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					                                   Packing List 2011 Vietnam trip
ITEM                                           ITEM
CLOTHES                                        DOCUMENTS
2 pair long pants/ or 1 pant and 1 capri       passport (with trip leaders)
long skirt                                     duplicate passport copy (with trip leaders)
1-2 long sleeve shirts                         travel insurance papers (with trip leaders)
one light outer layer                          credit card (ADULTS ONLY)
1-2 pairs shorts (knee length)                 $200 (cash to chaperones)
bathing suit                                   pictures of family
4-5 short sleeve shirts (no sleeveless)
pajamas                                        MISCELLANEOUS STUFF
tennis shoes                                   watch with alarm
sandals (rubber)                               2-3 plastic bags
3-4 pairs socks                                little flash light with batteries or headlamp
5 pair underwear                               sunglasses
2 bras                                         extra contacts AND glasses AND Rx
sun hat                                        Nalgene water bottle
                                               lock for backpack (combo best)
TOILETRIES                                     duffel bag/zip bag for extra items
mosquito repellant                             3 pencils
anti itch lotion (for mosquitoes)              3 pens
Chapstick w/ SPF                               extra batteries
baby powder or Desitin (for prickly heat)      string (at least 50 feet)
anti-fungal cream for prickly heat             self adhesive Velcro (often comes in handy)
soap with container                            OPTIONAL
shampoo                                        1-3 good books
toothbrush                                     guide books
tooth paste                                    camera
razor                                          eye glasses repair kit
underarm deodorant                             small sewing kit
Kleenex (small packets)                        extra camera batteries
brush/comb                                     airplane pillow
clothes washing soap                           playing cards
   high quality sun screen (enough for         something for a clothes line
          repeated applications)               universal plug (to wash clothes in sink)
aloe for sun burns                             sun resistant shirt for fair-skinned
towelettes or sm. Pkg baby wipes               swimming shirt
feminine hygiene products
2 bottles of hand sanitizer ( small bottle)    gifts for pen pals/folks you meet:
dental floss (good for repairs too)            post cards, pins, stickers, crayons
contact cleaning solution                      Small sewing kilt, balloons
                                               magazines, bubbles
MEDICATIONS (see Medical personnel info)       anything from Seattle or with a Seattle logo -
(antimalarial with chaperone)*                 baseball caps, t-shirt, etc.
(antibiotics with chaperone)*                  be creative!!!
acetaminophen or ibuprofen (w/ chaperone)
throat lozenges                                *if necessary
antibacterial cream
Make sure students know how to do clothes washing by hand in a sink
Need to wear t-shirts while swimming or sun bathing from 10AM to 4PM

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