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									                                My Pen My Times

As Shobhit University ushers into the New Year our initiatives: 'Youth against

Terror' and the launch of 'Youth Assemblies', 'Ignited Minds Lectures', 'Shobhit

University Business Incubator', 'India Global Exchange Initiative', 'International

Skills Development Centre' are some of the dynamic new programmes that take

shape representing the spirit of this young University and a resurgent new India!

We also embark upon a new path of joint international programmes with

University of West Minster, London, Ternopil State Ivan Pul'uj Technical

University, Ukraine and the German Industry Cooperation Window to ensure our

global outreach and much more in the offing. We also look forward with great

anticipation to the two newly established centres for higher research: Ganini

Gyanmati Research Institute and Hastinapur Research Institute to foster cutting

edge research projects in the days to come. As the 'New Year 2009' beckons us,

I wish you a very bright and prosperous 2009 and as the Buddha said "Be the

light unto yourself", I am confident that this very first issue of our Newsletter and

others to follow will be our true reflection for posterity…

                                                                  Decemeber 2008
                                My Pen My Times

Our Heartiest New Year Greetings as I welcome you to the New Year Issue of
the Newsletter: An eventful month by all counts that will go down in the annals of
the University! We had the unique privilege of organizing the first Convocation on
the 16th of Jan 2009 presided by Hon‘ble Chancellor Shri Shobhit Kumar,
conferment of Doctor of Arts (Honoris causa) on Sh. Kuppahalli Sitaramayya
Sudarshan and Master of Philosophy to our M Phil students. The Pro-Chancellor
of Shobhit University Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra met the American President
Barack Obama and shared University‘s vision during the ‗Presidential Oath-
Taking Ceremony‘ on 20th Jan, 2009 at Washington DC as an invitee of Friends
of Obama : Harvard Law School, Alumni Club. During the ‗Universities of India
2009: Knowledge Conclave‘ held from the 22nd to the 24th of Jan 2009 at
Bangalore, I had the opportunity to interact with Ms Daggubati Purandeswari,
Hon‘ble Minister for Higher Education, Govt. of India. It was stressed by her that
India‘s low university enrolment of 11% (compared to global average of 30%)
cannot be overcome without the participation of private universities in imparting
quality education. As a step in that direction, I congratulate all on the certification
of Shobhit University as an ISO 9001:2000 Institution that reaffirms our own
commitment to be a world class University! The University also concluded an
MOU with Deakin University, Australia envisaging academic and research
collaboration and exchange. On India‘s Sixtieth Anniversary of Republic Day I
wish that the spirit of freedom and resurgence would continue to inspire us to
carry forward the vision of Babu Vijendra Kumar Ji to empower the nation
through education.
                                                                        January 2009
                                My Pen My Times

I congratulate all at the successful and momentous culmination of the Inspirer‘s
Day in memory of Shri Babu Vijendra Kumar ji whose spirit shall be an eternal
source of inspiration and intellectual empowerment to all of us ! The blood
donation camp indeed exuded the spirit and enthusiasm of all on the occasion,
as Shri Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Pro-Chancellor, as always was the first to
donate followed by a record hundreds of others. The Income Tax Commissioner
Dr D S Saxena launched the Sports and Cultural program that highlighted our
Volleyball Champions, Women Hockey, University Cricket team, Athletics, Table
Tennis, Badminton and a host of cultural events and activities. It has equally
been an exciting month at the University campus as we initiated the Open
Source Learning Centre to provide top global talks and lectures at our doorstep
when our students confront the best minds of the contemporary world, a
Brainstorming Seminar on the International Skills Development Centre's, opening
of the Virtual Library that now boasts of nearly 4.5 lakh books and Journals, the
inauguration of India International Exchange to promote and facilitate researches
and foreign university projects on India and the MOU with Hamburg University,
Germany to foster academic and research cooperation and the hosting of the first
International Conference on Indian Civilization through the Millennia-ICTM 2009
on the 27th and the 28th of February 2009. I wish a very warm and intellectually
enriching reading of the Newsletter as we look forward to the bright future that
beckons us in the days ahead.

                                                                  February 2009
                                My Pen My Times

I welcome you to the March issue of our youthful newsletter that has in a very
short period become a true mirror of this nascent Shobhit family. True to our
national and international commitment and corporate social responsibility Shobhit
University has been spearheading a movement on non violence and in a third
such initiative in the aftermath of Mumbai 26/11terror attacks a Conclave on
―Non Violent Response to the Threat of Terror and Conflicts‖ was organized on
31st March at Constitution Club, New Delhi in association with the American
Centre and the Indian Council of Gandhian Studies. The Conclave was presided
by the Pro Chancellor Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra and was attended by several
distinguished and eminent scholars that included Prof Sudarshan Kapur from
Naropa University, Boulder, Colarado, USA and Prof N Radhakrishnan recipient
of Rajiv Gandhi Sadhbhavna Award recently, as also Ms. Diane Brandt, US
Diplomat, Dr. Tilak R. Kem, Director, CEC, Prof. Hariswarup, former Chairman,
IIPA, Prof. N.P. Singh, Vice-President, IIPA, Prof. Tikam Chand Jain, Delhi
University, Dr. Akash K. Ouchi, Representative, Soka Gakkai International. ―No
university in the world has ever risen to greatness without being responsible to
the society and the civilizational heritage... when this is no longer true, then will
our civilization have come to an end.‖ How prophetic were these utterances by
the eminent American educationist Lawrence Clark Powell almost a century
back. Indeed the University had organized an International Conference on the
theme ―Indian Civilization through the Millennia‖ in keeping with our commitment
to unravel the uniqueness of Hastinapur Meerut and its confines in the Indian
Civilizational process through the past. Prof BB Lal and the many eminent
historians, archaeologists, academicians and intellectuals who made the event a
grand success by their presence and who inspired us to launch the Movement for
Declaration of UNESCO World Heritage, all the 27 unique Harappan sites in the
region and the various other monuments from the vedic times to our struggle for
Freedom we owe our grateful thanks. I also take this opportunity to compliment
and thank Mr. Philip Turnbull, CEO, Association of International Accountants
                              My Pen My Times
(AIA) and Mr. Mahender Khari, London, Prof. Tung Veer Singh Arya, Professor of
Medicine, LLRMC, Meerut, Dr. Prabhat Kumar, IAS, Director, International Crops
Research Institute (ICRI), New Delhi, Prof. Gilles Guyot, Director and Prof. Alian
Ranyal of Jean Moulin University, Lyon, France, who visited our Meerut Campus
and for their enlightening talks during the month. I have the pleasure to present
yet another issue of ‗New Dimensions‘ that indeed exudes the dynamism and
exuberance of the University in the days to come.

                                                                      March 2009
                               My Pen My Times

I have the unique privilege of having toured extensively and exploring the
extraordinary beauty and antiquity of Meerut, Hastinapur and adjacent areas
during the weekends. What has struck me most is the immense archaeological
and heritage wealth be it the mostly unexplored 27 Harappan sites or the little
excavated Vedic and Mahabharata structures and mounds that do hold the rich
ethos of our civilizational past. I have often wondered if our Universities are
responsible to the civil society and if so to what extent, I am indeed proud of the
fact that Shobhit University is leading a movement for declaration of Meerut–
Hastinapur and confines as a UNESCO World Heritage site. I am sure this would
give an impetus to not only the tourism, aesthetic and economic potential of the
region but also in reviving the historical, archaeological and cultural significance
of our lost heritage. I am also proud of the Flagship Projects initiative of the
University that has immense corporate social responsibility significance for us
apart from enthusing and inspiring our young and ignited minds for the new and
resurgent India of tomorrow. The Snowbreeze project developed by Emeritus
Professor M B Lal has been internationally acclaimed for its economy and energy
efficiency in as much as CNN IBN described it as the perfect answer to beat the
heat.. The University is proud to participate, partner and promote its redesigning,
reengineering and commercialization effort by involving a very young but inspired
team of youngsters under the guidance and leadership of Prof Lal. I am sure this
and all other socially relevant projects will always be shining beacon for posterity
for all others and show the way for many such projects in the days to come.

                                                                         April 2009
                               My Pen My Times

As the Buddha said ‗be the lamp unto yourself‘ … to ‗extend the horizons of
knowledge‘ and ‗to boldly go where no one has gone before‘ … as the new
academic session ushers in I extend a warm welcome to the prospective
students to our lush green campus and the lively environs ! To fulfill our
Corporate Social Responsibility this summer we organize a number of certificate
courses in the emerging areas of bioinformatics, agri-informatics and biomedical
engineering specially aimed at farmers, artisans and working professionals. To
meet the challenges of the present in an ever changing knowledge society, we
have to equip our youth to face the relentless competition by conforming to the
highest global quality standards ISO 9001:2000 and cutting edge technology that
is fast changing the global dynamics of a future world without boundaries. Thus
we go beyond mere teaching and have launched innovative new programs and
initiatives that few Universities would even dare to think of. The Finishing
School(FS) caters to the unique diversity of our students from remote and rural
areas to develop their personality and communication skills; the continuing
Academic Audit(AA) ensures the highest standards of academic quality and
discipline; the Ignited Minds Lectures(IML) provides an unique opportunity to
interact with the best minds of our century; the Open Source Learning
Centre(OSLC) an instant hit, provides webcasts globally on real time basis; the
Virtual Library(VL) provides access to over 4.5 lakh books and top journals; the
Industry University Interface(IUI) promotes interaction with the industry and
businesses for practical on the job training to our youngsters; the India
International Exchange(IIE) acts as the nodal point and a platform for facilitation
to international researchers, a veritable storehouse of information; the Shobhit
University Business Incubator(SUBI) is unique, as it promotes innovation and
entrepreneurship; the Flagship Projects(FP) provide hands on experience to our
students in emerging research areas for the benefit of society and above all we
are proud of a very dynamic and lively globetrotting Shobhit Alumni
Network(SAN). We at Shobhit University encourage and inspire our youth to
                           My Pen My Times
dream today to be the enlightened architect of tomorrow‘s world. I do look
forward to interacting with each one of you personally in the new academic

                                                                 May 2009
                               My Pen My Times

A very warm welcome in the new season to both young friends who join our
courses and the distinguished faculty who become part of the ever growing
Shobhit family ! Indeed, as the clock ticks we fulfill our mission, to innovate and
empower our youth particularly in rural areas through quality education and to
turn intellect into empowerment through several novel initiatives. We remain
passionate about our ethos and traditions as we look forward to a new resurgent
India. Our vision was recently shared by Hon'ble Shri Oscar Fernandez MP,
Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on HRD who launched the
Adarsh Community College and commended the outstanding work and
achievements of Shobhit University in a relatively short time frame of just two
years. I also take this opportunity to make a fervent appeal to our rural youth to
come forward and join the Shobhit University's movement for nation building with
these words:


                                                                 June & July 2009
                                  My Pen My Times

The celebration of the University Day on the 24 of July 09 commemorating the
Birthday of the Hon‘ble Chancellor Shri Shobhit Kumar ji, followed by the MOU
signed with the National Institute of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Research (NIAPR)
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India and to top it all the
magnificent performance by Pandit Rajendra Prasanna have been the highlights
of the past month. Another giant leap forward for the University : the Indo
German Cooperation Conference supported by the German Federal Ministry of
Eonomy and Technology with the participation of 21 German companies and the
Meerut Industries Development Forum. True to its mission and vision Shobhit
Industry University Interphase leads the way in linking the society, academics
and the industries for better productivity and employment opportunities to our
youth. To think globally but act locally at the Open Source Learning Centre a
series of lectures are being organized coupled with the immensely popular
flagship projects of various schools so that even in the remotest rural areas we
can usher in a revolution for change, yes we can and will. On the research front
in a short span of just two years Shobhit University can boast of a flourishing,
committed and youthful community of researchers who have made a name for
themselves both the international and the national arenas. An induction course
Teaching the Teachers for the academics and an orientation programme for the
new students have been the hallmark of the new academic session as we
dedicate ourselves to the cause of education and to achieve new heights …
citius, altius ... fortius! Indeed it is a time for celebration, a time of victory of good
over bad, a time to lead, follow and set examples and above all a time for the
true human spirit to guide us ! As I wish all a very Happy Id and a Joyous
Dusshera !

                                                                            August 2009
                              My Pen My Times

True to its commitment to the society at large, the University in yet another
milestone has organized socially relevant seminars, workshops and executive
programs during the past month ranging from ‘Financing opportunities for SMEs‘
to ‗Recent Tr e n d s i n Na n o s c i e n c e a n d Nanotechnology‘ and
‗Productivity & Profitability the Lean Six Sigma Way‘. Congrats to the Conveners
! To commemorate the birthday of the doyen of India‘s Engineering prowess Sir
M Visvesvaraya, Engineers‘ Day was celebrated on the 15 Sept 09 with much
enthusiasm by our young and budding engineers. On 5 September 2009, on the
auspicious occasion of the Teachers‘ Day, Adarsh Divas was celebrated in a
spirit of much jubilation and scintillating academic and cultural performances by
the students of Meerut campus. It is said that the seeds of greatness are always
sown for posterity. It was as early as in 1924 that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
launched the first Intermediate College at Gangoh defying the British Raj in
presence of Babu Amarnath and Babu Kedarnath, the grandfather of the present
day promoters of this University and it has been a story of hard work,
commitment and toil—a dream that has now taken the shape of a University.

                                                                September 2009
                               My Pen My Times

Thomas Huxley once commented that ‗ a medieval university looked backwards;
it professed to be a storehouse of old knowledge whereas a modern university
looks forward, and is a factory of new knowledge‘. Indeed at Shobhit, I find with a
sense of déjà vu that the ongoing range of applied and interdisciplinary new
knowledge workshops and seminars reached a zenith in Oct 09: In the ‗National
Workshop on Recent Trends in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology‘ eminent
scientists from BHU, Varanasi, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee that included addresses by
Prof S P Ojha, Prof. S. K. Kak, Prof. P. K. Gupta, Prof. Y. Vimla, and Prof. B. R.
Mehta who deliberated on the emerging nano world and new vistas . In a fresh
new move the University organized a Workshop on ‗Science, Spirituality and
Selfmanagement‘ where a Ignited Minds talk was delivered by Mr Varun
Agrawal, Secretary of Bhakti Vedanta Institute, Kolkata , in our quest into the
world of super consciousness. The ‗Seminar on Biomedical Engineering‘, was
yet another important milestone when information related to career building and
advancements in biomedical engineering took the students on a voyage of
discovery to the exciting new frontiers of biomedical engineering. In the ‗Seminar
on Opportunities in Indian Rural Markets for FMCG‘ the General Manager of
India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Mr
Kedar Raut extensively quoted from the book ‗The Fortune at Bottom of
Pyramid‘ by C K Prahalad and explained how the Government of India was trying
to assimilate the rural people in mainstream rural business. My congrats to Prof
Ranjit Singh and his team at SPS for the highest research publications during the
month, to Dr Maneesh Kumar Gupta for his PhD and our Editor Upenra Gami for
the highest number of individual publications during the month. The feather in the
cap during the month was a bold new venture to promote physical fitness and to
inspire our youth by Kunwar Shekar Vijendra, Pro Chancellor who is also the
Patron of All India Body Building Federation to host the ‗Mister India Classic
Body Building Championship 2009 and Woman Fitness Show‘ inaugurated by Mr
                                My Pen My Times
Randeep Ranwa, Managing Director of West Zone Power Corporation in
presence of various officials and dignitaries.
                                                      October 2009
                                My Pen My Times

Indeed the year gone by was a watershed in the annals of the University as we
achieved several milestones, be it a first ever ‗Certificate Course for Senior Tea
Industry Executives‘ organized by the ‗Centre for Agri informatics Engineering‘
or the ‗Alok Bhatia Memorial Mathematics Olympiad‘ or the ‗Workshop on Signal
Processing for Biomedical Engineers‘ by ‗Centre for Biomedical Engineering‘. To
cap it all the University took the lead in organizing the centenary celebration of
Mahatma Gandhi‘s seminal work on Hind Swaraj from the 13th to 21st Nov 2009
alongwith Indian Council of Gandhian Studies, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan,
Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and other Institutions under the
Chairmanship of Shri Oscar Fernandes, M.P. at 100 places across the country.
Two of our distinguished Directors have won laurels and the University proudly
felicitates them: Prof. S.C. Agrawal has been awarded Distinguished Services
Award by the Vijnana Parishad of India for his outstanding contribution to
mathematics and Prof. Ranjit Singh, Director, School of Pharmaceutical
Sciences, has been conferred with the Senior Scientist Award by All India
Medicos Society during the 23rd National Medicos Congress held on 14-15
November 2009 for his contribution in the development of Colonic Drug Delivery
Systems. As we enter the fag end of the year gone by I with a profound sense of
achievement do congratulate each and everyone in the University for putting in
their best and in setting new heights of academic excellence ! I appeal to all
particularly our youth in these worlds;

                                                                 November 2009
                              My Pen My Times

The dawn of 2010 brings in fresh hopes as also new challenges before the
University : December indeed was a happening month, the University alongwith
The Times of India hosted the ‗Times Development Conclave 2009: Aspirations
and Realities‘. The event was marked for its uniqueness in Meerut as the aim of
the Conclave was to bring together policy makers and the policy users on a
common platform. It was inaugurated by Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Pro-
Chancellor of Shobhit University and presided by Mr. Bhuvnesh Kumar, DM of
Meerut and attended by eminent personalities. Another highlight of the month
was the ‗Alok Bhatia Memorial Mathematics Olympiad 2009‘ that was
successfully conducted during November 2009 by Prof SC Agrawal is as yet
another shining example of University‘s social responsibility to encourage and
motivate our school children to excel in mathematics. To combat climate change
the University becomes the first in the region, with help of NEDA, to embark on a
plan to set up solar power plant in West UP at a cost of around two crore rupees
to produce 100 kilowatt of electricity. On December 8, 2009 the University had
organized a one-day seminar on ‗Power of One : Initiative for Peace and
Frontiers of New Media‘. In the University Stadium, the Seminar and Exhibition
were inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Mr Akash Ouchi, Chairperson of ‗Bharat
Soka Gakkai‘. Highlight was indeed the launch of the portal to
encourage an innovative concept of ‗journalism by the people and for the people‘
on a universal basis by Shri Harishankar Joshi an eminent Journalist. On
December 1st , ‗World Aids Day‘ was organized by the School of Biotechnology
with posters and a march in the campus grounds to instill, amongst our youth,
better awareness of the looming danger. I do also take this opportunity to
congratulate the excellent placements from the University as also some of the
very outstanding research publications by our eminent scholars in renowned
national and international Journals acknowledged in this newsletter. I wish all a
very joyous Republic Day 2010 as the University strives to put in its very best in
turning ‗Intellect into Empowerment‘ for a developed India of the 21 century.
My Pen My Times

                  December 2009
                             My Pen My Times

January happens to be the month of new hopes and aspirations as was reflected
in abundant measure both on Swami Vivekanand Jayanti observed as the
‗National Youth Day‘ on the 12th of Jan and on the 61st Republic Day
celebrations on the 26th of January. Other highlight was the workshop on
―Biomedical Engineering: Techniques and Applications‖ organized by Center for
Biomedical Engineering (CBME) on January 16, 2010 when we had luminaries
like Professor Jitendra Behari, of JNU, New Delhi, who spoke on recent
advancements in biomedical engineering, Prof. R.K. Saxena who delivered his
lecture on importance of biomedical engineering in rehabilitation followed by
presentations by Er. Dinesh Bhatia and Er. Bhuvnesh Agarwal. On the occasion
Mr. Olli Tibbanen from Finland demonstrated the recording of muscle signal with
different Electromyogram (EMG). Another milestone for the University was the
signing of an MOU by Prof. R. P. Agarwal Pro Vice-Chancellor with Mr. Nitin
Kumar founder of US based firm ‗Uready‘ to provide an E-Learning platform for
the MCA program. I have poignant memories of the program ―Ek Shaam
Shaheedon ke Naam‖ on 30th January organized by the Adarsh Computer
Society and would pay homage to our martyrs ‗who sacrificed their today for our
tomorrow‘ and welcome the new year 2010 in these words:

                                                                 January 2010
                              My Pen My Times

Yet again the much awaited ‗Inspirer Day‘ was celebrated with dazzling spirits
and splendor to mark the birthday of our Babu Vijendra Kumar Ji. The three-day
celebrations were declared open on the 6th of February by Mr. K.K. Kabirpanthi,
Additional Director General, NACEN, Govt of India and the closing ceremony
was presided on 8th of February by the noted Gandhian philosopher Prof. N.
Radhakrishnan, recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavna Award 2009 by Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh and the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. The
highlights of the event were the blood donation and as always the first among the
donors was Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Pro-Chancellor and an exhibition on the
theme ‗Peace for the children of the world‘ organized by Bharat Sakka Gokai as
also a weightlifting demo by formal Olympian Shri A K Tyagi. 11th Inter Press
Cricket Tournament for Shobhit University Trophy at Shri Kailash Prakash Sports
Stadium on 19-22 February 2010 was an immense success. The tournament
was opened by Shri Bhuvnesh Kumar, DM on 19th February and the emerging
international cricketer Bhuvaneshwar Kumar was awarded with the Stanford
player of the year award. Dainik Jagran emerged as winner for fifth consecutive
time from among the participants that included Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran,
Hindustan, Sandhya, Weekly Eleven and DLA. In association with IIT Roorki Prof
R P Aggarwal, Pro Vice Chancellor took the initiative to organize the very
popularWorkshops on ‗Robotics‘, ‗Joomla CMS‘ and ‗Ethical Hacking‘. The
University had the proud privilege of yet another two day workshop on ‗Recent
Trends in Biomedical Engineering‘ by Prof D V Rai, Director, Center for
Biomedical Engineering, and enriching talks by eminent scientists: Dr. Pawan
Kapur, Director, CSIO, Chandigarh, Prof. Farooq, AIIMS New Delhi, Prof. R.K.
Saxena, IIT, New Delhi, Prof. Baljinder Singh, PGI Chandigarh, Prof. D.K.
Dhawan, PU, Chandigarh and Dr. Nahar Singh Mehla, CSIO, Chandigarh. A
Management Development Programme on ―Restructuring of Debts of Potentially
Viable Industrial/MSME units and preparing for Future Competition‖ was
organized by Prof S B Malik, School of Business Studies on 20 February
                                 My Pen My Times
alongwith Punjab National Bank. Kudos to Dr Rekha Dixit, Associate Professor,
School of Biotechnology, is a privileged member of International Tomato
Genome Sequence Project. Indeed a happening February ‘10, as I wish all a
very joyous and colorful Holi.

                                                               February 2010
                               My Pen My Times

Kudos to our inspired faculty and the dedication of our students fraternity that
March ‗10 happened to be one of the most vibrant one! To cap it all was the
grand success as brought out by ‗Times Meerut Plus‘ was the organization of the
Inter-University: Institutional Debate: ―Budget: The Big Fight‖ the third such
annual event attended by the intelligencia of Meerut, organized on the lawns of
Crystal Palace by Shobhit University with The
Economics Times to bring about awareness on national developmental and
budgetary challenges. Pro-Chancellor, Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra participated in
the ‗North East India International Meet 2010‘ organized by Government of India,
Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters (FASS) and Shobhit University at Guwahati.
Congrats to the University‘s Vice Chancellor XI who triumphed over the District
Magistrate XI by 41 runs in a friendly 20:20 Cricket Match organized at the
Bhamashah Cricket Ground. The ‗Aryans‘ at the University had once again
proved their mettle by designing a unique robot ‗soldier‘ which can play an
important role in the security of the country. The ingenious robot is equipped with
a CCTV camera that can monitor the activities of enemy and with its LASER
technique it can spot enemies and shoot them. Shobhit University Library has
been digitalized and the credit for the state of art automation goes to the Library
Team who can now boast of a repository of nearly 4.5 lakh online virtual books
and ready referencing to the online Journals and Papers that can be accessed
from any computer. It was a pleasure to have the who‘s who of the
Nanotechnology world at the campus, thanks to Prof SC Agarwal for organizing
the 2 Nanomaterials Symposium where physicist of international fame Prof.
Kehar Singh of IIT Delhi delivered the key note lecture on ‗Photonics band gap
structures‘. Other eminent lectures included those by Prof. V.K. Jindal from
Panjab University on ‗Carbon Nanotubes‘ and Prof. R.B. Mathur of National
Physical Laboratory who demonstrated the applications of carbon nanotubes in
engineering, electronics, energy, and biomedicine. Prof. Rajiv Dutta, Director,
School of Biotechnology and Centre of Bioinformatics recently presented his path
                              My Pen My Times
breaking research on patch clamp studies on the soma and dendrites and axons
at the Workshop on Brain Awareness organized by the Indian Institute of
Information Technology, Allahabad in conjunction with National Brain Research
Centre, Manesar on 21st March ‗10. I am confident that the weeks, months and
years to come, the University would scale newer heights with the collective vigor,
commitment and the intellect of our faculty and students and make the country
                                                                      March 2010
                              My Pen My Times

The month was indeed very eventful as the University had the privilege to
interact with the UGC Expert Team lead by Prof. D.S. Chauhan, Vice Chancellor
and the other eminent scholars. The Centre for Biomedical Engineering (CBME),
Shobhit University celebrated the World Health Day on 7 April 2010 to mark the
founding of WHO and as an occasion to raise awareness on key global health
issues. The theme for 2010 "Urbanization and Health" assumes significance from
the fact that nearly 28 percent of India's population lives in cities and this is
expected to increase to 41 percent by the year 2020. Dr. Rajeev Agarwal, Chief
Cardiologist, Jaswant Rai Speciality Hospital, Meerut delivered the key note
address. ―Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetic and Non-diabetic Patients‖. The
Techno Vision 2010, a tech fest organized by School of Computer Engineering
and IT under the guidance of Prof. R.P. Agarwal on 3 April 2010 was a fun filled
and exciting extravaganza. Similarly, the Biotechnoinformatics Society of School
of Biotechnology organized a series of programme on April 24, 2010 to mark the
celebrations of World DNA Day. Prof. Rajiv Dutta, Director of the School had
invited Dr Pradeep Srivastava, Senior Scientist, CDRI, Lucknow an eminent
Scientoonist and I could not but resist to comment that indeed this was India‘s
gift to the world. I compliment the young researchers at the University for a
number of outstanding publications both nationally and internationally. There is
enough reason for this young and progressive University to be proud !

                                                                        April 2010
                              My Pen My Times

Welcome to the dynamic and new May 2010 Newsletter of this resurgent

University ! The 1st National Conference on Emerging Trends in Advanced

Computing & Informatics (CICON-2010)‘ organized by School of Computer

Science & Information Technology on 8-9th May 2010 was a grand success.

Congrats to the more than 100 participants who presented their papers.

Highlights of the conference was: Prof. R.C. Joshi‘s enriching keynote speech

on ―Cloud Computing‖, Prof. A.K. Sharma from YMCA University shared his

knowledge on ―An eager crawling strategy‖ with the participants, Dr. Amit Kumar

Goel delivered lecture on ―Design of routing protocols for mobile ad hoc

networks‖, Prof. B.K. Kaushik form IIT Roorkee, spoke on the topic ―Signal

integrity and propagation delay analysis of VLSI interconnects‖, Prof. S.Sarkar,

Director, School of Electronics Engineering, apprised about ―VLSI interconnect

problems and solutions‖, Prof. R.N. Saha, Deputy Director (Research &

Education Development), BITS Pilani spoke on ―Computer assisted approach for

better drug design‖ and ―QSAR as useful tool to design novel molecules‖. An

invited lecture on ―Standardization of herbal preparations‖ was delivered by Dr.

R.C. Gupta, Emeritus Scientist, ICMR, Pharmacokinetics division, CDRI,

Lucknow on 10th May 2010. An MoU was signed recently between the School of

Biotechnology and Codon Biotech, Noida. Prof. Rajeev Dutta, Director, School of
                             My Pen My Times
Biotechnology and Dr.Tripti Bhatnagar, Director, Codon Biotechnology signed the

MoU. Another MoU was signed between School of Biotechnology and Quantum

Nano Sciences, Chennai on 24th May 2010. Prof Rajiv Dutta and Mr Jai Jethwa

signed the MoU to set up a Centre of Excellence to promote education and

research in areas of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. To commemorate the

World Environment Day theme on Biodiversity. I have penned a poem as this

issue reaches you.

                                                                     May 2010
                                My Pen My Times

Once remarked Rudyard Kipling ‗If you can dream and not make dreams your
master, yours is the earth and everything in it ...‘ my warm welcome to my young
friends, the new Shobhitians to the University as also bon voyage to the pass
outs with this simple piece of advice ! I also congratulate one and all to foster the
spirit of solidarity with Shobhit family as we grow and flourish with each passing
day. The past month was indeed a very busy one with the Summer Semester
and the University Day being celebrated with great vigor, fanfare and gaiety. My
felicitations to the final year MBA students who have shared their wonderful
memories of their academic tour abroad and have made the University and the
country proud. The past few weeks have been very busy for most students
particularly the MBA and the BTech Biomedical who had undergone their
industrial attachments. My congratulations also to Prof Ranjit Singh, Director of
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences for entering into yet another innovative
agreements with Baba Farid University of Health Sciences to promote exchange
and research. Kudos to our young researchers Nidhi Tyagi, Deepti Gupta, Mohita
Sharma and also Prof J. B. Singh who have worked incessantly to publish their
research papers in India and abroad. I felicitate you all on our 64th Independence
Day with these words:

                                                                  June & July 2010
                                My Pen My Times

Once again congratulations to one and all for being one of the few Universities in
India to be certified ISO 9001:2008 by the International Standards Certifications
Private Limited, Australia. Earlier the quality management system of Shobhit
University was ISO 9001:2000 certified. The certification indeed distinguishes
Shobhit University from all other Indian Universities. A Seminar on Recent
Applications of Robotics & Embedded C organized by the School of Biomedical
Engineering and Robosapiens on August, 28, 2010 was a delight for both the
students and faculty. Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Hon‘ble Pro Chancellor, who
inaugurated the workshop and all the invited participants were visibly impressed
with the University students demo of the soldier robo, garbage collector robo, line
follower robots and other technical marvels. It has been decided to set up a Robo
Lab and have a core group of developers to design and develop a moon rover
robo prototype that will be offered to the Chandrayan II Team at ISRO. My best
wishes to them. Shobhit University is one of the first University in the region to
become an NKN node for futuristic e libraries, virtual classrooms and global
database connectivity through the National Knowledge Network, a visionary and
futuristic enterprise of Govt of India to usher in knowledge revolution. My
heartiest welcome to the new Shobhitians both the teaching and student
fraternity who bring fresh vigor to our ever growing family!

                                                                      August 2010
                                My Pen My Times

Adarsh Divas and Shikshak Divas were celebrated with traditional fanfare and
fervor on 5th September, 2010 at the University campus. On this occasion, a
colloquium on ―Value Based Education for National Development‖ was
organized followed by lunch hosted to felicitate the outstanding role played by
our teachers. Shri Anurag Shrivastava, IAS Commissioner Meerut region
inaugurated the two days National Conference on ―Genes and Genomics:
Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches where over 100 eminent scientists
presented their cutting edge research.‖A two day workshop on robotics ―Mobi-
BoTricks‖ was organized by the Centre for Biomedical Engineering on
September    18-19,   2010.     where   experts   from   the   robotics    company
―Robosapiens‖ presented robo kits for hands on training to the participants.
Engineers Day was celebrated at Shobhit University campus on 15th of
September 2010 in remembrance of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya, an
eminent Indian engineer. Those who make the Shobhit fraternity proud include
Prof. D. V. Rai, Director of Centre for Biomedical Engineering, who received the
Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2010 from India International Friendship Society, Mr.
Vinay Mishra student of B Tech. (IT) 2005-09 batch who joined Indian Space
Research Organisation (ISRO) as Engineer Scientist in 2009 is proceeding to
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) USA. Prof. Ranjit Singh,
Director School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Prof. S. B. Kasture, Director ,
Pinnacle Biomedical Research Institute, Bhopal signed an MoU on 14th
September 2010 to promote joint education and research. Shri Kumar Anubhav
Tiwari, of the School of Electronics Engineering on his return from University of
Westminster, London under the University‘s Faculty Exchange Programme made
an   excellent   presentation   on   ―System-On-Chip     Design   for     DSP   and
Communication‖. Dr. Mukesh Kedwal who joined the ―School of Electronics
Engineering‖ as Associate Professor this month shared his rich experience at the
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan from where he did his Doctorate and at the
University of California, Berkley, USA. He made a wonderful presentation on
                             My Pen My Times
―Integrated Photonics and Nano Optoelectronics‖. I am sure that the University
has many more milestones with such an outstanding team and their superb
commitments to make Shobhit University one of the best in India and abroad.

                                                              September 2010
                                My Pen My Times

October will go down as a very vibrant and hectic month in the annals of Shobhit
University. International Conference on Indian Civilization Through the Millennia,
ICTM 2010, a sequel to ICTM 2009 was inaugurated by Shri Kunwar Shekhar
Vijendra, Pro-Chancellor in presence of Aryikashiromani Gyanmati Mataji and the
eminent Japanese scholar Dr Akash Ouchi on October 30-31, 2010, at
Jambudweep, Hastinapur. Nearly 300 delegates from India and abroad in one
voice resolved to start a movement to declare the region and its rich tapestry of
27 sites to be on the World Heritage list maintained by UNESCO. The School of
Electronics Engineering organised a Workshop on ―Recent Trends in Image
processing‖ inaugurated by the Chief Guest of the event, Chief Resident
Commissioner, Haryana, Shri. P. K. Mahapatra, IAS. There was an
overwhelming response for the workshop from scholars, students and faculty
alike, numbering over 350 participants. It is heartening that during the month
MBA students had their Industrial attachment with BHEL at Hardwar and
students of Biomedical Engineering visited various hospitals to learn more about
the modern therapeutic and diagnostic tools. Codon Biotech and Auroprobe
Laboratories conducted career counseling sessions for the students of
Biotechnology to create awareness regarding the various frontier areas in
Biotechnology. On 27th Oct. 2010, I had the unique privilege to address the
inaugural session of the QNS-Indo Asian Centre for Nanotechnology at
Bangalore in presence of the Hon‘ble Minister of IT and Biotechnology. My
congrats to Prof Rajiv Dutta for being granted a patent for his invention
―Electrical Biosensor for early detection of graft compatibility in plants‖. I am sure
many more patents will be in the offing for the University. As I look forward with
hope I appeal to the youth in
these words:

                                                                       October 2010
                                 My Pen My Times

Kudos to the University Training and Placement Center, that actively participated
in the recently held FICCI Higher Education Summit 2010. Mr. David Willets,
Minister of State for Universities & Science, UK and Dr. John DeGioia, President,
Georgetown University, USA during an informal discussion at the British Council
lauded the Industrial Engagement Initiative and other innovations at Shobhit
University . A one day Workshop on ―Chip Design Testing and Testability‖
organized by the School of Electronics Engineering and School of Computer
Engineering and Information Technology on 23rd Nov 2010 was addressed by
Prof. Dik Morling from University of Wes tmins ter, London. The Uni ver s i t y
Career and Placement Portal has
been a hit with the students and alumni alike and it is heartening to note that a
number of campus placements drives are in the offing in the next few weeks. My
thoughts for the year to come:

                                                                 November 2010
                               My Pen My Times

Congratulations to all degree recipients at University‘s landmark 2nd convocation

on 26th December, 2011. Shri Dhanendra Kumar, Chairman Competition

Commission of India was conferred Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters in

recognition of his extraordinary contribution to administrative services and in

nation building. Hon‘ble Chancellor, Dr. Shobhit Kumar, awarded the degree of

Doctor of Letters to Shri Dhanendra Kumar in presence of the Hon‘ble Pro

Chancellor, Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra and the distinguished members of

Academic Council and Board of Management of the University. True to the

dynamism of our young University, the month was equally busy as a brain

storming session and workshop on ―Innovations in Agri-Informatics Program,

Studies and Research‖ was organised by the University on 4th December 2010,

at University Tower, Delhi. The inaugural session was attended by Shri A. M.

Moni, Deputy Director General, National Informatics Centre, Prof. P. N. Bhatt,

Chairman, World Buffallo Trust, Prof. R. B. Singh, Former Director General, IARI.

A unique MOU between ‗Steinbeis Centre for Technology‘ (A Network Centre of

Steinbeis Gmbh and Co. fur Technologie Transfer, Germany) and Shobhit

University was signed to develop and carryout collaborative activities in training,

consultancy, technology development, services and areas of entrepreneurship

development. Dr. Ashok Salhan, Senior Scientist & Additional Director at
                               My Pen My Times
Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), Delhi, visited the

Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Shobhit University on December 18, 2010, to

share his academic interests at the University; Senior Associate Professor, Dr.

Bhaskar Mohan Murari, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, interacted with

the University Graduates on Dec 27, 2010. I welcome the New Year 2011 with

hopes and aspirations to fulfil our vision and mission in the following words:

                                                                   December 2010
                              My Pen My Times

I welcome you to the 25th issue of New Dimensions : formidable and challenging
as they have been for our young and dynamic University as I thank you all for
your patronage and support to this youthful and modest enterprise that
represents the hopes, aspirations and the dream of our coming generation. The
62nd Republic Day was celebrated with traditional fervor of nationalist
exuberance and hopes on January 26, 2011 at the campus lawns. This month
oversaw truly a Placements extravaganza with over 90 companies and the
training and placements figure of nearly 85% a record for any University:
congrats to the students and all those who made this a success ! Under the
exchange program with the University of Westminster, London Shri Anubhav
Tiwari, Asst Professor of Electronics completed his Masters from University of
Westminster, London, as he presented his thesis through video conferencing. My
congrats to him as well as to our graduants Sagar, Saorabh and Mayank who
have made it to London under the academic exchange between the two
universities. My compliments are also to our ignited minds and researchers in
pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology and electronics who have published five
papers in indexed journals and a book that I am sure will prove to be a veritable
source of reference and knowledge. I pen a few lines to dedicate this issue to our
youth, this Inspirers Day :

                                                                    January 2011
                               My Pen My Times

Come Spring and the ‗Inspirer Day‘ was celebrated with enthusiasm and
traditional gaiety at University campus from the 6th to 8th February 2011. The
sports meet and cultural festival were inaugurated on 6th instant by the Principal
Commissioner Shri Deepak Trivedi, IAS who honored eminent icons to inspire
our youth such as Shri Ajay Sirohi, Dronacharya Awardee, Shri Vikas Kumar, this
year‘s Judicial Services topper and now Additional District Judge Saharanpur,
Shri Sachin Choudhary (physically challenged) Weightlifter and Mrs Asma Abbas
Jaidi, a very promising gold medalist in the nationals shooting championships. As
always Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Pro Chancellor was the first of the 134 to
volunteer in the blood donation camp organized jointly with the Indian Red Cross
Society on 8th February 2011.The first edition of student‘s magazine ―VIHAAN‖
was launched by Shri Bhuvnesh Kumar IAS, District Magistrate, Meerut. A
unique effort, it includes technical articles on recent technological advances. The
University has been at the forefront in inculcating a scientific and mathematical
temperament as a part of its CSR initiatives as it organized two Mathematics
Olympiads on February 14th and 20th at Delhi and Meerut respectively with a
total participation of 1100 children from 46 schools. The 10th Volume of NICE
Journal of Business was released on 6th February. The University takes pride in
having 779 jobs and placements with 244 companies and the compliment goes
to the hard work of the University Training and Placements team and the
Corporate Office.
                                                                    February 2011
                               My Pen My Times

Kudos to Prof S. C. Agrawal for organizing the Annual Conference of ‗Vijnana
Parishad of India‘ and ‗The Global Society of Mathematical and Allied Sciences‘
on March 24-26, 2011. In his message to Shobhit University on the occasion
Hon‘ble Minister of HRD Shri Kapil Sibal has lauded the initiative. The Research
Journal ―JNANABHA‖ brought out since 1970 at the instance of eminent
mathematician Prof. J. N. Kapur perhaps inspired the launch of University‘s
Journal ‗Transactions in Physical and Life Sciences‘ under the auspices of
―Academy of Science, Engineering and Management‖ (ASEM) by Prof. Kehar
Singh, Professor Emeritus, IIT Delhi in presence of Pro Chancellor Kunwar
Shekhar Vijendra. I am pleased that the University has been chosen by the very
eminent Prof. Glen D. Paige, Founder CGNK, East West Centre, Hawaii to be
the first in South Asia to set up a ‗Non Killing Universities Forum‘ as it took a
lead in organizing the unique Seminar and Brainstorming session on ―The
Nonkilling Paradigm‖ on March 18, 2011 at ‗Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti,
Ministry of Culture at New Delhi where Prof Balwant Bhaneja, a Canadian
Diplomat alongwith many eminent Gandhians such as Shri Subbarao ji, Dr
Manimala ji and other noted experts aired their views followed by a round up of
the deliberations by Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra ji. It is a moment of pride that Prof
D. V. Rai was conferred with ―Indian Achievers Award‖ for excellence in the field
of education at the 27th Indian Achievers Summit on ‗Global Business
Opportunities‘, held on 30th March, 2011 in New Delhi. The students of
Biomedical Engineering participated in the Medical Fair India 2011 and the 17th
International Conference on ‗Diagnostic, Medical Equipments and Technology‘ in
New Delhi during 25th- 27th, March 2011. I am sure the colours, vivacity and
spirit of Holi this season will drive the University to newer milestones in the days

                                                                       March 2011
                               My Pen My Times

There is excitement in the air as Shobhit University was invited by Mauritius to

start a University, during the visit of Hon'ble Chancellor Dr. Shobhit Kumar and

Pro-Chancellor Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra as part of the           Indian delegation

accompanying Her Excellency President of India during her state visit to

Mauritius. Shobhit University is proposed to be constructed on land allocated to

the MSDTF by the government and will also be offering scholarships worth Rs 10

million to students selected by the Tertiary Education Commission. I am pleased

that the School of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, Shobhit

University, organized the 2nd National Conference on ―Global Trends &

Innovations in Computer Applications and Informatics‖, on April 9-10, 2011.The

Chief Guest for the inaugural session was Shri. M. Moni, Deputy Director-

General (Scientist-G), National Informatics Centre (NIC), New Delhi. The School

of   Biotechnology,   Centre   for   Biomedical   Engineering   and   Centre   for

Bioinformatics, of the University organized a workshop on ―Bio-Innovations:

Technical Aspects‖ on April 2-3, 2011. The Chief Guest for the inaugural session

was Prof P. K. Gupta FNA who made an inspiring presentation on the emerging

trends in Biotechnology. Shobhit University celebrated the ‗World Health Day‘ on

April 07, 2011 on the theme ―Antimicrobial Resistance and Its Global Spread‖

and the slogan was ―Combat Drug Resistance- No Action Today, No Cure
                             My Pen My Times
Tomorrow‖. The Chief Guests on the occasion were Prof. R.K. Saxena, IIT Delhi

and Dr. Sanjay Mishra, University of Queensland, Australia who delivered a

keynote   lecture   emphasizing   the   immense   contribution   of   Biomedical

Engineering in dealing with day-to-day health-related problems. In a landmark

achievement the University Training and Placement Centre, reached the mark of

250 companies having arranged campus drive during April with HP (Hewlett-

Packard), Pluto Technologies, Steria, DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited

(DSCL), Viom Networks Limited, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Impetus

Infotech, Tech Mahendra, Belzabar Software Design. I congratulate all the

successful candidates and wish them good luck in future endeavors.

                                                                      April 2011

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