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									Councilwoman Jennifer Mitchell Earley’s
    Village Voice                                                        Newsletter
                                                                                                     July 2010
                                                                                                     Volume 1, Issue 7

                                            “Your Partner in the Community”

Tips & Tools to stay cool in
hot weather: spend more
time in air conditioned
places; cover windows that
receive morning and
afternoon sun; dress in
lightweight clothing; limit
direct exposure to the sun;
                                  Charter Amendments
avoid or reduce strenuous         A municipal charter              Constitution provide the          voters (i.e. your vote to
activity; and drink plenty of     determines the basic             procedures for the                create term limits for the
water.                            structure of a municipality.     adoption and the                  office of mayor), but mostly
                                  It defines the organization,     amendment of a municipal          by local law as the needs
                                  power, functions and             charter. Just as state and        and desires of municipal
Point(s) of Interest
                                  essential procedures and         federal constitutions are         officials and the communities
                                  policies of the municipality's   active and changing               they serve change over time.
Council Meeting
Wednesday 8/4/10                  political system; it             documents, municipal              Thus, many municipalities
Village Hall - 7 p.m.             establishes the authority        charters require revisions        have a committee or
                                  and responsibilities of the      from time to time. Charter        commission in place to
                                  municipality’s elected           provisions become                 periodically review their
                                  officials. It also lays down     outdated with the passage         charter. Our Village has a
                                  the basic structure of the       of time. The impacts of           Legislative Committee,
                                  city's finances as well as       court decisions and the           largely comprised of Council
Articles                                                                                             members. The committee
                                  organizational details,          enactment of state and
                                  much of which belongs in         federal laws dictate the          met on July 12th, to begin the
Discount …                    2
                                  the Administrative Code.         need for change. The              process of amending our
Public…                       2   Sections 8 and 9 of Article      charter is often amended,         Codified Ordinances…
                                  XVIII of the Ohio                sometimes by municipal
Looking Ahead                 2

                                  Charter Review: The Process
                                                                   include, but not limited to:     recommended charter
                                                                                                    amendments. Once a
                                                                       Article III - Council        determination regarding the
                                                                       Article IV – The Mayor       amendments has been made,
                                                                       Article V –                  a resolution (a written motion
                                                                       Administrative Depts.,       by Council) must be passed to
Contact Information               The Legislative Committee            Boards & Commissions         effect a charter change. The
                                  met on Monday, July 12th, to         Article VII –                resolution must contain the
3636 Roselawn Ave.                                                                                  exact wording of the
Woodmere VLG, OH 44122            discuss proposed charter             Nominations &
                                  amendments developed by              Elections                    proposed amendments. In
Phone                             the Law Director (Ross               Article VIII – Initiative,   accordance with Section 9 of
(216) 896-9275                    Cirincione), the Village             Referendum & Recall          Article XVIII, notice of
                                  Treasurer (Tom Cornhoff),            Article XII –                proposed amendments to
Fax                                                                                                 municipal charters must be
                                  and the Council President            Interpretation of the
(216) 595-3606                                                                                      given to the public via mail or
                                  (Carolyn Patrick). The               Charter
                                  Charter amendments are                                            publication in a newspaper of
E-mail              comprehensive; virtually                                          general circulation within the
                                                                   In the upcoming weeks,
                                  every section of the Charter                                      municipal corporation.
                                                                   Council will begin the
                                  has proposed revisions to                                         Amendments will likely appear
                                                                   process of reviewing the
                                                                                                    on the ballot in May, 2011.

                                         Discount Drugs & Benefits Check Up
                                          On April 15th, the Cuyahoga County           programs for which you are eligible.
                                          Board of County Commissioners voted          You may qualify for:
                                          to join the National Association of
                                          Counties (NACo) Discount Prescription              Senior Citizen tax Credit
                                          Drug Card Program. This program                    Homestead Exemption
                                          expands opportunities for uninsured                Home Energy Assistance Programs
                                          and underinsured residents of                      Family Caregiver Support Program
                                          Cuyahoga County in accessing                       Senior Health Insurance Info Program
                                          prescription drugs at a discount price.            Homestead Water Rate Discount
                                          The plan is free, everyone in the family           AT & T Lifeline OH Program
                                          can use the same card, and it can                  Senior Employment Program
                                          even be used on pet medication (if the             Legal Rights Services and more!
                                          prescribed medication is also used to
                                          treat a human condition). Have you           Complete the Benefits Check Up online at:
                                          had your Benefits Check-Up? You may
                                          be missing out on federal, state, and        or call Desiree Whitson Rogers at (216) 420-
                                          Cuyahoga County assistance                   6753 to register for an appointment.

                                         Public Records
                                         Most records kept by state and local          an administrative fee. Availability is
                                         government offices are public records.        determined by federal, state, and local
                                         Public records is information that has        regulations. A public office must organize
                                         been filed or recorded by local, state,       and maintain its records in a manner so that
                                         federal or other government agencies,         they can be available for inspection and
                                         such as business and property records.        copying. Non-compliance with RC 149.43
                                         Public records are created by the             (the “Public Records Act”), including failure
                                         federal and local government, (vital          to permit inspection of public records
                                         records, immigration records, real estate     promptly or to provide copies of public
                                         records, driving records, criminal            records within a reasonable time can cause
                                         records, etc.) or by the individual           a public office or person responsible for the
                                         (magazine subscriptions, voter                records to be liable for statutory damages of
                                         registration, etc). Most essential public     up to $1000, attorneys fees and court costs.
                                         records are maintained by the                 A public office must make its public records
                                         government and many are accessible            available to its employees and the public as
                                         to the public either free-of-charge or for    well as create and post its public records
                                                                                       policy.           (Cities and Villages May/June 2010)

Looking Ahead…
July is here in full throttle bringing    A well-maintained lawn needs one             mow early in the morning after the dew has
temperatures in the 90’s and              inch of water per week to stay green         dried or in the evening when temperatures
humidity in the 50’s. These are           and growing. 3) Mow your lawn.               have dropped instead of the heat of the
miserable weather conditions for          Mowing has more impact on the                day when the most moisture can be lost.
maintaining your lawn. To keep your       health and growth of your lawn than          Remember, a healthy lawn is your best
lawn looking its best from the            anything else. Set your mower at 3 to 3      defense against weeds. As grass
beginning of the summer to the end:       ½ inches high and mow your lawn as           strengthens and thickens, it helps to prevent
1) beware of “Brown Patch Disease”        needed as opposed to keeping a               crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds
which is often mistaken for heat or       weekly schedule. Mowing opens up             from growing. Enjoy the rest of your
drought stress. 2) Watch your water.      the tip of the grass blade so it’s best to   summer! - Your Partner in the Community.


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