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									I can't shake the memory of what I saw
by Steve Mosher

My name is Steve Mosher and I'm President of the Population Research Institute — PRI
for short. PRI is the enormously successful baby-saving organization that pro-
abortionists love to hate! (PRI's Founder, Fr. Marx, was loudly blasted by the Planned
Parenthood abortionists as “Public Enemy No. 1.”)

Like many people in the 1970s, I was unaware of the large scale death and misery
caused by abortion. At the time, I was a social scientist working in China. I was the very
first American social scientist ever allowed to live and study in rural China.

And what I saw in China forever opened my eyes to the horror of abortion …

The Chinese population control police were — and still are — going door-to-door,
hunting down women “illegally pregnant” with a second child. (As you know, China
brutally enforces a “one-child-per-family” policy.)

I saw these “illegally pregnant” mothers — some of them seven and eight months
pregnant — strapped to tables and forcibly subjected to abortion and sterilization.

Horrified, I returned to the U.S. and wrote magazine and newspaper articles exposing
the baby killings and forced sterilizations I saw in China. I converted to the Catholic
Church and vowed to spend the rest of my life fighting abortion. I was blessed to meet
the Founder of the Population Research Institute, Fr. Paul Marx, and became involved
with his wonderful organization. Fr. Marx selected me to succeed him as PRI's

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