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                 Sekretariat : Jalan Raya Pemogan Gang Wisata No. 1 Denpasar 80221 Bali Indonesia
                 Telepon : (0361) 722 389 Fax : (0361) 725 538 E-mail :

February 15, 2010


Dear Nama:

Pleased to share that nearly 250 people arrived to donate blood on our Feb. 13,
2010 Blood Donation held at Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Bali.

We wish extend our very special thanks and appreciation your great contribution
in making the event success. We trust, such spirit of ‘giving hand’ from you stay
as strong sign that we still living in our sustainable caring society.

Pleased also to share that Parasparos have been 12 years now working
together with Indonesian Red Cross in collecting blood, resulting nearly 2,000
units of blood have given to our society. We shall appreciate to all who have
actively support and participate in such social program and shall be proud for
have actually join a very exclusive group in our community as ‘life savers’.

Once again, thank you very much and hope to see you again on our next Blood
Donation program.

For and on behalf of Parasparos,

1.      Deden A. Saefulloh - Project Manager
2.      Dr. Agung Suryawan Wiranatha - Chief Executive
3.      …….nama masing-masing – Steering Committee

Parasparos is a non-goverment organization, non-affiliated to any religious, social group or
political allies, nor to any business entity. Parasparos has been successfully giving its contribution
to our communities both locally and regionally, in ways of Charity Programs, Sponsoring and
Support the Education of student from the less fortunate family, Blood Donation and several
others as to supporting the relief program of people from the natural dissastrous areas.

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