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The A-List of B-Schools 2011 Unveiled

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					           CNBC-TV18’s ‘The A-List of B-Schools 2011’ Unveiled
         IIMs Continue To Dominate. NITIE Charges into the Top 10,
            MDI makes significant Gains. XLRI & FMS lose ground.
Covers 113 B-Schools & 208 recruiters making it one of India’s most comprehensive and definitive rankings

Mumbai, April 13: India‟s No. 1 business medium CNBC-TV18 released 'The A-List of B-Schools Rankings
2011‟ today. IIM Ahmedabad led the rankings and continues to be the benchmark for MBA education in India.
The rankings were dominated by the IIMs as IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow followed next.
MDI, XLRI, NITIE and FMS broke this monopoly as they took up the next 4 positions. NITIE made significant
gains along with IIM Kozhikode to break into the Top 10. XLRI and FMS saw a minor drop in their rankings this

These rankings were developed using a detailed dual methodology which surveyed key stakeholders in
management education including B-School institutions, Faculty and Recruiters. This in-depth
methodology, comprised of an extensive data based quantitative survey as well as perception based
inputs, making the „The A-List of B-Schools‟ arguably India‟s largest and most comprehensive B-School ranking.

Rankings at a Glance                                      Speaking on „The A-List of B-School‟ rankings Suresh
Edition          2011 is the 3rd Edition                  Venkat, Executive Editor, CNBC-TV18 said “These
B-Schools        113 B-Schools                            rankings are an attempt to provide insights on which
Participants                                              prospective students can make effective decisions on
Recruiters       208 Recruiters Interviewed               their B-School journey as they navigate an
Participants                                              increasingly complex set of choices today. Through
Methodology      Dual (Data Based Quantitative            The A-List of B-School handbook and TV series we
                 Survey & Perception Ratings)             hope to address all the key stakeholders across the
Categories of    Placements, Industry Interface,
                                                          spectrum of management education in India and offer
Ranking          Intellectual Capital, Infrastructure,
                                                          useful information on approaching a MBA, choosing
                 International Linkages, Region &
                                                          the right school, getting in to the right school and life
                                                          beyond MBA education.”

For more detailed rankings please visit

While Premchand Palety, Chief Executive of Centre for Forecasting & Research (C-fore) said “One
unique feature of the survey is that it is based primarily on objective data. The weightage to perceptual
data has never exceeded 25%. The prime objective of ranking is to elevate the standard of business education in
the country. The purpose of ranking is not to perpetuate brand myth but to evaluate the actual performance of a
B-school against different parameters. We recognize the leadership role B-schools can play in creating new
knowledge. So, we give substantial weightage to the research output of an institute. This year, 6 broad
parameters and 54 sub parameters were used to assess a B-school.”

        Top B-Schools in India
 2010       2011
 Rank       Rank      B-School
    1          1      IIM, Ahmedabad
    2          2      IIM, Bangalore
    3          3      IIM, Calcutta
    4          4      IIM, Lucknow
    9          5      MDI, Gurgaon
    5          6      Jamshedpur
   17          7      NITIE, Mumbai
    6          8      FMS, Delhi
   10          9      SP Jain, Mumbai
   11         10      IIM, Kozhikode

For the 2011 edition, CNBC-TV18 partnered with the premier market research and consulting firm Cfore, the
reputed B-school information provider - and one of the nation‟s best recognized brands in MBA
test preparation Career Launcher.

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            invaluable insights into the current hierarchy of management education in the country.
            Beyond the rankings, the book contains expert advice on how best to approach and
            prepare for an MBA, wide-ranging insights into key issues and trends emerging in and
            around the B-school landscape, as well as a view into life at B-school and beyond. A few
            of the nations leading minds with regard to management and education have shared their
thoughts and insights on B-school education including Harsha Bhogle, Rashmi Bansal and Sidin

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           „CNBC-TV18 A-List of B-Schools‟ TV SERIES, Coming Soon on CNBC-TV18!

The B-School Rankings will also be accompanied through a power packed on-air series only on CNBC-
TV18. „The A-List of B-Schools‟ series will give the students insights on key trends in management and
views from business leaders, field experts, star MBA students on getting into b-schools, campus life and
the rankings. The show will also feature interviews with the various stakeholders of management
education in India. The idea is to dwell not only on the tips and advice for MBA aspirants but also seek to
reflect the role of young managers in India‟s economic growth story.
Methodology of the Rankings

Research organization C fore conducted the survey to rank top B-schools in India. Invitations were sent to about
1000 b-schools to participate. In all 113 b-schools participated in the survey. The validation exercise was carried
by a special team, which cross-checked the data by asking for necessary documents like appointment letters,
balance sheets, annual report etc. Veracity of information was also checked by the mystery auditing method.

Objective scores were obtained by evaluating b-schools against the following five broad parameters

1. Intellectual capital

2. Placement performance

3. Infrastructure and facilities

4. Industry interface

5. International linkages

These were further divided into sub-parameters as shown in the table overleaf. The marks were allotted to a b-
school against a particular sub parameter by normalizing these against the topper for that parameter. For
example, if marks for the median salary is 130 and the highest median salary offered at any institute, irrespective
of the category, is 10 lakhs per annum, then marks allotted to an institute where median salary offered was Rs 5
lakhs per annum would be 5/10*130 = 65. For publication in reputed international journals, 10 marks per paper
was assigned; the maximum limit was 200 marks. For Indian Journals, only papers published in refereed journals
were considered.

The satisfaction survey of recruiters was conducted by using a semi-structured questionnaire. In all, 208
recruiters were interviewed. The recruiters were asked to rate the graduates of the b-schools they were familiar
with against 12 parameters namely Ability to work in team, Leadership skills, Domain knowledge and its effective
application, Creativity, Analytical ability and problem solving skills, Communication and presentation skills,
Capability to sustain work pressure, Proactive attitude, Personal ethics and integrity, Interpersonal skills,
Stakeholder (customers, shareholders, employees) orientation and Integrated/holistic approach to management.
A perceptual survey was also conducted among faculty members of different b-schools who were asked to rate
the b-schools that they were familiar with on a ten point scale against different parameters like intellectual
capital, industry interface, infrastructure and placements, etc. The rating that they gave to their own institute was
not considered.