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					    The Annual Quality Assurance Report
                             (AQAR) of the IQAC

                       Year Report : 2009-10

      An Autonomous, ISO 9001 Certified and NAAC Accredited Institution & Affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
                          Approved by AICTE for MBA/MCA and by UGC for 2(f) & 12(B) status

    Thippampatti, Palani Road Pollachi - 642 107 Coimbatore Dt. Tamil Nadu
            Tel.: 04259-266008, 266550 Tele Fax: 04259-266009
                   Email: Website:

      The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC
Name of the Institution:
     Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College, Pollachi-642 107 (Autonomous)

                                     Year Report: 2009-10

         Different plans of action have been chalked out by the IQAC from the
beginning of the academic year towards quality enhancement. In line with the plan
initiatives, every department schedules its different academic plans that are decided to
be carried out during the forthcoming academic year, specifying its cost-benefit.
These activities have been planned relating to the mission and objectives of the
institution to promote the academic excellence of the students and to achieve global
competency in all their aspects of development namely, developing soft skills like
oral communication, writing skill, club activities like specialization and other aspects
for human excellence.

    1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the institution:

                 Each and every move made by our institution is designed and
        implemented to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organisation. The
        activities of the various departments are directed towards achieving the goals
        and objectives of the institution simply for improving the quality of students
        and staff. Many Faculty Development Programmes have been conducted at
        frequent intervals for continuous upgradation of our faculty resources. Various
        guest lectures have been provided by the experts from outside and inside in
        the various fields of knowledge.

    2. New academic programmes initiated (UG and PG):

            As a new initiative, skill based courses like diploma are offered in line
        with the UG and PG curriculum which is being prescribed by Bharathiar
        University. New academic courses like, M.Sc Mathematics are offered to
        students from the academic year 2010-2011. Besides a new Add on Certificate
        Course Dot Net has been introduced with UGC assistance.

    3. Innovations in curricular design and transaction:

           With an objective to meet the expectation of the corporates with our
        graduates, a new dimension has been given through the introduction of sixth
        hour in the Time Table. This is an additional hour whereby the students are
        qualitatively trained through group discussion, aptitude tests, discussions on

       current affairs, soft skills enhancement, personality development programmes,
       club activities of various departments etc.,

    4. Inter- disciplinary programmes started:

           Various inter-disciplinary programmes are conducted by the faculties of
       our college mainly to make them aware of the new trends and developments in
       their field of knowledge. The college offers the following UGC sponsored
       career-oriented courses to add value to the students and to enable them for
       easy placements, self-employment and to become consultants in their area of

          1.   Foreign Trade Policy
          2.   Insurance
          3.   E-Commerce
          4.   Information and Computer Technology
          5.   Web Designing and Office Automation
          6.   Clients Server Technology
          7.   Dot Net
          8.   Multimedia

    5. Examination reforms implemented:

               As a reform to improve the marks of the students who have failed in
       their University exams, remedial classes are conducted for the failure
       candidates. The cycle test and model examinations are conducted by the
       departments to evaluate the students’ depth of understanding of each subject
       which is taken as a component for computation of internal marks. This
       academic year we have got autonomy, appointed controller of examinations
       for conducting end semester examinations following the rules and regulations
       of the parent University.

       Board of Studies

               Several Boards of Studies for various departments have been
       constituted for drafting the syllabi for each programme keeping in mind the
       local needs of the people and for detailed discussions of the content and
       finalization of such syllabi. The Boards of Studies meetings of different
       departments were conducted on 5.4.2010 at STC with experts co-opted from
       industries, well known academicians from institutions to finanlise the syllabi
       for various programmes with necessary changes for the academic year 2010-

       Academic Council Meeting

               After becoming autonomous and completing one year successfully
       under autonomy, STC convened its Academic Council Meeting on 04.05.2010
       for the third time to get the approval of the council for various syllabi finalized

       and the scheme of examination. Academic experts Dr.P.Sampathkumar,
       Prof.K.P.Karthikeyan and Dr.A.Sethu Ramasubbaiah attended the meeting.

    6. Candidates Qualified: NET / SLET / GATE etc.

                                                                Qualifying Examinations
         Name of the Staff              Department
                                                                NET      SLET    GATE
       Dr.S.Rajalatha           Tamil                            √
       Ms. J.Sairabanu          Tamil                                      √
       Dr.J.Nishanthini         Tamil                                      √
       Dr.S.Dhandapani          Tamil                            √
       Ms. D. Padma             PG Commerce                                √
       Dr. R.Anitha             UG Commerce                      √
       Ms.B. Geetha             UG Commerce                             √
       Mr.N. Manicka Mahesh     MBA                              √         √
       Mr. B. Thayumanavar      MBA                              √
       Dr. R.Siva               Controller of Examination        √

    7. Initiative towards faculty development Programme

       The college has designed the FDP into three segments.

                   a) FDP for new entrants
                   b) Workshop for all
                   c) Refresher course for all

            For implementing these programmes a well thought out syllabus module
       has been framed by expert academicians. For the entire faculty members of
       STC a 7 day orientation programme was organized in the college from
       11.05.2010 to 18.05.2010, focusing on English communication and
       Methodoloy of Teaching. Besides workshops were conducted on 3rd Saturdays
       of every month by the departments inviting eminent persons from educational
       institutions on topics given in the syllabus module framed for workshop
       programmes. Likewise two weeks AICTE Sponsored Development
       Programme was also also organized by the departments of computer from
       9.11.2009-23.11.2009 inviting experts from software industry and educational

          Date       Time           Resource Person                        Title
       11.05.10    9.30AM-     Ms. Kiruthika Vinu              Effective Communication
                   4.30PM      Sai Educational Media, Cbe.
       12.05.10    9.30AM-     Ms. Kiruthika Vinu
                   4.30PM      Sai Educational Media, Cbe.     Debate

       13.05.10    9.30AM-     Mr. Harish                      Hindrance of
                   4.30PM      Sai Educational Media, cbe.     Communication & Benefits
                                                               of Business Communication

    14.05.10      9.30AM-     Mr. Harish                    Articles, Syllables, Idioms
                  4.30PM      Sai Educational Media, cbe.   and Phrases

                  9.30AM-     Mr. M.S.K Muhayudeen          Mind set of Knowledge
    16.05.10      4.30 PM     Sai Educational Media, cbe.
    17.05.10      9.30AM-     Mr. Harish                    Articles, Syllables, Idioms
                  4.30PM      Sai Educational Media, cbe.   and Phrases, Sentence
    18.05.10      9.30AM-     Mr. Harish                    Articles, Syllables, Idioms
                  4.30PM      Sai Educational Media, cbe.   and Phrases, Sentence

    Orientation Schedule for the fresh teachers of STC from 11th May to 18th May
    2010 at STC Campus.

    S.No.      Date           Name of the        Place                    Remarks
               13.05.2010     J.Livingston       M/s. Suguna Poultry
      1        to             Thiraviya Kumar    Farm Limited,
               22.05.2010                        Varadharajapuram.
               10.05.2010     S. Rajmohan        M/s. Sarmangal
      2        to                                Synthetics Pvt Ltd.,
               19.05.2010                        Pollachi.
               03.05.2010     T.Sivagnana        ING Vysya Bank,
      3        to             Selvakumar         Coimbatore.
               03.05.2010     B. Thayumanavar    M/s. Sri Visaka
               to                                Textiles Pvt Ltd.,
               07.05.2010                        Annur
               10         &
               13.05.2010     N. Manicka         M/s. Roots Industries
               &              Mahesh             Ltd.,                    Presentation
      5        18.05.2010                        Coimbatore               done by each
               to                                                         faculty to the
               25.05.2010                                                 entire team
               03.05.2010     V. Ramachandran Sardar Vallabai Patel
               to                             Institute of Textile
               10.05.2010                     Management,
      7        24.05.2010     R. Ananthi      M/s. Ace Tex,
               to                             Pollachi.

                01.05.2010      G. Manokaran         M/s. Harshini Textiles,
         8      to                                   Anaimalai.
                01.06.2010      R. Sriram            M/s. Suguna Poultry
         9      to                                   Farm Ltd,
                11.06.2010                           Varadharajapuram.
                03.06.2010      C.K.Kotravel         M/s. Sri
                to              Bharathi             Venkatachalapathy
                05.06.2010                           Fabrics, Tirupur.
         10     &
                03.06.2010      R. Geetha            M/s. Icon Household
                to                                   Pvt Ltd.,
                12.06.2010                           Nacikampalayam,

                                 Apart from the above FDP a conducted by the
          college for all staff there are individual cases of the college sponsoring
          faculties for special orientation like IIM, Indore etc.,

                  Mrs. R. Umamaheswari, MBA faculty sponsored by the
          management to undergo training in teaching techniques and methodology
          and updating the knowledge in the various subjects of management science
          spent three months time at IIM, Indore from 16.4.2010 to 9.7.2010

    8. Total number of seminars /workshops conduced:

              To enrich our students’ potential, various National Seminars,
       Workshops and Guest Lectures are being conducted with external and internal
       experts in the ratio of 75:25. There are 8 PG and 8 UG associations acting
       under different banners to enrich them in their fields, develop their skills and
       give them real time experiences. These students associations have conducted
       100 meetings including seminars during 2009-2010 inviting experts from
       industry and institutions of different kinds.

    9. Research Projects

              The college has established a Centre for Research and Consultancy
       (CRC), which encourages the staff to actively involve in research activities.
       CRC has got a co-ordinator who co-ordinates and monitors research activities
       in the campus. Faculty members are given guidances to submit research
       proposal to funding agencies like UGC and ICSSR etc., ICSSR have
       sponsored two major project. Five major research projects sponsored by UGC
       have been received by STC.

        Centre for research and Consultancy strengthened its research base in the
current Academic year.

       a. Newly Launched

Two major research projects have been sanctioned, by Dr.Jagadees Pandi, one from
UGC and another from ICSSR at a total outlay of Rs.5.93 Lakhs.

Two major projects have been sanctioned from UGC to Dr. S. Rajalatha & Dr. G.
Malarvizhi of Tamil Department and one major project have been sanctioned to Dr.
R. Thiyagu, PG Commerce, and another one major project has been sanctioned to Dr.
S.Mani, Dean of Management Science has been from UGC at a total outlay of
Rs.16.02 Lakhs.

Major Research Project was sanctioned by UGC to Dr. Janetius, Director, Centre for
counseling and Guidance at a total outlay of Rs.4.68 Lakhs.

Totally Research grants worth of Rs.26.67 lakhs have been received from UGC and
ICSSR, for seven major Research Projects.

    10. Patents generated, if any                :        Nil
    11. New collaborative research programmes :           NIL
    12. Research grants received from various agencies:
        Research grants received from various agencies have been like UGC, AICTE,

    13. Details of research scholars:

       The following table gives our faculty members pursuing M.Phil and Ph.D
    programmes in our institutions and other institutions

       Sl. No    Department                      M.Phil               Ph.D
       1         Commerce                        -                    4
       2         Computer Science                4                    5
       3         Social Work                     -                    -
       4         Management                      2                    8
       5         Maths                           -                    2

    14. Citation index of faculty members and impact factor: Nil

    15. Honors / Awards to the faculty:

              Ms. R.Ananthi Faculty of Management has received 1 Lakh rupees
       from London Business School for her case writing on the topic of “Dr.Reddys
       custom Pharmaceutical Service: A Tailor made break through strategy in off

              The management recognizes the good performances of the faculties by
       recognizing them through attractive rewards which are given as below:

       Best Department Award         -      PG Department of Computer Science

                                            PG Category
                                            UG Department of Management UG
     Best Performance Award         -      4 Faculties from Commerce
      (For securing 100% results     -      4 Faculties from Computer Applications
                                            8 Faculties from PG Computer Science
                                            5 Faculties from PG Commerce
        in subjects)                 -      8 Faculties from Maths
                                            3 Faculties from M.Com (IB)
                                            3 Faculties from B.Com (CA)
                                            10 Faculties from management
    16. Internal resources generated:
        The PG Department of Computer Science has generated internal resources by
        identifying five students of final M.Sc Computer Science as potential teachers
        who have been trained under the scheme “Teaching Career Fellowship”
        Scheme regularly.

    17. Details of departments getting SAP, COSIST (ASSIST) / DST, FIST, etc.
        assistance /

       recognition:                  NIL

    18. Community Services/Extention Activities:

       The various departments of the college perform quite a large number of
       outreach programmes in mostly in rural areas and in the STC City Centre,
       Pollachi. The following are sum of them:-

       For extension activities of our college, a “STC City Centre”, at Pollachi has
       been established which is equipped with 10 computer systems and a meeting
       hall wherein the STC faculty members extend their services to the public and
       the students of schools and colleges on all matters. The main beneficiaries of
       the outreach programmes are general public, school students, members of
       SHGS. The programmes include Computer literacy, health awareness,
       communicative English, water conservation, tuition for economically
       backward children.

     ‘Staff Office’ Programme was conducted at STC City Centre, Pollachi from
      16.06.2010 to 30.06.2010 by the staff Ms. Sivamani and Mr.Nandakumar of
      computer science department.
     Prof. K.Sivasamy, Dean Sciences along with Ms.N.Selvanayaki, Ms.R.Uma,
      Mr. M.Rameshkumar and Ms. S.Priyadarshini conducted programmes on
      various mathematical topics for the aspirants who wanted to appear for S.I.
      Examinations from 22.6.2010 to 25.06.2010 organised by the Lions Club of
      pollachi and Cheran Walkers Club, pollachi. Total number of participants
      were 120 and the area covered by the faculties were coding, decoding,
      problem on ages, analogy, simple interest, compound interest ratio and

        proportion, percentage, time and work series completion, time and distance,
        number system, probability etc.
     10.10.2009 Human Rights Awareness Programme was conducted by PG
        Department of Social Work at Chinnampalayam. Chief Guest of the
        Programme Mrs.Chandiragandhi, Notary Public, Pollachi.
     On 8.10.2009 an Eye Camp was organized by the students of MSW for the
        benefit of employees of Punkaja Mills, Coimbatore inviting personnel from
        Eye Foundation Hospital, Coimbatore.
     On 7.1.2010 the PG Department of Social Work conducted an outreach
        programme called ‘yoga for all’ at Kanjampatti village, 6kms away from the
        college for the benefit of the villagers. Prof.Lakshmanan, from World
        Community Service Centre, Aliyar conducted programme and beneficiaries
        exceed more than 300.
     And many more programmes.
    19. Teachers and Officers newly recruited:
        The following faculty members are newly recruited in the academic year
       Sl.No             Department                  Name of the Faculty

         1     Tamil                      1. Dr. S.Dhandapani

         2     English                    1. R.Vennila Nancy Christina

         3     B.Com                          1. Ms. P.Jayamary
                                              2. S.Senthil
                                              3. Dr.M. Anitha
                                          2. 4. Ms. B. Geetha
         4     B.Com (CA)                 1. Ms. T.Maheswari
                                          2. Ms. S. Kausalya
                                          3. Ms. Mr.K.Jaya Prakash
                                          4. Mr. B.Geetha
         5     BCA                        1. Mr. B. Sabarigiri

         6     B.Sc Comp. Sci.            1. Ms. K.Muthulakshmi
                                          2. Ms. Thilagavathi Subramaniam
                                          3. Mr. K. Ganeshkumar
         7     B.Sc Comp. Technology      1. Mr. S.Sivamani
                                          2. P.Arulmozhi 3.
         8     B.Sc Maths                 1. Mr.S.Palaniyandi
                                          2. Ms. J.Vidhya Sankari
                                          3. Ms.K.M. Lakshmi Priya
         9     MBA                        1. R. Sriram
                                          2. A. Arun
                                          3. Livingston Thiraviya Kumar
         10    MCA                        1. Dr.V.Murugesh
                                          2. Ms.D.Geetha
         11    MSW                        1. Felix Anand
                                          2. S.Rajarajan
         12    M.Sc Computer Science      1. B. Firdaus Begam
                                          2. Ms. K.Gomathi
                                          3. Ms. N. Saranya
         13    Physical Education         1. M.Vijaya Pandi
                                          2. R.Selvanandhini

     20. Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Ratio:
         The student teacher ratio is 18:1 while the ratio of non-teaching staff to the
         teacher is 1:5.

     21. Improvements in the Library Services:
         All services are automated and computerized. Electronic Journal facilities, Del
         Net facility, Internet and Digital library, Bar Coding, Magazine and Articles
         search facilities are available for students and staff.

     22. New Books / Journals subscribed and their Cost:
         2687 New books at a cost of Rs. 15,12,142 have been purchased for library
         use   and 159 journals are being subscribed at a cost of Rs. 2,60,000.

     23. Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the
         action taken on student feedback:
         The faculty members performances are assessed periodically through
         students’ feedback. The performance of the staff members are evaluated based
         on the feedback given by the students. Various counseling orientation services
         are given to staff to enhance the quality of their service in addition to the
         regular FDP.

     24. Unit Cost of Education:
         The Unit cost of education without salary component is Rs. 30,400, while
         the same with salary component is Rs. 36,000.

     25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and
         examination results, issue of certificates:
         All administrative activities of the college are computerized through, a
         software called “Smart Campus” in which all data are uploaded to the Smart
         campus Database for efficient functioning.

     26. Increase in the infrastructural facilities:
         The college has provided additional infrastructure with certain facilities like
         Virtual class room facility.

               Expansion denotes growth. The college witnesses steady and
        continuous expansion. There is a tremendous growth in the infrastructure of
        STC. In the sports complex, one additional floor has been constructed to
        accommodate the Office of the COE exclusively, and it is almost nearing
        completion. Front elevation for main building as well as sports block has been
        completed. A separate power room in the first floor has been separately
        constructed. An AC seminar hall to accommodate 160 persons is functioning
        from the current Academic year. A yoga hall to accommodate 150 students
        has been completed and is being used.

        Computer Lab
        The college has got 7-computer labs. Total number of High-end PC’s has gone
        upto 500 with 40 printers, Scanners with Terabyte backup devices.

        Campus network is structured in combination of OFC & CAT – 6 cables.
        Supported by the following features:

        o       High-end networking components such as Manageable CISCO
        switches/Router. State-of-the-art, IBM Blade Center with 3 Blade
        Servers/Storages equipped with all necessary software and Firewall +
        o       Reliance 2 Mbps Broad Band internet available round the clock.
        o       Entire campus including both hostels is Wi-fi enabled.
        o       The University Grants Commission has provided Rs.50 Lakhs for
        infrastructure development.

                We have a state of the art library, equipped with software for book
        search and location. This year we have added 3127 books in addition to the
        existing 24,159 volumes. As of now, we have a collection of 27,286 books
        available in the library. Besides, we are subscribing to 118 Journals and 38
        magazines. We also have 1891 E Journals, 1903 educational CDs and DVDs.

        Other Facilities

         The following facilities are available in the boys and girls hostels:
                                                                      Wi-Fi connection
                       in each room
                                                                      Modern     kitchen
                       with steam boilers, gas connections and a convenient and
                       hygienic dining hall.
                                                                      Facilities      for
                       Indoor games such as carom, table tennis, shuttle cock andalso
                       other out-door games.
                                                                      More          than
                       adequate toilet facilities.
                                                                      Power Generator.
     27. Technology up gradation:
         To upgrade with in new technologies, various ICT devices such as LCDs,
         OHPs, DVD Drives, have been introduced. New techniques such as Virtual
         Knowledge Centre, implementation of smart cards for staff members and
         students have been introduced. A new financial database namely, the
         PROWESS has been installed and Lap-Tops are also provided to our MBA

     28. Computers and Internet Access and Training to Teachers and Students:
         The staff and students of STC have been provided with ample facilities to use
         computers, with internet access at free of cost for extended hours through
         office automation programmes and office operation systems. The students
         have also been facilitated with an internet access after their class hours inside
         the campus and also at STC City Centre at Pollachi.

     29. Financial Aid to Students:
         The management of STC helps their students financially with different
         schemes of scholarships and Fee Concessions
         The Management has a keen interest in bringing up the rural and economically
         backward students. Having this in mind STC gives scholarships and
         concessions in fees for the deserving candidates. STC gives scholarships and
         freeships to the following categories:
         Merit scholarship, scholarship for Economically Backward, Alumni
         scholarship and Sports Scholarship.
         Totally 603 students have been benefited from STC scholarship and the
         college management has awarded Rs.40,04,000/- as scholarship for the
         academic year 2009-2010. Apart from this 244 students have been given
         government scholarships to the extent of Rs.5,28,100/- during the year 2009
         – 2010.

     30. Support from the Alumini Associaion and its Activities:
         The members of Alumini Association, lend their support to the college
         through various supporting activities. The Alumini Association invites
         Alumini to share their experiences with their juniors. They help in better
         placements of the present students through a chain network. They offer guest
         lectures to the current students and also subscribe to Alumini fund.

     31. Support from the Parent-Teacher Association and its activities:
         A good moral support is extended by the Parent-Teacher Association through
         their various activities:

         Conducting the Parent-Teachers meeting at regular intervals
         Receiving necessary constructive feedbacks and suggestions from their
          parents and then taking appropriate steps.

     32. Health Services:

        Various health services are provided by the college namely

             Periodical Medical Inspections
             General Health check up for village peoples organized by the MSW
             Also, the college offers emergency inpatient services in nearby
                hospitals and nursing homes.
     33. Performance Sports Activities:
         The student participation in sports and games has been encouraged by giving
         them appropriate recognition and financial support. The sports students are
         permitted to go for regular practices during 6th hour everyday. They have been
         provided on duty facilities. The sports students are awarded special

        Activities during 2009-2010

        1.   Summer Coaching Camp for Volley-Ball sponsored by Sports
             Development Authority of Tamil Nadu was conducted between April 12th
             2009 and May 11th 2009.
         2. 5th STC Trophy for school girls was conducted on 05.08.09., the events
             are Volley Ball and Kho-Kho.
         3. Bharathiar University Inter-Collegiate Weight lifting and Power lifting for
             men was held between 28.08.09 and 23.08.09. STC Boys won 6 medals-
             Gold-2, Silver-1, Bronze-3.
         4. All India Inter University Athletic Meet was held at Chennai on 1 st Jan
             2010. R.Rajesh of 1st BBM had won Silver Medal in 10,000 meters event.
         5. Tamil Nadu State Athletic Association conducted State level Cross
             Country Meet held at Dharmapuri on 10th Jan 2010. R. Rajesh of 1st BBM
             had won Gold Medal in Road Race event of 12.5 km.
         6. Mr.C.Rajkumar and Mr.Madhusudhanan of BBM won the National Beach
             Volley Ball championship in the tournament held at Chennai and they
             have also been selected to represent India in the international Beach
             Volley Ball chambpionship tournaments.
         7. Mr. Rajesh of BBM won the silver medal in the 10000 metres running
             race in the All India Inter University Athletic Meet held at Chennai and
             also won I place in the Semmozhi Marathan race held at Coimbatore.
         8. AQUA TEX 2010-District level Valley Ball Championship was won by
             our college in the tournament organized by TEXMO Motors Pvt.Ltd.,
     34. Incentives of outstanding sports persons:
         Various incentives and awards have been provided by the college to sports
         persons through sports scholarship.

     35. Students achievements and awards:
          The students of STC often bring laurels and glorious tributes to the college
             by their wonderful performance in University Examinations. 8 students
             secured university ranks which is a testimony to the kind of quality
             education that is being offered at the college.
          The PG and UG students have participated in 66 intercollegiate events like
             paper presentation, Code debugging and Poetry writing, Elocution, Quiz,
             Marketing etc and have won large number of prizes, cash awards for best
             paper presentation in seminars and have brought name and fame for the
             institution by their excellent performance and victories during 2009-2010.
     36. Activities of the Guidance and Counselling Centre:
         The Centre for Guidance and Counseling offers counseling and guidance to
         students and staff in addition to many academically oriented programmes.

        COIMBATORE CENTRAL PRISON PROGRAM:               a Psycho-Spiritual development
        weekly      program     for    the prisoners        was    inaugurated     on
        August 4,2009 by the Vice-Chancellor of Bharathiar University. This
        Psycho-Spiritual Program focuses on the individual development, self-
        realization, identifying the innate potentials as well as reforming the lifestyle
        of prisoners.

     The year-round program consists of 9 modules and given to a group of 20-25
     people. The program is running for 30 weeks now.

            3-C MODEL OF STUDENT EMPOWERMENT : In view of empowering
     students for holistic development, wellbeing and mental health, the Centre for
     Counseling and Guidance in coordination with Principal have drafted a Three
     Circle Model-Student Empowerment Program for First year students and is
     being implemented.

            BONA PERSONA :          Bona persona is a 12 module Personality
     Development Program formulated for the students of STC by the Centre. The
     students will be given a certificate at the end of the program. This is given to
     MSW, B.Com CA & B.Com first year students.

     Two Hobbies Development Program :

                1.                                Philatelic Exhibition      In
                order to develop hobbies among students, the Centre organized a
                Philatelic Exhibition on August 8. A renowned Philatelist Dr.
                Sundararaj from Mettupalayam exhibited his philatelic sheets.
                More than 800 students registered their name as visitors to the
                2.                                   Drawing Training : In order
                to develop the hobbies of students, workshop on drawing skills will
                be conducted on 21st December, Monday. Mr. Chinnasamy,
                Drawing Master from Kottur Malaiyandipatanam gave basic
                training to 160 students.

     Mental Health Awareness : Mental health awareness program was organized
     in 5 schools in the first week of October between 13 th October and 19th
     October. The peer counselors from the College organized poster presentations
     exhibiting different aspects, causes and remedies for mental health and
     Director, Centre for Counseling & Guidance addressed the students.

     Peer Counselors workshop : One day workshop was organized for the peer
     counselors in the month of January 2010. The HOD of Psychology
     Department, Bharathiar University game the workshop.

     Alcohol awareness program : Talk for all the students was organized by the
     centre. A total of 12 lectures were given.

     Major Project from UGC : The centre has received a major project for 4.68
     lakhs on An empirical study on the Prevalence and Predictors of Mental
     Health problems among college students. A model Counseling Program.

 Peer counsellor activities (2010-2011)

June 22        One year programs orientation
July 20        New Peer counsellors Meet
August 8       Philatelic Exhibition
September 25 Mental Health Awareness preparation
December 21 Drawing workshop
January 30     Workshop Training for Peer counselors by
               Prof Subramanian, Head of Psy Dept. Bharathiar University

 Faculty Development

Understanding Adolescents and Classroom Management        June 11
Mental Health Awareness                                   October 31
MBA Faculty Orientation and Situation Analysis            March 5

 Seminar Talk for Students

      Topic                            No of Talks    Month

Orientation                            8              June, July, August
Self Esteem                            6              July, August, November
Career Choice                          7              July
Human Personality                      2              July, August
Goal setting                           3              July, September, December
Sex Taboos social norms                1              September
Mental Health                          1              November
Stress Management                      1              November
Body Language & Non-verbal             1              November
Emotional Quotient                     1              November
Alcohol Awareness                      14             January, February, March
Counselling Skills                     1              February

     37. Placement services provided to students:

        The “Training Placement and Corporate Cell (TPC)” is arranging often and on
        campus interview to the college students.

        TPC conducted soft skill training programmes for UG and PG students who
        are in the final year of the course with the help of external experts and internal
        staff. In all 27 training programmes have been conducted in wide ranging
        topics including communication, time management, Aptitude, self esteem,
        stress management, attending interviews etc.,

        As on date 183 students got placements. Leading Companies such as Sharp
        Info, Shriram Life Insurance, Bajaj Alliance, Cybernet, Slash Support, Eureka
        Forbes, Global Techno Solutions, GM Bio-tech, ICICI Bank, JVM
        Association, KGISL-BPO, Mani Technologies, Seyyone, Sutherland global,
        United Financial, Velan Info and Wipro WASE software participated in the
        job fairs, organized at STC and elsewhere.

     38. Development programmes for non-teaching staff:

        Various quality improvement programmes such as OLIVIA Language Lab for
        non-teaching staff has been conducted. The PG department of Management
        studies has been encouraging administrative assistants for enrolling in the
        distance education programme.

     39. Best Practices of the Institution:

     The institution is recognized and has gained popularity through its best practices

      Conducting of various Orientation Programmes for the welfare of the Society.
      Various Out reach programmes are being conducted for the benefit of the
      Maintenance of ethical and moral codes and principles.
      Making for ABC analysis of students on the basis of their performance.
      Conducting remedial classes for the slow learners and the students in the “C’
      Tutor ward system.
      Signing MoUs very often with leading companies.
      Additional instruction hours for value added, soft skill programs.
      Weekly reviews of work diary maintained by each member of the staff.
      Annual increments to staff based on various parameters.
      Annual get together for staff family members and the management members
       in our college campus.
      Off campus two days orientation for HODs and Deans once a year at hills
      Student evaluation of teachers made every semester.

      Performance of staff reviewed every semester.
      Separate training, placement and corporate relations cell.
      Exclusive Centre for Research and Consultancy.
      Scholarships has been provided for Alumini, Sports students and also to
       economically poor students.
      Separate STC City Centre for conducting extension activities for the benefits
       of students, alumni and the public.

     40. Linkages developed with National / International, academic / research

         STC has established linkages with various organisations like Chamber of
         Commerce and Industry, Pollachi chapter, Sarva Siksha Abyan Scheme,
         Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Coimbatore Chapter and BSNL

         Besides the college has obtained membership in Coimbatore Management
         Association, All India Management Association and Computer Society of

         It has also arranged mentorship with Blue Star Ltd., Chennai, PSG Institute of
         Management, Coimbatore, Roots Industries, CBE,and Indian Institute of
         Management (IIM) Ahmedabad for internship for faculties of STC.

     41. Any other relevant information:

         Right from 2006 the department of Management studies has focused its
         activities for rapid development of students and faculties of the department.
         These activities have been successfully implemented.        During 2009-10,
         an innovative scheme namely, Teaching Career Fellowship (TCF) was
         introduced in which meritorious students willing to enter teaching career have
         been selected and scholarship awarded for such students. Five scholarships
         have been awarded during 2009-10.

         Part C: Plans of the Institution in detail for the next year(2010-2011).

         The following table clearly shows the process plan of each department in the
         institution for the year 2010-11.

                                          Academic Activities
         Department    Guest Seminar/National Workshop Out Industrial FDP
                      Lecture Level Seminar    (Nos.)     Reach   Visit (Nos.)
                      (Nos.)     (Nos.)                   (Nos.) (Nos.)
         B.Com          18                                    2    12
                         8                              1          2         2
         BBM             9                                                   7
                         20                                        2         2
         B.Sc (CS)

                    12             2                        2         2        10
     B.Sc (CT)/
                    16                            3         2         1
     B.Sc (IT)
     M.Com          10             1                        2         2            4
                     9                                      2         2
     M.Sc (CS)/
                    20             1              5         2         2            2
     M.Sc (SS)
     MCA            10             2              5
     MBA            16             1                                  16           7
     MSW            13                                                             5
     English         9
     Tamil           5

     Other Proposals

      Additional class room have been constructed to provide class room for all
       the courses and classes.
      Modern Computer Labs have constructed making the total number of labs
       into 7 with a total system of 500 systems
      A proposal to purchase 120 computers and accessories in 2010-11
      New courses like M.Sc Maths and Research degrees will be introduced in
      The college has entered MoUs with ICICI Bank, CODISSIA, Computer
       Society of India, IBM and BSNL Pollachi for the benefit of students and
       staff to have hands-on and on the job training and practical exposure.