                            AP Workbook (selected activities)
                            Finish Reader
                            French in Action Episodes 22-26

Attendance:                 Due to the nature of this course, regular attendance is essential for
                            success. All policies regarding absences will be addressed as stated
                            in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Tardies:                    Tardy penalties are as stated in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Grading:                    The grading scale will be decided by grade average or by total points
                            earned each nine weeks. The following will be the grading scale:

                            100 – 90% = A         79 – 70% = C     Below 60% = E
                              89 – 80% = B        69 – 60% = D

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