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									           Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the
                 Victorian Laser Association Inc.
Held at the Mount Martha Yacht, The Esplanade, Mount Martha, 5th
                   February 2011 at 12:00pm.

 1. Attendance – A total of 21 members attended as listed on the attendance
    sheet attached as Annexure A.
 2. Apologies – Neville Beeson, Peter Stow, Mark Gray, Tim Wagland.
 3. Minutes of the AGM held 13 February 2010.
    Moved John D’Helin, Seconded Steve Gunther that the minutes of the AGM of
    13 February 2010 as distributed to members be accepted as a true and
    correct record. Passed.
 4. President's Report
    James Mitchell provided a report on the Association’s activities for 2010. The
    report is attached as Annexure B.
 5. Treasurer's Report
    Peter Stow submitted the financial statements of the Association (attached as
    Annexure C). Moved Jim Temple, seconded Steve Gunther that the accounts
    of the Association dated 30/9/10 as distributed be accepted. Passed.
 6. Secretary’s Report
    No Secretaries report was submitted however the President welcomed Tim
    Wagland to the role having volunteered and accepted the position during
 7. Membership Report
    The President advised Mark Gray had advised current VLA members were 66
    made by of 8 4.7’s, 25 Redials and 21 Standard.
 8. Membership Report
    Jenny Parsons provided a report on coaching activities for the year. The
    report is attached as Appendix D.
 9. Election of Office bearers
    At the request of the members present, Mark Tonner-Joyce declared all
    positions as officers of the Association vacant and invited nominations from
    the floor.
        a. President – Moved John d’Helin, Seconded Mark Tonner-Joyce that
           Peter Merritt be elected President.
        b. Vice President – Moved Mark Tonner-Joyce, Seconded John D’Helin,
           that John Jagger be elected Vice President.
        c. Secretary – Moved James Mitchell, Seconded John D’Helin that Tim
           Wagland be elected Secretary.
        d. Treasurer – Moved Jenny Parsons, Seconded Buster Hooper that Peter
           Stow be elected Treasurer.
        e. Membership – Moved James Mitchell, seconded John d’Helin that Mark
           Gray be elected as Committee Member (membership).
        f. Measurer – no nominations were received.
        g. Masters rep – Moved James Mitchell, seconded Jim Temples that John
           d’Helin be elected Committee Member (Masters Representative).
        h. Youth rep – Moved James Mitchell, seconded Buster Hooper that Rob
           Hartnett be elected Committee Member (Youth Representative).
        i. Committee member – Moved James Mitchell, seconded Mark Bulka
           that Jenny Parsons be elected as Committee Member (Coaching
        j. Committee Member – Moved James Mitchell, seconded Buster Hooper
           that Peter Wilson be elected as Committee member (web master).
      k. Committee Member – Moved Jim Temple, Seconded James Mitchell
         that David Wyllie be elected as Ordinary Committee Member.
      l. Committee Member – Moved James Mitchell, Seconded Mark Tonner-
         Joyce that Steve Gunther be elected as Ordinary Committee Member.

   All nominations where endorsed by a unanimous show of hands from the
   members present.
   The new Committee took their positions and the President proceeded with
   the remainder of the Agenda.
10.Other Business
       a. Steve Gunther proposed the Committee consider the venue of the
          2012 State Masters Championships and suggested the location could
          be alternated between Mt Martha and Port Melbourne. The President
          undertook to raise the suggestion with the new Committee.
       b. The President outlined preparation for the 2011 Victorian Laser
          Championships at McCrae including coaching on the Friday and dinner
          on the Saturday night.
       c. The President thanked James Mitchell (and his family) for his long
          service to the Association.
11.The President closed the meeting at 1:00 pm.

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Appendix A

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Appendix B

President’s Report 2009/2010

The 2009 / 2010 year has seen some changes within the VLA Committee, some excellent sailing
results from our members and continued focus on the ALCA.

Committee changes

The VLA Committee was strengthened with Mark Gray joining as membership coordinator and
later in the year Tim Wagland as Secretary.

Mark (and his wider family) have successfully managed our membership database, subscription
payments and established a new electronic newsletter service which has significantly improved
the flow of information to members. Mark will provide an update on membership numbers

Tim Wagland has recently accepted the role as Secretary and is in the process of receiving a
transfer of information from Peter Stow who retains the role of Treasurer. Welcome Tim and
thank you for coming forward of your own accord. Peter’s financial report is tabled here and will
be posted to the VLA web site. The VLA remains in a strong financial position.

Members’ success

At the recent Australian Laser and Youth Championships VLA members achieved excellent
results in all classes. Of particular note was Krystal Weirs 1st in the Radial women’s division (2nd
overall by only 2 points), Ben Hartnett being 2nd in the 4.7 Under 16 division, Lachlan Imeneo
1st in the Under 19 Radials, Isabella Say 1st Under 17 Radial women and Thomas Trotman 4th in
the 4.7 Youth Championships.

Congratulations to all participants and good luck to those attending the Australian Laser Masters
Championships in Port Stephens in February.


More time has been required this year due to uncertainties arising from the 2010 ALCA Annual
General Meeting. I attended a Special General Meeting in September to support the original
motion for changes to the ALCA Constitution to allow the Australian Laser Masters to be run
separate from the Australian Open Laser Championships. In addition at the 2011 ALCA AGM
we supported the adoption of a new ALCA Constitution as required to comply with changes to
Association legislation in NSW where the ALCA is incorporated. The end result of all of this is
simply that the ALCA has the ability (but not the obligation) to conduct the 2 events separately
in future if the hosting District Association is willing.

Association activities

VLA events have continued to benefit from the support of our Sponsors, Catamarine, Jolly
Roger and The Boatyard – we are grateful for this support and the cooperation which exists
between the dealerships and the association in Victoria.

Jenny Parsons has again managed a growing and well regarded coaching program, arranging
venues, coaches and income and expenditure. Thank you Jenny for all the time you have put
into the program. I hope that the various sporadic approaches we have received from PSA and
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the Yachting Victoria can be converted to a further expansion of this program in future years. I
think we all recognise a great opportunity exists to develop a stronger link between the YV’s
Tackers programs and the 4.7 class.

Committee thanks

I would like to thank the ongoing efforts of the Committee over the past year.

      Mark Bulka – Vice President / Trophies
      Peter Stow – Treasurer
      Peter Stow / Tim Wagland – Secretary
      Jenny Parsons – Coaching Manager
      John D’Helin – Masters Rep
      Peter Wilson – Web master
      Peter Merritt – YV liaison and Regatta
      Neville Beeson – Measurement
      Mark Gray - Membership

Neville Beeson has advised me he is stepping down as Treasurer

As I am stepping down from the Committee this year, and thus finally keeping a promise a made
to you last year (and the year before that!), I would like to thank all of the past Committee
members I have worked with over the years and encourage people with fresh ideas to come
forward and make a contribution to the continued success of the class.

I will continue to be a semi active Laser sailor in the vain hope I might be able one day to get it

For those still seeking transport to get to the Port Stephens Masters please see John d’Helin who
is playing marriage maker between trailers and boats.

James Mitchell
Victorian Laser Association
February 2011

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Recent VLA member results
Australian Laser Championships

4.7 11th overall - Thomas Trotman

20th overall and 6th Woman - Natasha Van Rennes

22nd overall and 7th Woman -Melissa Hitchen-Haw

24th overall and 2nd U16 - Ben Hartnett

Radial GOLD Women's Champion 2011 - Krystal Weir

Radial overall 7th - Simon Merritt

Radial overall 14th and 9th U19 - Jeremy O'Connell

Radial overall 27th and 4th U17 - Thomas Vincent

Radial overall 29th - Henry Say

Radial overall 31st - Joel Van weel

Radial overall 38th and 18th U19 - Lewis Duncan

Radial SILVER First overall and first U19 - Lachlan Imeneo

9th overall - David Wyllie

12th overall and 2nd U17 -Ian Lee

13th overall Joel Aulich

15th overall and 4th U19 - William Kelly

24th overal and 1st U17 Woman - Isabella Say

27th and 4th U17 - Mitchell Kerr-Read

45th overall and 10th U19 - Harry Foster

STANDARD RIG 18th overall - Sean Bly

26th overall - Chris Bolton

27th overall - Brett Morriss

32nd overall - Tom Kelly

38th overall - James Temple

39th overall - Tim Foster

OAMPS Insurance Brokers Australian Youth Championships 4.7

4th overall - Thomas Trotman

11th overall and 3rd Woman - Melissa Hitchen-Haw

18th overall and 4th Woman - Natasha Van Rennes

26th overall - Stacey Robinson

34th overall - Ben Hartnett

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Appendix C

31 January 2011
Report by the Treasurer of the Victorian Laser Association
Period: 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2010
Dear Members
I am pleased to submit the Financial Statements for the year ending 30
September 2010.
The Association remains in a strong financial position with net cash at bank of
$61,638.89 on 30 September 2010.
A net result of -$417.65 reflects the Association trading just below breakeven. There is
little to note other than:
       Due to the timing of invoices, the period reported includes payment for two year’s
         insurance for the Association. This has contributed to the trading deficit.
       The Coaching Program was the largest ‘single-item’ expenditure with an overall
         balance of -$5,549.50. The Committee feels that this is an appropriate use of
         cash reserves.
       The Committee agreed in September 2010 that the term deposit should be
         increased to $50,000. This has subsequently been invested at a higher rate of
         interest than in previous years.
In summary, the Association remains in a very healthy position with a significant reserve
of funds available to support and further develop the Laser class in Victoria.
Yours sincerely
Peter Stow
Honorary Treasurer, VLA

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Victorian Laser Association
Profit & Loss Statement
1/10/2009 through 30/09/2010
8:26:46 PM
Membership $4,670.00
Victorian Championships $1,820.00
Port Phillips $1,930.00
Masters / Youths $2,790.00
Coaching Program $5,560.00
Wintersail $324.04
Interest Income $1,012.83
Total Income $18,106.87

Cost Of Sales
Victorian Championships $740.00
Port Phillips $840.00
Masters/Youths $1,575.00
Coaching Program $11,109.50
Total Cost of Sales $14,264.50

Gross Profit $3,842.37

Merchant Fees $939.00
Bank Fees $535.24
Newsletter $110.00
Insurance $1,319.90
VLA Committee $180.20
Trophies and Prizes $1,175.68

Total Expenses $4,260.02

Net Profit / (Loss) -$417.65

Balance Sheet
Cheque Account $23,638.89
Term Deposit $38,000.00
Total Assets $ 61,638.89

Net Assets


Members Funds $62,056.54

Current Year Earnings -$417.65

Total Equity $ 61,638.89

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Appendix D

2010 Laser Coaching Report
We started off the year with 10 people attending a free 4.7 Training day in March, just before the
State Titles.
The 2010 Coaching program had 20 people enrolled with main coaches of Glenn Collings and
Ricky Ironmonger. There were 10 sessions held at various clubs around the bay. Laser
Sailors from the different clubs were invited to join in the sessions at their club.
The training runs as a user pays system. There were some people that paid for all the sessions
and were not able to attend quite a lot of them – they will be offered free sessions in 2011.
There will be a change to the program this year as there is to be a coaching partnership with the
VIS for the competitive Radial and 4.7 sailors aiming for the 2011 Nationals and the 2012 Radial
Worlds in Queensland. This will be run in conjunction with the Laser Program.
The laser Coaching Program in 2011 will have three aims:
     Support the Competitive sailors in conjunction with the VIS to attend and do well at
        National events
     Support the Club sailors and encourage these sailors to attend our three major Victorian
     Grow the class by encouraging the 4.7 training groups around the bay and to move
        Juniors into the Laser class
Jenny Parsons

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