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					                    Combined annual reporting and forward planning format
                           for Ramsar Regional Initiatives (Annex I of DOC. SC41-13)

Annual Summary Report for Year 2010 and Plan for Year 2011                                                     (4 pages maximum)

   1. Title of your Regional Initiative: Carpathian Wetland Initiative
   2. Work and activities undertaken during Year 2010
    objectives               activities                     results/outputs                    indicators
    1. Platform of basic     1.1 Organizing the CWI         “Wetlands and Tourism”             Report of the workshop
    data on wetlands         workshop                       Workshop was held on 8 Sept.; proposals included in
                                                            2010 in Rytro, PL; 15              the documents of the Carpathian
                                                            representatives of 4 Carpathian    Convention - Protocol on Tourism
                                                            countries, UNEP ISCC,
                                                            UNWTO and NGOs
                                                                                               and reports of the Implementation
                                                            participated;                      Committee
                                                            Recommendations agreed   
                                                            regarding sustainable tourism      Report on Ukrainian workshop
                                                            in wetlands for both Secretariat   prepared, contribution to draft of
                                                            of the Ramsar Convention and       national development plan.
                                                            to the Carpathian Convention
                                                            WG on Sustainable Tourism.
                                                            Ukrainian national CWI
                                                            workshop, was held in the
                                                            Carpathian National Nature
                                                            Park, Yaremche, 22-23 Sept.
                                                            2010, presented Carpathian
                                                            Institutions and national focal
                                                            points members, regional
                                                            governments, research
                                                            scientists and PAs managers, -
                                                            53 participants; contribution to
                                                            draft of national development
                             1.2 Distribution of the        Consultations with Daphne –        Interim report of the project on
                             guidelines for wetland         Institute of Applied Ecology       wetlands in Slovakia in pilot
                             inventory, wetland             on the guidelines, to be           regions; publication on the project
                             inventories in countries,      continued in 2011 with the         results; Prepared Ramsar sheets and
                                                            support from Slovakia and
                             data storing, collection of    projects; testing of draft
                                                                                               stakeholder agreement documents
                             information on research of     guidelines in Slovakia;            in 15 Ukrainian Ramsar Sites;
                             wetlands and projects          finalization of the project        National database on Ramsar sites
                                                            “Building of Carpathian            improved.
                                                            Biodiversity Information
                                                            System and design of the
                                                            ecological network for Western
                                                            Carpathians (CERI)”.;
                                                            Preparation of dataset and
                                                            stakeholder process on new
                                                            Ramsar sites establishment in
                                                            the Ukrainian Carpathians -
                                                            Leaded by the State Museum
                                                            of Natural History, National
                                                            Academy, Amsterdam
                                                            University, Wetlands
                                                            International and
                                                            Interecocenter with other
                                                            institutions of Ukraine
                                                            prepared RIS and stakeholders
                                                            agreements on new potential
                                                            Ramsar Sites in the Ukrainian
                             1.3 Development of the         Draft of the handbook under
                             Carpathian wetland             development, completion in
                             handbook / classification      2011 needs additional funding.
                             system in all Carpathian
                             1.4 Coordination of            Communication with S4C             Participants expressed interest in
                             research activities with the   Steering Committee; poster on      cooperation and communication.
                             Science for Carpathians        CWI at the 1st Forum               Report of the 1st Forum
                             (S4C) initiative and           Carpaticum presented (15-17        Carpaticum at
                         participation in the 1st         Sept. 2010, Krakow, PL),
                         Forum Carpaticum (Sept.          networking with participants,
                         2010, Krakow, Poland)            discussion and consultations.
2. Platform for          2.1 Organizing of meetings       Meetings with members of the       Reports/minutes of the meetings
cooperation              and electronic                   CWI Board during various           with results achieved, documents
                         communication and                events; electronic                 (www. carpathianconvention. org;
                         consultations of members         communication on relevant
                                                          issues; discussions in meetings
                         of the CWI Board,                of the Carpathian and Ramsar
                         participation in meetings of     Convention bodies and other
                         the Carpathian Convention        partners (6 meetings - CZ; RS;
                         bodies and other partners        NL; SK); CWI issues and
                                                          interests were enforced and
                                                          included in relevant documents
                                                          (Strategic Action Plan for
                                                          implementation of the
                                                          Biodiversity Protocol to the
                                                          Carpathian Convention,
                                                          Platform for Ecological
                                                          Connectivity in the
                                                          Carpathians, Wetlands
                                                          International programme
                         2.2 Establishment of a           The CWI Board members and          Updated list of experts and national
                         working group(s) of active       relevant ministries asked for      networks of experts and institutions
                         practitioners, specialists and   nominations of representatives
                         NGO representatives,             to working groups and national
                                                          networks, some updates
                         national networks of             included.
                         experts and cooperating
                         2.3 Involvement of               Carpathian protected areas         A number of protected areas
                         administrations of               administrations informed and       involved and informed,
                         protected areas in the CWI       involved in the CWI project        BIOREGIO Carpathians project
                         work and cooperation with        proposals (e.g. BIOREGIO           proposal submitted and approved
                                                          Carpathians), regular
                         the Carpathian Network of        cooperation and information
                                                                                             in January 2011
                         Protected Areas (CNPA)           sharing with CNPA Steering
                         and the DANUBEPARKS              Committee, DANUBEPARKS
                         Network                          and ALPARC (4 meetings –
                                                          RO, CZ, A).
                         2.4 Fund-raising and             Participation in development       Project proposals submitted to
                         project proposals for            of BIOREGIO Carpathians            relevant financial mechanisms;
                         financing of the Initiative in   project (SEE programme, all 7      BIOREGIO Carpathians project
                         consultation with national       Carpathian countries involved),    approved in January 2011; Project
                                                          project Development of nature
                         institutions                     conservation and of protected
                                                                                             intent for the Swiss Financial
                                                          areas in the Slovak Carpathians    Mechanism approved by the Swiss
                                                          (Swiss Financial Mechanism);       Agency for Development and
                                                          CWI programme issues               Cooperation in September 2010
                                                          enforced and included.
3. Platform for          3.1 Involvement in the           Participation in meetings of the   Documents, meeting reports www.
integrated river basin   preparation of relevant          Carpathian Convention              carpathianconvention. org
                         documents on sustainable         Implementation Committee (A,
management                                                SK).
especially in shared     and integrated water/river
                         basin management of the
                         Carpathian Convention
                         3.2 Facilitation of bilateral    Meetings of experts and            Minutes of meetings, BIOREGIO
                         consultations in shared          relevant stakeholders,             Carpathians project proposal
                         wetlands and catchments          proposals for activities and       submitted and approved
                         on common objectives and         projects – participation in
                                                          consultations on restoration
                         principles of their              activities in Slovak-Polish
                         management, participation        transboundary wetlands of
                         in the Network of                Orava-Nowotarg Basin;
                         Transboundary Ramsar             including of development of
                         Sites initiative                 harmonized management plan
                                                          for transboundary Ipel / Ipoly
                                                          River Basin Ramsar Sites in
                                                          Slovakia and Hungary to the
                                                          project proposal; consultations
                                                          with University in Uzhgorod
                                                          on Latorica transboundary
                                                          sites; participation in
                                                      conference and consultations
                                                      in the CZ; participation in the
                                                      trilateral (A-CZ-SK) workshop
                                                      on management planning (A).
                        3.3 Cooperation with          Participation in workshop on        Information on
                        ICPDR especially in the       integrated land management
                        Tisa/Tisza River Basin and    and water in the Tisa River
                        other IRBM projects           Basin (HU)
4. Platform for         4.1 Development of the        Draft wetland restoration           Draft document will be developed
wetland restoration     wetland restoration           strategy/policy included in the     by 2012
                        strategies/policies           project Wetlands management
activities                                            in Slovakia (2009-2012).
                        4.2 Sharing experience on     Consultations on wetland            Information on the web
                        wetland restoration in        restoration guidelines and
                        Europe                        projects with the Czech
                                                      Republic in February 2011
                        4.3 Development of the        The subject of inventory of         BIOREGIO Carpathians project
                        project proposal on           invasive alien species in all       proposal submitted to SEE
                        inventory and control of      Carpathian countries was            programme and approved in
                        invasive alien species in     included in the BIOREGIO            January 2011
                                                      Carpathians project proposal.
                        transborder catchments
5. Platform for         5.1 Development of the        Training programme will be
capacity building and   training programme on         developed in the spring 2011 in
                        wetland management and        cooperation with CZ,
public awareness                                      preparation of the first training
                        restoration and support of
                        other trainings
                        5.2 Establishment of a        The process of building             Database planned to be put on the
                        database of educational and   database started, waiting for       website.
                        training institutions and     the database to fill up.
                        experts aimed at wetlands
                        and communication with
                        5.3 Maintenance of CWI        Website established, updated,
                        web site and newsletter       with relevant information. Its      later own domain
                                                      own domain registered.
                        5.4 Development of a          Draft brochure and leaflet          Draft brochure and leaflet prepared
                        brochure and leaflet on       prepared for comments;              to be printed in early 2011,
                        CWI and Carpathian            articles on CWI for                 ENVIROMAGAZIN MC2/2010
                        wetlands, translation of      Enviromagazin (SK) sent,            published.
                                                      preparation of the English
                        relevant guidelines           version for 2011.
                        5.5 Development of the        CWI CEPA draft programme
                        programme of                  will be developed in 2011.
                        Education, Participation
                        and Awareness (CEPA)
                        within the CWI
                        5.6 Participation in the      Support of development of           A number of participants of the
                        Field Symposium of IMCG       information and promotion           Symposium and study tours,
                        members in Slovakia and       materials for the IMCG Field        reports, presentation on CWI; the
                        Poland (July 2010) and        Symposium “Mire Ecosystem           final report will be produced in first
                                                      Dynamics and Conservation of
                        study tours                   Biodiversity” and study tours,
                                                                                          half of 2011.
                                                      support of participation of
                                                      some representatives of
                                                      Carpathian countries and
                                                      guides from Slovakia and
                                                      Poland (5-18 July, SK-PL),
                                                      presentation on CWI for
                        5.7 Development of the        Consultations with the Slovak       BIOREGIO Carpathians project
                        Terms of Reference of the     State Nature Conservancy            approved in January 2011; Project
                        Carpathian Wetland Centre     Directorate on providing            intent for the Swiss Financial
                        and establishment of the      building (room space) in            Mechanism approved by the Swiss
                                                      Banska Bystrica (SK) for
                        regional Wetland Centre,      starting of the operation of the
                                                                                          Agency for Development and
                        CWI coordination              Carpathian Wetland Centre;          Cooperation in September 2010;
                                                      the start of the operation has      Wetland Centre will be operating
                                                      been postponed by spring            and working for coordination and
                                                      2011; public procurement for        promotion of CWI and training
                                                      small restoration works in the      from spring 2011
                                                      facility; Establishment of the
                                                                Wetland Centre and its
                                                                furnishing was included in the
                                                                BIOREGIO project proposal
                                                                and into the project of the
                                                                Swiss Financial Mechanism.
                                                                One new staff member of the
                                                                SNC SR was employed as
                                                                assistant of the CWI
                                                                coordinator from July 2010 to
                                                                support the implementation of
                                                                the CWI work plan with
                                                                funding from the CWI budget
                                                                and was equipped with PC.

3. Financial report for Year 2010
    If you use another currency than Swiss Franc (CHF), please provide an average exchange rate to the CHF: 1.48
activities                                                        planned expenditures (€)                real expenditure (EUR)
1.1 Organizing the CWI workshop                                                                  12,000                   5,257.18
1.2 Wetland inventory and database                                                                6,500                   2,104.20
1.3 Development of the Carpathian Wetland Handbook                                                3,400                          0
1.4 Cooperation with the S4C and participation in the                                             1,000                     887.57
Forum Carpaticum
2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1 Meetings of the CWI Board, working                                             1,800                   3,878.03
groups, the CC bodies and the CNPA
2.4 Fund raising                                                                                  1,100                   1,040.73
3.2 Facilitation of bilateral consultations, participation in                                     2,300                      345.5
the Network of Transboundary Ramsar Sites
3.3 Cooperation with ICPDR and IRBM projects                                                        200                      221.9
4.1 Development of wetland restoration strategies                                                 2,000                          0
4.2 Sharing experience on wetland restoration                                                     2,000                   1,139.91
4.3 Development of the project proposal on invasive                                                 100                          0
5.1 Training programme on wetland management                                                      2,000                         0
5.3 Maintenance of CWI web site and newsletter                                                      500                    403.68
5.4 Development and printing of publications,                                                     5,000                         0
5.5 Development of CEPA programme                                                                   200                      66.62
5.6 Participation in the IMCG Field Symposium and                                                 1,000                   2,606.21
study tours
5.7 Development of the ToR of the Carpathian Wetland                                             35,000                  10,581.51
Centre and its establishment, CWI coordination
Total                                                                                            76,100                  28,533.04

sources of income (donors)                                        income received
SNC SR                                                                                                               7,979.11 EUR
MoE Hungary                                                                                                          2,000.00 EUR
CERI/Daphne/DBU                                                                                                      1,000.00 EUR
WWF-DCP                                                                                                                206.00 EUR
ALPARC                                                                                                                 300.00 EUR
UNEP                                                                                                                   525.00 EUR
Wetlands International                                                                                                 300.00 EUR
MoE CZ                                                                                                                 120.00 EUR
BROZ Bratislava                                                                                                        160.00 EUR
Other (Ukrainian institutions)                                                                                       2,000.00 EUR
Ramsar core budget (where applicable)                                                                               15,942.93EUR
total                                                                                                              30,533.04 EUR
    Financial balance on 31 December 2010: amount left to be carried over to 2011, or deficit.
    Ramsar core budget                   7,194.88 €
    Budget from Hungary                  5,956.58 €
    Budget from the Czech Republic       4,537.41 €
4. Work and activities planned for Year 2011
 objectives             activities                       results/outputs                      indicators
 1. Platform of basic   1.1 Organizing the CWI           Meeting of experts on wetlands       A number of experts and national
 data on wetlands       conference at the occasion       inventory and management             focal points participating; report
                        of the 40th anniversary of       during 17th International            of the conference,
                        the Ramsar Convention            Environmental Film Festival          recommendations; conference
                                                         (May 2011, Banska Bystrica,
                                                         Slovakia), with
                        1.2 Testing of the guidelines    Database on Carpathian               Database on Carpathian wetlands
                        for wetland inventory, data      wetlands established and filled in   available on the web site;
                        storing, collection of           with data from wetland               prepared toolkit
                        information on research of       inventory, database on wetland
                                                         research and projects on
                        wetlands and projects;           wetlands conservation,
                        methodological                   management and restoration;
                        recommendations                  prepared methodological toolkit
                                                         on Ramsar Sites establishment
                                                         for Carpathian region
                        1.3 Development of the           Draft Carpathian wetland             The drafts for consultation;
                        Carpathian wetland               handbook / classification system     prepared book
                        handbook / classification        developed; draft methodology
                        system, identification of        for Carpathian Red List of
                                                         habitats and species; information
                        endangered habitats and          on biota of valuable wetland
                        species; development of the      sites
                        book on potential
                        Carpathian Ramsars sites
                        and valuable wetlands
                        1.4 Coordination of research     Information on research of           Information available on the web
                        activities with the Science      wetlands, experts and on             site
                        for Carpathians (S4C)            projects
                        initiative and with national
 2. Platform for        2.1 CWI Board members            List of CWI Focal Points;            List of national CWI focal points;
 cooperation            updating, electronic             Presentations during important       Report/minutes of the meetings
                        communication and                meetings; One meeting of the         with results achieved
                        consultations; Organizing of     CWI Board and electronic
                                                         communication on relevant
                        the meeting of the CWI           issues; presentations in meetings
                        Board during 7th European        of the Carpathian Convention
                        Regional Ramsar Meeting          bodies and other partners
                        (Sept. 2011, Slovakia) with
                        celebration of the 40th
                        Ramsar anniversary;
                        participation in meetings of
                        the Carpathian Convention
                        bodies (including COP3 in
                        Bratislava, SK) and of other
                        partners (WI)
                        2.2 Establishment of a           The working group and national       The working group and national
                        working group(s) of active       networks established and             networks of experts and
                        practitioners, specialists and   communicated, national experts       institutions on the web, report of
                        NGO representatives,             and Ramsar committees                the exchange of experts and
                        national networks of experts                                          members of the Ramsar
                        and cooperating institutions,                                         committees of the Carpathian
                        exchange of experts                                                   countries
                        2.3 Involvement of               Carpathian protected areas           A number of protected areas
                        administrations of protected     administrations contacted,           involved and informed; project
                        areas in the CWI work and        informed and involved in the         results
                        cooperation with the             CWI projects, regular
                                                         cooperation and information
                        Carpathian Network of            sharing with CNPA Steering
                        Protected Areas (CNPA),          Committee, DANUBEPARKS,
                        the DANUBEPARKS                  Trilateral Ramsar Platform and
                        Network and the Trilateral       other networks
                        Ramsar Platform (A-CZ-
                        SK), stakeholders
                        2.4 Fund-raising and             Project proposals for funding        Project drafts submitted,
                        projects proposals for           and involvement in project           involvement in different project
                       financing of the Initiative in   drafts                               proposals
                       consultation with national
3. Platform for        3.1 Involvement in the           Documents developed,                 Documents, meeting reports
integrated river       preparation of relevant          involvement in relevant projects,
                       documents on sustainable         communication with the
basin management                                        Carpathian Convention
especially in shared   and integrated water/river
                       basin management of the
                       Carpathian Convention
                       3.2 Facilitation of bilateral    Meetings of experts and relevant     A number of meetings and
                       consultations in shared          stakeholders, relevant projects      reports, results of the project,
                       wetlands and catchments on       implementation, proposal for         information distributed to
                       common objectives and            Carpathian Rivers Network            partners
                       principles of their
                       management, pilot project,
                       support of the Network of
                       Transboundary Ramsar Sites
                       initiative, cooperation with
4. Platform for        4.1 Development of the           Draft wetland restoration            Draft document
wetland restoration    wetland restoration              strategy/policy in a country, data
                       strategies/policies, data on     on barriers
                       continuity and connectivity
                       4.2 Sharing experience on        Overview of wetland restoration      Information on the web
                       wetland restoration in           guidelines and projects
                       4.3 Implementation of the        Coordination of the IAS              Database of invasive species
                       project on inventory and         inventory with BIOREGIO
                       control of invasive alien        project
                       species in transborder
5. Platform for        5.1 Development of the           Training programme developed,        Training programme; database on
capacity building      training programme on            database with information            the web site
                       wetland management and           established and communication
and public
awareness              restoration, establishment of
                       a database of educational
                       and training institutions and
                       experts aimed at wetlands
                       and communication with
                       5.2 Wetland management           Cooperation in organization of       Training course “Wetlands as
                       training for wetland             the training and study tours with    habitat for water birds”; a number
                       managers in the Czech            MoE CZ; wetland managers             of participants of the training and
                       Republic (Sept. 2011),           participating                        study tours, reports
                       support of other trainings
                       and study tours
                       5.3 Maintenance of CWI           Web site updated with relevant       Web site with updated
                       web site and newsletter          information                          information
                       5.4 Printing of a brochure       A brochure and leaflet on CWI        Brochure and leaflet printed,
                       and leaflet on CWI and           and the Carpathian wetlands and      guidelines in national languages
                       Carpathian wetlands,             their functions and services,        and placed on the web
                       translation of relevant          guidelines translated
                       5.5 Development of the           CWI CEPA draft programme             Draft CWI CEPA programme on
                       programme of                     consulted with partners and          the web
                       Communication, Education,        existing Ramsar CEPA
                       Participation and Awareness      programme
                       (CEPA) within the CWI
                       5.6 Art competition “Small       Exhibition of the children’s art     Exhibition, catalogue, calendar on
                       Eco-poster” on the theme         (paintings) during different         the arts
                       “wetlands” for children of       international events (European
                       the Carpathian countries on      Ramsar meeting, Eco-Poster
                                                        exhibition…) with production of
                       occasion of the 40th             the catalogue and calendar for
                       anniversary of the Ramsar        2012
                       5.7 Training of                  Environmental education              A number of environmental
                       environmental education          specialists of the Carpathian        education specialists trained and
                                                        protected areas trained and
                           specialists on the             provided with the handbook          information on the web
                           educational programme
                           World of the Carpathians
                           5.8 Development of the         ToR consulted with partners, the    ToR of the Carpathian Wetland
                           Terms of Reference (ToR)       Wetland Centre reconstructed,       Centre, Wetland Centre operating
                           of the Carpathian Wetland      furnished and established with      and working for coordination and
                           Centre and establishment of    staff, Carpathian wetland library   promotion of CWI and training
                           the regional Wetland Centre,
                           building of its library, CWI

5. Financial plan for the year 2011
   average exchange rate to the CHF: 1,3

 activities                                       planned expenditures        expected income (EUR) and source
 1.1 Organizing the CWI conference                           13,700 EUR                          8,000         Ramsar budget
                                                                                                 3,700               SNC SR
                                                                                                 2,000    CWI budget Hungary
 1.2 Wetland inventory and database                          14,000 EUR                          9,000         Ramsar budget
                                                                                                 1,000               SNC SR
                                                                                                 4,000     BIOREGIO project
 1.3 Development of the Carpathian                             7,200 EUR                         1,000         Ramsar budget
 Wetland Handbook and Carpathian Red                                                             1,000               SNC SR
 lists of species and habitats, book on                                                          1,200        CWI budget CZ
 Carpathian wetlands                                                                             4,000     BIOREGIO project
 1.4 Coordination of research with the S4C                     1,000 EUR                           500         Ramsar budget
 and national institutions                                                                         500    CWI budget Hungary
 2.1 CWI Board members meetings during                         6,000 EUR                         2,500         Ramsar budget
 various events, celebration of Ramsar 40,                                                       2,000               SNC SR
 Carpathian Convention COP3                                                                      1,000               MoE SK
                                                                                                   500          UNEP ISCC
 2.2 Working Groups, exchange of experts                       3,500 EUR                         1,500         Ramsar budget
                                                                                                 1,000              MoE CZ
                                                                                                 1,000        CWI budget CZ
 2.3 Cooperation with CNPA,                                    3,600 EUR                         1,000         Ramsar budget
 DANUBEPARKS and Trilateral Ramsar                                                               1,000               SNC SR
 Platform                                                                                        1,000              MoE CZ
                                                                                                   600           WWF-DCP
 2.4 Fund raising                                              1,100 EUR                         1,000               SNC SR
                                                                                                   100         Ramsar budget
 3.1 Cooperation on documents on                               2,000 EUR                           500         Ramsar budget
 sustainable and integrated water/river                                                          1,000     BIOREGIO project
 basin management                                                                                  500          UNEP ISCC
 3.2 Facilitation of bilateral consultations in                5,700 EUR                         1,200         Ramsar budget
 shared wetlands, support of the Network                                                           200               SNC SR
 of Transboundary Ramsar Sites,                                                                    300        CWI budget CZ
 cooperation with ICPDR                                                                          4,000     BIOREGIO project
 4.1 Development of wetland restoration                        3,500 EUR                           500         Ramsar budget
 strategies, data on continuity and                                                              1,000               SNC SR
 connectivity                                                                                    2,000     BIOREGIO project
 4.2 Sharing experience on wetland                             1,500 EUR                         1,000         Ramsar budget
 restoration                                                                                       500              MoE CZ
 4.3 Implementation of the project                             2,100 EUR                           100         Ramsar budget
 proposal on invasive species                                                                    2,000     BIOREGIO project
 5.1 Training programme on wetland                             1,500 EUR                           500         Ramsar budget
 management, database of educational and                                                         1,000              MoE CZ
 training institutions and experts
 5.2 Wetland management training, support                      9,900 EUR                         3,500          Ramsar budget
 of other trainings and study tours                                                              3,200              MoE CZ
                                                                                                 3.200            WWF-DCP
 5.3 Maintenance of CWI web site and                             400 EUR                           100          Ramsar budget
 newsletter                                                                                        300               SNC SR
 5.4 Printing of publications, translations                    5,000 EUR                         4,000          Ramsar budget
                                                                                                 1,000               SNC SR
 5.5 Development of CEPA programme                             1,500 EUR                         1,000         CWI budget CZ
                                                                                                   500              MoE CZ
    5.6 Children art competition Eco-poster                6,000 EUR                   1,000          Ramsar budget
    and calendar                                                                       5,000               SNC SR
    5.7 Training World of the Carpathians                  7,000 EUR                   6,500          Ramsar budget
                                                                                         500               Daphne
    5.8 Development of the ToR of the                     28,000 EUR                  14,000          Ramsar budget
    Carpathian Wetland Centre and its                                                 14,000               SNC SR
    establishment, CWI coordination
    total                                                124,200 EUR                  56,500       Ramsar budget
                                                                                      31,200             SNC SR
                                                                                      17,000    BIOREGIO project
                                                                                       7,200             MoE CZ
                                                                                       3,500       CWI budget CZ
                                                                                       2,500      CWI budget HU
                                                                                       1,000             MoE SK
                                                                                       3,800          WWF-DCP
                                                                                       1,000         UNEP ISCC
                                                                                         500             Daphne
    Requested from Ramsar core budget in 2011                           25,000 EUR
    Total unspent from Ramsar core budget 2009 and 2010                 31,539 EUR

    It is proposed to use the amount left (about 31,500 EUR) in 2011 for the activities not completed in 2010 and for
    the additional activities planned for 2011.

    Jan Kadlecik
    CWI co-ordinator
    State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic                                       24 February 2011

A              Austria
ALPARC         Alpine Network of Protected Areas
BROZ           Bratislava Regional Nature Conservation Association
CEPA           Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness programme
CERI           Carpathian EcoRegion Initiative
CNPA           Carpathian Network of Protected Areas
COP3           3rd Meeting of the Conference of Contracting Parties
CWI            Carpathian Wetland Initiative
CZ             Czech Republic
Daphne         Institute of Applied Ecology Bratislava
DBU            Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt foundation
HU             Hungary
ICPDR          International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River
IMCG           International Mire Conservation Group
MoE            Ministry of Environment
NL             Netherlands
PL             Poland
RO             Romania
RS             Serbia
SK             Slovakia
SNC SR         State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic
ToR            Terms of reference
UNEP ISCC      UNEP Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention
UNWTO          UN World Tourism Organisation
WG             Working Group
WI             Wetlands International
WWF-DCP        WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme