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					            Charlton Kings Junior School
                   East End Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, GL53 8QE
                    Telephone (01242) 526171Facsimile (01242) 250925
                       e-mail head@charltonkings-jun.gloucs.sch.uk
                           Headteacher: John Moore B.Ed. Hons.
                       Website: www.charltonkings-jun.gloucs.sch.uk

SPRING (TERM 3)                   NEWSLETTER Number 3                             21st January 2009

Dear Parents,
Maybe it is this 'wintry' time of the year but we have noticed a number of children coming late
to school. School starts at 8.45 AM, and the children can enter the playground from 8.30 AM.
Please try to ensure that your child is on time.

Continuing in the same vein as above, we have also noticed a number of children who are not
wearing the correct school dress. We are seeing trainers, and boots rather than shoes,
random sweatshirts and trousers and inappropriate jewellery. All children should bring their
own plasters to cover earrings during PE lessons. Full details about the school dress are
available from the prospectus on the school website: http://www.charltonkings-
jun.gloucs.sch.uk/profile/profile-overview.htm. Please help us with this.

Following the successful taster session on Friday; further dance lessons are available on
Fridays from 3.15 to 4.30 PM starting on 23rd of January. Each session will cost £3.50 but you
can 'pay as you go'. If you wish your child to continue with these classes then please fill in the
slip below and return it to the office.

Following the not so full turn out for the Y6 Wii Fit session last Monday we have decided to
combine year groups for the remaining sessions. As demand has been relatively low we are
now able to offer these free sessions to Year 3 pupils. If you would like your Y3 child to take
part then just complete the slip below and return it to the school. If you have already returned
a slip please do not complete another unless the date presents a problem. The revised dates
are as follows:

       26th January      Year 5&6          All the sessions are due to run from 3.10 till 5.00 PM
       9th February      Year 5&6          There will be up to 30 pupils in session
       2nd March         Year 3&4          The sessions will be carried out in the hall
       16th March        Year 3&4          If numbers permit children might be able to attend two sessions
       30th March        Year 3&4

Accompanying this letter you should receive a card showing Zosia Swarbrick's winning design
for the police poster competition to encourage sensible parking as well as a card with helpful
information about tackling bullying. Please note the advice about parking, particularly in and
around the school car park.
Today the children are watching a performance of 'Bully's Paradise'. We hope that positive
messages about bullying will be taken from the performance.

Would you please make sure that we have the correct contact numbers for your children if we
should need to get in touch with you.

Yours sincerely,
J. W. T. Moore
I/we would like our child to attend the Ballroom / Latin / Salsa lessons on Fridays. I/we
understand that the class will cost £3.50 each week and is payable on a 'pay as you go' basis
to Natassia Overthrow at each class attended.

Name of child _____________________________             Class _____________

Signed ____________________________
Wii Fit

I/we would like our child to take part in the Wii Fit session(s). Our preferred date is:


Name of child _____________________________             Year Group _______        Class _______

Signed ____________________________

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