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Miss World Canada 2010
                   “Beauty With A Purpose”
     Official Preliminary to the Miss World® 2010 Pageant
        May 3rd - 7th, 2010 Vancouver, BC CANADA


P.O. Box 56650 Lougheed Mall 236 – 9855 Austin Ave., Burnaby, BC Canada V3J 7W2
Tel: 778.994.4922 Email: Website:

                       To be held: May 3-7th, 2010 Tickets: $25
Formally held in Toronto, Vancouver will now be the host city for the first time to the Canadian
preliminary for the Miss World® pageant which will be presented by Upstage This! Productions.
The Canadian Representative, Miss World Canada 2010 will win, amongst other exciting prizes,
a trip to the oldest and most annually watched pageant of all time (known to beat out the
Olympics in ratings): Miss World® 2010 to be held in Vietnam, November, 2010. This is
known as the most prestigious and classy pageant in history. Since its inception in 1951, this
colourful show has raised over 500 million dollars for children’s charities, promotes talent, and
has produced famous Queens like Aishwarya Rai (1994) and Priyanka Chopra (2000). All of the
Miss World delegates, regardless of whether or not they win the overall crown, are treated like
Queens for 5 weeks traveling internationally and staying at 5 star accomodations, and mingling
with some of the most prestigious people in the world.

Photos from previous Teen Global Pageant

Formally running its Miss Teen Global pageant, Upstage This! Productions will be producing the
Miss World® Canada pageant from May 3-7th, 2010, along side its teen global event and
continue to raise funds for Variety-The Children’s Charity. To date, Upstage This! Productions
has raised close to $100 000 through it’s pageants.


Welcome to a competition that works to help out a fantastic cause. We never know what changes life can
have in store for us and our loved ones. Upstage This! Productions has been in operation for 6 years and
has since raised close to $100 000 for Children's Charities through it's running of Miss Teen Global and
Miss Oktoberfest pageants.

In particular, last October's Miss Teen Global competition raised well over $22 000 for Variety - The
Children's Charity, BC.

The staff for the Miss World® Canada 2010 event is made up of caring individuals with diverse talents.
Upstage This! Productions has been sure to include within the competition staff people who have
experience in the areas of teaching youth, pageantry, and professional theatrical productions.
Youth development is important to us, so we will put our hearts and soul into creating an environment
which is safe, rewarding and exciting for these developing and motivated young females. And because
we put such value on our youth, we wish to empower these them to power themselves and others and
reward them for raising funds for sick children.

We take great pride in our constant strive to make this event the most exciting, entertaining and affordable
one of it's kind and still give substantial donations to children's charities.

Best of luck to all of this year's delegates in their strive for excellence and fundraising endeavours!

Miss Teen Global , Jelena Savic, was flown in from Ontario to appear live on BC’s Global TV for
Variety The Children's Charity on February 11th answering phones on the VIP panel and presenting our
cheque of well over $22 000 to Variety during this time.

Miss Teen Global, Jelena Savic, is also the recipient of well over $17 000 in scholarships and prizes from
last year’s pageant. She is an accomplished harpist and was a finalist in the optional talent portion of the

THIS YEAR’S TELETHON: January 30th & 31, 2010 on Global TV, BC (due to the Olympics)

Judging consists of the following criteria. A more detailed description of each category will be issued
upon acceptance.

         Interview              40%      (one on one 5 minute interviews)
         Formal Expression      40%      (evening gown on pageant night)
         Fundraising            10%      (point per dollar raised for Variety)
         Promotion Score        10%      (individual promotion for this event)

60%of the total score is evaluated prior to pageant night. During the show, delegates will be judged on
their Presence while wearing an Evening Gown /40.

Delegates wishing to challenge themselves further can be evaluated on the following. Those who receive
the highest score in either the International Costume, Talent Competition, or Swimsuit Competition are
automatically fast-tracked (guaranteed a spot) to a semi-finalist position (top fundraiser: ‘Beauty With A
Purpose’, People’s Choice, and Top Promotions will be fast-tracked as well):

International Costume                    Modeling Creative Costume of your choice while reciting a 15
                                         second Costume Slogan (Can be Ethnic Heritage or Canadian)
                                         (Those who have the optional pageant kit are automatically
                                         entered into this if they so wish)

Talent                                   2.5 min. Talent Presentation
                                         (Top talents are chosen to perform at Pageant Gala Night)
                                         (This is the one optional competition not included in the kit and
                                         is an additional $100 to enter )

Swimsuit                                 Modeling a swimsuit of your choice in front of the judges
                                         prior to the Crowning Gala on May 7th.
                                         (Those who have the optional pageant kit are automatically
                                         entered into this if they so wish)

Scrapbooking Competition                 Useful also for showing the judges what you have been
                                         up to prior to the pageant in terms of volunteering,
                                         appearances, and fundraising for Variety

Photogenic Competition                   Up to six photos may be submitted of the delegate wearing her

Based on the aforementioned criteria, the Semi-Finalists are chosen and are asked an impromptu
question based on their biography and these marks (Out of a bonus of 50) will be added to their overall
score. From these scores, the semi-finalists will be narrowed down to the Top Finalist positions and each
of these contestants will be asked to answer another impromptu question. This will also be given an
additional bonus of 50 points to the previous score. The MISS WORLD® CANADA 2010 Title holder will
be the highest scorer out of 200 points.

REHEARSALS: Comfortable clothing and shoes (the ones you will be wearing on stage)

SEMI FORMAL ATTIRE: This is for the Awards Banquet. Shorter cocktail dresses are appropriate.

EVENINGWEAR: All gowns must be floor length.

PRODUCTION OPENING NUMBER: “The Elaborate Song and Dance” Anything black you are
comfortable in. Black sequins are also acceptable. Rhinestone accessories. The more bling the better.

INTERVIEW: A business suit will be needed for this area of competition.

INTERNATIONAL COSTUME (Optional): Can be that representing country or your own ethnic
background choice. Be creative. Ideas are available in the pageant kit.

TALENT (Optional): Your talent outfit should be appropriate for your talent.

SWIMSUIT (Optional): One or two piece are acceptable. Judges are looking for a representative with

The following checklist has been prepared as a last minute reminder of some of the articles you may need
for the event.

___     Evening Gown and Pumps
___     (Talent Costume)(Swimsuit
___     Music for Talent (if needed)
___     Business Suit
___     Outfits for Production Numbers
___     Jewellery
___     Robe
___     International Costume (if needed)
___     Delegate Sash and Crown Pin
___     Scrapbooking supplies for Scrapbooking Workshop
___     Walking shoes (runners) and bag to carry these

___     Deodorant                                      ___       Shampoo/Conditioner
___     Perfume                                        ___       Toothbrush/Toothpaste
___     Mouthwash                                      ___       Razors
___     Curling Iron/Rollers                           ___       Hair comb/brush
___     Hair Dryer                                     ___       Hair Spray
___     Hosiery                                        ___       Iron
___     Extension cord                                 ___       Fingernail Repair Kit
___     Needle and Thread                              ___       Safety Pins
___     Aspirin                                        ___       Band Aids
___     Undergarments: Slips etc.                      ___       Slippers
___     Pyjamas                                        ___       Rehearsal Clothing
___     Bobbi Pins                                     ___       Make-Up Kit
___     Money for Shopping/Food/Starbucks, etc...
___     A Raincoat and An Umbrella (This is VANCOUVER after all!!)

Previously run by another company in Toronto, the pageant entry fee was $2150. The Miss World
Canada 2010 pageant for this year is priced at $850 (including taxes) and helps to offset the costs of
producing the competition and show, prizes, equipment, rehearsals, flowers, workshops, staffing, staging,
photo shoots, recording studio time, rehearsal snacks, banquets, ticket charity donations, etc....
By obtaining sponsors, you should be able to enter the pageant at little or no cost to you or your family.
You may ask for help from family and friends as well as from businesses to cover your entrance fee into
the pageant. Any corporation or small business is a possibility. Businesses can write off sponsorship as
an advertising expense. They can do this because each sponsor will receive a receipt from Upstage This!
Productions and they will be recognized in the pageant 2010 Program book. Most contestants last year
were able to get their entrance fee covered by sponsorship.

As per past experience, sponsorship is more easily acquired if one approaches a business in person with a
presentation package in hand. Each delegate is welcome to purchase a pageant kit including useful items
to assist them. It would also be in your best interest to come up with your own personalized letter to
make your situation unique, along with a photo of you wearing your delegate sash. Another good idea is
approaching a local paper or television station to do a story on you and include this article in your
presentation. The best way to obtain a sponsor is to meet them personally. Dress appropriately; neat,
business-like and professional. Sponsors are welcome to contact the Miss World Canada 2010
Organization with any questions. Do not go to just one particular sponsor and wait to hear from them.
You must put out many presentations and do the follow up yourself. Past delegates have had enormous
success organizing official presentations to many potential sponsors (and Variety donators). Past
delegates have learned volumes going through this process alone.

All sponsors fill out the sponsorship form and give this to the delegate along with their cheque issued to
the delegate. The delegate must have all her sponsorship forms in by April 1, 2010 in order for the
business to be recognized in the pageant program book and have a receipt issued to them by Upstage
This! Productions.
Upstage This! Productions will issue advertising recognition receipts up to $850 to sponsoring businesses
for each contestant and give these to the delegate in May of 2010 when pageant activities officially
begin. Delegates are responsible for giving these to their sponsors. These businesses will be recognized
in the official 2010 pageant program book.

Contestants are welcome to acquire additional sponsorship for other expenses as well. However, receipts
for this will not be issued by Upstage This! Productions and the money must be made out to their name.
Contestants are allowed to mention 2 of her sponsors during her voice over (for her evening gown walk)
if needed.

Here is a list of ideas of places to approach for sponsorship:

Car dealerships, hair and nail salons/spas, gyms/health and fitness clubs, tanning studios,
restaurants/coffee shops/cafes, radio stations, doctor/dentist/chiropractor, pharmacies, local M.L.A., local
business association, malls, high school student council, places of employment, real estate agents, bridal
salons/boutiques, hotels, banks (credit unions), Lions Club/Lodges, Rotary Club, local stores, grocery
stores, auto repair and body shops, Boys and Girls Centres/Rec. Centres, Dance/Music studios, family,
friends, neighbours.

Big or Small, it all adds up. Don’t wait until the last minute to search for sponsors!


Entry fee includes:                                 Entry fee does not include:

Eligibility for scholarships, gift prizes & awards Travel expenses to Vancouver (Activities all take
                                                    place within walking distance to host hotel in downtown
Delegate's Handbook                                 Vancouver, except for the theatre for the show. Upstage
                                                    This! Productions can assist in car pooling for out-of-
Official documents
                                                    Lodging (But with an outstanding hotel discount of at
Cover letter & Press Release                        the Holiday Inn on Howe Street)

Pageant Snacks                                      Delegate Sash and Crown Pin (required for show)

Revolving Restaurant Outing Lunch                   Competition Wardrobe (supplied by delegate)

Recognition/Talent Banquet                          Production Wardrobe (supplied by delegate)

Interview and Scrapbooking Seminars                 Personal expenses

Self-Development Seminars                           Optional Pageant Kit for $199

Choreography/Modeling Make-Up/Stage Lessons Optional Talent Competition

Voice Over Recording Experience                     Optional International Costume Competition

Pageant Program Book                                Optional Swimsuit Competition

Gifts from sponsors and Upstage This!

Sponsorship seminar (on-line available as well)

Entitlement to special Host Hotel Discount

Space in program book worth $850 for your
sponsors' ads.

                             Miss World® is a registered trade mark all over the world,
                         including Canada. The Miss World® Ltd. Organization is based
                            in the UK and has raised over $500 000 000 for Children’s
                          Charities worldwide. The Miss World® televised production is
                                   the most annually watched show in the world.

                         Miss World® 2010, the 60th Miss World® pageant, will be held
                                on November 6th 2010 in Nha Trang, Vietnam.
Priyanka Chopra – 2000


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