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					                                         Lars Wickinger
-Traum, LiebeDetail, Tanzbar, KillA Beat, Lebensfreude, Kachelfunk, 040Rec, Opossum, Curle

In the middle of the 90s he made his first contact with the Techno Sound. He got hold of
his first electronic equipment and so, while still playing in bands, he did more and more
programming of his own.

In Berlin he starts with a project called Vanilla Krepp featured a woman singing to be
heard on Freizeitglauben03 and on the second „Notaufnahme“ Sampler of the

2003 he met the ingenious songwriter Michael Skelton from Hamburg and a highly
productive phase began, out of which two projects emerged: The Hip hop-Elektro Band
Citizens International and later the Elektro-Techno Duo C.I.T.

Numerous releases of C.I.T. followed on Electric Avenue Rec. (the label of Monika
Kruse), Spoiler Music, Lebensfreude Rec. and Killa Beat.

Since 2006 he also produces minimal style techno with Dj Markus Schatz under the
name of Schatz & Wickinger. Releases on EK-Records and Opossum Rec. from Berlin
comes out.

As the next obvious thing to do Lars Wickinger started producing solo-tracks.
In 2006, there were two succesful releases on Opossum Rec. and

2007/08 coming releases as Lars Wickinger on labels such as Liebe*Detail, Dimmer Rec.,
Suchtreflex, Killa Beat Rec., Living Records, Tanzbar Rec., Curle Rec. and Flash Rec. etc.
will strengthen his reputation as a producer and succesful live act and Dj.

2009 other Releases on Haseland Schallplatten, Kachelfunk Musik, Living Records,
Killa Beat, Tanzbar etc.

Lars Wickinger planned his first Album for 2010.

Similarly publications on Frequenza Rec. (Italy), Kreisverkehr "Vinyl Only!" (Germany)
and Enter (Germany).



03.04.2006 12’er Vinyl „Blutrausch“ on Traumschallplatten Köln/Kompakt

04.04.2006 12’er Vinyl „Cobra Liebe“ on Opossum Rec. Berlin/Word and Sound

Mai 2006 the Track “Ghostrider” on the Traum-Compilation “Intercontinental 5”


16. April 2007: 12' "Villa Incognito" on liebe*detail (Germany)

15. April. 2007 12' „Nebular“ on Dimmer + Tigerskin Remix (Germany)

20. Aug. 2007: 12' "Fade To Grass" on Curle Rec.007 (Belgium)

03. Sep. 2007: 12' "After Dark" on Tanzbar003 (Germany)

26. Sep. 2007: 12' "Good Times" on Dimmer 005 (Germany)

10. Oct. 2007: 12' "Silver Bullet" on Living Rec. 005 (London/England)

Okt./Nov. 2007: Digital Release „Fabulous Fly“ on Flash Rec. (Germany)

28. Dec. 2007: 12' „Spooky Farm“ on Suchtreflex Rec. (Germany)


12. Jan. 2008: 12' "Le Chique" on Killa Beat KB011 (Germany)

Feb. 2008: 12' „The Clown“ on Rhythmetic Rec. (Greece)
11. April 2008: 12' „Happy Doom Day“ on Bondage Music Bond12008 (Germany)

21. May 2008: 12'er „Aladin“ on Lebensfreude Rec. LFV025 (Germany)

June/July 2008: 12'er „Killing Joke“ on Rhythmetic Rec. (Greece)

Sep. 2008: Digital „My Bouncing Girl“ on Panormus Music (Italy)

15.09.2008: 12'er „Fever“ on Tanzbar009 (Germany)

Okt./Nov. 2008: Digital „Starlight Express“ on the Funkhaus Music Compilation

14.11.2008: Digi Box „Bondage Blood“ on 040 Recordings (Germany)


20.02.2009: Digi Box „Who Kills Bambi?“ on 040 Recordings (Germany)

06.03.2009: 12'er „Black is Back“ on Haseland Records (Germany)

25.05.2009: 12' "Alicia@TheWonderland" on Living Records (UK)

Juni 2009: Digi Box „Storm“ on Super Squid Music 001 (Germany)

July 2009: 12'er „Muzzle“ on Kachelfunk Musik (Germany)

Oct. 2009: Digi Box „Trumpets United“ on K:lender Records (Germany)

19.11.2009: 12'er „Guarana Kid“ on Killa Beat Records (Germany)

Nov. 2009: Digi Box „Kill Them All“ on Aromamusic (Germany)

10.12.2009: 12'er „Good Luck Sid“ on Tanzbar Musik (Germany)


29.03.2010: 12'er „Lucky Me“ on Kreisverkehr 002 (Germany)

Up Comming Releases 2010:

April/May 2010: 12'er „only“ „Fuck Them All on Vinyl Only (Germany)

01.07.2010: 12'er + Digi „Darth Vader“ on Enter (Germany)

June 2010: 12'er + Digi „All Together“ on We Are All Prostitutes (Germany)

Also He works 2010 on his first album!

Compilations 2009:

Feb. 2009: "Beagle Dance" exclusive on
March 2009: "UHU Blues" exclusive on the next 5 Years Lebensfreude Comp.

April. 2009: "Time To Make A POW WOW" on CON:TACT - tactical gadget 4.0

Oktober 2009: „Fuck Them All“ „Berlin meets München – Electronic Essentials Vol. 2

Compilations 2010:

Jan. 2010: 12'er „Second Life“ on the first Tanzbar Compilation

März 2010: „Brazil On Acid“ Digital „Berlin meets München – Electronic Essentials Vol. 3

Remixe 2008:

„Piccolo“ from Sara Galli/303Lovers Rec.Digital (Italy)

„Fishy Fingers“ from Chris Ilopis/Klanggut Rec. Vinyl (Germany)

„Deep666“ from Luca Ferrari Italo Business Digital (Italy)

„Aji Cito“ from NuDisco/Force Sense 021 Vinyl (Germany)

„Delta Machine“ from Gunne/Lebensfreude Rec.023 Vinyl (Germany)

„Intervista“ from Simone Mora/Supernova Blue Vinyl (Mexico)

„Noise“ from Totoproto/Sebian Records Digital (Italy)

„Underkill“ from Cotumo (Berlin/Germany)

„Autottude“ from Patrick Zigon/Galaktika Records (Spain)

„Drift“ from Ramon Leon/Prima Records Digital (Germany)

Remixe 2009:

„Oscure“ from Dualton/Flug von Welt Digital/12'er (Germany)

„Fuffy“ from Sven Wegner/WBA (Germany)

„Cougars“ from Pierre Deutschmann/Farbenfroh Records Digital (Germany)

"New Day Dawning" from LEXY/38db Tonsportgruppe Digital/Vinyl (USA)

"Pompeji" from L.Kubic/Black Fox Music/Vinyl (Germany)

"Tschoen Doaich" from Marc De Vole/Tracer Records (Netherlands)

"Synoptic " from Pierre Deutschmann/K:lender Records (Berlin)

„Last Moment“ from Mangelt Dekomatic Records
„Crack“ from Stefano Partanello/Seta Label (Italy)

„Miss The Point“ from Aroma/Aromamusic (Germany)

„Cornstarch“ from Doppelgänger/Haseland Magnetschallplatten (Germany)

„A Lot Off“ from Smacks & Patrick Kong/V.I.M - Very Important Music (Greece)

Contact :

          0178/181 76 77 or


Lars Wickinger Live-Set January 2010 Download at Sendspace:

Lars Wickinger Dj-Mix January 2010 download at sendspace:

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