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UBC MBA Part-Time

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									                                                WHY CHOOSE ONE >

28-Month Part-Time Program                              WWW.SAUDER.UBC.CA/PTMBA



There is no need to compromise. You can
get your MBA, and keep your life and career
in balance.
With the UBC MBA Part-Time Program, you
earn the knowledge and career advancement
potential that come with an MBA from Canada’s
leading academic business school. And at the
same time, you also enjoy the flexibility of a
program designed to be in touch with your
needs — and in step with how industry works.
The choice is yours: Life? Career? Or both,
with the UBC MBA Part-Time Program.

“The intensity of the UBC MBA Part-Time Program does not come
without the expected challenges in maintaining work/life balance.
However, along with the support from the faculty & administration,
my fellow classmates within the program make every effort to
accommodate each other’s personal, career, and academic situations.”
Nikin Popat
BC Hydro, Telecommunications Advisor
UBC MBA Part-Time Program Student
THE POssIBILITIEs                                                                                            >

“The time I’ve spent at school has been truly inspiring, both in terms       Alison Richter
of the class content and the chance to learn from some of the                Pre-MBA: Manager, Options Services to
                                                                             Communities Society
brightest and most motivated people I’ve met. After every weekend of
classes, I arrive energized to my office with new solutions and ideas.       Post-MBA: Lead Analyst – Sustainability and
                                                                             Aboriginal Issues, BC Utilities Commission
My career has benefited immensely from the Program – the integration of      Vancouver, BC
disciplines is excellent preparation for the world of business. And, after   UBC MBA 2010
being recruited through Sauder’s Business Career Centre, I’ve taken
on a position that allows me to put my new knowledge into practice.”

You are ready. To grow. To lead. To move ahead. But how do you
manage it without sacrificing the gains you’ve already made?
Simple. Keep your current job as you bolster your résumé with
the UBC MBA Part-Time Program.

Flexible, focused and forward-thinking, the 28-month part-time
MBA at the Robert H. Lee Graduate School at the Sauder School
of Business gives you the comprehensive business skills and
intelligence from Canada’s leading academic business school.
Study under acclaimed Sauder faculty and leading experts in their
fields as you gain the practical, relevant management training you
need to meet your career potential.

Based at UBC’s downtown campus at Robson Square, the program
offers the same career-enhancing and award-winning curriculum as
our full-time MBA, but with the flexibility you need to keep life, work
and education in perfect harmony.

2010 MBA Class Profile*               Undergraduate Degree Majors*
Typical Class Size         40 – 50    Engineering                                 24%
Male/Female               77%/23%     Science                                     19%
Average Age                     32    Social Sciences                             17%
Age Range                   25 - 42   Business                                    12%
Average Work Experience    7 years    Humanities                                  10%
Languages Spoken                18    Economics                                   9%
Average GMAT Score            630     Computer Science                            7%
                                      Law                                         2%

                                      *Data per the January 2010 entering class

INTEGrATED COrE                                                                                            >

“One of the greatest benefits of the UBC MBA Part-Time Program is         Daniel Skarlicki
that students build the capacity to see their real-time challenges from   BCom, MBA (Alberta), PhD (Toronto)
                                                                          Edgar F. Kaiser Chair of
multiple and often competing perspectives, and to apply integrative
                                                                          Organizational Behaviour
thinking to address those challenges.”                                    Sauder School of Business
                                                                          Research interests: Organization justice and
                                                                          human resource management, orgnizational
                                                                          citizenship behaviour, retaliation in the
                                                                          workplace, organizational downsizing

The UBC MBA Part-Time Program is designed to give you a broad
spectrum of understanding in every critical business area, while giving
you the skills to analyze, synthesize and utilize ‘big picture’ thinking.
This means making better decisions — for your organization and
your career.

The 28-month UBC MBA Part-Time                   Program                            Credits
Program curriculum is comprised of five          Integrated Core                           18
key components:
                                                 Module Studies                           30
                                                 Career Development Program               1.5
                                                 Capstone Course                          1.5
                                                 Industry Project                         1.5
                                                                              Total Credits

Pre-Core Program
Be ready, Be Able
Our Pre-Core Program — an intensive non-credit series of weekend courses — prepares you
for the rigours of the UBC MBA by refreshing key concepts in economics, accounting, and
quantitative methods. Pre-Core is the ideal way to strengthen your foundational knowledge
as you ease yourself back into the demands of a rigorous academic environment.

Integrated Core
Invest in a Balanced Business Education
One of the key innovations in our curriculum is the Integrated Core, an intensive 10-month
foundation course that covers and links all critical business functions — finance, marketing,
accounting, human resources, statistics, managerial economics, supply chain management,
and information systems.
Using lectures, case studies, problem-based learning and group projects, our unique
Integrated Core program is team-taught as one comprehensive course, reflecting the
multifaceted nature of most business issues. You’ll learn each subject first on its own,
and then from an integrated perspective to fully develop your ability to make decisions
based on a synthesis of cross-disciplinary information.

 rELEVANT LEArNING                                                                                 >

 Module Studies                                    Capstone Course
 Diversify Your Expertise                          Real Cases for Essential Learning
 Following the Integrated Core, your               Uniting full- and part-time MBA students
 studies continue with 20 module subjects          with professors, CEOs and other leading
 designed to provide a comprehensive,              industry professionals, the Capstone
 broad-based management education                  Course tests the power of your integrated
 which include :                                   education. Business leaders identify
                                                   real-life challenges faced by their
 • Accounting
                                                   organization, looking to benefit from
 • Business Statistics                             your critical analysis. After a weekend of
 • Entrepreneurship                                intense deliberation, you and your team
 • Finance                                         will present your solutions to instructors
 • Information Technology and Management           and industry professionals for evaluation
                                                   and critique.
 • International Business
 • Logistics and Operations Management
                                                   Industry Projects
 • Marketing                                       Apply Your Abilities
 • Policy Analysis
                                                   Put your business acumen to the test
 • Strategic Analysis                              with a comprehensive industry project
 • Supply Chain Management                         completed under the direction of a faculty
 • Human Resources                                 advisor. The choice of topic is yours:
                                                   demonstrate your abilities and ambition
 Career Development Program                        by tackling a difficult issue in your current
 Put Knowledge into Action                         workplace, or choose an area of study
                                                   that is directly relevant to your career
 Our unique and highly rated MBA Career
                                                   aspirations. Past examples include:
 Development Program (CDP) utilizes
 seminars, discussion groups, career               - Sustainable Development Business
 coaching and self-directed activities to            Opportunities in the BC Ocean Industries
 develop invaluable, hands-on experience in        - Real Estate Feasibility Study for the
 business skills ranging from negotiations           Development of a Single Family Home
 to networking, leadership styles to conflict        Subdivision
 resolution. Plus, the CDP facilitates             - Analysis of the Business Intelligence
 your career search with guidance in                 Software Industry
 critical areas such as resumé crafting,
                                                   - Challenges of Outsourcing Professional
 interviewing techniques and salary
                                                     Work in India
 negotiation strategies.
                                                   - Business Plan: Private Physiotherapy Clinic

*Module topics subject to change. Visit for the most up to date listing.
The calibre of our education is recognized internationally.
UBC is consistently ranked as one of the world’s 35 best
universities. The Financial Times regularly ranks the Sauder
School of Business amongst the top 25 internationally for
research, with our MBA program among the top 5% worldwide.

THAT DELIVErs                                                                                            >

“The part-time structure of the UBC MBA program allowed me                Ben Laggui
to finance my education, and to stay connected with my company.           Pre-MBA: Business Analyst II and
                                                                          Prequalification Team Manager, Network
And my participation in the program helped signal to my leadership
                                                                          Operations – National Services Fulfillment
team that I was serious about my career and willing to invest in it.
                                                                          Post-MBA: Senior Business Analyst,
It’s an investment that’s paid off. One of the most valuable parts of     Business Solutions – Strategy &
                                                                          Transformation, TELUS
the MBA program is the exposure to new business disciplines. I am
no longer an ‘operations guy,’ a ‘management guy,’ or a ‘systems guy’ .
                                                                          UBC MBA 2007
I am now an individual who can approach an issue from many
organizational perspectives.”
                                               The UBC MBA Part-Time Program begins annually in January and takes 28 months to
                                               complete. Classes are delivered through intensive weekend sessions, approximately
                                               every three weeks. Schedules may be extended or amended during specific phases of
                                               the program – consult our website for details.

                                               Class Schedule
                                               Day                                       Time
                                               Friday                                    5:00pm – 9:30pm
                                               Saturday                                  8:00am – 5:00pm
                                               Sunday                                    8:00am – 5:00pm

                                               Program Schedule
                                               Part One
                                               Date                                      Curriculum
                                               January                                   Pre-Core, Orientation
                                               January to June                           Integrated Core
                                               July to August                            Break (6 to 8 weeks)
                                               September to October                      Integrated Core (continued)

                                               Part Two
                                               Date                                      Curriculum
                                               November to June                          Modules and CDP
                                               May                                       Capstone Course
                                               July to August                            Break (no scheduled classes)
                                               September to April                        Modules, CDP and Industry Project

                                               Graduation is in May, where MBA part-time and full-time students graduate together
                                               at the annual spring congregation.

28-Month UBC MBA Part-Time Program Calendar
                                                           Year 2
         Year 1

The program calendar graphically displays the general organization of the program timeline.
Exact dates vary slightly each year.

     Capstone Course                                                Pre-Core &                                          Break
                                                                    Orientiation                                                    09
AT THE FOrEFrONT                                                                                         >

“I was looking for an MBA program that had an excellent reputation         Mariela McIlwright
and a schedule that could fit around work and family commitments.          Pre-MBA: Director of Conference Services,
                                                                           Conferences & Accommodation, UBC
I was fortunate to find both at Sauder.
                                                                           Post-MBA: Programme Director,
It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t without setbacks, but it’s about long-term   Shareholder Association for
results. Today, thanks to having completed my MBA, I’m in an               Research & Education (SHARE)
                                                                           North Vancouver, BC
exciting new career and my kids see learning as a fun part of every
day life. The support from the Sauder School community – faculty,          UBC MBA 2009

staff and fellow students–was a key part of making it work.”

The value of the UBC MBA is recognized around the world, but
full-time study is not an option for everyone. In the UBC MBA
Part-Time Program, you’ll learn alongside a diverse group of
intelligent, enthusiastic, creative and committed students who
share a common focus — a desire to expand their professional
horizons with a flexible education that accommodates their
current careers and lifestyles.

Compress your classroom time
Convening approximately every third weekend, the UBC MBA is designed to minimize
conflicts with your family and work. You will find that weekend courses are less intrusive
than those on weekday evenings. And you still have two-thirds of your weekends to enjoy
with family and friends, or tend to business matters.

Put simply, we’ve planned the UBC MBA Part-Time Program to be
as convenient as possible, giving you the best education with the
least disruption.

You Decide How to Apply Your Learning
Many MBA programs provide an internship component, because the opportunity to match
your program learnings with a real-life work experience is invaluable. The Industry Project
provides these applied learning benefits without the hours in the office. It also provides
choice; you decide what interests you, and how to transform that interest into a practical
project that further enhances your education — and opportunities post-graduation.

sUCCEss AND ACCEss                                                                                       >

“I wanted the full deal: an MBA program delivered by top-calibre           Vlatko Mrsic
professors in a format that works for part-time study. With a NEXUS        Pre-MBA: Software Architect
card for efficient border crossings, and teamwork done via conference      Post-MBA: Product Planning Manager,
calls, instant messaging, and email, I was able to reap all the benefits   Microsoft Corporation
                                                                           Seattle & Vancouver
of a full-time MBA program while working full-time in Seattle.
                                                                           UBC MBA 2008
The program’s schedule and flexibility put me in control and helped
me transition from a technically oriented position into a more business
management role. Most importantly, it helped me prepare for my next
career endeavour: starting my own business.”
The Part-Time MBA Program’s curriculum is designed to give
you the greatest flexibility in when and how you study. But for
a working professional with multiple commitments, the “where”
is just as important.

UBC MBA classes are offered in two unique and highly integrated
campuses — in Vancouver at the downtown Robson Square campus
and in Kelowna at UBC Okanagan. The geography may differ but the
high standard of education remains the same: intelligently crafted,
immeasurably effective, impeccably Sauder.

The Vancouver Advantage
Vancouver has it all. This thoroughly modern, sophisticated city often tops international
lists of best places to live in the world. Extremely accessible by air or ground and less than
an hour away from the international border, Vancouver makes a practical study destination
for those hailing from Washington State and the Pacific Northwest, Alberta, the BC Interior
and Vancouver Island.
Our commuter students can choose from a variety of downtown accommodation options,
and outside of the classroom they can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, culture and cuisine that
the Robson Square area has to offer.

The Okanagan Option
The UBC MBA Part-Time Program in Kelowna offers local working professionals a chance to
obtain an award-winning MBA degree without having to relocate from the Okanagan region.
It runs in tandem with the Vancouver-based program, which means you learn from the same
renowned instructors and benefit from the same curriculum as your Vancouver cohorts.
For the 10-month Integrated Core component, Kelowna students travel to Vancouver
approximately every third weekend for classes. However, a majority of the learning in the
Modules component is offered through videoconferencing at UBC Okanagan, with select
modules offered face-to-face at UBC Robson Square.

OUTsIDE THE CLAssrOOm                                                                                       >

“Why stop working when you don’t have to? The MBA Part-Time Program        Ian S. Cruikshank
is the perfect blend to create true active learning. What I was thinking   Pre-MBA: Account Manager, Jack FM,
                                                                           Rogers Radio Vancouver
about, planning and testing in the classroom on the weekend, I could
carry out on Monday.                                                       Post-MBA: Sales Manager, Digital Advertising,
                                                                           Pacific Newspaper Group
The coursework and lessons learned in the program are important —          Vancouver
but it is the outstanding group of people that will make the difference    UBC MBA 2010
long term. I know that 10, 20 and 30 years down the road I will still be
working with many of the people in this class.”

Expect even more from the UBC MBA Part-Time Program than an
esteemed education.

As an MBA student, you gain access to a host of happenings and
resources that forward your studies, build a network of peers and
connect you to an international community of business achievers.

Join the MBA Society for exceptional networking opportunities with other dynamic leaders.
In addition to social events there are 14 clubs, some focused on specific industry or business
areas, and others (like the women in business or public speaking groups) designed around
important special interests. Or explore the fun side of Sauder through sports events like
the MBA Games.
As a UBC MBA student, you will gain access to the resources of the David Lam Management
Research Library — a vital resource for students, researchers and the business community —
which features print and electronic content covering all facets of business.
Expand your outlook and consider participating in an optional summer study abroad.
Programs between one and six weeks in length are offered in several European cities.
After graduation, the Sauder School of Business Alumni Relations links you to over 30,000
alumni in more than 70 countries, helping you stay connected as you move through your
career. Stay abreast of business trends and mingle with peers at receptions, seminars and
workshops hosted by UBC. You’ll receive our biannual alumni magazine, Viewpoints, featuring
articles on contemporary business issues and updates on UBC activities.

Sauder Business Clubs exist throughout the world, and combined with the online UBC MBA
Alumni Network, you can tap into the Sauder alumni community no matter where life, or
business, takes you.

BEFOrE GrADUATION AND BEYOND                                                              >

Need help propelling your career in a new direction? Or simply
identifying and refining your goals? The professional Career Coaches
and Business Development Team at the Hari B. Varshney Business
Career Centre provide you with the guidance, insight and options
you need to accelerate your career development — both during your
education and after you graduate.
We facilitate the connections with industry, provide the one-on-one career coaching and
offer the career management strategies that empower you to transform career goals into
workplace realities for a lifetime of success.

                                        Companies That Hire UBC MBA Graduates:

4Refuel International                       Fraser Basin Council                      PMC Sierra
Accenture                                   GE                                        Port Metro
ACR Systems Inc.                            GE Healthcare Consultant                  PricewaterhouseCoopers
Air Canada                                  Globe Foundation                          Prime Cast Manufacturing
Arcalife                                    Goldman Sachs China                       Raeyco
Aritzia                                     Hilti Canada                              RBC Financial
ArvinMeritor                                Hilti (Japan) Ltd.                        RIM
Bain&Co                                     HSBC                                      Ritchie Bros
BC Cancer Agency                            HSBC World Market                         S.P. Jain Center of Management
BC Hydro                                    I.E. Sourcing                             Sahand Towel factory
BC Ministry of Energy and Mines             IBM                                       Sangra Moller LLP
BCIT                                        ICBC                                      Scotiabank
Bear’s Choice Seafood                       Inproheat Industries Ltd.                 SCF Partners
Bell Mobility                               Jim Pattison Group                        Sierra Systems Consulting
Best Buy Canada / Future Shop Ltd.          Johnson & Johnson                         Smart Technologies Inc
British Columbia Utilities Commission       KPMG                                      TBI Digital
Cap Gemini                                  Kwantlen Polytechnic University           TD Financial
Carlsberg Singapore PTE LTD                 Lululemon Athletica                       Tech
Centre for Sustainability and Social        McKinsey & Co                             Teekay Shipping Corporation
Innovation                                  Marsh                                     TELUS
CH2M Hill Canada                            Merck                                     Terasen Gas
Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital            Meyers Norris Penny LLP                   UBC - The LEAD Initiative
CIBC                                        MHPM                                      Vancouver Coast Mental Health
Cressy Property Developers                  Ministry Health Care (Northern Region)    Vancouver Coastal Health
Deans Knight Capital Management             Mobidia                                   Vancity
Dell                                        Moneris                                   VANOC
Deloitte & Touche                           Morgan Stanley                            VTC Education Group
Delta Global Advisors                       National Bank of Canada                   WorkSafe BC
Dumex                                       Nike Inc.                                 Wray Consulting
E&Y                                         Offsetters                                Xantrex Technology Inc.
Elemental Energy                            Omni Group                                Yuanta Financial Holdings
Encinal Yacht Club                          Pepsi Bottling Group                      YVR
Extro Technologies                          Peters & Co

                                            “Your network is your net worth. The UBC MBA Part-Time Program is
                                            designed to facilitate interaction between full- and part-time students,
                                            as well as with students from the International MBA and Executive
                                            MBA in Healthcare. This alone provides students with a network of
                                            over 500 successful professionals.”
                                            Marja Harmer
                                            Manager, MBA Careers Program
                                            Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre
                                            Sauder School of Business

    AND FEEs                                                                                 >

The UBC MBA program is an investment that will pay dividends.
You will grow professionally and personally. And like UBC MBA
alumni before, you will most definitely see a financial reward.

Admission to the UBC MBA Part-Time Program is based on a
combination of academic records, GMAT score, work experience,
essays and letters of recommendation.

We invite applications from bright, talented, enthusiastic and
creative individuals who are committed to a high level of
achievement in their academic, personal and professional lives.

As well as having a solid academic record and competitive GMAT score, you will
demonstrate managerial and leadership potential, maturity, ambition, drive and a clear
sense of purpose. These characteristics are assessed based on professional experience,
extracurricular activities, personal interests and written submissions.

English Language Proficiency
All participants must be able to speak, comprehend and write fluently in English. The Test
of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), an IELTS (Academic), a Pearson Test of English
(PTE) or a MELAB is required for all candidates whose degrees are from universities
outside of Canada at which English was not the official language of instruction.

Application Process
You may submit your application online with a valid credit card for payment of the
application fee. You will find our application instructions and online application form

Application Deadlines
•    Applications are accepted from March 1st
•    The application deadline is September 30th
•    The program commences annually in January

Fees and Financing

Fee               Cost                    Information
Application Fee   $125                    Paid when submitting the online application.
                                          Requires a valid Visa or MasterCard. Non-refundable
                                          and non-transferable.
Deposit           $2500                   Upon receipt of an offer of admission, you must
                                          submit a non-refundable and non-transferable
                                          deposit in Canadian currency. This deposit will be
                                          credited toward your tuition.
Pre-Core Fees     $300 – $800             The Pre-Core Program is optional and a separate
                                          fee of approximately $300 to $800 will be applied,
                                          depending on the number of courses taken.
Tuition Fees      $40,541                 This tuition fee applies to both domestic and
                                          international students. Tuition Fees are payable in
                                          7 equal installments throughout the program in
                                          the first week of each of the following months.
Textbooks         Between $2,200          It is also recommended that students have the use
& Materials       and $2,400              of a laptop computer.
Misc. Fees        $550 – $900             Student Levied Fees are levied by
                                          student associations.

Please note that all fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to adjustment.
For the latest information on tuition and other fees, please see our website at

Financing is made available to our MBA students by various financial institutions.
Please review our website details on financial assistance with tuition.
Many organizations encourage their employees to seek higher education. Prospective
applicants may wish to check if their employer offers an Educational Financial Assistance
Program. UBC employees should contact the UBC Finance Department in this regard.

Employer Sponsorships — Invest in Success
As an employer in today’s competitive business climate, you
understand the long-term benefits of developing and retaining
talented personnel. You want to hang on to the best and
brightest in your ranks by fostering their potential and advancing
their skills. The answer? The UBC MBA Part-Time Program.
You won’t have to wait for graduation day to benefit from your sponsored employee’s
new business skills. From day one of the program, our integrated approach to teaching
gives students a broad management perspective and relevant cross-functional skills
you’ll notice immediately.
And the part-time program is structured to accommodate your employee’s workweek —
classes are held Friday evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday every three weeks.

Structuring a Sponsorship
Sponsorship models vary. You can choose to fund all or part of the tuition by paying
up front, in installments, or reimbursing the employee upon successful completion of the
program. To protect your investment, you may wish to set up a retention agreement,
with funding contingent on a required service period after graduation.
There are other ways of supporting your UBC MBA candidate throughout the program.
Familiarize yourself with the curriculum, so you can be more flexible and understanding as
your employee balances the demands of work and school. Identify an organizational issue
that can serve as the focus for an industry project in the final year, bringing maximum value
to both you and your employee.

“We continue to hire Sauder School of Business graduates on a
global basis because they are of such consistently high calibre.
It makes sense because their ability to learn and adapt the knowledge
they gain positively affects the bottom line.”
Martin Glynn
Former President and CEO
UBC MBA Graduate ’76

Dean’s Message

The Sauder School of Business is a business school like no other.

As a diverse, dynamic and innovative business school, we spark
students’ entrepreneurial drive, train tomorrow’s leaders and
transform the way organizations conduct business through
meaningful research.

The MBA program at the Robert H. Lee Graduate School at the
Sauder School of Business is where new ideas, teaching excellence
and opportunity converge.

By joining the program, you enter a community of critical thinking,
rooted in decades of renowned research, and undertake a
management education experience based on excellence and
relevance. This culture and commitment is reflected in our
students, who graduate not just with knowledge, but with the
ability to take action.

Daniel F. Muzyka
Dean, Sauder School of Business

UBC MBA                          111 – 2053 Main Mall   toll free (Canada & USA) 1.888.988.9895
Robert H. Lee Graduate School    Vancouver BC           tell 604.822.8422 | fax 604.822.9030
Sauder School of Business        Canada V6T 1Z2         email
University of British Columbia                

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