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How to change file extensions on files in Windows 7

I want to change a .doc to .jpg or ,gif, because a picture from the CAJViewer couldn't be viewed in other software except WORD.
is it possible that I can view the picture through change file extensions? if so , please give me some suggest. thanks.

How to send an HTML Newsletter using Microsoft Word, Outlook 2010

Do I have to change my .doc document to .html?How do I get the newsletter inside the Outlook e-mail? Any tips are much
appreciated.Thank you~

how to change a powerpoint to .doc

I made a powerpoint file, u know for presentation, and now i have to change it into .doc file, but i have no idea about how to do it,
so please help me!thanks!

How to Change PowerPoint 2007 Slide Layout

I am making a .ppt file and i want to change the slide layout in PowerPoint 2007,but i don't know what should i do,please help!

how to change ppt to doc

Are there any programs/methods available to convert .doc to .ppt? I have a Ms Word doc and need to convert it to Ms PPT. who
can tell me ?

how to convert .ppt to .doc

Sometimes, when I work in powerpoint, I need to convert .ppt to .doc, is there any tool can do it, thanks for any help!

doc file changed to xpx

i made a report in Word, and when i finished it, i save it in the format of .doc. when i turned it to my boss, he asked me to change
.doc file to .xpx. Can you give me the method of changing .doc file to .xpx? thanks

How to Change Voice Pitch of Audio Recording

After make a recording, you may find that your voice didn't match with the background music, a little lower or higher. So you need
to change voice pitch of the recording.{{Approved

How to Change the design of your twitter page

Twitter is a 'real time social networking' service, With 140 Characters you can share thoughts, URLs, Sparkling lines with your
friends. But now you want to change the default design of twitter? This article may help you to manage it.
How to Change Drive Letter

Tired of facing drive c, d, e... in sequence, you can change the drive letter with Disk Management tool built-in Windows XP.

How to Change Video File Size

Video files are prevalent these days and though many computer users have wide access to the Internet, it can still take a while to
download your favorite video clips.

How to Change Songbird skin

One of the appeals of the Songbird media player is the ability to give it different skins. Skins give the player a new face by
changing its color, shape or adding new buttons.

How to Change voice pitch in Audacity

You have many voice, and the pitch may be lower or higher than you want, you can change voice pitch in Audacity.

How to Use Picasa change the photo size

How to Use Google Picasa change the Picture Size "I have taken many photos in my DC while I go out travel. When I come
back home, I always download from DC to my PC. But I will be gald to show them in my blog. Now there is a problem that the
photos is so big to 1.5-3M. How do I do by the Picasa software?" There is a tool for this in the

How to Change Windows Startup

Lots of programs begin to run the moment you turn on the computer, while some of which is not necessary and drain your system
resources. To limit what processes start with the computer and more effectively manage your system, you need to change the
window startup options.

How to Change Disk Partition Type

When you install new operating system or another program, it is better to change the Disk Partition Type to avoid losing your
download data before

How to Change Screen Refresh Rate

A flickering monitor can contribute to eyestrain and headaches. Increasing the screen refresh rate to at least 75 hertz for CRT
monitors and 60 hertz for LCD monitors will generally produce less flicker and strain on your eyes. So how to change screen
refresh rate?

How to Change Windows Firewall Notification Settings in Windows 7

As we all know, windows firewall is very important to our system's safety, and this article will show you how to change Windows
Firewall Notification Settings in Windows7 to let it more human!

How to Change Sound Effects in Windows 7

Almost every important action in windows 7 has its own sound effect. You may already have been tired with the original sound
effects of it, so you want to redefine them, or even change them to more personalized sound effects using your own sound files,
and make your own sound scheme.
                                How to Enable or Disable Themes to Change Windows 7 Desktop Icons

                                You have changed the icons on your desktop, organized your personalized desktop icons. When you switch to a new theme, you
                                want to keep these icons from being changed by the new theme.

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