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					DATE: August 29, 2007

RFP:          SHCITS200605A

Addendum #: 001


The following are answers to submitted questions and should be treated as
an addendum to the RFP.

   1. Antivirus: Appendix 4 suggests it’s Symantec AV Corporate Edition, but later
      says the vendor is Network Associates. Which Antivirus do you run?

We currently run Symantec AV Corporate Edition on our Windows servers and MacAfee
on the workstations. Your solution should include a centralized anti-virus solution with
appropriate licensing. The current products will not be renewed once the licenses expire
and the new solution is in place.

   2. You have a number of Pervasive SQL Database entries in Appendix 4. Which
      server actually hosts the data? (joy or ts2?). My assumption is that joy is the
      database server, and ts2 hosts the applications and pervasive interface

The Pervasie SQL Database is hosted on the OSCAR/CAISI server and is used by
OSCAR/CAISI. This is a linux box. The ‘client’ is any web browser –we currently
support IE 6 and Mozilla.

   3. Do you have a preferred Lotus Notes vendor that you have used? Who originally
      configured your Lotus solution?

                      Gary Walsh, Senior Consultant
                      North America Toll Free: 866-331-1354 x202
                      ** NEW** cell 905-320-7262
                      chat virtual office at
   4. Do you have a preferred ACCPAC vendor that you have used? Who originally
      configured your ACCPAC solution

                      Bruce Gardner
                      Micro Logic Inc.

   5. Do you have a preferred Ceridian vendor that you have used? Who originally
      configured your Ceridian solution?

                      No preference

   6. Do you have a preferred CAISI/OSCAR vendor that you have used? Who
      originally configured this solution?

                      This is an internal resource:
                      Jay Shampur

   7. Are you wanting your eSafe Linux Appliance altered? It appears in Appendix 4
      but not Appendix 7.

eSafe is not a requirement for this solution, however, vendors are welcome to either
suggest an alternate network anti-spam/anti-virus solution or to move the eSafe to the
new infrastructure. eSafe is baseically a hardened linux installation that runs on a basic
INTEL box. The only restriction is that is supports only IDE hard drives.

   8. Are the ACCPAC users the same as the Ceridian users? Is it fair to assume that
      the same 5-10 users use both systems?

It is safe to assume a total of ten (10) users that use both ACCPAC and CERIDIAN.

   9. What database does Ceridian use, and where is that database located?
      Appendix 4 suggests that Insync is stored in a MySQL database. Are all the
      MySQL databased on the same server / do they use the same version of MySQL
      / What version of MySQL are you presently using (We’re assuming the central
      MySQL database is on romulus or remus).

CERIDIAN uses a small database hosted on a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database.
This database is hosted on the Windows 2000 Server called ‘INSYNC’.

   10. Regarding Appendix 6 which relates strongly to Personal Health Information;
       some of the questions are network/server type questions, which are clearly within
       the scope of this RFP. E.g. secure backup/recovery. However, many (most?) of
       the questions seem application specific as to how individual applications like
       CLINICARE or CAISI/OSCAR store and secure their data.

       This seems out of scope with respect to the rest of the RFP as it would require
       custom programming to support database & application level encryption and PKI
       services. With the exception of potentially CAISI/OSCAR (being open source),
       I’m not even sure access to the databases or applications would be possible.

Security/privacy should relate to the solution as a whole and any/all components being
provided by you. Application security is mentioned in error. The only time application
security is within scope is when it relates to your solution – for example, if you have a
single sign-on infrastructure, security around how that’s accomplished with the
application would be in scope.

   11. SHC does not seem to have any backup software. I suspect they are using OS-
       based backup utilities…can you please confirm?

Currently our backup is non-standard. We use both OS-based utilities and a number of
‘in-house’ utilities for backup. Your solution should provide a robust network-based
backup solution.

   12. I am going to make the assumption that they have sufficient GigE ports on their
       Cisco switches/infra to support the connection of an iscsi SAN and iscsi tape

We have about 48 free gigabit ports available. HOWEVER, vendors should make their
solution all-inclusive and include any networking that they feel necessary. We can tie
into our existing network as needed. Please specify if you need SHC to provide any
additional cabling or networking infrastructure.

/end of addendum.

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