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					                        CARDIFF SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES
                               TIMETABLE – 2009-2010

                                               YEAR TWO

DAY     TIME            MODULE        TITLE                                     LOCATION                CONVENOR
Mon     11.10-12.00     SI0201        Offending and Victimisation               Main 0.13               Lesley Noaks
        12.10-1.00      SI0072        Gender Relations and Society              Main -1.64              Sara MacBride-
        2.10-3.00       SI0030        Social Research Methods                   Law 0.22                Rob Evans
        3.10-4.00       SI0202        Responses to Crime                        Tower 1.05              David Hicks
        4.10-5.00       SI0210        The Body, Health and Medicine             Glamorgan -1.80         Joanna Latimer
Tues    9.00-9.50       SI0076        Contemporary Sociology of                 Law 1.30                Gareth Rees
        10.00-10.50     SI0141        Children and Childhood                    Tower 1.05              Emma Renold
        11.10-12.00     SI0200        Theory and Method in                      Glamorgan 0.86 (Aut)    Adam Edwards
                                      Contemporary Criminology                  Glamorgan 0.85 (Spr)

        12.10-1.00      SI0219        Learning, Biology and Cognition           Bute 0.53               Thea Cameron-
        2.10-3.00       SI0070        Race and Ethnicity                        Biomed C/0.07           To be confirmed
        3.10-4.00       SI0066        Social Theory                             Redwood 0.21            Finn Bowring
Wed     9.00-9.50       SI0036        Human Development                         Bute 2.32               Gabrielle Ivinson
        12.10-1.00      SI0134        Sociology of Culture                      Bute 1.40               Bella Dicks
Thur    10.00-10.50     SI0038        Psychology and Social Behaviour           Biomed C/-1.01 (A)      Katy Greenland
                                                                                Biomed E/0.09 (S)

                        SI0067        Social Policy Analysis                    Optometry 0.05          To be confirmed
        11.10-12.00     SI0075        Inequality and the Division of Labour     Optometry 0.05          Phil Brown
Fri     11.10-12.00     SI0077        Poverty, Social Policy and Income         Main 1.40 (Aut)         Mark Drakeford
                                      Maintenance                               Bute 1.40 (Spr)

Room Guide
Biomed C/-1.01 = John Pryde Lecture Theathre, BIOSI Building
Biomed C/0.07 = Physiology Lecture Theatre “A”, BIOSI Building
Biomed E/0.09 = Anatomy Lecture Theatre, BIOSI Building
Bute 1.40 = Lecture Theatre 1.40, Bute Building
Bute 1.61 = Birt Acres Lecture Theatre, Bute Building
Bute 2.32 = Lecture Theatre 2.32, Bute Building
Glamorgan = Glamorgan Building
Main 0.13 = Wallace Lecture Theatre, Main College
Main 1.40 = Beverton Lecture Theatre, Main College
Optometry 0.05 = Lecture Theatre 0.05, Optometry Building
Tower 1.05 = Stanley Parris Lecture Theatre, Tower Building

Please double-check rooms on notice-board outside the Undergraduate Office during the first teaching week.

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