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									Quick Life is the best life insurance selling and processing solution in the land.


      All programs are private labeled to give look and feel of an in house service.

      Trusted Advisor Platform to allow agent initiated sales in a face to face or telephone
       consultative sales environment.

      Trusted Advisor Platform allows two ways to submit the cases

            1. Quick Assist – This allows the advisor to identify those interested in receiving
               information on rates and how to obtain the best policy on the market. Quick Life
               offers a life insurance buying service to match individuals with the best policy for
               their unique set of circumstances.
            2. Electronic Application – This allows advisors to give quick and accurate rates,
               select policies from a list of what the market has to offer, complete the
               application and submit it without obtaining signatures or bothering with the
               details of the paramed exam.

      Consumer Interface - the consumer interface allows users to shop for the best policy
       available based on their unique set of circumstances.
Differentiating Factors…What makes Quick Life Unique?

      Quick Life is a multi-carrier platform. Offering the “best of class” carriers in the term life
       insurance marketplace, a multi-carrier platform reduces your liability as it relates to suitability
       and offering the client the best product for their needs.

      The financial model is Revenue Share. No fees or out of pocket expenses for processing before
       revenue is generated.

      Marketing Support. Quick Life has recently launched its Playbook called, “How to Win at Quick
       Life.” It is a compilation of best practices including sample letters, emails, professionally
       designed ads, sales contests, tracking mechanisms and more. We will share, guide and
       administer a “Flight Plan” we create together.

      The Quick Assist. With Quick Life an advisor can identify a candidate for life insurance, engage
       that candidate with the life insurance experts at Quick Life and be done. No rate classification
       questions from the client, no awkward medical questions to ask and no paperwork to handle.
       Send the client to your life insurance experts and the Financial Advisor is done.

      Quick Life offers the combination of an Advisor portal and a full service consumer interface.

      Quick Life focuses on determining accurate rates up front to ensure higher placement ratios
       and a better customer experience.

      Electronic Applications make data entry faster and more accurate. This reduces issues in
       underwriting and administration set up on each case which makes the entire process faster.

      Quick Life offers the best of both worlds when it comes to quickly issued, simplified life
       insurance products and the lowest cost, fully underwritten ones. Both are good; alone each
       ignores a segment of the marketplace and together they make a complete package that allows
       you to offers the clients the best product for their individual leads.

      Extreme Case management:
           o   Case Management, The Old Way = If additional information/forms are needed, the
               carrier posts the case status on their website. The Agent logs into the carriers’
               website to check the case status each week (at best) and proceeds with chasing the
               client for the required signatures or forms.
           o   Extreme Case Management, The Quick Life Way = After the carrier flags the case
               status, the information is automatically streamed into the Quick Life system (in real
               time) and our team can immediately begin chasing the client. The Agent is not
               bothered with this issue.
Insurance Company Partners

Lincoln Financial Group

      A.M. Best rated A+ (Superior)
      Over 100 years of claim paying experience
      More than $180 Billion in Assets


      A.M. Best rated A (Excellent)
      Over 120 years of claim paying experience
      $1,859 Billion in Global Assets


      A.M. Best rated A (Excellent)
      Over 100 years of claims paying experience
      More than $120 Billion in Assets
American General Life

       A.M. Best rated A (Excellent)
       Over 110 years of claims paying experience
       More than $34 billion in assets

West Coast Life

       A.M. Best rated A+ (Superior)
       Over 100 years of claims paying experience
       More than $100 Billion in assets

       A.M. Best rated A (Excellent)
       Over 50 years claims paying experience
       More than $34 Billion in assets

Fidelity Life
       A.M. Best rated A- (Excellent)
       Fully Underwritten / Rapid Issue Products
About Quick Life

The Quick Life Center is a joint venture among successful organizations in the insurance industry. The
objective is to provide the very best platform for selling and processing life insurance.

To unleash the full potential of selling life insurance in high volumes, several high-profile industry groups
have pooled their collective strengths and financial muscle to form the Quick Life Center (QLC.)

 The Leaders Group. Headquartered in Littleton CO, The Leaders Group is an association of seventy
life independent insurance agencies located across the nation. The Leaders Group is life licensed in all
fifty (50) states and the District of Columbia and currently processes between twenty thousand (20,000)
and twenty-two thousand (22,000) life insurance application and commission transactions per month.
The Leaders Group is aligned as the broker/dealer to Capitas Financial which represents approximately
twelve thousand (12,000) independent life agents and twenty-eight thousand independent and
institutional financial advisors (such as Wachovia/Raymond James, UBS, H & R Block, Oppenheimer, etc.)

 InsuranceOnly (IO). Headquartered in Denver CO, InsuranceOnly is a national life brokerage general
agency specializing the direct (on-line and by phone) placement of life insurance. Serving well over
500,000 clients since its founding in 1988, InsuranceOnly is licensed and appointed with the nation’s
leading and highest rated life insurers which offer direct marketed products. A key component of IO’s
success has been its ability to quickly and efficiently follow-up on additional underwriting requirements
and to keep producers and applications informed through its proprietary software system known as

 Hales and Company, Inc. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in New York, with offices in major
cities across the nation, Hales and Company is an investment banking and merger and acquisition
advisory service specializing in the distribution segment (retail and wholesale brokerage) of the
insurance industry. Acquired by its management from Arch in late 2004, Hales has led the nation in both
deal value – over $1.8 billion – and numbers of transactions – over 80 – over the past four years.

The Quick Life Center brings together five of the main ingredients needed to be successful in this

       Technology – Quick Life uses state of the art technology to process today’s fully underwritten
        business as efficiently as any organization in the world. In addition, we have the technology to
        gather third party health information and develop true “Straight Through Processes” with life
        insurance carriers. This process will revolutionize how life insurance is sold to the vast middle

       Process – we manage it daily…like animals. It’s all about the process and refining and
        streamlining that process as technology advances.
       Management – Experience and Accountability. Managers of this operation have been working in
        this niche for more than 10 years. They have product, process, system and IT expertise; call
        center operations experience and the ability to manage people.

       Passion – in this case, the passion to serve families with an easier way to buy life insurance.

       Capital – The company is financially sound.

The process of quoting, applying and issuing affordable term life insurance as quickly as possible using
fully underwritten and now simplified issue products is what Quick Life is all about.

  David R. Wickersham

  David R. Wickersham is the CEO of the Quick Life Center, and Owner, President, and CEO of The
  Leaders Group, Inc. The Leaders Group is an independent broker dealer specializing in Variable Life
  Insurance. Prior to starting The Leaders Group, Mr. Wickersham was a founder and served as
  Executive Vice President of D.E. Frey & Company, Inc., an Independent “wire house” broker dealer,
  where he ran the sales and product marketing for 6 years. He started his securities career with E. F.
  Hutton Financial Services, subsequently E. F. Hutton and Shearson Lehman Hutton, as a
  stockbroker, life insurance specialist and branch manager. He was also an underwriter with State
  Farm Insurance Company and a college football coach.

  Mr. Wickersham received his BA from the University of Northern Colorado and is a Certified Financial
  Planner (CFP).

  Patrick Wedeking

  Pat Wedeking is the President of the Quick Life Center. He is an alumnus of Florida State University
  where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degrees in Marketing and International Business. A life-long golf
  enthusiast and athlete, he worked as a golf professional for several years before meeting a fellow
  golfer who worked in the life insurance business. Subsequent to this new professional relationship,
  Pat began his career in the life insurance industry in 1992, following the legacy of his father who had
  been President of two life insurance companies.

  During his first year, Pat was the recipient of the Franklin Life Rookie of the Year award, and was
  accepted into the elite National Marketing Leadership Program. This initial success drove Pat’s next
  10 years of sales and financial planning face to face with customers. Pat would later turn his focus to
  direct response business in the life insurance industry.

  In 1998 Pat and his brother Mike started InsuranceOnly, a direct response life insurance company
  that, within the first 5 years, developed into a multi-million dollar venture; receiving recognition as one
  of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in the Puget Sound, WA area.
Capitalizing on the support and security of InsuranceOnly and striving to better his industry, Pat
became the founding President of the Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association (LIDMA.org.)

In early 2008, InsuranceOnly became a partner in a second successful life insurance venture and Pat
was named President of the Quick Life Center.

Pat enjoys golf, skiing, and spending time with his beautiful family; his wife, Sabre, and their two
young children, Stone and Lauren.

Travis Phillips
Chief Operations Officer

A Colorado native, Travis Phillips graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a
Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration. His professional career has included over
15 years of experience in business development in the insurance and e-commerce industries. Travis
is confident, articulate, and passionate about increasing and maintaining win-win business

In the early 1990’s, Travis helped build a Stock Market research firm and lead the company in
revolutionizing the financial industry by utilizing one of the first online financial web portals. The
company specialized in developing private branded web portals for media outlets including The
Boston Globe, The New York Times, and The Denver Post. He later became the Director of Business
Development for CNET Networks Inc., a top 10 web portal. Travis spent his time at CNET working in
the News.com division building business and developing customized tools for investors.

In 2002, Travis founded Direct Response Financial and became a highly successful direct marketer of
life insurance. In 2006, Travis merged Direct Response Financial with Pat Wedeking’s InsuranceOnly;
a fusion that would develop into the Quick Life Center.

Travis enjoys Colorado Buffalo Football, skiing, and golf; but most importantly he loves spending time
with his wife, LaVonne, and their two sons, Logan and Chase.

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