Introduction to Floriculture

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					 Introduction to the
Floriculture Industry
          Mrs. Spradling
   Introduction to Floral Design
       Different types of flower shops serve
        different groups of the population:

A shop should tailor its services to the needs and
  desires of the clientele in its area.

Let’s review some of the common shop types…
      Full Service – Traditional Flower Shop

o   Products and services
    available include fresh
    flowers, blooming plants,
    balloons, gifts, silk and dried
o   This shop would also offer
    regular and special delivery,
    set-ups for special events,
    charge accounts and wire
Specialty Shop

    o   Targets a specific need in
        the market by specializing in
        one segment of the industry
    o   These shops would
        specialize in things such as
        weddings or potted plants
    o   Many times they are located
        adjacent to a business that
        provides similar services
           Stem Shop – Cash and Carry

o   Offer a wide variety of
    flowers by the stem or bunch
o   Generally do not offer design
o   Are often located in high
    traffic areas such as just
    inside a building or on the
                   Studio Operation

o   Concentrates on specialty and
    party work for an exclusive
    client base
o   May operate out of a
    warehouse without a storefront
o   Most sales are made by
    appointment or at the
    customer’s home or business
                   Franchise Shop
o   Operated according to the
    rules set by the parent
o   Franchise price is usually
    high; the owner may pay a
    portion of gross sales to the
    parent company
o   Franchise provides a
    business with instant name
                 Mass-Market Shop

o   Located in a general merchandise chain store or
    grocery store
o   Offer fresh arrangements, potted plants, balloons and
    stem purchases
o   Usually do not offer delivery
                   Wholesale Florist
o   The link between the grower and the retail florist
o   The wholesaler purchases flowers from growers
    around the world and supplies them to the local
    retail shops
o   Wholesalers also supply plants, giftware containers
        Job Opportunities in a Flower Shop

o   Present in nearly all towns of any size throughout
    the U.S.
o   Most are individually owned or family operated
    employing fewer than ten people
      Three areas for job opportunities in a
           retail florist shop include:

o   Owner/Manager
o   Designer and Designer’s Assistant
o   Sales and Delivery
o   Responsibilities will include hiring, training,
    supervising designer, salespersons, and delivery
o   Managers may also plan work schedules, order
    supplies and flowers, coordinate sales promotion
    and advertising, and supervise or maintain shop

o   Pricing products
o   Must have a good business background
o   They may also work as a designer and salesperson
o   Some managers may not take care of routine sales
    but may be responsible for pricing of weddings,
    receptions and large parties

o   Arranges floral and plant material in an artistic
o   Must have an understanding of basic design
o   Knowledge of flowers, their care and the needed
      Usually One Head Designer:

o   That individual is responsible for assigning
    specific work to other designers
o   Making sales that involve special work
o   A difficult task, as the designer must estimate the
    amount of materials needed (if too few are
    ordered the shop will lose sales, if there are too
    many flowers on hand they must be thrown
                Designers are CRITICAL

o   The quality of their work will determine customer
o   Happy customers mean repeat business
                Designer’s Assistant:

o   Training to become a head designer
o   Work with and observe the construction of a variety
    of floral designs
o   Usually coordinate the designer’s orders and keep all
    needed materials on hand
o   May prepare containers, select and wire flowers, and
    construct bows for arrangement
               Designer’s Assistant:

o   The assistant may fill out the card and delivery tag
    and prepared the product for delivery
o   Will become responsible for simple arrangements
o   Difficulty will increase with experience

o   Must deal in telephone and direct face
    to face sales
o   Effective salespersons have friendly
    attitudes…do you??
o   Must have a thorough knowledge of
o   Must know flower & plant care
o   Must be able to offer suggestions to
                 Delivery Person:
o   This service is a convenience to the customer (it
    distinguishes full service florists from others)
o   Package orders and load flowers into delivery
o   Should be able to prepare damaged arrangements
    as necessary
      Training to work in a flower shop:

o   On the job training
o   Designer schools
o   Workshops provided by the state florist
    association or wholesale florists
o   This class!
                     Are you…
o   Artistic?
o   Business-minded?
o   Friendly?
o   Excited to work with flowers?