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					48      th
Spring Conference
& exposition


           exhibitor Prospectus
                                          April 14-16, 2010
                                               Chula Vista Resort
                                               Wisconsin Dells, WI

                                              ShoW DAte
                                             April 15, 2010
Exhibitor Information
Welcome: WHCA/WiCAL members will be in attendance at this year’s conference.

Goals: This exposition affords you the opportunity to present your supplies, services, and equipment to the decision-
makers and others who have an influence on the decision-makers in the long term care community in Wisconsin.
Conference attendees are interested in seeing the latest technology available for long term care facilities. They are also
eager to learn about your products/services and meet your sales people. You won’t want to miss this tremendous networking

Attendees: This is one of the largest long term care trade shows in Wisconsin. Those in attendance will include owners,
administrators, Assisted Living managers, DONs, nurses, as well as activity, dietary, therapy, maintenance and other
facility personnel. WHCA/WiCAL will be inviting all long term care facilities, CBRFs and assisted living facilities in Wisconsin
to attend this Conference.

Dates/Times:          Set-up Time Wednesday, April 14, 2010                  Show Time Thursday, April 15, 2010
                                  4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.                                11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

                                     Thursday, April 15, 2010                Tear-down     Thursday, April 15, 2010
                                     6:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.                                2:30 p.m.

Site: This exhibition will be held at the Chula Vista Resort, 2501 River Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 608-254-2797. The
exhibit hall is located near all educational sessions, meal functions, and sleeping rooms. The hotel has convenient loading
and unloading areas along with free parking.

Facts: Your investment in reaching our entire membership could be as little as $1.00 per contact. A badge will be
provided for one exhibitor representative, and each representative will receive complimentary admission to all educational
sessions on April 15, 2010. Lunch for exhibitors will be provided in the exhibit hall. Exhibitors will be listed alphabetically
and by booth number in the handout, in a pocket-size exhibitor list, and on the exhibit hall map. Your company will also
receive complimentary pre- and post- acknowledgment in WHCA/WiCAL publications.

Special Features: Complimentary lunch and other refreshments will be made available throughout the day in the
hospitality areas of the exhibit floor. WHCA/WiCAL will be providing several cash prizes that will be awarded in the exhibit
area at various times during the exposition.

Booth Visitation Incentives: The following promotional package will be available to encourage visitation to your booth:
Buyers Specials, Passport to Adventure, Bold and Boxed print in handouts and a free Thursday Evening Party ticket. In
addition, WHCA/WiCAL will be providing you with a welcome gift for you to present to a lucky attendee.

Marketing Opportunities: Each exhibitor will have advertising opportunities and sponsorships available to them.
We encourage you to take advantage of these valuable programs.

Results: Your attendance at this exposition will help you open new markets, introduce new products/services, generate
sales leads, increase your number of sales and provide networking with providers so important to you.

Booth Reservations: A reservation form is enclosed for your booth space along with registration material for all marketing
and promotional programs.

WHCA/WiCAL Facts: Founded in 1951, WHCA/WiCAL is the largest state-wide association representing Wisconsin
Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. WHCA/WiCAL has over 225 member facilities representing more than
17,000 beds including a diverse membership of DD’s, individually owned, corporate chains, non-proprietary facilities,
assisted living and CBRFs. The WHCA/WiCAL office is located in Madison, Wisconsin and is a state affiliate of the
American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living located in Washington, D.C.

WHCA/WiCAL Conference Contact: George W. (Skitch) MacKenzie, Director of Member Services, 121 East Wilson Street,
Suite L200, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 257-0125 or
Rules, Regulations and Other Information
Section 1: Program Listing Description / Service Description
Please enclose a brief product/service description (50 words or less) for handouts, pre-conference promotions, etc. This
description must be in the WHCA/WiCAL office by March 26, 2010.
Product/Service Description: Select two categories (below) under which your company should be listed in the official program.
                                      (Additional listings are available for $20 each.)
 ___ Apparel/ Footwear / Uniforms                                          ___ Inactive Administrators
 ___ Architects / Construction / Renovations                               ___ Incontinent Products
 ___ Banks Billings / Collections                                          ___ Insurance
 ___ CBRFs, RCACs                                                          ___ Laboratories
 ___ Computers / Communications Systems                                    ___ Legal Services
 ___ Consultant Services                                                   ___ Management Services
 ___ Diagnostic Services / X-Ray Services                                  ___ Marketing Mental Health Services
 ___ Energy / Environmental / Pest Control                                 ___ Paper Supplies
 ___ Equipment Sales and Leasing                                           ___ Pharmaceutical / Medical Services and Supplies
 ___ Financial Services, including CPAs                                    ___ Quality Improvement
 ___ Fire Protection                                                       ___ Real Estate Appraisals, Sales and Acquisitions
 ___ Food / Beverage / Nutrition                                           ___ Rehabilitation / Therapy
 ___ Furniture / Interior Design                                           ___ Safety / Security Systems
 ___ Group Purchasing                                                      ___ Skin Care / Hair Care
 ___ Home Health Care Services / Geriatric Care Mgmt                       ___ Transportation Services / Sales
 ___ Housekeeping / Laundry                                                ___ Websites
                                     List Product/Service listing on Fee Calculation page
Section 2: Booth Rental Fees
2010 Booth Space Fees if paid by March 26, 2010:
           One 8’ x 10’ Space:                  Member Fee $649.00                          Non-Member Fee $749.00
           Corner Booth Add:                    Member Fee $ 25.00                          Non-Member Fee $ 35.00
2010 Booth Space Fees if paid after March 26, 2010:
           One 8’ x 10’ Space:                  Member Fee $689.00                          Non-Member Fee $789.00
           Corner Booth Add:                    Member Fee $ 35.00                          Non-Member Fee $ 45.00
For multiple booth space, deduct $50 for each additional booth. A 50% deposit or payment in full must be remitted to WHCA/WiCAL
to secure booth space. (WHCA/WiCAL Associate Members may be invoiced with approval from the WHCA/WiCAL office.)
Those who have reserved exhibit space by March 26, 2010, will be eligible for a special drawing at this year’s conference which is registration
for two at the WHCA/WiCAL Care Classic to be held at The Oaks Golf Club, Cottage Grove WI on July 19, 2010 (prize non-transferable).
Section 3: Booth Selection
Booth space will be assigned on a first-paid basis. WHCA/WiCAL will accommodate all booth selections as is possible.
WHCA/WiCAL “Gold Club” Members have first selection on booth space if received by February 12, 2010.
Section 4: Terms / Conditions
1) Exhibit space will be limited! This contract application does not assure your company of a booth or booths. You will be notified within five days of
   the receipt of your application if all exhibit space is filled. Full refunds will be made for those not able to exhibit for above reason.
2) Full payment or 50% deposit must be received by WHCA/WiCAL with contract application for exhibit space. Space will be assigned on a first-paid
   basis. Payment in full must be made before the show.
3) All exhibitors shall abide by WHCA/WiCAL exhibit regulations.
4) This application for exhibit space becomes effective only after it has been properly executed by the exhibitor and is accepted by the WHCA/WiCAL.
   Full payment of exhibit space rental must be made no later than April 2, 2010. Any space not paid by due date will be charged an additional
   10% unless other arrangements have been made with the WHCA/WiCAL office.
5) Side rails or partitions between booths cannot exceed 36” in height and back wall partitions cannot exceed 96” in height unless prior approval is
   received from the WHCA/WiCAL office.
6) Exhibitor agrees that this application is not re-assignable. Exhibitor agrees to be financially responsible for the full rental price of the space
   contracted for in the event of a cancellation, unless the space is resold.
7) Each booth space will be provided with drapes, sign, one 8’ standard height table and one chair.
8) Booth space cannot be shared or sublet.
Rules, Regulations and Other Information cont.
Section 5: Meal Functions / “All Participant Party”

Tickets for all meal functions are available to all exhibitors. Please indicate what function tickets you need on the
enclosed application form and add total to fee calculations. You will also be able to purchase tickets at the conference,
however, we recommend that you order them in advance. One luncheon ticket for the exhibit lunch will be provided
at no charge.

- Thursday “All Participant Party”    $49.00

                               (“All Participant Party” included in promotional package)

Section 6: New This Year! “Let the Games Begin”

In an effort to add excitement in the exhibit hall we would like you to participate in “Let the Games Begin”. We want all
exhibitors to offer some sort of game in their booth whether it be “Break the Balloon” or “Ring the Cane”. WHCA/WiCAL
will provide prizes in addition to yours for this event. Additional information will be sent to you at a later date.

Section 7: Promotional Package

Applications for Buyers Specials, Bold/Boxed Print, and WHCA/WiCAL “All Particpant Party” must be in by 3/26/10.
Applications for advertising must be in by February 12, 2010 to be guaranteed listing in the pre-conference
promotions. Special pre and post conference marketing will also be provided.

Buyers Special
    Exhibitors who want to offer “Show Specials” can advertise these specials through special listings in various
    pre-conference mailings, handouts, etc. at no charge. The “Show Specials” information must be in the
    WHCA/WiCAL office by February 12, 2010.

Bold & Boxed Print in Handouts
    All exhibitors participating in the promotions package will be listed in conference printing in bold and boxed print.

    Invite all registrants to your booth with an advertisement in the initial brochure and other conference promotions.
    The brochure will be sent to all Wisconsin nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other long-term
    care entities. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. All advertisements will be a part of the initial brochure,
    other conference printing and e-mail blasts on several occasions. (See exhibit application for advertising costs)

    Receive additional exposure by being a “Conference Sponsor” of any of the following:

        #1   Registration Area $500
        #2   Registration Gift $1,500
        #3   Coffee, Soda Breaks (three available) $500
        #4   Exhibit Hall Refreshments (SOLD) $1,000
        #5   Exhibit Hall Lunch (SOLD) $1,750
        #6   Reception (four available) $500
        #7   Classroom Sponsor (six available) $500
        #8   “All Participant Party” (eight available) $500

    Please contact or call the WHCA/WiCAL office for further details and for your selected
    sponsorships (608) 257-0125.
Show Date
April 15, 2010
                                                              48      th
                                                              Spring Conference
Chula Vista Resort – Wisconsin Dells, WI
                                                              & exposition
               2010 Application/Contract for Exhibit Space
                                (Please type/print clearly all information as it should appear in
                                          handouts and on booth identification sign)

     Company _____________________________________________________________________________

     Address ______________________________________________________________________________

     City___________________________________________________ State__________ Zip _____________

     Phone (       )______________ Fax (          )______________ E-Mail _______________________________

     Pre-Show Contact Person ________________________________________________________________
                                  (Contact person will receive all pre-show correspondence)                  E-Mail (required)

     Authorized Signature____________________________________________________________________

                                     Name Badges Needed for Booth Personnel
                       (One person included in Booth Fee, Additional Badges w/lunch--$25.00)

     1)_____________________________________                        3) ______________________________________

     2)_____________________________________                        4) ______________________________________

                    Please check below if you want a complimentary table and chair in your booth.


                                                     BOOTH SELECTION

               1st Choice____           2nd Choice____               3rd Choice____                 4th Choice____

               List the companies you prefer NOT to be near ___________________________________


                    Please complete and return both sides of application before March 26, 2010.
Fee Calculations
Selection                                            Member Fee               Non-Member Fee    Total Due
Booth Space by 3/26/10                               $649.00                  $749.00
Booth Space after 3/26/10                            $689.00                  $789.00
Corner Booth Space-After 3/26/10                     $25.00                   $35.00
Corner Booth Space-After 3/26/10                     $35.00                   $45.00
Advertisement - Full Page                            $100.00                  $125.00
Advertisement - 1/2 Page                             $75.00                   $100.00
Advertisement - 1/4 Page                             $50.00                   $75.00
Promotional Package                                  $125.00                  $150.00
Sponsorships (see enclosed)                          -----                    -----
Add’l. Booth Personnel                               $25.00                   $25.00
* ”All Participant Party” Ticket Total               -----                    -----
Additional Product Listings                          $20.00                   $20.00
Discounts: Each Additional Booth $50                 -----                    -----             (        )
Grand Total Due                                      -----                    -----

*Function Ticket Totals

Thursday “All Participant Party”                     $49.00 x ________ = $______

                                                                        Total $______ *

                                         (Enter total of party tickets in column above)

Product/Service Description Listings:_________________________________________________________


This application becomes a contract for exhibit space in accordance with the rules and regulations outlined in this
exhibitor prospectus. The undersigned understands and accepts all terms of this contract. Upon acceptance by
WHCA/WiCAL, this document constitutes a contract. Exhibit space assigned, then canceled, on or before 3/26/10,
entitles exhibitor a full refund minus $100 handling charge. No refunds will be made after 3/26/10.

         Authorized Company Signature:________________________________Date______________

         Accepted By (WHCA)_______________________________________Date_______________

                          Please make checks payable to WHCA/WiCAL Spring Exposition
                              121 East Wilson Street, Suite L200, Madison, WI 53703
                                                FAX 608-257-0025

Credit Card Payment:            Master Card______              VISA______

Name on Card________________________________CC#__________________________Exp Date_______

Increase Traffic to Your Booth
Get Promotional Package for April 15, 2010 Exhibit
If you have not signed up for the “Promotional Package,” here is an opportunity for you to increase your booth traffic
at the WHCA/WiCAL 48th Annual Spring Exhibit on April 15, 2010 at the Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI. This
opportunity is available for a nominal fee.

This package includes:
Buyers’ Special Exhibitors who want to offer “Show Specials” can advertise these specials in the initial brochure,
handouts, e-mail blasts, etc.

Your name will appear on a card that must be initialized by you for a drawing for two airline tickets to an exciting
venue. It brings attendees to your booth and affords you the opportunity to market your products/services.

You will be listed in all friday updates leading up to the conference.

Bold & Boxed Print in the Handouts All exhibitors participating in the promotions package will be listed in handouts
and other conference printing in bold and boxed print.

WHCA/WiCAL “All Participant Party” This exciting event will give you a great opportunity to follow-up on some of
your days contacts as well as talk with some you may have missed. The ticket for this event is part of
the promotions package.

This “Promotional Package” is available to you for only one hundred and twenty five dollars. Please call Skitch at
608-257-0125 or send to and let him know that you do not want to miss this opportunity. We also
can make payment easy for you by accepting VISA/Master Card or we can invoice you. For you to participate we must
hear from you by March 26, 2010.

                                                        LUNCH AREA

                                                     Chula Vista Resort
                                         Wisconsin Health Care Association
                                        Wisconsin Center for Assisted Living

Associate Membership Application
Company Name _____________________________________________________________________
                                                                                       E R!
                               E! EMB
                            AC M
Contact Person _____________________________________________________________________

                          SP TE
Address ___________________________________________________________________________

                        TH CIA
                      OO SO
City______________________________________________State___________Zip _______________

                     B S
                  ON AL A
Telephone _________________________________________________________________________

               00 iC
             $1 /W
Fax _______________________________________________________________________________

           VE HCA
         SA W
E-mail Address _____________________________________________________________________

Website ___________________________________________________________________________

Product/Service _____________________________________________________________________


Apply online at
or mail Application and Payment to:           WHCA/WiCAL
                                              121 East Wilson Street, L200
                                              Madison, WI 53703
                                              Fax: 608-257-0025

Please invoice:                       Yes ____             No ____

Fee:                                  2010 Annual Associate Membership          $295

Please contact Skitch at or call (608) 257-0125 for further details.
                                        Gold Club Members
AdvaCare Systems                        Gulf South Medical Supply
                                                                                Peoplefirst Rehabilitation
6822 South 112th Street                 500 Grace Court                         680 South 4th Street
Franklin, WI 53132                      Verona, WI 53593                        Louisville, KY 40202
Josh Lukkes                             Jay Molter                              Scott Hale                                          
Aggeus Healthcare, P.C.                 HPSI                                    Preferred Podiatry Group
4350 North Broadway Street, Floor 2     1360 Reynold Avenue, Suite 101          425 Huehl Road, Unit 13
Chicago, IL 60613                       Irvine, CA 92614                        Northbrook, IL 60062
Jim Sayadzad                            Stephanie Langan                        Ron Roberts                                         
Alliance Pharmacy                       Joerns Healthcare                       RehabCare
407 Pilot Court                         5001 Joerns Drive                       7733 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 2300
Waukesha, WI 53188                      Stevens Point, WI 54481                 St. Louis, MO 63105
Steve Hoehn, RPh, MBA                   Mike Janowiec                           Doug Fox                                 
American Data                           M3 Insurance Solutions for Business     Reinhart Foodservice
P.O. Box 640                            3113 West Beltline Highway              230 Front Street N., Suite 500
Sauk City, WI 53583                     Madison, WI 53713                       LaCrosse, WI 54601
John Ederer, NHA                        Greg Syvrud                             Dave Stamm                                           
ARKRAY USA, Inc.                        Martin Bros. Distributing               Royal Construction, Inc.
5198 West 76th Street                   6623 Chancellor Drive                   3653 Greenway Street
Minneapolis, MN 55439                   Cedar Falls, IA 50613                   Eau Claire, WI 54701
Michael O’Regan Koehler, RN             Christy Edwards                         Tim Olson                                        
Badgerland Financial                    MetaStar, Inc.                          Specialized Medical Services, Inc.
3448 State Road 23, Box 357             2909 Landmark Place                     5343 North 118th Court
Dodgeville, WI 53533                    Madison, WI 53713                       Milwaukee, WI 53225
Greg Schopen                            Jody Rothe                              David W. Beck                            
Basic American Medical Products         Mobilex USA                             Stanley Healthcare Solutions
2935 Northeast Parkway                  2215 East North Avenue                  1620 North 20th Circle
Atlanta, GA 30360                       Milwaukee, WI 53202                     Lincoln, NE 68503
Robert Bellaci                          Paula Duebner                           Nancy Myers                               
Boyer & Associates, LLC                 My InnerView                            UVANTA Pharmacy
16655 West Bluemound Road, Suite 280    500 Third Street, Suite 200             3701 East Evergreen Drive, Suite 1000
Brookfield, WI 53005                    Wausau, WI 54403                        Appleton, WI 54913
Pat Boyer, MSN, RN, NHA                 Chris Gulsvig                           Ann Siebers, RN, WCC, Nurse Consultant                         
Community Living Solutions, LLC         Northern Telephone/Telecom Essentials   Watson Pharmaceuticals
201 East Bell Street                    W4554 Highway A                         16625 Wexford Court
Neenah, WI 54956                        Tomahawk, WI 54487                      Tinley Park, IL 60477
Doug Schacht                            Dan Krick                               Barbara A. Covelli                  
eHealth Data Solutions                  Omnicare Pharmacies of Wisconsin        Wipfli LLP
2634 Dartmoor Road                      5185 South 9th Street                   10000 Innovation Drive
Cleveland, OH 44108                     Milwaukee, WI 53221                     Milwaukee, WI 53226
John Sheridan                           Lisa Roloff                             Sylvia Weise                                                  
Gordon Food Service                     Pathway Health Services
333 50th Street SW                      350 Bishops Way, #201
Grand Rapids, MI 49501                  Brookfield, WI 53005
Mary McCabe                             Suzanne Whitty                              
                  Wisconsin Health Care Association
                  Wisconsin Center for Assisted Living
                             April 15, 2010
Trade Show
                                Electric 110V Duplex Hookups $55.00
                                208/220V Single Hookups $110.00
                                277/460V Single Hookups $250.00

Shipping & Receiving Rates
Please mail all packages to:    Guest Name
                                Conference Name
                                c/o Chula Vista Resort
                                PO Box 80
                                2501 River Road
                                Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

Parcels received within 3 days of the event not subject to storage fees.
                               Storage Fees -
                               Flat Rate per Day
                               1-5            $25.00
                               6-10           $35.00
                               11-20          $50.00
                               21-50          $75.00

Send Electrical Request with Credit Card or Check Payment by April 9, 2010.

                                Chula Vista Resort
                                Attn: Amber
                                PO Box 30
                                Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

Company Name: ____________________________________________________________________
Booth Number: _____________________________________________________________________
Credit Card:______________________________________ Exp: ______________________________
CID _______________________________________________________________________________