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									                                    Re: OT: Sci−fi fantasy − Torchships!

Re: OT: Sci−fi fantasy − Torchships!


      • From: Rich Grise <richg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
      • Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2011 03:26:08 −0800

Charlie Gibbs wrote:

          (Bradley K. Sherman) writes:

                 Dancing Fingers <batymahn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

                         Speaking of sci−fi and fusion I watched Watson on Jeopardy
                         sadness, for us humans, and excitement. I would love to be a
                         researcher and have Watson as my partner. If we could plug
                         all the
                         available fusion data into Watson and then ask him questions
                         it would
                         be fascinating.

                 That reminds me of the story about the smart missile developed
                 by DARPA in the 1980's. Hundreds of NSA superprogrammers
                 instilled in it a fuzzy−logic brain that was capable of
                 anticipating threats and maneuvering on its own. They gave
                 it a Steven Hawking voice and natural language recognition.
                 Finally George H.W. Bush gave it the command to strike Iraq.
                 Nothing happened. Mission control queried the missile as
                 to what the problem was. "I'd rather take up gardening,"
                 replied the missile.

          That sounds like the smart bomb in the movie "Dark Star".

Yeah! I remember seeing that one, and Bradley's story reminded me
of it too! ;−)



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