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Area (sq. km)                                                                  69,709
Population, 2008 estimate                                                   5,911,605
Population Rank:                                                                   18
Jewish Population in 2007:                                                     59,165
Jewish Percentage of Total Population:                                                 1
Military Contracts with Israel in 2006 Using Foreign Military
Exports to Israel in 2008:                                               $85,023,464
Percentage change from 2007:                                                    6.28
Total exports to Israel since 1991:                                     $728,947,488
Israel's rank as trade partner:                                                       22
Real GSP, 2008 (millions of chained 2000 dollars)                           $ 193,775
Gross State Product Per Capita:                                               $32,779
Number of Fortune 1000 Companies (2009)                                            29

Today, automobile and aerospace manufacturing are the state's leading industries,
while soybeans and meat and dairy products are the most important agricultural
commodities. Major industries in Missouri – manufacturing, healthcare and social
assistance, finance and insurance, retail and wholesale trade. The largest export
industries are transportation equipment, chemical manufacturing, machinery
manufacturing, and processed foods.

Missouri has the 2nd most number of farms of any state in the US. The state's farmers
rank among the nation's top producers of hay, rice, soybeans, cattle, hogs, turkeys,
and ice cream. It's a mostly family-farm state
Missouri companies are strong in pesticide and fertilizer production. The two major
companies operating in the state are Monsanto and Bayer Corporation.
In agriculture and food products, Missouri had a competitive advantage in agricultural
production products (i.e. agricultural chemicals, grass seeds, prepared feeds, feed
grains, hay, cattle, hogs, and oil crops) and in manufactured food products (i.e. pet
foods, meat processing, brewers, malt beverages, pasta products, poultry processing,
pickles and sauces, roasted coffee, cheese and condensed milk, and cereals). The big
companies in these sectors that operate in the state are Anheuser-Busch, Conagra
Foods, Kraft, Tyson, Purina and others


In 2008 export shipments of merchandise totalled $12.9 billion. Transportation
equipment was the largest export industry in 2008 $3.5 billion or 27 percent. Other
top export categories are chemical manufactures ($2.1 billion of exports in 2008),
machinery manufactures ($1.3 billion), and processed foods ($951 million).
Additional leading export industries in in Missouri were circuit assembly, electron
tube, electronic component manufacturing, fabricated metal products, waste and
scrap, minerals and ores, and primary metal manufacturing.

Missouri has a competitive advantage in greeting card publishing, automatic
merchandising machines, lumber and wood products (i.e. sawmill products, hardwood
floors, wood containers/pallets, and furniture), ammunition, paper products (i.e. paper
bags, paper sanitary products, envelopes, and paper), and lastly in motor vehicles,
which was substantially represented (i.e. motor vehicles, boats, motorcycles, aircraft,
internal combustion engines, motors and generators, fans, and heating and cooling
In the extractive industries, Missouri has a competitive advantage in lead mining, clay
cricks, lime and stone quarrying, paving and asphalt products, and cement
The main focus in Missouri has been on light truck, utility vehicle and truck trailer
manufacturing. The three major US automakers that have operation in the state are
Chrysler, Ford, and GM. Other large companies in Missouri involve parts
manufacturing in the areas of storage batteries, carburetors, pistons, valves, steering,
suspensions, current-carrying devices, seating, and vehicle bodies. The main
companies parts manufacturing are Eagle-Pitcher and Lear Operations.


Fossil fuels and hydroelectric generation represent key export industries in Missouri.
There is a lot of activity in the area of design transformers, communication and
energy wire, environmental control systems, and switchgear apparatus. The
companies active in these sectors are ABB Power Company, Regal Beloit, and Fasco


This is a growing industry in the state with focus on chemical and medical device
manufacturing. Pharmaceutical manufacturing is significant in Missouri with
companies such as Pfizer, K-V pharmaceuticals and Aventis operating facilities in the
sate. In the medical equipment the focus is on microbial detection, molecular
diagnostics, immunoassay, clinical software, pathogen detection, refractive laser,
surgery devices, and weighing systems. The companies active in these sectors are
Bausch & Lomb Surgical, and Cardinal Scale.


Missouri’s central location in the country makes it a a cost-effective location from
which to ship and a natural place through which products are transported. The state
has a plethora of well-developed waterways, rail systems, interstate highways and
airports. There are 18 interstate routes, more than 1,000 miles of water transport via
the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and 14 ports. Kansas City and St. Louis are two
of the largest rail terminals in the U.S., linking over 4,000 miles of tracks throughout
the state. There are 170 million tons of freight per year hauled by barges on the
Mississippi River.


There is a cluster of companies that are involved in manufacturing of communications
equipment, ammunition, military vehicles and aircraft/aerospace components. Boeing
has large aircraft engineering and manufacturing facilities. In the ammunition field
Missouri manufactures, small arms ammunition, explosives, and longer range
ammunition. Alliant Lake City is a major company in this sector.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the U.S. Department of Labor and the State
Employment Security Agencies (SESAs).

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