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									I've got such many memories I've experience in this school. I was in this school since I was in first year,
but the most memorable experience that I could easily remember was when I joined the first everyouth
congress (CONVIVIO) held at Sacred Heart - Ateneo de Cebu. Beacause of this school and those people
who invited us, I could say that I've been more closer to God. I was really honored because I have been
able to be in that congress for 3 straight days with my classmates Christine andPaul Jones. We sang
songs, dance till we get tired, played games and even had a concert at that time. We met new friends at
our age in different schools and even learn to socialize with them. Even though they were so ENGLISH
PAKA, duh, di yata papatalo kaming mga Isidorian. Kaya nakisabay narin kami. :)) It was one heck of
a SUPER DUPER FUN weekend. Too bad we were only 4 who joined from this school, but maybe next
time there will be many.. With Conviivio, we are now part of the organization called Christian Life

And of course with this school, I have come to met my best of friendships. And spent half of my high
school life with them, char. ♥ :) I
                            could never forget this school, because with this school I
have been more religious. With this school I have met my friends and drew them closer
to my heart. There will be many many manyyy... memories to reminisce.

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