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					                        TENDER FORM

                                            LAST DATE: 05/06/2007 by 11 A.M.

   (Purchase of misc. computer consumable cartridges for use in
   Training Hall and Traffic Monitoring System/Teen Murti Traffic
                             Police Lines)

Delhi Traffic Police intends to purchase of misc. computer consumables cartridges for
use in Training Hall and Traffic Monitoring System on PAYMENT AGAINST SUPPLY
BASIS, from manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, etc. The details of cartridges required to
be purchased is attached at Appendix-I.            The quantity of the material may
increase/decrease at any point of time as per the requirement of Delhi Traffic Police.
Interested agencies may quote their rates according to required specifications as well as
after careful study of the following terms & conditions:-


   1. Only Value Added Tax (VAT)/Service Tax Payee agencies are eligible to fill this
      tender. Interested agencies shall quote their VAT Number/Service Tax as
      admissible for respective work in their quotation with documentary proof along-
      with latest Clearance Certificate.

   2. Interested agencies shall also to quote their permanent Income Tax Number in
      the name of the tendering firm.

   3. Percentage (%) of VAT, Excise, if any, to be claimed shall be indicated clearly in
      the quotation.

   4. Rates quoted shall be valid upto 31st March, 2008 from the date of awarding the

   5. The tenderer may quote their rate after confirming the specifications of the
      required cartridges, no plea what so ever shall be entertained at later stage in
      this regard. The tenderer must attach a certificate regarding the quality of the
      material, failing which the tender shall be rejected straightway without assigning
      any reason.

   6. No advanced payment shall be given to any agency on any grounds what so

   7. The price shall be F.O.R. Delhi including packing, transit and forwarding to rail or
      road carrier and statutory levies, if any. There shall be no extra charges or these
8. The successful tenderer shall have to supply the cartridges within stipulated
   period from the receipt of the supply order, otherwise the supply will be made
   from the open market and in case increase of rate, the difference of rates
   including actual cost shall be recovered from the contractor or adjusted from
   pending bills/Performance Security.

9. Bid Security of Rs.8,000/- in the form of A/C Payee Demand Draft/Bankers
   Cheque/F.D.R./Bank Guarantee from any Commercial Bank in India must
   accompany with the tender in favour of DCP/Traffic (HQ), Delhi. No tender shall
   be accepted without Bid Security and shall be rejected straightway. The Bid
   Security shall be refunded to the unsuccessful tenderer (s) after finalization of
   the tender and award of supply order and deposit of Performance Security to the
   successful tenderer. Bid Security deposited with the tender shall bear no

10. The firm whose rates are accepted will have to deposit 10% of the total cost of
    the item as Performance Security Deposit in the shape of Account Payee
    Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt, Banker’s Cheque or Bank Guarantee from
    any of the Commercial/Nationalized Banks in an acceptable form in favour of
    Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic (HQ), Delhi payable at Delhi,
    safeguarding the purchaser’s interest in all respects, within a week time after the
    supply order is placed to the firm. The Performance Security Deposit shall bear
    no interest.

11. Any agency, which has exemption for Bid Security Deposits with tender being
    registered with DGS&D/NSIC, shall furnish documentary proof in this regard,
    indicating clearly that they are exempted for the items of the tender.

12. Tenderers shall furnish two separate bids. 1st bid shall be Technical Bid and the
    2nd bid shall be Price Bid only. Non-adherence of this procedure shall lead to
    rejection of the tender. Each document in envelope containing tender shall be
    superscribed “Technical Bid” and “Price Bid”. Appendix-I shall be attached
    with Price Bid and Appendix-II shall be attached with technical bid separately.
    Both the bid envelopes shall be put in a big envelope superscribed “Tender for
    purchase of computer consumable cartridges for use in TMS Control Room”.

13. The participating agencies shall mention the brand name of the manufacturer
    with each cartridge quoted by them. Non-adherence of this shall lead to
    rejection of tender.

14. The tender must contain the name, office and residential address including
    telephone number(s) of the person or persons with his/their usual signatures.

15. The tenderer shall indicate their rates in clear visible figures and words and shall
    not alter/overwrite/make cutting in the rates. If alteration/overwriting /cutting in
    rates are noticed, such tenders shall not be taken into consideration.
16. The purchase committee reserves the right to purchase the whole material or in
    part as per requirement of Delhi Traffic Police, therefore, the agency shall have
    to quote the rate as asked in Appendix- I.

17. A copy of tender documents terms & conditions duly signed by the bidder(s) may
    also be attached with the tender quotation; unsigned tender documents shall not
    be accepted at any cost.

18. Last date for submission of tender in the office of DCP/Traffic-HQ, Delhi is
    05.06.2007 by 1100 Hrs. Applying agencies/their representatives are at their
    liberty to attend the proceedings of opening of the tender at 11.30 AM the same
    day i.e. 05.06.2007 in the office of DCP/Traffic-HQ, 1st floor, P.S. R.K. Puram,
    Sector-12, New Delhi 110022, depending upon the availability of members of the
    purchase Committee. In case, the tenders are not opened on the schedule date
    due to any administrative or law and order problem or due to holiday etc., the
    same shall be opened on the next working day, at 1130 Hrs.

19. Conditional tenders shall not be accepted at any cost and shall be rejected

20. No enquiry shall be made by the tenderer(s) in-between the time of opening the
    tenders till the competent authority takes final decision.

21. In case the successful tenderer is found in-breach of any terms and conditions at
    any stage, legal action as per rules/laws shall be initiated against the agency
    concerned regarding forfeiture of the earnest money or Performance Security
    deposits and debarring the agency also by black listing for future dealing.

22. The supply shall be inspected or tested and if found fails to conform to the
    specifications, the Delhi Traffic Police may reject them straightway without
    assigning any reason or a penalty including forfeiture of Performance Security
    shall be imposed.

23. The Purchase Committee reserves the right to relax any of the above mentioned
    conditions(s) and reject on his discretion any or all tender(s) altogether without
    assigning any reason.

24. In case violation of any terms & conditions, the firms shall be issued show cause
    notice and explanation of the firm shall be called. If the reply of the firm is not
    found satisfactory legal action as per law will be taken against the firm.

25. All disputes in this connection shall be settled in Delhi jurisdiction only. Prior to
    litigation, the matter can be patched up by negotiation on table.

26. All procedure for the purchase of stores laid down in GFR and DFPR shall be
    adhered to strictly by the undersigned and the subordinates and tenderers are
    bound to abide by the same.
 27. The rates once quoted shall not be enhanced till the contract exists.

 28. In case of decrease of market price, the department has reserve a right to make
     the purchase from the market at low rates to affect the economy.

 29. The tendering firm shall have dealership from the manufacturer they shall
     enclose a copy of the same.

                                            DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE:
                                                    TRAFFIC (HQ), NEW DELHI.

No.         /General Branch (T), dated New Delhi, the                   /2007.

Issued to M/s ____________________________________



                                                  APPENDIX -I

 Sl.   Articles                            Qty.          Unit Price
1.     HP   Cartridge C-4810A              20   Nos.
2.     HP   Cartridge C-4811A              20   Nos.
3.     HP   Cartridge C-4812A              20   Nos.
4.     HP   Cartridge C-4813A              20   Nos.
5.     HP   Tonner Cartridge Q-3961A       05   Nos.
6.     HP   Tonner Cartridge Q-3962A       05   Nos.
7.     HP   Tonner Cartridge Q-3963A       05   Nos.
8.     HP   Tonner Cartridge Q-3964A       05   Nos.
                                                                          APPENDIX - II

Sl. No.          Description                                                Answer

1.        Has the agency registered with Tax Department                     Yes/No
          for VAT and documentary proof to this effect attached?

2.        Has the agency attached the documentary proof of                  Yes/No
          current Tax Clearance/Assessment Certificate?

3.        Has the agency enclosed permanent Income Tax No.                  Yes/No
          with the tender.

4.        Has deposit earnest money Rs. 8,000/- in case of                  Yes/No
          purchase of misc. articles in the form of Bank Draft of
          any nationalized Bank in favour of DCP/Traffic (HQ),

5.        Is the tenderer agree for validity for rates                      Yes/No
          upto 31.03.2008?

1.        Has the agency mentioned the period of                            Yes/No
          supply the material which should not be more
          than as specified in the Tender form?

7.        Has the agency mentioned (%) percentage of                        Yes/No
          VAT, Excise Tax, etc, if any?

8.        Has the agency attached the documentary proof of                  Yes/No
          having exemption for Earnest money, in-case of the
          agency exempted.

9.        Has the agency accepted all the terms and condition of the        Yes/No
          tender documents? If the answer is 'Yes" has attached
          an undertaking in this regard. If answer is "No" the specific
          clauses of disagreement should be specified with justified

                                                          Signature of the Proprietor
                                                                    With Seal