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					                  COLLEGE SADHANA – Journal for Bloomers of Research,   Vol. 3,   No. 1,   AUGUST 2010

                     Holistic Approach to Management Education
                                                R. Neelamegam
                       Department of Management Studies, V.H.N.S.N. College, Virudhunagar

Abstract - Education is a process of instructing, training         later, in Luck now, Indore, Kozhikode and
and developing knowledge, character and skills through        Trichy.
formal school and college education. Education imparts
knowledge to us. The WTO classifies education as a service        Every year U.S.A. produces 90,000
into five segments, namely, primary, secondary, higher,       M.B.A., graduates.
adult and other education. In a globalised economic
scenario, the demand for management graduates would                At present, total no. of B-Schools in India-
rise.                                                         1,400.
1. WHAT IS MANAGEMENT EDUCATION?                                   Most of the B-Schools are concentrated in
       In India, management education is the part             five states, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh,
of technical higher education. Management                     Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala. While the
education is a dynamic process which is meant                 highest numbers of B-schools in India are in
for moulding the personality, character and                   Andhra Pradesh, i.e., 222, the highest intake is in
behaviour of the students in a positive direction.            Maharashtra, i.e., 15, 912.
It helps the course students to acquire knowledge             3. BENEFITS OF MANAGEMENT
and skills for attaining excellence in                        EDUCATION
management in the growing competitive                               Effective management of business has
business world.                                               spurred the creation of jobs, the generation of
2. B-SCHOOL'S M.B.A., PROGRAMME                               wealth and access to opportunities. The M.B.A.,
      Management studies have played a                        course widens the horizon and provides an
significant role in education as a whole. Business            overview of business. Successful M.B.A.,
schools have been the leader in terms of shaping              graduates acquire knowledge and skills that
education as a true learning process. They train              enrich their lives and help them to make
students to think differently and equip them with             significant contributions to their organizations.
the skills and tools necessary to enter the business          Management education has produced leaders
world irrespective of their academic                          capable of creating effective organizations. The
background. It is management education that                   benefits of management education are
provides the students suitable careers that will              impressive and are evidenced by concrete
ultimately see them as industrial leaders.                    examples. For example, a study of alumni from
                                                              30 highly rated B-Schools showed that 10 years
     An M.B.A. - a master in business                         after graduation, nearly 1/3 rd of those surveyed
administration is an internationally recognized               were in one of the top three positions at their
post graduate degree. It is the world's most                  organizations
popular post graduate degree.
                                                              4. HOW SHOULD ONE CHOOSE A
      History of M.B.A.Programme:                             SPECIALIZATION?
      In the U.S.A. in the early 1900's.                           There are two streams in M.B.A.
      Then in Europe in the early 1960's                      Programme
     In India, I I Ms at Ahmedabad (1961)                          (1) The traditional streams: marketing,
Kolkata (1962) Bangalore (1973);                              finance, HR and operations;

COLLEGE SADHANA – Journal for Bloomers of Research,   Vol. 3,   No. 1,   AUGUST 2010

      (2) T h e n e w e r s t r e a m s : s y s t e m s ,       skills to suit the ongoing changes in the economy.
telecom, E-business and foreign trade. Also,                    What is important is a mix of skills- the relative
there are two types of M.B.A., Programmes-one,                  proportions changing with the situation. The
general or regular MBA programmes; another                      skills could be a happy combination of analytical,
specialized MBA programmes. Most of the B                       group interaction, initiative, communication and
schools offer the first category, i.e., general                 leadership. The tests conducted for admission are
management programmes. Some institutes like                     framed keeping these requirements in mind.
IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New                    After the admission, classroom seminars,
Delhi, IRMA (Institute of Rural Management,                     assignments, workshops, industrial visits, group
Anand), Mudra Institute of Communications                       discussion, collaboration with industry, project
(MICA, Ahmedabad), XLRI-Xavier Labour                           works and so forth are designed to impart and
Research Institute, Bhubaneshwar or Retail                      improve soft skills of the students. In brief, we
Management from Welingkars (Mumbai) offer                       believe in the statement of the great man, i.e.,
specialized programmes. Students should clearly                 Confuscious- “when we read, we forget, when we
know the course features and the focus of such                  see, we remember, but when we do, we
courses because they are very different from                    understand”.
regular MBAcourses.                                             6. PROBLEMS OF B SCHOOLS IN INDIA
5. ESSENCE OF MANAGEMENT                                              Of late, B-Schools of the country confront
EDUCATION                                                       with certain problems; of these, two of the major
      The essence of good management                            problems are examined here. First, there is the
education is to help train people for managerial                problem of equity. Under the WTO plan,
positions in corporations. Students are                         management education is a commodity to be
increasingly getting interested in M.B.A Course                 bought and sold. In many institutions,
because of comprehensive training that it offers.               management programme is a costly education
In some of the B-Schools, the students submit                   and so, quite in accessible to students of vast
two project reports, namely, summer project                     sections of the society. Particulars of fee
report and final project report. The M.B.A.                     structure of some of the premium B-Schools in
faculty have to devise suitable training                        India are given in Table I
programmes for the development of managerial
                                 Table 1. Fee structure in certain premium B-Schools
  S.No Name of the B-School                               Tuition Fees           Hostel Fees         Any change of
                                                             (Rs.)                 (Rs.)              fee in future
      1.   Bharathidasan Institute of Management              3 lakhs               40,000
                                                           (for 2 years)         (for 2 years)            Yes
      2.   Indian Institute of Foreign Trade             1.60 lakhs p.a.         14,000 p.a.              Yes
      3.   Indian Institute of Management,                 5.5 lakh p.a                N.A           13.70Lakhfor
           Ahmedabad                                                                               two years course @
      4.   I I M, Bangalore                                5.5 lakh p.a         Rs.15,000 p.a        13.00Lakhfor
                                                                                                   two years course @
      5.   Indian School of Business, Hyderabad        13 lakhs (2 years)     1,15,000 (2 years)          Yes
      6.   Management Development Institute           4.05 lakhs (2 years) 1,10,000 (2 years)            N.A.
      7.   FORE School of management, New Delhi             3.65 lakhs          Rs. 2500 p.m              Yes
                                                          (for 2006-07)
                          Sources : B-School Bill board, IMS, Mumbai, 2006-07, PP.60-100.
                      @ “IIM - Ahikes fees by 9.6%,” The Hindu, Chennai, March 31, 2010, P.13.

                                                             R. Neelamegam - Holistic Approach to Management Education

       It is clear from above table that a hefty       education for MBA aspirants. This strongly
amount in the fee structure deter the meritorious      suggests for the requirement of soft skills for the
student from the vast sections of the community        M.B.A. course students. The country has
to join the premium B-Schools of the country. It is    registered astounding progress in the last decade
responsibility of the State and B-Schools              as it is endowed with human capital. But the
concerned to devise suitable measures for              status of our youth presents a dismal picture. Of
overcoming this problem. The eminent                   the 10.5 million students in higher education,
economist P.Patnaik told 'the Hindu' that              while 17% pursue professional courses, the
“everywhere education is seen as a public              remaining 83% are in traditional degree courses.
responsibility. Hence the society should take          Among this total youth force in degree courses
trouble to ensure enough funding for a proper          only about 20% of them find employment. In
education system”.1                                    quantitative terms, the country's work force may
      The quality is another perceptible problem       appear impressive but only 20% are found to
requiring for immediate attention. The B-              have the feature of employability.2 This is a
Schools in India are of different categories.          matter of grave concern to the entire people
While some of them like I I Ms and other               concerned with education system.
premium B-Schools enjoy quality of                     7. NEED FOR HOLISTIC EDUCATION-
international standard, a sizeable number of           SOFT SKILLS
other possess quality of intermediate standard or,           Educational institutions should work
questionable standard. As the pay package is not       towards a system that is not limited to academic
attractive, there is turnover problem of teachers      alone. In an era of globalization, when we speak
followed by their lack of sense of commitment to       of global managers, management faculty should
the teaching profession. This is accentuated by        come out of traditional grooves and think of an all
the fact that while teachers of regular courses can    pervasive type of management education,
avail of financial assistance from both the AICTE      namely, how best the faculty could well combine
and UGC for their research projects, the teachers      the impart of management knowledge to students
of self financed courses are eligible to obtain        through approved M.B.A. Curriculum with
financial aid for their research only from the         development of students' soft skills through
AICTE and not from UGC. As research                    training.
qualification is highly essential for the
                                                       8. WHATARE SOFT SKILLS?
management course teachers, the regulatory
agency of management education, namely,                     Soft skills are business skills or managerial
Ministry of Human Resource Development,                skills which include business ethics,
Government of India should ponder over this            communication skill, report writing skill, time
issue and frame rules there by subject to certain      management, team management and so forth.
prescribed conditions, allow the teachers of           These skills are essential for the success of any
management courses under self-financed stream          business enterprise.
to avail of financial assistance for their minor and   9. BASIC SOFT SKILLS
major projects from the UGC also. This would                 There is a long list of soft skills. Of these,
substantially enhance the quality of management        some of the key soft skills according to the
course teachers as the change in the guideline         present author are communication skill, creative
opens up research opportunity for the teachers.        thinking, time management, positive thinking
    A close associate of the problem of quality        and business ethics
management education is the need fro holistic

COLLEGE SADHANA – Journal for Bloomers of Research,   Vol. 3,   No. 1,   AUGUST 2010

10. CONCLUSION                                                  supreme consciousness. “Business is a social
      When the world of work is undergoing                      responsibility that must not harm to members of
changes, the types of jobs needed also tend to                  the society. Social responsibility is the basic
change. The basic change in the nature of work                  concept of business ethics”. 3. Though
creates many questions and problems. Business                   management education grows with different
administration, in spite of its professional                    specializations, integration assumes greater
approach, exists on the foundation of value.                    significance. To conclude, in an environment of
Business is not simply considered to be earning                 changes and values, imbibing a holistic approach
and amassing of wealth for one self. A business is              in management education students is a dire need.
run for the welfare of the entire society. 'Business            REFERENCES
is business' doesn't hold good now a days. Any                  [1]      Das.S, University News, May26-June1, 2008, P.21
business which seeks to earn profit by unfair                   [2]      The Hindu, Education plus Column, Chennai,
means is bound to vanish. Higher education                               April 28, 2008, p.7.
implies the higher consciousness one has to                     [3]      The Times of India, New Delhi, January 29, 2006.
develop; and a manager is bound to develop this