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					Form #   Endorsement                      Charge
T-3      Assignment of Lien               Basic Rate

T-3      Completion of Improvements       No Charge

T-3      Correction                       No Charge

T-3      Down Date                        $50.00

T-3      ICB Extension (6 mo. Ea.)        $25.00 per extension
                                          (6 maximum)

T-14     First loss                       $25.00

T-15     Last Dollar                      $25.00

T-16     Aggregation                      $25.00

T-17     Planned Unit Development         $25.00

T-19     Restrictions, Encroachments,     5% of Basic Rate
         Minerals – Residential MTP       Minimum of $25.00

T-19     Restrictions, Encroachments,     10% of Basic Rate
         Minerals – Non-Residential MTP   Minimum of $25.00

T-19.1   Restrictions, Encroachments,     15% of Basic Rate,
         Minerals – Non-Residential OTP   Minimum of $25.00

T-23     Access – Non-Residential         $100.00 per policy

T-25     Contiguity – Non-Residential     $100.00 per policy

T-26     Additional Insured               10% of Basic Rate,
                                          Minimum of $25.00

T-30     Amendment of Tax Exception       $20.00

T-31     Manufactured Housing             $20.00

T-31.1   Supplemental Coverage            $50.00 Mortgagee
         Manufactured Housing Unit        $50.00 Owner

T-33     Adjustable Rate Mort.            $20.00

T-34     Increased Value (Owners)         Basic Rate minus
                                          rate paid originally for
                                          owners Policy and any
                                          other T-34 end. Issued, but
                                          not less than the minimum
                                          basic rate.

T-35     Revolving Credit                 $50.00

T-36     Environmental Protection         $25.00
T-38     Partial Release or Modification P-9b (3)   $100.00 within 1st year of
                                                    date of policy. $10.00 for
                                                    each 12-month period
                                                    thereafter. Maximum:
                                                    50% Basic Rate.

T-39     Balloon Mortgage                           $25.00 at time of issuance
                                                    of Mort. Policy and
                                                    $50.00 after issuance of
                                                    Mort. Policy

T-41     Limited Pre-Foreclosure                    $50.00
         Down Rate

T-42     Equity Loan Mortgage                       10% of Basic Premium

T-42.1   Supplemental Coverage                      15% of Basic Rate
         Equity Loan                                Premium Rate

T-43     Reverse Mortgage                           No Charge

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