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RULES AND REGULATIONS - Pueblo West Property Management


									                         RULES AND REGULATIONS

1. GARBAGE AND REFUSE: Tenant(s) shall place all garbage and refuse in
   plastic bags, tie and in property containers on the property. Trash must be kept
   inside garage, except on trash day. The rest of the premises shall be kept free
   from trash and neat at all times. Tenant(s) shall be responsible for keeping the
   entrance way to your unit clean and free of leaves, tumbleweeds, personal items,
   and cigarette butts, etc.
2. NOISE: Tenant(s) shall observe and respect quiet hours and shall not make noise
   which can be heard in other units between hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. No
   tenant(s) shall make noise which disturbs the peaceful enjoyment of the premises
   by other tenants at any time.
3. STORING: Nothing may be stored on common walkways used by other
   tenant(s). No personal items are to be kept on front grounds that may cause
   damage or danger to any property. Any exceptions must have a written
   authorization from Owner/Landlord.
4. PETS: No pet(s) shall be kept on the premises under any circumstances without
   prior written notice from Owner/Landlord and at least a $200.00 non-refundable
   pet fee and a possible additional monthly payment of $25.00 per month per pet at
   Owners/Landlord sole discretion. Pet(s) cannot, in anyway, disturb other
   tenant(s) or tenant(s) may be required to remove said pet(s). Violations will result
   in retention of all or part of the tenant(s) security deposit. If pet(s) is allowed then
   animal(s) messes must be kept clean at all times and lawn maintained from the
   use of the animal(s). No urine on carpet or any interior area of the rental unit or
   tenant(s) may be subject to replacement of carpet throughout unit/home and any
   other damage done. If property has grass and it is damaged due to animal(s),
   tenant(s) will be responsible for replacement of landscaping and lawn. (See Pet
   Policy Addendum)
5. ALTERATIONS: No alterations of any kind are permitted without written
   detailed permission from Owner/Landlord. Tenant may not change any of the
   locks on the building without prior Owner/Landlord approval and a copy set of
   keys provided to the Owner/Landlord. Any satellite dishes and or cable must be
   professionally installed and have a written approval from the Owner/Landlord
   before it is installed. Tenant(s) may not paint or hang wallpaper of any type.
6. PARKING: Trailers, busses or trucks may be parked only with written
   permission from owner/Landlord. Any unregistered or illegally parked vehicles
   will be towed away at the tenant’s expense. Vehicles are not to be washed or
   repaired while on the driveway premises.
7. WALLS: Use only the smallest nails possible for hanging pictures. Do not use
   large bolts, ceiling hooks or stickers to either the interior or exterior of the units.
   This includes exterior nails, hooks, flagpoles or any other damage to the exterior
   of the building. Do not fill nail holes upon vacating the unit. No self-adhesive or
   glue items are to be attached to refrigerators or walls.

                                                                  Initials ______ ______
    plumbing leaks PROMPTLY to Owner/Landlord, failure to do so may result in
    additional costs to tenant(s) due to unnecessary damage or increased water bills.
9. Owner/Landlord is not responsible for blockage caused by tenant(s) carelessness,
    including but not limited to sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels, diapers, hair,
    etc. Owner/Landlord is responsible to service and start swamp coolers and will
    do so at the discretion of the Owner/Landlord. If any swamp cooler is started up
    by tenant(s) or turned back on after winterization, tenant(s) will be completely
    responsible for any damage to the unit such as owner’s insurance deductible,
    flooding or any other damage to the unit/home. If there are any problems with the
    furnace, A/C, swamp cooler or sewer blockage tenant(s) is to notify
    Owner/Landlord immediately.
10. PESTS: If you have a problem with ants, spiders, centipedes, snakes or mice
    please purchase a commercial product and follow instructions accordingly. If you
    want the duplex/home exterminated then you may contact the Bug Man Pest
    Control Services at 719-369-8889. Cost will be the responsibility of the tenant(s).
11. INSURANCE: Tenant(s) have been informed and advised of the importance of
    obtaining a Renter’s Insurance Policy. The Owners policy does not cover the
    tenant’s personal belongings such as furniture, TV, stereo, vehicles, etc.
12. APPLIANCES: Do NOT leave the refrigerator turned off or unplugged at any
    time. If the oven is self-cleaning DO NOT use oven cleaner as this will
    permanently damage the oven and you may be responsible for the replacement
    cost of the unit. Remove racks and broiler pan before cleaning. If you have a
    glass top stove you must use glass top cleaner specifically for that unit. Drip pans
    must be replaced when tenant(s) vacates the premises. NEVER leave the unit
    with the self-cleaning oven or dishwasher/washer/dryer running. If tenant(s)
    violate this restriction, tenant(s) will be liable for any damage caused by this
    violation. Please use good judgment when using garbage disposals. Never put
    grease or peelings from vegetables into the garbage disposal. On homes with
    septic systems it is strongly recommended that use of the garbage disposal be
13. ELECTRICAL AND ALARMS: Tenant shall NEVER remove any of the
    smoke/carbon monoxide detectors on the premises. Tenant is responsible upon
    move in to check all detectors to make sure they are in good working condition.
    Tenant(s) is to notify Owner/Landlord immediately if they are not. It is the
    responsibility of the tenant(s) to change the batteries during their tenancy to
    ensure they are working adequately for their safety.
14. NO SMOKING: Our properties are non-smoking; if a tenant or their guest
    smokes in the unit/home it will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit and
    any additional expenses to clean the unit. Smoking must be outside the unit/home
    and cigarette butts must be put in a container and premises are to be kept clean of
    cigarette butts at all times.

                                                                   Initials _____ _____
   15. LAWN AND LANDSCAPING: It is the tenant(s) total responsibility for
       watering the grass, trees, flowers, shrubs, etc. If the property has a sprinkler
       system it is the tenants(s) responsibility to make sure it is in proper working
       condition and to notify the Owner/Landlord immediately if it is not. Broken
       sprinkler heads is the responsibility of the tenant(s). Tenant is responsible for
       mowing, fertilizing and keeping all weeds pulled or sprayed on the premises and
       the surroundings. Homes on acreages with fences are to be mowed around on the
       exterior of the fence keeping tumbleweeds and weeds to a minimum. If tenant(s)
       fail to maintain the yard and surroundings, Owner/Landlord will charge the tenant
       for the cost of yard service.
   16. CARPETS: Upon vacating or during tenancy carpets must be professionally
       steamed cleaned and if tenant(s) have a pet the carpet MUST be deodorized as
       well. You must use AAA Cleaning and Restoration 719-547-0740 or Oxi Fresh
       719-565-9733. No other company can be used without the prior written approval
       from Owner/Landlord. At no time can a store bought or rented carpet cleaner be
       used on the carpets.
   17. NOTICE TO VACATE: Tenant(s) shall be responsible for giving
       Owner/Landlord a minimum of 30 days WRITTEN NOTICE on the first of each
       month. Tenant is required to pay a full months rent for the vacating month.
       Tenant(s) will allow Owner/Landlord to show unit at any reasonable time, without
       tenant(s) home. OWNER/LANDLORD reserves the right to request the last
       months rent to be a cashiers check or a certified check, if necessary. AT NO
       TIME SHALL THE UTILITIES be disconnected or heat turned off in the
       winter months or tenant(s) will be responsible for all damage to the unit.
   18. CLEANING: If premises is not clean or ready on the last day of the month a
       daily fee of pro-rated rent will be deducted from the Security Deposit and a
       cleaning fee of $40.00 per hour will be charged until unit is ready for occupancy.
       Any late fees or delinquent rent payments will automatically be deducted from the
       Security Deposit. Cleaning will be at the sole discretion of the Owner/Landlord.
       Security Deposit refunds will not be made earlier than 14 days and no later than
       60 days after termination of the lease. Refunds will be mailed to the last known
       address given to the Owner/Landlord






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